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ISBN          Title                                              Pub Date
9781847106001   AAA Stud Receipt Paym Init TrDEC08/JUN09
9781847108340   AAT Poc Implementing Auditing Procedures   NYP     9/1/2009
9781847106278   AAT Poc Unit 18 Bus Tax FA 08 JUN/DEC09    NYP     9/1/2009
9781847106285   AAT Poc Unit 19 Pers Tax FA 08 JUN/DEC09   NYP     9/1/2009
9781847106292   AAT Poc Unit 30 Intro Accoun DEC08/JUN09
9781847108371   AAT Poc Unit 30 Introductory Accounting7   NYP     9/1/2009
9781847106308   AAT Poc Unit 31 Acc Work Skills DEC08/JU
9781847108401   AAT Poc Unit 33 Management Accounting      NYP     9/1/2009
9781847106254   AAT Pock Unit 15 Cash Man CreditDEC08/JU
9781847108333   AAT Pock Cash Management Credit Control
9781847108289   AAT Pock Maintaining Financial Records 5   NYP     9/1/2009
9781847108272   AAT Pock Receipts Payments Initial Trial   NYP     9/1/2009
9781847108296   AAT Pock Recording Evaluating Costs        NYP     9/1/2009
9781847106247   AAT Pock Unit 11 Draft Fin Stat DEC08/JU
9781847108326   AAT Pocket Drafting Financial Statements   NYP    9/11/2009
9781847108395   AAT Pocket Professional Ethics Unit 32     NYP     9/1/2009
9781847106162   AAT Study Unit 31 Acc Work Skill DEC08/J
9781847105127   ACCA Comp Text F1 Acc Bus AB Dec08 Jun09
9781847105172   ACCA Comp Txt F4 Corp Bus Law CL DEC08JU
9781847105325   ACCA Comp Txt P7 Adv Audit & As DEC08/JU
9781847105318   ACCA Comp Texts P6 Adv Tax ATX JUN/DEC09
9781847107091   ACCA Paper F6 Taxation FA08 (TX) 2009
9781847107107   ACCA Paper P6 Taxation FA08 (TXA) 2009
9781847105783   ACCA Pk Bk 1 Acc In Business AB DEC08/JU
9781847105851   ACCA Pock F6 Tax TX (FA 08) DEC08/JUN09
9781847108753   Cat Poc Note P7 Plan Control & Performan
9781847108746   Cat Pock No P6 INT Draft Finance Stateme
9781847108722   Cat Pock Not P5 Managing People & System
9781847108708   Cat Pock P3 INT Maintain Financ Records
9781847108739   Cat Pock P6 UK Draft Finance Statemen
9781847108777   Cat Pock P8 INT Impl Audit Proc
9781847106704   CAT Pock P9 Preparing Tax Comp JUN&DEC09
9781847108579   Cat Stud Text P3 Maintain Finance Report
9781847108562   Cat Stud TxtP3 Maint Finance Record UK
9781847108647   Cat Stud TxtP8 INT Impl Aud Procedures
9781847108630   Cat Study Te P8 UK Implement Audit Proce
9781847106537   Cat Study TxtP6 Draft Fin St INT DEC08/J
9781847108616   Cat Study Text INT Draft Finance Stat P6
9781847108661   Cat Study Text P 10 Managing Finances
9781847106513   Cat Study TxtP5 Mng People Syst DEC08/JU
9781847108593   Cat Study Text P 5 Manag People Systems
9781847106506   Cat Study TxtP4 Account Cost DEC08/JUN09
9781847108586   Cat Study Text P4 Accounting For Costs
9781847106520   Cat Study TxtP6 Draft & Financ DEC08/JUN
9781847108609   Cat Study Text P6 Drafting & Financial
9781847106544   Cat Study Txt P7 Plan Cont Perf DEC08/JU
9781847108623   Cat Study Text P7 Plann Control Performa
9781847106575   Cat Study Txt P9 Prep Taxation JUN/DEC09
9781847108555   Cat Study TextP2 Info Manage Cotrol
9781847106339   CAT Exam Kit P1 UK INT Rec Fin JUN&DEC09
9781847106452   CAT Exam Kit P10 Managing Fina JUN&DEC09
9781847106346   CAT Exam Kit P2 Inf Man ControlJUN&DEC09
9781847106360   CAT Exam Kit P3 INT Maint Fin RJUN&DEC09
9781847106353   CAT Exam Kit P3 Maint Fin Rec JUN&DEC09
9781847106384   CAT Exam Kit P5 Man People Sys JUN&DEC09
9781847106391   CAT Exam Kit P6 UK Draft Fin StJUN&DEC09
9781847106414   CAT Exam Kit P7 Plan Cont Perf JUN&DEC09
9781847106438   CAT Exam KitP8 INT Imp Audit PrJUN&DEC09
9781847106421   CAT Exam Kit P8 UK Imp Aud ProcJUN&DEC09
9781847106445   CAT Exam Kit P9 Prep Tax FA08 JUN&DEC09
9781847106377   CAT Exam Kit P4 Account Costs JUN&DEC09
9781847108760   CAT Pock Note P8 UK Implement Audit Proc
9781847108685   CAT Pock Notes P 2 Info Manage Control
9781847108678   CAT Pock P1 UK INT Rec Fin Transations
9781847108791   CAT Pock P10 Managing Finances
9781847108715   CAT Pock 4 Accounting For Costs
9781847108692   CAT Pocket Notes P3 Matain Financial Rec   NYP    9/1/2009
9781847106469   CAT Study TextP1 Recording Fin DEC08/JUN
9781847106766   CIMA Paper P1 Man Acco Perf NOV08/MAY09
9781847106780   CIMA Paper P3 Man Accoun RiskNOV08/MAY09
9781847106872   CIMA Pock Paper P2 Manage Acc NOV08/MAY0
9781847106896   CIMA Pock Paper P4 Organ Man NOV08/MAY09
9781847106902   CIMA Pock Paper P5 Integr Man NOV08/MAY0
9781847106919   CIMA Pock Paper P6 Man Acc BusNOV08/MAY0
9781847106926   CIMA Pock Paper P7 Fin Acc TaxNOV08/MAY0
9781847106933   CIMA Pock Paper P8 Financial Analysis
9781847106940   CIMA Pock Paper P9 Fin Strat NOV08/MAY09
9781847106889   CIMA PockPaper P3 Man Acc Risk NOV08/MAY
9781847104267   CIMA Stu Fund Ethic Corporate Gove MAY09
9781847106810   CIMA Stu Paper P6 Man Acc Bus NOV08/MAY0
9781847104250   CIMA Stud Fund Business Economics MAY09
9781847104243   CIMA Stud Text Fund Busin Maths MAY09
9781847104236   CIMA Stud TextFundamen Fin Account MAY09
9781847106827   CIMA Study Gde Paper P7 FATP NOV08/MAY09
9781847106834   CIMA Study Paper P8 Fin Anal NOV08/MAY09
9781847106841   CIMA Study T Paper P9 Fin Strat NOV08/MA
9781847104229   CIMA Study Text Fundamenta Man Acc MAY09
9781847106803   CIMA Study Text Paper P5 IM NOV08/MAY09
9781847106858   CIMA Study Txt Paper P10 TOPCIMA NOV08
9781847106797   CIMA Study Texts Paper P4 OMIS NOV08/MAY
9781847107114   Finance Act Update
9781847105561   F1 Accountant In Business AB JUN/DEC09
9781847107862   F1 Accountant In Business AB               NYP   10/1/2009
9781847105134   F2 Management Accounting MA Dec08/Jun09
9781847105578   F2 Management Accounting MA JUN/DEC09
9781847107879   F2 Management Accounting MA
9781847107213   F2 Management Accounting MA Complete Tex
9781847105592   F3 Financial Accounting FA(INT)JUN/DEC09
9781847105585   F3 Financial Accounting FA (UK)JUN/DEC09
9781847107893   F3 Financial Accounting FA Int
9781847107237   F3 Financial Accounting FA INT Complete
9781847107886   F3 Financial Accounting FA UK
9781847107220   F3 Financial Accounting FA UK Comp         NYP
9781847105615   F4 Corp & Business Law CL (GLO)JUN/DEC09
9781847105608   F4 Corporate & Busi Law CL (UK)JUN/DEC09
9781847107251   F4 Corporate & Business Law CL GLO         NYP
9781847107244   F4 Corporate & Business Law CL UK
9781847107909   F4 Corporate & Business Law CL UK          NYP   9/1/2009
9781847107916   F4 Corporate and Business Law CL Glo       NYP   9/1/2009
9781847105622   F5 Performance Management PM JUN/DEC09
9781847107923   F5 Performance Management PM
9781847107268   F5 Performance Management PM - Complete    NYP
9781847105639   F6 Taxation TX (FA 08) JUN/DEC09
9781847107275   F6 Taxation TX FA 08 Complete Text
9781847107954   F7 Financial Reporting FR (Int)            NYP   9/1/2009
9781847105653   F7 Financial Reporting FR (INT)JUN/DEC09
9781847105646   F7 Financial Reporting FR (UK) JUN/DEC09
9781847107947   F7 Financial Reporting FR (UK)
9781847107299   F7 Financial Reporting FR INT Comple
9781847107282   F7 Financial Reporting FR UK Complet
9781847105677   F8 Audit & Assurance AA (INT) JUN/DEC09
9781847105660   F8 Audit & Assurance AA (UK) JUN/DEC09
9781847107312   F8 Audit & Assurance AA INT Comple
9781847107305   F8 Audit & Assurance AA 0K Complet
9781847107961   F8 Audit and Assurance AA (UK)             NYP   9/1/2009
9781847107978   F8 Audit and Assurance AA Int
9781847105684   F9 Financial Management FM JUN/DEC09
9781847107985   F9 Financial Management FM
9781847107329   F9 Financial Management FM Complete Te
9781847107077   Gen Dictionary Of Business Terms SUMM09
9781847107060   Gen Understand Business Maths SUMM09
9781847107053   Gen Understanding Economics SUMM09
9781847107084   General Student's Guide To IFRS SUMM09
9781847109125   International Financial Reporting
9781847101693   Paper CO3 Assessment Kit Fundament Busin
9781847101709   Paper CO4 Assessment Kit Fundament Busin
9781847101716   Paper CO5 Assessment Kit Fundament Ethic
9781847107169   Paper C02 Fundamentals Financial Account
9781847107176   Paper C03 Fundementals Business Maths
9781847107183   Paper C04 Fundamentals Of Business Econo
9781847107190   Paper Fundamentals Ethics Business Law 5
9781847106865   Paper P1 Management Acc Perf NOV08/MAY09
9781847106957   Paper P1 Mant Account Perform MAY/NOV09
9781847106964   Paper P2 Man Accounting Decis MAY/NOV09
9781847106773   Paper P2 Management Account NOV08/MAY09
9781847106971   Paper P3 Management Acc Risk MAY/NOV09
9781847106988   Paper P4 Organisational Manage MAY/NOV09
9781847106995   Paper P5 Integrated Management MAY/NOV09
9781847107008   Paper P6 Management Acc Busine MAY/NOV09
9781847107015   Paper P7 Financial Acc Tax Pri MAY/NOV09
9781847107022   Paper P8 Financial Analysis MAY/NOV09
9781847107039   Paper P9 Financial Strategy MAY/NOV09
9781847106407   CAT Exam Kit P6 INT Draft Fin JUN&DEC09
9781847108319   Performance Management & Resource 8 & 9
9781847106728   Prac Bookkeeping Begin & Interm SUMM09
9781847105691   P1 Professional Accountant PA JUN/DEC09
9781847107992   P1 Professional Accountant PA
9781847107336   P1 Professional Accountant PA Complete
9781847105714   P2 Corporate Reporting CR (INT)JUN/DEC09
9781847105707   P2 Corporate Reporting CR (UK) JUN/DEC09
9781847108012   P2 Corporate Reporting CR Int
9781847107350   P2 Corporate Reporting CR INT Comple
9781847108005   P2 Corporate Reporting CR UK
9781847107343   P2 Corporate Reporting CR UK Complet
9781847105721   P3 Business Analysis BA JUN/DEC09
9781847108029   P3 Business Analysis BA
9781847107367   P3 Business Analysis BA Complete Text
9781847105738   P4 Adv Financial Managt AFM JUN/DEC09
9781847108036   P4 Advanced Financial Management AFM
9781847107374   P4 Advanced Financial Management AFM C
9781847105745   P5 Adv Perf Management APM JUN/DEC09
9781847107381   P5 Advanced Performance Management APM
9781847108043   P5 Advanced Performance Management APM
9781847105752   P6 Advanced Taxation (FA 08) JUN/DEC09
9781847107398   P6 Advanced Taxation ATX FA 08 Compl       NYP
9781847108050   P6 Advanced Taxation ATX FA 09             NYP   9/1/2009
9781847105776   P7 Adv Audit & Assur AAA (INT) JUN/DEC09
9781847108074   P7 Advanced Audit & Assurance AAA Int
9781847107411   P7 Advanced Audit & Assurance AAA INT
9781847108067   P7 Advanced Audit & Assurance AAA UK       NYP   9/1/2009
9781847105769   P7 Adv Audit Andassur AAA (UK) JUN/DEC09
9781847107046   Supporting Oxford Brookes Univ BSc JUL08
9781847108814   TOPCIMA The Knowledge (May Exam)
9781847108159   Unit 10 Managing Systems & People Accoun
9781847108166   Unit 11 Drafting Financial Statements
9781847108173   Unit 15 Cash Management & Credit Control
9781847108180   Unit 17 Implementing Auditing Procedures
9781847108197   Unit 18 Business Taxation FA 06 - Study    NYP   9/1/2009
9781847108203   Unit 19 Personal Taxation FA 06 Study      NYP   9/1/2009
9781847108210   Unit 21 22 & 23 Business Practice Health
9781847108227   Unit 30 Introductory Accounting Study
9781847108234   Unit 30 Introductory Accounting Workbook
9781847108258   Unit 32 Professional Ethics Study Text
9781847108265   Unit 33 Management Accounting Study Te
9781847108111   Unit 5 Maintaining Financial Records
9781847108135   Unit 7 Preparing Reports & Returns
9781847108302   Unit 7 Preparing Reports & Returns         NYP   9/1/2009
9781847108098   Units 1,2 & 3 Receipts Payments Initial
9781847108128   Units 6 Recording & Evaluating Costs
9781847108142   Units 8 & 9 Performance Management

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