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Castleblayney Town Council

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									                         Castleblayney Town Council
                      Comhairle an Bhaile, Baile na Lorgan

Minutes of the September Monthly Meeting of Castleblayney Town Council held on
Tuesday 26th September 2006 at 7.00pm in the Íontas, Community Arts and Resource
Centre, Conabury, Castleblayney, Co. Monaghan.

Mayor:                Cllr Gary Carville.

Present:              Cllrs Brendan Hughes, Michael Marray, Joe Brennan,
                      Jackie Crowe, Sean Mc Cooey, Mariea Kelly, Olive
                      Bolger, James Cunningham.

In attendance:        David Fallon, Town Manager, Sinéad Murphy-White,
                      Town Clerk, Philomena Carroll, Clerical Officer,
                      Declan Mc Kernan, Town Engineer.

Helen Thompson, Casa Project Co-ordinator

Helen Thompson gave the following detailed update on the Castleblayney/South Armagh

1.0 Programme Outputs:

                     Muckno Mania Festival (14-16th July 2006)–
                     Feile Chamlocha (9-13th August 2006)
                     Supported and assisted by Monaghan Tourism (Dympna Condra)
                      & Newry & Mourne Tourism Officer (Michelle Boyle)
                     Programme Co-ordinator recruited – In post 24th July 2006

2.0 Festival Proposals.
2.1 Music      A “Skills & Thrills” music festival shall be hosted by the Iontas Centre
               (Castleblayney) & Ti Chullainn Centre (Mullaghbawn) on the 25th_26th
               November 2006.This two day workshop delivered by Hotpress and IMRO
               and entertainment event shall be marketed nationally through media
               sources including 2FM & Today FM
2.2 Walking A three day cross border festival hosted by the “Castleblayney Ramblers”
               and “Siuloide Camlocha” (Newry & Mourne) is being organised for spring
               2007. This event is also being advertised nationally in “Walking World
 2.3 Angling An international cross border fishing festival at Lough Ross in the spring
               of 2007 has been proposed by Oriel Angling/Fein Anglers
               & the Eastern Region Fisheries Board. Details have to be finalised.
2.4 Drama      Contact has been made with drama societies from Castleblayney & Lislea
               (Newry & Mourne). A proposal for a joint initiative associated with the
              “Four County Roads” production was eliminated due to time & marketing
              constraints. However, initial contact has been made between both groups
              and a linkage between the two festivals is envisaged.

3.0   Infrastructural Projects
3.1   Lough Ross (Southern side)
               The Eastern Border Fisheries Board has forwarded a proposal to CASA
               which was passed at Steering Committee Meeting 20th September.
               Infrastructural work at Gas Lake encompassing a boat jetty, slipway,
               wheelchair access, angling stands and signage.
3.2   Lough Ross (Northern side)
               Advisory meeting have been held with key players on the northern region
               of the Lough and as to date no definite proposal has been forwarded to

4.0   Other Programme Outputs
             Programme stationary -
             Programme website - out to tender
             Programme launch     - Change of proposed Date of 1st Dec, Options:
              Wed 29 November or Friday 24th November.

1.     Amendment of Titles of “Cathaoirleach” and “Leas Cathaoirleach” to “
       Mayor” and “Deputy Mayor” respectively as per schedule 8 Section 32 (4) of
       the Local Government Act, 2001.

       The amendments of titles of “Cathaoirleach” and “Leas Cathaoirleach” to
       “Mayor” and “Deputy Mayor” were adopted on the proposal of Cllr Brendan
       Hughes and seconded by Cllr Jackie Crowe.

2.     Standing Orders.

       Adoption of Amendments to Standing Orders.

       The Amendments to Standing Orders were adopted on the proposal of Cllr Olive
       Bolger and seconded by Cllr Michael Marray.

3.     Minutes of Monthly Meeting of Castleblayney Town Council (25th
       July 2006).

       The minutes of Monthly Meeting of Castleblayney Town Council held on the 25th
       July 2006 were adopted on the proposal of Cllr James Cunningham and seconded
       by Cllr Olive Bolger.
4.   Minutes of Patrick Mone Memorial Sub – Committee Meeting (07/09/06).

     The minutes of Patrick Mone Memorial Sub- Committee Meeting held on the 7th
     September 2006 were adopted on the proposal of Cllr Jackie Crowe and seconded
     by Cllr Brendan Hughes.

5.   Minutes of Town Twinning Committee Meeting (11/9/06).

     The minutes of Town Twinning Committee Meeting held on the 11th September
     2006 were adopted on the proposal of Cllr Michael Marray and seconded by Cllr
     Mariea Kelly.

6.   Report from Town Twinning Community Meeting (14/09/06).

     The Report of Community Meeting held on the 14th September 2006 was adopted
     on the proposal of Cllr Joe Brennan and seconded by Cllr Michael Marray.

7.   Adoption of Monaghan Local Authorities Anti – Social Behaviour Policy.

     The Monaghan Local Authorities Anti-Social Behaviour Policy document was
     adopted on the proposal of Cllr Brendan Hughes and seconded by Cllr Sean Mc

8.   Matters arising from minutes.

     Ard na Lorgan
     Cllrs Hughes and Cunningham mentioned the anonymous petition submitted to
     the Town Council regarding Anti – Social behaviour at Ard Na Lorgan. The
     Town Clerk, Sinéad Murphy-White informed the meeting that she had contacted
     Angela Ovens, Tenant Liason Officer, Monaghan County Council and asked her
     to visit the tenants at the new estate.
     Cllr Hughes stated that the fences were not high enough and neighbouring
     residents were having their property damaged and it was also dangerous for

     Public Toilets
     The Town Manager, David Fallon stated that Kevin Mc Nally, Senior
     Executive Engineer and an Architect are dealing with the redesign of the
     Courthouse and surrounding area which incorporates the public toilets. A
     planning application is currently being prepared. A meeting will be organised
     with the members of Castleblayney Town Council to present the plans.

     Jet Skis on Lough Muckno
     The Town Manager, David Fallon informed the meeting that Monaghan County
     Council had started a public consultation process with a view to regulate the use
     of jet skis on Lough Muckno and as a result of a recent newspaper notice inviting
      submissions, twelve were received. Eight of the twelve submissions received were
      against their use and four were in favour. The Town Manager mentioned that
      there will be further consultations with the fishing clubs etc. and while the
      consultations were at County Council level, the members of Castleblayney Town
      Council will be kept informed. Cllr Brennan called for the restoration of the
      bollards which were removed, which were previously in place to restrict entry to
      the lake.
      The members discussed the regulation and control of the lake at length with
      some favouring a total ban of Jet Skis and others in favour of a restricted area
      being outlined for their use.

9.    Manager’s Orders.

      Manager‟s Orders numbered 62/06 to 75/06 were noted by the members.

10.   Planning Applications.

      Planning Application No. CB 06/09 was noted by the members.

11.   Town Engineers Report.

      The mayor, Gary Carville thanked Declan Mc Kernan, Town Engineer for his
      report and all the members complimented him on his detailed breakdown of
      the ongoing works being carried out in the town.

      York Street Improvements
      It was envisaged that the improvement works to the footpaths, kerbing,
      drainage, parking, pedestrian crossing at St Mary‟s Church from Beech corner
      to the Vocational school would have commenced in August, however it has
      been delayed somewhat due to the broadband being installed in this area. The
      Health & Safety plan has been prepared and the works will commence before
      the end of September. A new water main is also to be installed.
      A number of members mentioned the recent flash flooding at York Street and
      in response Declan Mc Kernan, Town Engineer stated that the drains were
      unblocked the next morning and this should alleviate the problem also the
      improvement works will help address the problem.

      Traffic Calming Henry Street / Church Street
      A meeting has been arranged this week with the Contractor to advance the
      construction works. A Health & Safety Plan is being prepared and the works
      will commence within the next 2/3 weeks.

      Backlands Development Road
      The road design has been completed from Coleman‟s to the connection point
      of the phase 1 of the road. Tender price is expected this week. Subject to the
      tender price and agreement it is hoped that construction on this section will
commence shortly, with a view to being completed in conjunction with the
new shopping development in the area. A Valuer has been appointed to deal
with the compensation issue of the lands.
In response to Cllr Brennans question whether Castleblayney Town Council can
enter site now or not the Town Engineer stated that the Notices to Treat and
Notices to Enter have been served and the Town Council can enter once a
contractor is appointed. The Town Manager, David Fallon stated that if both
parties agree to arbitration then they have to accept a deal.

R181/N2 Link Road
Consulting Engineers have been appointed and are currently carrying out a
survey of the area. A land map has been prepared and the land searches are
being carried out. Preliminary route options are being examined.

Revised drawing from the Architect received 18th September. No funding
approved as yet, however does not hinder going through planning process.
Meeting to be arranged to discuss revised plans.
The Town Engineer, Declan Mc Kernan stated that the topographical survey
will take two weeks and a draft report is expected within six weeks. Cllr
Brennan asked that the officials examine Public Private Partnership
developer led projects; he stated they could deliver quicker and this is vital in
tandem with the development in the town. A number of members mentioned
that after the Castleblayney Bypass is completed it will be more difficult to
obtain funding from The Department of Environment, Heritage and Local
Government. It was suggested to organise a meeting with the Minister for the
Environment once the route has been selected.

Installation of broadband commenced on 21st August. 1700 meters installed to
date out of total of 6400 meters. Current locations are along 2nd Bree Road and
along Main Street from traffic lights to roundabout. This work is being carried out
after hours. The works are currently within the programme with estimated
completion date for roadworks mid November.
A number of members complimented the Contractor “Clarkes” for the tidy work
done with minimum disruption.

Conabury Hill Footpath
A meeting was held last week with some residents and a number of land owners
have been approached in relation to land take for the required footpath. All have
been supportive to date and the exact area of lands to be taken is to be marked on
the ground. A further two land owners are to be approached this week. Subject to
agreement, it is planned to commence the footpath after the York street
Parking Byelaws
A brief has been prepared and a number of firms requested to give a cost of
providing a report for to examine the current parking needs and to give
recommendations for future parking needs. The brief also includes for reviewing
and making recommendations for to update the current parking byelaws. The brief
covers both Castleblayney and Ballybay Towns

Monaghan Road sewers report.
The report is completed and a number of recommendations are being
implemented upon. The Consultants for the report TJ O Connor & Associates will
be attending the monthly meeting to brief the members of the current status.

Traffic Island at Drumillard
Both the ESB and the contractor have been contacted in relation to the provision
of the lights and lighting of the area. We have been informed that the new
connection application has been submitted on 18th September by the contractor
and we have been informed by the ESB that they will prioritise the installation
once they receive the application.

Elmbrook Heating
The works are completed and any teething problems are being ironed out. The
engineer has called to all residents and apart from some minor issues; they are
satisfied with the completed works.
The members complimented the good work.

Lakeview Project
A grant of €25,000 has been secured to complement the proposed lakeview
project being managed by the Tidy Towns. A number of meetings have been
arranged with the Tidy towns to identify the areas that can be funded with this
money. A further project being funded by the North East Fisheries Board will
also be carried out in this area.
The Councillors welcomed the funding and said the amenities provided will cater
for young and old.

Lakeview / Muckno Street
Funding of €68,000 has been secured to complete the paving and footpaths from
the end of Muckno Street to Lakeview. This is the section that was cut due to the
reduction in funding when Muckno Street was being constructed. A plan is being
prepared to carryout this work and it is envisaged that it will commence in

Ballinacarry Bridge
Cllr Jackie Crowe mentioned recent letters received from the National Roads
Authority and Roads Service. Northern Ireland and in particular the reference to
the bridge being a low priority, he referred to the slippage money obtained from
the Interreg IIIA funds being spent on speed cameras on the motorway. David
      Fallon, Town Manager discussed the Anti-Skid surface and that installation would
      be a Crossborder Co-operative Project on the part of Monaghan County Council
      and the NRA.

      Muckno Street Sewers
      The members discussed the blocked sewers and Declan Mc Kernan, Town
      Engineer stated that Water Services Section, Monaghan County Council are
      investigating the problem.

12.   Mone Memorial update.

      David Fallon, Town Manager stated that Mr Tony Mc Donagh has been appointed
      Project Manager, Jenny Haughton appointed Artworking Consultant and
      Monaghan County Council, Arts Officer, Somhairle Chongail are working on the
      memorial. He mentioned that a number of meetings have been held and it is
      proposed that the memorial will be completed by March 2008. A letter has been
      sent to the Remembrance Commission outlining the work to date, to highlight the
      tight timeframe and to seek additional funding.
      The Mayor, Cllr Gary Carville complimented Tony Mc Donagh, Jenny Haughton
      and the Town Clerk, Sinéad Murphy-White on the progress made and the good
      work with the family.

13.   Town Twinning update.

      The Mayor, Cllr Gary Carville stated that a lot of work has been done since the
      July Monthly Meeting and that there was a lot more work to be done. He stated
      that a very positive Community Meeting had taken place in the Glencarn Hotel on
      the 14th September 2006 and a number of people have offered to be Host Families
      but more are required.
      The number of French visitors in the delegation from Nogent have been
      confirmed as 53. The visit is one day shorter; they are arriving on Friday, 27 th
      October 2006 and bringing their own transport.
      The Mayor informed the meeting that the Town Council have been successful
      with their grant application to the European Commission; he mentioned that
      additional sponsorship will be required and to date three companies have agreed
      to sponsor events. He announced the PR launch of the Twinning to be held next
      Monday night in the Glencarn Hotel at 7.30pm and Host Families, Councillors
      and Press were invited to the Launch. A number of members complimented the
      Mayor, Twinning Committee and Staff for their hard work to date.

14.   Consideration of Twinning Charter for             forthcoming     Twinning    of
      Castleblayney with Nogent – Sur – Vernisson.

      On the proposal of Cllr Brendan Hughes and seconded by Cllr Michael Marray
      the Twinning Charter for the forthcoming twinning between Castleblayney and
      Nogent - Sur - Vernisson was adopted.
15.   Conferences:

      a) Housing Practitioners‟ Conference – Building Sustainable Communities
         28th to 29th September 2006 – Galway Bay Hotel, Salthill, Co. Galway.

      b) See the Light 2006 – Renewable Energy Fuelling the Future –
         28th September to 29th September 2006 – The Trinity Suite. Cavan Crystal
         Hotel, Cavan.

      c) Mayo County Council and the National Museum of Ireland – Seminar
         Building on the past - Designing for the future – Knock House Hotel, Knock,
         Co. Mayo 29th September 2006 and the National Museum of Ireland, Country
         Life, Turlough Park on the 30th September 2006.

      d) Training Seminar for Councillors – Local Government Environment
         Service – 28th September to 30th September 2006 – The Walter Raleigh Hotel,
         Youghal, Co. Cork.

      e) Irish council for Social Housing – Tackling Anti Social Behaviour – 18th
         October 2006 – Mercer Hotel, Mercer Street, Dublin 2.

      f) Training Seminar for Councillors – the role of Local Government in
         combating Anti – Social Behaviour – 27th to 28th October 2006 – the
         Carraig Hotel, Main Street, Carrick – on – Suir, Co. Tipperary.
      g) Céifin Conference 2006 – Freedom Licence or Liberty – 7th to 8th
         November 2006 – West County and Conference Centre, Ennis, Co. Clare.

      h) The Association of Irish Festival Events – Local Authorities and Event
         Licensing Protocol – 9th November to 11th November 2006 – Falls Hotel,
         Ennistymon, Co. Clare.

         On the proposal of Cllr Jackie Crowe and seconded by Cllr Mariea Kelly, it
         was agreed that Cllr James Cunningham attend conference (h).

      i) Preliminary Notice L.A.M.A. Winter Seminar – The Role of Local
         authorities in building Communities – 10th to 11th November 2006 – Arklow
         Bay Hotel, Arklow, Co Wicklow.

      j) Shannon Development National Conference – E- TownsTM _ Live/Work
         Solution – 14th to 15th November 2006 – Armada Hotel, Miltown Malbay, Co.

      k) Confederation of European Councillors Annual Conference 2006 „1916: A
         Time of Rising and A Time of War‟ The Impacts and Legacy for Modern
        Ireland, North and South – City Hotel, Queens Quay, Derry - 12th to 13th
        October 2006

      L) The Annual CIH Northern Ireland Conference and Exhibition – Housing
         Matters - 7th to 8th November 2006 – The Ramada Hotel, Belfast.

         No attendance is to take place at conferences (a) to (g) or (i) to (l).

16.   Correspondence:

      a) Letter from Local Government Finance Section regarding prescribed periods
         for Budget 2007 meetings. (Circ Fin 14/2006).

      b) Letter from Mrs Eithne Dunne, CEO, Teen-Line Ireland Charity seeking a

      c) Correspondence from Paddy Harte, Project Director of St. Patrick‟s Day
         Parade in Messines, Flanders, Belgium in March 2007.

      d) Email from Secretariat of Town Twinning Unit Citizenship, EACEA, Brussels
         regarding Town Twinning Project Funding.

      e) Letter of acknowledgement from Jenny Doyle, Castleblayney Cyclists for
         donation in aid of Castleblayney Access for the Disabled.

      f) Thank you card from Janet Coogan for donation in aid of Multiple
         Sclerosis fundraising Event.

      g) Correspondence from Environment Section, Monaghan County Council
         regarding invitations for submissions from the Public on the use of Jet Skis
         within the administrative area of County Monaghan as advertised in the
         Northern Standard and the Dundalk Democrat.

      h) Correspondence from Paul Flanagan, Private Secretary, Department of
         Health and Children regarding Breastcheck Services.

         The members noted the above correspondence.

      i) Correspondence from Arlene Fitzsimons, Operations Manager on behalf of
         the Board of Directors of North East Doctors on call Ltd.

         Cllr Brendan Hughes said that no one stated that it was four hours after
         call was made that the ambulance arrived. He stated that the Doctor on
         Duty should have attended the patient and given some pain relief, he
         expressed his anger at the Doctor not visiting the patient. On the proposal
   of Cllr Brendan Hughes and seconded by Mayor Gary Carville, it was
   agreed to write to the Health Service Executive requesting they review fees
   and reduce to that of GP surgery rates.

   Monaghan Hospital
   Arising from the Doctor on Call discussion the members discussed recent
   events regarding Monaghan Hospital. Cllr Brennan proposed that the Town
   Council reject the HSE Teamwork Report and the report on the death of Pat
   Joe Walsh which recommended a further downgrade of Monaghan Hospital.
   This was seconded by Cllr Jackie Crowe who stated that it was ludicrous to
   suggest that patients should be taken from Monaghan to a hospital which did
   not exist at this time.
   The Mayor, Gary Carville stated that neither report took into account the
   invaluable role Monaghan Hospital plays and that Our Lady of Lourdes,
   Drogheda cannot cope with increased with admissions.
   Cllr Brendan Hughes said that while we all want Monaghan Hospital
   upgraded and services to remain, the behaviour of a small section of the crowd
   at Monday‟s protest at the Official opening of Monaghan Bypass was
   deplorable. A number of Councillors agreed with Cllr Hughes that this
   behaviour could not be condoned.

j) Petition from residents of Thomas Street, Church Street, and Henry Street
   regarding illegal camping of caravans etc. by Travellers.

   On the proposal of Cllr Jackie Crowe and seconded by Mayor Gary
   Carville, it was agreed that the Council should adopt a Bye-Law enabling the
   Gardai to remove caravans parked illegally in the Upper Commons.
   The members outlined the disturbances and difficulties the residents were
   experiencing as a result of Travellers parking in the Upper Commons.
   The Town Clerk, Sinéad Murphy-White circulated the petition received from
   the residents. Cllr Joe Brennan suggested retractable bollards be erected to
   prevent illegal camping in addition to the Bye-law, with a reserved access
   route to be retained for the Fire Service.
   The Town Manager, David Fallon stated that a barrier could not be erected at
   the Upper Commons as the Fire Service can not be delayed and that they have
   to make their response time. He explained that the County Council owned
   this area and that it was in the Town Council functionality. The Town
   Manager promised a follow up on the ByeLaws. Cllr Joe Brennan also
   mentioned that there are currently five traveller families parked at Lakeview –
   Bog Road close to Coogan‟s new premises. The Town Manager stated that
   they cannot be moved on as the Council has no land available to move them
   onto. He stated that the children are in school for the first time ever.
   The Town Clerk, Sinéad Murphy-White stated that the Town Council Staff
   have put a lot of effort into dealing with this matter.
      k) Resolution – Edenderry Town Council – Re funding for upkeep of the Roads.

      l) Resolution – Edenderry Town Council - Re discontinuation of loose
                      chippings on the Roads.

      m) Resolution – Cashel Town Council – Re Annual Commemoration of the Irish

      n) Resolution - Fermoy Town Council – Re tax on waste at point of entry.

      0) Resolution - .

      “that the government should be encouraging „educational motoring.‟ The concept
      would involve setting up „training areas‟ for learner drivers in order that they can
      experience in a controlled atmosphere, road hazards such as potholes, a slippery
      surface or fog. The proposal was put forward as one suggestion in bringing about
      a reduction in the unacceptable number of road deaths. I will also be forwarding
      details of this proposal to the Ministers for Transport and for the Environment,
      Heritage and Local Government.

      On the proposal of Cllr Olive Bolger and seconded by Cllr Michael Marray it was
      agreed to adopt this resolution.
                                                  Edenderry Town Council

17.   Christmas Party arrangements.
      It was agreed that the Annual Christmas Party would take place on Saturday 16th
      December 2006 in the Glencarn Hotel, Castleblayney.

18.   Any Other Business

      Dormant Funds Account
      On the proposal of the Mayor, Gary Carville and seconded by Cllr Mariea Kelly it
      was agreed to send a letter from the Town Council supporting the application
      from Monaghan Youth Federation to establish an alcohol free café in Iontas.

      Lakeland Dairies
      On the proposal of the Mayor, Gary Carville and seconded by Cllr Jackie Crowe,
      it was agreed to write to the Board of Directors of Lakeland Dairies asking them
      to revisit their recent decision to close the Plant at Lough Egish and to allow
      operations and employment to continue.
Tidy Towns
The members congratulated the Tidy Towns on the 12 % increase in their marks
from last years result. Property owners and other groups‟ participation and
involvement were complimented.

Section 183 – Sub Aqua club
David Fallon, Town Manager stated that the Section 183 notice for Disposal of
Site to Sub Aqua Club will be brought before the October Monthly Meeting.

Community Improvement Grant
Cllr Jackie Crowe enquired about the grant of €100,000 that he had hoped would
be spent on the Drumillard Park project. Town Manager, David Fallon informed
the meeting that only one project in the County would receive the grant and was
awarded based on priority.

Trees in Drumillard
Cllr James Cunningham and Cllr Olive Bolger called for the trees in the
Drumillard area to be topped in view of the danger they caused during recent

Site for proposed Factory
Cllr Sean Mc Cooey informed the meeting that he had been approached by two
business men interested in establishing a factory in Castleblayney that could
provide a factory in Castleblayney that could provide 100 to 150 new jobs for the
town. If a site was not available in Castleblayney they have sites available in
Dundalk or Cavan.
The Town Manager, David Fallon responded by stating that the Town Council
had no property available and that any other zoned land would be outlined in the
Development plan.

Derelict Sites
Cllr Michael Marray raised the issue of Derelict properties; he stressed the need
for them to be dealt with so that a serious rodent problem is eliminated for several


The members passed a vote of congratulations to local girl Amy Woods who was
awarded the Haley Butler Memorial Trophy for Carer of the Year. On the
proposal of Cllr James Cunningham and seconded by Mayor Gary Carville, it was
agreed to host a Civic Reception in her honour.
The members also passed a vote of congratulation to the Castleblayney hurling
team on their recent victory against Donegal side Setanta in the Division 2 final of
the Ulster Club league in Tyrone.
Vote of Sympathy

The members passed a vote of sympathy with Cllr Sean Mc Cooey on the death of
his uncle Mervyn Mc Cooey.

8.30pm - T.J. O’Connor investigation and report on the foul smell at
David Fallon, Town Manager introduced Helen Casey a representative from T. J.
O‟ Connor & Associates appointed by Water Services Section, Monaghan County
Council to investigate the foul smell at Drumillard. Ms. Casey gave the members
a detailed presentation on the findings from ongoing investigations into the
substances being deposited into Castleblayney Sewerage Network. She informed
the members that Precision Industrial Services are carrying out sampling at
various locations throughout the town. A CCTV survey was also conducted from
the 3rd to the 10th August 2006.

The following materials were found in samples taken:
       Trimethyl benzenes.
       Napthalene
       Tolven
       Xylene
       Methanes
       Ethanes
       Oil and Petrochemical compounds
       Grease
Ms. Casey explained that the substances did not indicate any one particular source
of deposit as many chemicals could be found from a wide range of activities. She
stated that 40 to 50 premises are currently being visited to ascertain wastes
generated and disposal methods adopted.
She informed the meeting that commencement of cleaning the sewers would
begin next week. It was agreed that residents be informed of cleaning of sewers
by means of a letter drop to be organised by Monaghan County Council. Ms.
Casey estimated the costs of investigation and remediation to be in the region of
€50,000. Cllr Sean Mc Cooey proposed the Council seek a grant from the
DOEHLG to cover the costs involved.
Mayor Gary Carville and members thanked Ms. Casey for her presentation and
expressed their satisfaction at work being undertaken to eliminate the foul smell.

This concluded the business of the meeting.

Dated this the 26th September 2006.


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