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									Chapter 1. Introduction


The Special Preparatory Programme (SPP) for the Structural Funds in Hungary made an
important contribution to the country’s preparation for accession to the European Union. In
the context of this programme two types of EU-technical assistance were provided. The
Twinning component started on 9 November 1999 and was completed on 9 November 2001.
The Non-Twinning component commenced in August 2000 and is completed at the end
November 2001, which includes an extension of two months.

We present here the Final Report of the Non-Twinning Project as required under the Terms of
Reference (ToR).

Organisation and Implementation

The project was carried out by a consortium consisting of the following partners:
    Netherlands Economic Institute (NEI), the leading company in the consortium
    Shannon Development, Ireland
    FAS International, Ireland.

In co-operation with:

      FTI in Ireland and the following Hungarian partners: International Training Center for
       Bankers (ITCB) and the Centre for Regional Studies (RKK).

The Project Team consisted of around 20 local and 35 EU experts. A permanent core staff ran
the Project Office in Budapest.

The implementation of activities was started in the beginning of October 2000, after the
Inception Report had been approved by the SPP Inter-Ministerial Co-ordinating Committee
and the Contracting Authority.

Progress and changes in the project’s environment have been described in chapter 2 of the
Inception Report and in the Monthly Reports, submitted to the Phare Regional Development
Programme Management Unit (PMU) of the Ministry of Agriculture and Regional

Two addendums were submitted to the Delegation of the European Commission and
endorsed. These covered the following issues:
1. Activities in the field of ESF (assessed during Inception Phase)
2. Decrease in the number of Study Tours: 7 in stead of 10
3. Need for more budget for ‘International flights’
4. Organisation of a national conference and developing a Newsletter
5. Extension and related costs.

Structure of this Report
The Final Report is presented in several parts. Details can be found in the Annexes and a brief
description of the progress of the project given in the main text.

The following chapter (chapter 2) gives a summary of the achievements. Chapter 3
highlights the aims, achievements and recommendations concerning the eight tasks of the
project. Chapter 4 describes the way the Project Team reported to the beneficiaries. In that
chapter the progress in the final project period, from 1 October – 30 November 2001, is
described. Chapter 5 reflects on the co-operation with other projects.

Annex 1 sets out in detail the activities and outputs of the project, while Annex 2 relates to
the measures of success that were indicated in the Inception Report. Annex 3 consists of the
Final Training Report and Annex 4 gives the list of the project materials which are available
on a CD ROM. Annex 5 lists the experts in the project.

The Project Team wishes to record its appreciation of the high level of co-operation
experienced with the project beneficiaries, the Contracting Authority, the Phare Regional
Development Programme Management Unit at the Ministry of Agriculture and Regional
Development (MoARD) and the EU Delegation.

Source: SPP Non-Twinning project CD
Final Report Non-Twinning Technical Assistance to the
Special Preparatory Programme for the Structural Funds in
Hungary (HU9808/SPP/IB/03)

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