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					                                                                              Form - SCM 1316 Rev. A 20-May-08

                                        Supplier Audit/Assessment Worksheet

            Supplier                                            Date

            Address/Facility                                    Auditor


            Supplier Number                                     Commodity

            Reason for Audit
             Potential supplier audit
                        Annual audit

                                        Visit Summary and Recommendations



Form 1316                                                 18 April 08

                         Date:                   00-Jan-1900                                                                                       Site Overall Rating:                RED
                         Supplier Name:          0                                                                                                                        % Green Elements   0%
                         Supplier Number:        0                                                                                                                        # Green Elements    0
                         Auditor:                0

                                                                                                                                                                          Total # Elements   137

                          Status            Sections                         Status            Sections                        Status             Sections

                            0       1. Business and Mgmt Structure             0      4. Manufacturing & Operations Cont'd        0      5. Quality Cont'd
                                            A.1     0                                        D.1      0                                          D.1       0
                                            A.2     0                                        D.2      0                                          D.2       0
                                            A.3     0                                        D.3      0                                          D.3       0
                                            B.1     0                                        D.4      0                                          D.4       0
                                            B.2     0                                        D.5      0                                           E.1      0
                                            B.3     0                                        D.6      0                                           F.1      0
                                            C.1     0                                        D.7      0                                           F.2      0
                                            D.1     0                                        D.8      0                                           F.3      0
                                            D.2     0                                        D.9      0                                           F.4      0
                                            D.3     0                                        D.10     0                                           F.5      0
                                            E.1     0                                        E.1      0                                           F.6      0
                                            E.2     0                                        E.2      0                                           F.7      0
                                            E.3     0                                        E.3      0                                           F.8      0
                                            F.1     0                                        E.4      0                                           F.9      0
                                                                                             F.1      0                                          F.10      0
                            0       3. Product Design                                        F.2      0                                          G.1       0
                                            A.1     0                                        F.3      0                                          G.2       0
                                            A.2     0                                        F.4      0                                          H.1       0
                                            A.3     0                                        F.5      0                                          H.2       0
                                            B.1     0                                        F.6      0                                          H.3       0
                                            C.1     0                                        F.7      0                                          H.4       0
                                            C.2     0                                        F.8      0                                           I.1      0
                                            C.3     0                                        F.9      0
                                            D.1     0                                        F.10     0                           0      6. Project Management
                                            E.1     0                                                                                            A.1     0
                                            E.2     0                          0      5. Quality                                                 A.2     0
                                            E.3     0                                          A.1    0                                          B.1     0
                                            E.4     0                                          A.2    0                                          B.2     0
                                            F.1     0                                          A.3    0                                          B.3     0
                                            F.2     0                                          A.4    0                                          B.4     0
                                            F.3     0                                          A.5    0                                          B.5     0
                                            F.4     0                                          A.6    0                                          B.6     0
                                                                                               A.7    0
                            0       4. Manufacturing & Operartions                             A.8    0                           0      7. Cost Reduction
                                           A.1      0                                          A.9    0                                          A.1     0
                                           A.2      0                                         A.10    0                                          A.2     0
                                           B.1      0                                         A.11    0                                          A.3     0
                                           B.2      0                                         A.12    0                                          A.4     0
                                           B.3      0                                         A.13    0                                          B.1     0
                                           B.4      0                                         A.14    0                                          B.2     0
                                           B.5      0                                         A.15    0                                          B.3     0
                                           C.1      0                                         A.16    0                                          B.4     0
                                           C.2      0                                         A.17    0                                          B.5     0
                                           C.3      0                                          B.1    0                                          C.1     0
                                           C.4      0                                          B.2    0                                          C.2     0
                                           C.5      0                                          B.3    0
                                           C.6      0                                         C.1     0
                                           C.7      0                                         C.2     0
                                           C.8      0                                         C.3     0
                                                                                              C.4     0
                                                                                              C.5     0
                                                                                              C.6     0
                                                                                              C.7     0

                         # Green            0                               # Green           0                                # Green           0
                         # Red              45                              # Red             51                               # Red             41

Form 1316 - SCM Rev. A                                                                                    20-May-08
                         Concern and Corrective Action Report                                                                           CCAR
                         (CCAR)                                                                                                         Update :
                                                                                                                                        Part No :
                                                                                                                                        Initiator :
                                                                 Person      Initial Target Latest Target (Closing)
Ref. No   Problem        Corrective Action and Recommendations   Responsible Date           Date                      25%   50%   75%        100% Additional Remarks or Links

Form 1316 - SCM Rev. A                                                   20-May-08
1. Business Structure Checklist
NOTE: Supplier Quality Manager or Supplier Quality Engineer should complete this section.
                                                                                                               Response Score
Area / Element                                                                           Comments / Evidence    YES or N/A = 1
                                                                                                                   NO = 0

A. Diversified Across Industries
      What percent of the supplier business will Southco represent ? Is it
  2   Does the Supplier service more than one industry ?
  3   is 80% of turnover from more than 20% of customers?
B. Longevity and Profitability
      Has the supplier been in business for more than five years, ? (Are
      they an established business?)
  2   Does the supplier demonstrate financial stability ?

  3   Is there a strategic plan for investment approved by management ?

C. Southco as Strategic Customer
      Will Southco be a strategic customer for the supplier ? (How does
      supplier demonstrate this?)
D. Org Structure and Base Data
  1   Is there a defined organizational structure in place?
  2   Is there a succession plan in place and reviewed regularly ?
      Is Southco protected should key managers/leaders quit / leave the
      business ?
E. Commitment to Quality
      Is there a defined management review process and records
  1   available?
  2   Is management driving Customer Quality improvement ?
  3   Is there a process in place to drive continuous improvement?
F. Commitment to Customers
      Are customer key metrics recognized and communicated by
  1   management?

      Summary                                                                                                         0

          Form 1316 - SCM Rev. A                                             20-May-08
2. Financial Health
NOTE: This section should be presented to Finance for assessment.

Area / Element                                                                              Values       Background Info   Status

  Z-Score = ( Desired value > 2.6 ) Private companies with score lower
  than 2.6 are supposed to be at risk for bankruptcy !!

Section 1: Data Required to Calculate Z Score                                   Input Values Here

Directions: After obtaining the following elements of the supplier's
financial statement, enter in the figures in the column entitled "input value

Working Capital (current assets minus current liabilities)
Total Assets
Retained Earnings
Net Worth (Stockholders Equity)
Total Liabilities

Section 2: Equation (Coefficients x Variables)

Directions: Completing Section 1 will result in the calculation of the Z
Score; the formatted function does not require additional input. Go to
Section 3.

X1                                                                              #DIV/0!

                    Form 1316 - SCM Rev. A                                                   20-May-08
3. Product Design
NOTE: Supplier Quality Manager or Supplier Quality Engineer should complete this section.
                                                                                                              Response Score
Area / Element                                                                          Comments / Evidence    YES or N/A = 1
                                                                                                                  NO = 0

A. Technical Knowledge of Design Engineers
  1   Do they understand Reliability vs Durability?
  2   Is the aim more sub-assemblies rather than individual parts in a
      major system ?
  3 Is the supplier familiar with special requirements such as salt spray
      test and ROHS etc
B. Similar Product Design Experience
  1  Has the supplier demonstratable experience in product design in
     parts similar to Southco requirement ?
C. Engineering Development and Project Tools
  1  Can the supplier demonstrate that a proven NPD process is
  2 Does supplier use advanced design tools such as Finite Element
     Analysis (FEA) tools/mold flow analysis ?
  3 Does the supplier use Design for Six Sigma (DFSS), or similar
     tools, to design new products ?
D. Understanding of Technology
      Does the supplier demonstrate knowledge of latest technology?
E. Adequate Technical Support Resources
  1   Does supplier have CAD facilities to support complex design and
      enough licenses?
  2   Is the supplier capable of making prototypes ?
  3   Is the supplier capable of managing prototype suppliers ?
  4   Are projects resourced with a cross functional team ?
F. Change Management
  1   Is there a process to manage design changes ?
  2   Are drawings issue controlled ?
  3   Are design reviews held with recorded actions/minutes?
  4   Is the "First Time Right" for designs measured?

      Summary                                                                                                        0

              Form 1316 - SCM Rev. A                                        20-May-08
4. Manufacturing & Operations
NOTE: Supplier Quality Manager or Supplier Quality Engineer should complete this section.
                                                                                                                 Response Score
Area / Element                                                                             Comments / Evidence    YES or N/A = 1
                                                                                                                     NO = 0

A. Capacity Planning
  1   Is there adequate capacity to meet current and future demands?

  2   Is excess capacity available ? Is there a capacity planning
      process, according to business forecasts ?

B. Equipment Capability
  1   Are all relevant equipment and processes validated for
  2   Is the equipment capable of meeting specification requirements?

  3   Are the production lines efficient? Is the uptime (%) of key
      equipment on the line greater than 80%?
  4   Is the production line mapped out to avoid excess movement and
  5   Does a preventive maintenance plan exist and is it followed ? How
      effective it is to achieve good equipment up-time ?

C. Manufacturing Support Capability
  1   Is the production area adequately staffed?
  2   Are good housekeeping practices followed? Is the workplace clean
      and organized?
  3   Are there examples of cycle time reduction to produce parts
  4   Does the supplier strive to eliminate complexity in the processes?

  5   Does the supplier design their own tooling / fixtures?
  6   Does the supplier have an Engineering department?
  7   Does a formalized training plan exist, documented with training
      materials available?
  8   Do the operators have clear work instructions to perform their job

D. Non-Conforming Material
  1   Does the process control plan contain a reaction plan, which has
      containment and corrective actions for non-conformances?
  2   When a part is identified as being out of specification or outside of
      control limits, is this condition properly managed within the
      organization (Action Plans, Assigned Responsibility, Progress
      Monitoring, and Containment)?
  3   Do problems, including out of spec./ beyond control limit
      conditions, quickly get communicated to people that can help?
  4   Does information, including out of spec./ beyond control limit
      conditions, get passed across shifts?
  5   Are controls in place to isolate incoming material until it has been
      approved and is it clearly and appropriately labeled ?
  6   Are all non-conforming materials (in-process and finished) properly
      quarantined and/or scrapped?
  7   Is the suspect / scrap data recorded and is the the data is acted
      upon ?
  8   Is it likely that suspect / scrap parts will be re-introduced into the
      normal process flow?
  9   Are suspect / scrap containers available at each operation?
 10   Are the containers properly sized and identified for visual control
      (color coded, etc.)?

E. Part Traceability
  1   Are parts clearly labeled and identified (part number, lot number,
      mfg. date, qty., employee number, etc.)?

         Form 1316 - SCM Rev. A                                                20-May-08
4. Manufacturing & Operations
NOTE: Supplier Quality Manager or Supplier Quality Engineer should complete this section.
                                                                                                              Response Score
Area / Element                                                                          Comments / Evidence    YES or N/A = 1
                                                                                                                  NO = 0
  2   Does labeling distinguish between different stages of production
      (in-process; finished product, packaging, shipping, etc.)?

  3   Can parts produced since the last good quality check be traced
      back to the producing shift and operation to prevent problem re-
  4   Can parts produced on different shifts / days be identified ? Is
      FIFO practice utilized in the facility?

F. Delivery / Scheduling
  1   Is the supplier Electronic Data Interface (EDI) capable?
  2   Is long range forecasting and EDI schedules driven to
      manufacturing to meet ship dates and capacity ?
  3   Is the supplier capable of delivering on-time? Is there evidence to
      show this (On-time Delivery Percentage)?
  4   Does the supplier monitor adherence to established lead-time
  5   Is there a plan for on-going lead-time reduction?
  6   Are delivery problems communicated to the customer in a timely
  7   Does the supplier have systems implemented to support 100% on-
      time shipments to meet customer requirements?
  8   If 100% on-time shipments are not maintained, does the supplier
      implement corrective action to improve delivery performance?

  9   Is on-time delivery to customer request date monitored?
 10   Does the supplier maintain records of premium freight?

      Summary                                                                                                        0

        Form 1316 - SCM Rev. A                                              20-May-08
5. Quality Systems Analysis
NOTE: Supplier Quality Manager or Supplier Quality Engineer should complete this section.
                                                                                                                Response Score
Area / Element                                                                            Comments / Evidence    YES or N/A = 1
                                                                                                                    NO = 0

A. Quality Business Systems
       Is 3rd party certification held against ISO9001:2000 or
  1    TS16949:2002?
       Is there a plan for TS16949:2002 certification if not already held?
       Is a standard set for housekeeping (5S) and is the plant clean/tidy?
       Is there a demonstratable process/ownership for sub contractors?
       Are deviations raised and acknowledgement gained from
  5    Suppliers/customers?
       Are there SQE's are involved in the sub contractor management
  6    process ?
       Is there a calibration system in place? (Can traceability be
  7    demonstrated?)
       Is there a plan to attain any further certification ? Such as ISO
  8    17025/ISO 14001:2004 etc.
  9    Are training plans in place correlating to competency matrices?
       Are risk assessments/health and safety audits carried out and
 10    actions recorded?
 11    Are Hazmat/COSHH regulations are followed?
 12    Are notice boards in place and maintained?
       Capacity planning is undertaken and management informed of
 13    issues?

       Does the supplier demonstrate compliance with the European
       Union directives including Restrictions of Hazardous Substances
       (RoHS Directive, 2002/95/EC) and Waste of Electrical and
       Electronics Equipment (WEEE)?

       If the supplier can not demonstrate compliance with the EU
       directives, can they ensure that these environmentally hazardous
       materials will not contaminate any material, product, or service
       provided to Southco?

       Does the supplier provide a certificate of conformance when
       requested that states material, product, or services provided are
       compliant to the EU directives?
 17 Emergency plans exist for tool relocation/repair?
B. MSA ( Measurement Systems Analysis)
      Are gauges, test and measurement equipment calibrated and
  1   maintained ?
  2   Is Gauge R&R carried out as part of product launch?
      Is Gauge R&R carried out other than at product launch? (state
  3 period and show evidence)
C. Capability
      Is SPC in use and 1.33 cpk (long term vs 1.66 cpk short term) a
  1   minimum?
      Is SPC recorded at the manufacturing stage/by operator? (record
  2 frequency of data capture)
      Is the control chart data reviewed and actions can be contributed to
  3 the data generation?
  4 How often is the data reviewed ?
  5 Is Poke yoke used consistently?
  6 Can SPC data be shown in Minitab or other SPC software ?
  7 Are operators/technicians familiar with SPC ?
D. Corrective Actions

      Does a defined corrective action process exist and is it followed?
  2 Can problem identification and containment be demonstrated?
  3 Is "Root cause" analysis prevalent ?
  4 Is time to closure measured and challenged?
E. Product/Process Changes
  1 Is a process defined and followed to manage product changes?
       Are APQP principles followed for new product introduction/product
  1    changes ?
  2    Are AIAG/VDA manuals held onsite for reference?
       Is there a stage gate process in place to support PPAP delivery?
  4    Are design reviews supported at customer?
      Form 1316 - SCM Rev. A                                                  20-May-08
5. Quality Systems Analysis
NOTE: Supplier Quality Manager or Supplier Quality Engineer should complete this section.
                                                                                                              Response Score
Area / Element                                                                          Comments / Evidence    YES or N/A = 1
                                                                                                                  NO = 0
       Are packaging specifications detailed and included in PPAP
  5    submission?

       Are run at rates planned and will process capacities be derived?
  7    Are live FMEA's maintained on all products?
  8    Does the supplier have in house test capability?
       Are Conformity of Production practices employed? (Annual
  9 recertification, engineering test etc)
       Is there evidence that controls have been revised after quality
 10 issues/8D's have been raised?
G. Internal Audits
     Is there an internal audit process to ensure that all processes are
  1 followed ?
  2 Are auditors identified and trained?
H. Quality Performance
  1   Are internal quality/delivery metrics recorded/actioned ?
  2   Are external quality/delivery metrics measured/monitored?
      Are there quality targets set and improvement plan in place to meet
   3 annual quality targets ?
      Is goods inwards inspection carried out and does a process exist to
   4 capture actions?
I. Warranty Analysis
  1    A warranty returns process including analysis exists?

       Summary                                                                                                       0

      Form 1316 - SCM Rev. A                                                20-May-08
6. Project Management
NOTE: Supplier Quality Manager or Supplier Quality Engineer should complete this section.
                                                                                                                 Response Score
Area / Element                                                                             Comments / Evidence    YES or N/A = 1
                                                                                                                     NO = 0

A. Project Timelines
      Is there evidence that committed due dates have been met on
      previous projects ? (% on time, late ahead of time)
      Is project timing monitored/measured by senior management?
B. Project Management Structure/Staffing
  1   Are detailed project plans developed in MS project format?
      Are adequate resources assigned to projects including a dedicated
      project manager? (cross functional team)
      Are critical paths identified within projects? (can critical paths be
  3   demonstrated on timing plans?)

  4   Are cost targets set and monitored/actioned through projects ?

      Are risk assessments undertaken and associated mitigating
      actions reviewed?
      Are the 2nd tier suppliers plans captured in overall project plan? (Is
      there an internal owner for sub contractors?)

      Summary                                                                                                           0

             Form 1316 - SCM Rev. A                                            20-May-08
7. Cost Reduction
NOTE: Sourcing Manager / Buyer or Supplier Quality Manager should complete this section.
                                                                                                              Response Score
Area / Element                                                                          Comments / Evidence      YES = 1
                                                                                                               NO or N/A = 0

A. Cost Reduction Performance
  1     Does a plan exist for on-going yearly cost reductions?
  2     Is there evidence that cost reduction goals are being met?
  3     Are cost reduction savings shared with customers?
  4     Is the management team committed to achieving cost reduction

B. Process for Delivering Cost Reductions
  1     Does a process exist for identifying projects for cost reduction
  2     Are Value Engineering/Value Analysis techniques used to identify
        projects for cost reductions?
  3     Are there examples of cost effective approaches to achieve break-
        even points?
  4     Does the supplier use Six Sigma or similar processes?
  5     Are there examples of material changes that were implemented to
        improve quality and reduce costs?

C. Understanding & Use of TCO Models
  1     Does a Total Cost of Ownership (TCO) model exist for parts
        produced by the supplier?
  2     Is the TCO methodology understood and have all the cost drivers
        been identified?

        Summary                                                                                                     0

      Form 1316 - SCM Rev. A                                                20-May-08