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					   Twinning Project Turkey – Austria – The Netherlands – United
    “Capacity Strengthening and Support of Implementation of
                   Nitrate Directive in Turkey”

  Terms of Reference for Activity 3.3 Training Strategy Missions
                      (week 48 , 50 /2009)

SPAN Arja Susan Wilma
ENTING Aaldrich

Overall objective:
Component 3: Strengthening the institutional and technical capacity of MARA,
support in increasing farmer awareness and knowledge as well as support for
knowledge transfer from MARA to MoEF and the GD of State Hydraulic Works
within the MoENR

In the implementation of the Nitrates directive policy, collaboration and
coordination with the following parties will be essential to its success:

 • other relevant Ministries and Central Government players
 • local and regional Government bodies, including provincial and municipal level
 • private sector, especially agriculture-related, e.g. farmers organisations, and
   possibly also tourism

This component will include assessing the most effective ways to cooperate and
share knowledge and experience, and finding the right balance between bottom-
up and top down processes. Continued dialogue between the key experts and
MARA counterparts will be essential to fine-tune the specific training and
communication activities. These will take the shape of training of trainers, as
training all the staff to be involved in nitrates directive implementation will not be
possible within the framework of this twinning project.

Brief description of the activity 3.3:
Activity 3.3 Training Programmes for staff of MARA and other related institutions

Benchmarks Activity 3.3:
Relevant benchmark for this 23-24 November and the 8-9 December activity is
the draft recommendation of a Training Strategy and a Training Manual prepared

Missions under the training plan activity in 3.3:
First mission: meeting and workshop with representatives from central and
provincial level to determine target groups, their needs and work with a model to
define specific training programs; dates 23-25.11.2009.
Second mission: finalize training strategy and training manual, 8-9.12.2009.

Goal and expected outcome of the missions:

1.A Training Strategy as defined in a training plan including the description of
target groups, their training needs, foreseen training and its timing. Moreover 2-
3 examples of concrete (new) training programs will be drafted during the
November workshop, taking into consideration the recommendations as
mentioned in the training manual. This will give the tools to trainers and trainers
of trainers for future training program development.
2. A Training Manual, containing recommendations for an effective training that
can be used for the determination of further training programs. Also this will
contain a preliminary contents description of a basic ‘training tool kit’.

Mission reports Act 3.1, 3.2, 3.4 and 3.5
Mission reports regional workshops, field trips and study visits
Interview forms from RWS 2.

What do we expect from the Short Time Expert (STE):
To prepare:
   • The framework for a training strategy and training manual
   • An introductory presentation for the Workshop: what needs to be done
      under the ND, why, by whom, definition of target groups and needs
      (Aaldrich Enting)
   • Compiled most relevant information from earlier activities (Arja Span)
To moderate /to lead:
   • the Workshop about target groups, training needs and training program
      development on 24th Nov
To draft :
   • The final training strategy and training manual (December mission).

Partner institution, counterpart and other persons involved:
Central level representatives from MARA and MoEF, the DGPC- Foreign Affairs
and EU Coordination Department- DG Organization and Support (raise awareness
and learn about existing annual training plans)- DG Agricultural Production and
Development- Provincial Farmers’ Training Department (5)- Provincial staff
members dealing with monitoring (5) .....others? Expected: about 20
participants during the Workshop. 2 Groups will be formed during the Workshop.
Participants to be invited by Basri Evci.

Information needed by the BC
Which information do you exactly need from the BC?
Do they have to prepare some data, legal texts, examples or presentations – if
yes please specify the Title and the content of the data, legal texts, example or
• Workshop participants (24 Nov) will receive their invitation letter together
   with the introductory text that can be found in Annex 1.
• The text mentioned before explains the necessary participants’ preparation
   for an effective and efficient working session.
• Workshop participants should bring their laptop for their group presentation.

Information needed from the Twinning Office
Relevant information from earlier reports and missions was made available already.
Twinning Office takes care of the participants’ invitation and organizing facilities
necessary for the 24 Nov Workshop.

Logistics and local arrangements:
Meeting Room, Beamer, Printout of presentations and agenda, interpretation

Agenda for Activity 3.3 First mission (week 48/2009)

Day    Date (hour)                            Seminar

1.       23-11.2009 Monday

      09.00 – 09.30   Meeting RTA and STE

      09.30 –12.30    Presentation and discussion with counterpart about
                      results so far

      12:30 – 13:30   Lunch break

      13:30 – 17:00   Preparing the workshop documents

      17:00 – 18:00   Organisational Issues, with RTA, counterparts

2.       24-11.2009 Tuesday

      09.00 – 10.00   Preparation Workshop

      10.00 – 11.00   Opening Workshop, Introduction

      11.00 – 12.00   First working group (WG) session “Training Needs”

      12.00 – 12.30   Presentation WG outcome

      12.30 - 13.30   Lunch break

      13:30 – 15:30   Second working session in working groups “Concrete
                      training program”

      15:30 – 16:00   Presentation of WG outcome

      16:00 – 17:00   Conclusions, wrap up. Closing

      17.00 – 18.00   Drafting text for training plan and training manual, work
                      on mission report

3.       25-11.2009 Thursday

      09:00 – 09:30   Meeting RTA and STE’s

      09.30 – 10.30   Meeting STE’s and core group counterparts: conclusions
                      and arrangements for follow-up 2nd mission in December

      10.30 – 12.30   Drafting Training Plan and Training Manual

      12:30 – 13:30   Lunch break

      13:30 – 17:00   Continuation working on Training Plan and Manual; work
                      on mission report
      17.00 - 18.00   RTA; debriefing, final arrangements for 2nd mission

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