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                                           Salford City Council

    Salford City Council


By Councillor Derek Antrobus,
Lead Member for Town Twinning.

Since taking over as Lead Member for Town Twinning at the start of the 2003-
4 financial year, I have sought to re-model the way the service is provided.
The aim was to minimise the impact of the decision taken to remove the post
of Town Twinning Officer, particularly its impact on our relations with our twin
towns and on the opportunities available to people.

I had been the Chairman of the Town Twinning and International Relations
Sub-Committee of the old Finance Committee when Andrew Beattie was
appointed to that post and I would like to publicly thank him for the work he
did to support our relationship with our twin towns.

The voluntary twinning associations are now at the forefront of the way we
maintain relations with our twin towns and I would like to thank the many
volunteers for the time and energy they put into this.

I have also been pleased to renew acquaintance with my counterparts in our
twin towns to whom I have given assurances about Salford City Council’s
commitment to maintaining our links.

With reduced resources, we will not be able to meet all aspirations. But a
pleasing aspect of the past year is the extent to which new links have been
forged – both with our twin towns and within the town twinning community in

It is with confidence about the future development of town twinning that I
present this Annual Report to the Council.

                                              Salford City Council

1. Structure
Salford is twinned with four towns in Europe. They are Lünen in Germany,
which first twinned with the former Borough of Swinton and Pendlebury in
1966, and the French towns of Clermont-Ferrand (Salford, 1966), Narbonne
(Eccles, 1957) and St Ouen (Worsley, 1961).

Salford City Council has appointed Councillor Derek Antrobus as Lead
Member for Twinning. His role is

●   To maintain links with the political administrations in Salford’s twin towns

●  To promote and facilitate links between the City Council’s directorates and
the twin towns

●  To support and coordinate the activities of the voluntary groups which
organise exchanges and other twinning events.

His responsibility is a corporate function – that is, the links are supported by
the City Council in general, not a particular Directorate. A small budget of
£500 is, however, held by the Members’ Support Unit to assist the Lead
Member in his duties. This decision was taken because the Member Support
Unit is also responsible for supporting the Mayoralty. The Mayoralty is the
primary focus for communications from the twin towns and plays the major
role in receiving visitors from our twin towns.

The Lead Member also holds a grants budget of £12,000 which is used to
support the activities of four organisations which organise exchanges with
each of the city’s twin towns. The four organisations are the Swinton and
Pendlebury/Salford-Lünen Twinning Committee, Salford-St Ouen Twinning
Association, Salford/Clermont-Ferrand Twinning Association, and the Salford-
Narbonne Twinning Association. A list of the officers of these associations
and other bodies involved in town twinning is attached at Appendix 1.

Each organisation is required to account for its expenditure by submitting to
the Lead Member an audited statement of its accounts for the preceding
financial year. Each organisation is required to submit a quarterly report to the
Town Twinning Forum to report to the Lead Member their activities and plans.

It is pleasing to note that, for the first time in its history, the Town Twinning
Forum has met on a quarterly basis as scheduled.

                                                Salford City Council

2. Finance

Salford City Council has made available a budget of £12,500 to fund town
twinning activities. Last year, grants of £2,500 were made available to each of
the four twinning organisations. The Salford-St Ouen Twinning Association
and the Swinton and Pendlebury (Salford)-Lünen Twinning Committee have
provided statements of accounts which show, to the satisfaction of the Lead
Member, that they have spent the grant on the purposes for which it was
awarded. It is intended that grants of £3,000 be made available to each of
these organisations for 2004-5.

The Salford-Narbonne Association has not functioned effectively during the
year after the departure of the secretary. The grant for 2003-4 and 2002-03 is,
on the basis of evidence available, unspent. It is therefore intended to
withhold the grant for the 2004-5. The Salford/Clermont-Ferrand Association
has not spent its full allocation for the year and discussions will take place
with officers of the Association to determine the appropriate level of grant. Any
withheld grant will be retained by the Lead Member to fund activities involving
these twin towns or supporting the activities of other organisations. The Lead
Member will also work with those two Associations to ensure that they
continue to provide opportunities for the community in Salford to establish
links with their respective twins.

The Lead Member holds a small budget of £500. This has been used to fund
a variety of minor administrative costs.

                                               Salford City Council

3. Developments

The restructuring of the town twinning service has seen a number of
significant developments.

(i) Communication

A major concern of the Lead Member was that, in the absence of a town
twinning officer, effective communication was required between all those
engaged in town twinning. To this end, the lead Member re-established the
Town Twinning Forum which has met regularly on a quarterly basis. The
meetings consider reports from each of the organisations and is open to
anyone interested in town twinning. The Lead Member is grateful to the
Mayoralty for hosting informal receptions at the rising of the meetings of the
Forum. This allows members to network outside of the formal meeting. The
meetings are chaired and serviced by the Lead Member.

The Lead Member has also undertaken to produce a quarterly newsletter to
report on activities and as a medium for circulating the Forum’s minutes. The
newsletter is distributed electronically to those interested, contacts in twin
towns and in Salford’s schools. It is also published on the internet where the
town twinning pages have been enhanced.

To ensure more effective communication, the Lead Member is building up a
database of contacts, liaising with Community Telematics (a training section
within the Corporate Services Directorate) to establish websites for each
twinning organisation, and developing a press and publicity strategy. It is also
intended to produce an information leaflet at the start of the new municipal
year in June and develop a PowerPoint presentation which can be screened
in the foyer of the Civic Centre.

(ii) Promoting Partnership

The year 2003-4 has been used to consolidate relationships with existing
town twinning organisations although, as section 2 of this report suggests,
there is still some work to be done in that direction. To make town twinning
work, however, it is important that as many organisations as possible are
recruited to become stakeholders in town twinning. It is pleasing to note the
significant involvement of the PCT and the Trades Council in the St Ouen link.
The Lead Member is also grateful to the Economic Division of the Chief
Executive’s Department for their work in identifying potential business
partners who might host trainee placements from our twin towns.

A strong partnership exists with the University of Salford. Mr Steven Fletcher,
in particular, has devoted much energy to sustaining links – both as a member
of staff of the University and his chairmanship of the Salford-St Ouen
Committee. Further potential links with the University are being explored.

                                              Salford City Council

(iii) Identifying resources

The loss of the major part of the town twinning budget and the full-time
member of staff means that we have to seek to resource town twinning in new
ways. The voluntary associations have been involved in fund-raising and the
Twinning Newsletter should help to promote those events.

A major challenge will be for Directorates to embed the City Council’s town
twinning agenda into their day-to-day activities. Councillor Barry Warner, Lead
Member for Arts and Leisure, has been so enthusiastic about reciprocating a
visit by Salford librarians to St Ouen and has agreed to host two librarians
from St Ouen. This is a welcome development. There is also a need to
encourage participation by other stakeholders and it is pleasing to note that
the Walkden Rotary Club plans to include a twinning element in their
Citizenship Project.

The Salford-Lünen Travelling Scholarship Trust has, at the instigation of the
Lead Member, held a meeting for the first time in more than a decade and will
be able to offer grants to young people to participate in study visits between
Salford and Lünen.

(iv) Re-establishing confidence

The uncertainty occasioned by the budgetary decisions of last year was
accompanied by a belief that the City Council was ending its twinning
relationships. In order to clarify the position the Lead Member held an early
meeting with representatives of the Twinning Associations before re-
establishing the regular meetings of the Forum to maintain that information

The Lead Member wrote to the Mayors and twinning officials of the twin towns
to assure them of our intention to continue the relationships. Specially
designed greetings cards were sent at Christmas to re-establish past
conventions. The Lead Member has responded to concern about out-dated
materials by supplying twin towns with CDs of recent images of Salford
provided by the Development Services Directorate. Copies of the Twinning
Newsletter and Salford Life are sent to twin towns. The Lead Member will
write to each of the Twin Towns outlining the scale of projects for the
forthcoming year.

The Mayor has played a major role in receiving visitors from twin towns to
emphasise the civic importance of such links.

                                             Salford City Council

4. Directorates’ contributions

The Chief Executive’s Economic Development Unit has been helpful in
seeking placements with local firms for students from town towns.

The Directorate of Corporate Services through the Member Support Unit, the
Mayoralty, and the Treasury has provided enormous assistance in ensuring
the twinning function has been maintained.

The Directorate of Development Services has provided the CD of
photographic images of the city supplied to our twin towns. In particular, Nick
Harrison of the Landscape Design Team is thanked.

The Directorate of Education and Leisure has provided useful contacts with
schools. They also report the following activities:

Canon Williamson CE High School - Ten Year 10 pupils undertake work
experience annually in Lünen and a group of Lünen student visit here in

Salford Youth Service - In September 2003 a group of young women from
Irlam and Cadishead visited Clermont Ferrand.The main purpose was to look
at the transport systems and the safety of young women at night.This was
part funded by the Youth Service and part by a grant to the young women
from Irlam and Cadishead Community Committee.The group visited a local
youth centre, met the company which runs the local transport system,
attended a seminar on local transport and visited the local area. The trip
lasted 7 days.

Oakwood High school - St Ouen 2003. Oakwood High Youth Club was invited
to send two of its members to take part in the Handisport Tournament on 20th
September 2003. Disabled individuals from St. Ouen, Italy, Bulgaria and
Salford took part in a table tennis tournament, archery, various adapted bikes
and cycles plus other new and adapted sports. The tournament was a huge
success and everyone had an enjoyable time. The Modern Foreign
Languages teacher at Oakwood is the secretary of the Salford - St Ouen
Town Twinning Association and he has strong links with St Ouen both
formally and on an informal basis. There is a link between Oakwood and the
IME special school in St Ouen. He took part in the recent town twinning
festival held in St Ouen and ran a stall on behalf of the Town Twinning

                                             Salford City Council

5. Future Workplan (Indicative – not yet agreed)

       Month                  Activity              Co-ordinators
                      Town Twinning Forum           Lead Member
                      Award grants                  Lead Member
                      Complete contacts database    Lead Member
        April         Lünen Trust                   Lead Member


                      Salford hosts Lycée Blanqui   Steve Fletcher
                      students form St Ouen
                      St Ouen hosting trade union   St Ouen Association
                      Citizenship Day               Walkden Rotary Club
                      Swimming Gala in Lünen        Swinton ASC
        June          Clermont-Fd student           Lead Member/Clermont
                      placement                     Association

                      Town Twinning Forum           Lead Member
                      Promotional leaflet           Lead Member
                      Lünen Trust                   Lead Member

                      Lünen Young People’s          Lünen Twinning Committee


                      Host Narbonne delegation      Lead Member/Narbonne
                      Fête de St Ouen               St Ouen Association
                      Salford-Lünen Churches Link   Salford Diocese
     September        St Ouen Librarians            Arts and Leisure
                      Reciprocal visit to Salford
                      Disabled sports event St
                      Lünen Festival                Economic Development

                                          Salford City Council

           Town Twinning Forum          Lead Member
           Families from Lünen in       Lünen Churches Partnership

           St Ouen Chess Tournament     St Ouen Association
           Annual Twinning Reception    Mayoralty
           Chess Tournament – Salford
           to host?

           Seasonal Greetings to        Lead Member


           Town Twinning Forum          Lead Member
           Lünen Trust                  Lead Member



           International Women’s Week   Val Burgoyne


                               Salford City Council

         Appendix 1: Contacts for town twinning in Salford

  Position             Name                Address                         E-mail                   Telephone
                                      Salford City Council,
                   Councillor Derek     Members’ Room,                                               0161-793
 Lead Member                                        
                      Antrobus            Civic Centre,                                                3059
                                       Swinton M27 5AD.
                                      Salford City Council,
  Members’                                                                                           0161-793
                    Cathy Pickup          Civic Centre,
 Support Unit                                                                                          3064
                                       Swinton M27 5AD.
                                       10 St Mary’s Road
Chair, St Ouen                             Prestwich,             0161-798
 Association       Steven Fletcher      Manchester M25                                                 9250
                                       9 Deyne Avenue,
 Secretary, St      Emma Brown             Prestwich,                 0161-773
                                          Manchester,                                                  1395
                                            M25 1EJ
 Treasurer, St                        27 Brookhurst Lane,
    Ouen           Valerie Burgoyne       Little Hulton,
  Association                          Worsley M38 9TF

 Chair, Lünen
 Association          Ray Selby

                                         3 Deansway,                                                 0161-281
    Lünen            Jean Sofield                         
                                       Swinton, M27 0WH                                                3650
    Lünen            Bob Welsby

 Chair, Lünen                            The Vicarage                                                0161-736
  Churches’                             43 Derby Road   
                   Rev Keith Archer                                                                    5819
 Partnership                            Salford M6 5YD

  Treasurer,                           47 Agecroft Road
    Lünen            Avis Gordon              West,                                                  0161-798
  Churches’                                Prestwich,                                                  8018
  Partnership                               M25 9HF
                                      Salford City Council,
Chair, Narbonne    Councillor David    Members’ Room,    0161-793
  Association        Lancaster            Civic Centre,                                                3059
                                      Swinton M27 5AD.
                                      Salford City Council,
Chair, Clermont-   Councillor John     Members’ Room,     0161-793
 Fd Association     Warmisham             Civic Centre,                        k                       3059
                                      Swinton M27 5AD.

                                                              Salford City Council


                   Salford City Council

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