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   BlackBerry Internet Solution.

                             Managing your BlackBerry
                              Internet Service Guide.

BlackBerry Internet Service™ from Optus allows you to send and receive email and add up to 10
supported business and personal email accounts to your BlackBerry ® device. The BlackBerry
Internet Service web site enables you to set up and modify your email account.

For more information on setting up your email account, see the BlackBerry Internet Service Getting
Started Guide.

1. Point your browser to and click on Register To Set Up
   and Manage Your Email.
2. Enter the user ID and password for your account.
3. Click Login. The Home page appears.

                                                                         Service features,
                                                                         see the online Help.
From the Home page you can access a variety of BlackBerry Internet Service features.

                                           Add up to 10 business and personal email accounts to your
                                           BlackBerry device, create email filters, and set an Auto-signature.

                                           Change the BlackBerry device associated with the BlackBerry
                                           Internet Service.
                                           Select a language.
                                           Change your password.
                                           Send a new service book to your device if you are having difficulty
                                           sending or receiving email.

Adding an email account

1. Click Email Accounts.

2. Click Setup Account. The Add email account
   page appears.

3. Enter the following information:
   • Email Address: The full email address for
     the account you want to add (for example,
                                                        4. Click Next. If the account is added                               successfully, the updated Email Accounts
   • Password: The password for the email                  page appears.
                                                        If BlackBerry Internet Service is unable to
   • Confirm Password: The password for the             connect to your email account using this
     email account.                                     information, see Advanced email set-up.

Creating a filter

1. Click Email Accounts.
2. Click the Filter icon beside an email
3. Click Click here.
4. In the Filter Name field, enter a filter
5. Specify the filter settings.
6. Specify the filter options.
7. Click Add Filter.
For detailed information on the filter settings
and options, click the question mark.

                            Internet Service Provider                     Microsoft Exchange ® or IBM ® Lotus ®
                                 (ISP) accounts                                Domino ® email accounts

                  For an ISP account, you may have to do one of       For these email accounts, you may have to do
                  the following:                                      one of the following:
                  ■    Download auto-detection tools that will        ■    Enter additional information, such as
                       automatically detect the required settings
                                                                      ■    Website URL used to access your account
                  ■    Enter additional information, such as
                                                                      ■    Email account name
                  ■    The name of your ISP email server for
                                                                      ■    User name and password
                                                                      ■    Download the BlackBerry Mail Connector so
                  ■    Server type (POP/IMAP)
                                                                           BlackBerry Internet Service can access your
                  ■    Toggle SSL on/off                                   corporate email account

              MORE INFORMATION
              For more information about your BlackBerry Internet Solution

              ■       Read the BlackBerry FAQs at
              ■       When you are logged in to your BlackBerry Internet Service account select Help from the
                      BlackBerry Homepage
              ■       Refer to the quick reference guide supplied with your BlackBerry device
              ■       For full terms and conditions, please see

                                        IF YOU HAVE ANY FURTHER QUESTIONS,
                                PLEASE CONTACT OPTUS CUSTOMER CARE ON 1300 300 937.

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