battlestarbook - 33 by TaraGel

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Commander Adama shared a piece of flair: “We Escaped the Cylons and All We Got Was a Lousy 33-Minute Break!” Cally Henderson wants to know what‟s so special about 33, anyway? Cally Henderson poked Chief Tyrol. Chief Tyrol wishes Cally would shut the frak up with the frakking questions before he beats her to a pulp. Cally Henderson has changed her relationship status from Single to It‟s Complicated. Lee Adama is thinking this CAG business looked a hell of a lot better in the frakking brochures. Margaret Edmondson became a fan of Scruff. Kara Thrace commented on Margaret Edmondson„s update: “Quit frakking staring at my almost brother super-sekkrit lover the CAG…” President Laura Roslin tagged Billy Keikaya in her note “49,999 and Counting…” Karl Agathon shared a piece of flair: “I Survived Six Days with a Gaping Leg Wound on a Totally Nuked Planet as Toasters Shot at Me. Ask Me How!” Commander Adama and Colonel Tigh joined the group Power Napping FTW! 27 of your friends in the CIC are attending the event Colonel Tigh‟s Terrible, Horrible, No Good, Very Bad Pep Talk. Mr. Gaeta has just plotted 237 frakking jumps IN A ROW!! And thinks SOMEONE should cut him a little slack! Doc Cottle gave Lee Adama a gift: Stims Kara Thrace did NOT become a fan of Stims. Kara Thrace Super Poked Lee Adama. Lee Adama really, really wants to frak smack Kara Thrace in the mouth. Chief Tyrol can‟t believe these fools outrank him. Head Six joined the group Fangirls for God. Commander Adama tagged President Laura Roslin in his note “I‟m Calling You (to Talk about Making Babies.)” Lee Adama tagged Kara Thrace in his note “This Patrol is One Hundred Percent Stimulated. That‟s Code for „Wanna Frak?‟” Dr. Amarack has sent a friend request to Dr. Gaius Baltar via the People You May Know (Helped Destroy Humanity) tool. Dr. Gaius Baltar has denied Dr. Amarack‟s friend request. Dr. Gaius Baltar is trying to create the event: The Destruction of the Olympic Carrier. Billy Keikaya became a fan of Dr. Gaius Baltar. Dr. Gaius Baltar became a fan of Repenting Our Sins (Before It‟s Too Late). President Laura Roslin cannot believe she just gave the order to kill 1300 innocent civilians. President Laura Roslin really frakking hates her new job. Lee Adama cannot believe he just gave the order to kill 1300 innocent civilians. Lee Adama really frakking hates his new job. Kara Thrace tagged Lee Adama in her note “Thanks for Giving Me Something New to Feel Guilty About. That Zak Business Was Getting Old.”

1300 innocent souls (and maybe a few Cylons) attended the event: The Destruction of the Olympic Carrier. Karl Agathon tagged Sharon Valerii (v. 2.0) in his note “Thanks for Saving my Irradiated Ass. That‟s Code for „Wanna Frak?‟” Sharon Valerii (v. 2.0) has a plan. An evil plan. To get in Helo‟s pants. Because she‟s a Cylon, Bitches!!! Lee Adama tagged Commander Adama in his note “OK, This Time it‟s a Little Bit My Fault, Dad.” Billy Keikaya tagged President Laura Roslin in his note “47,972 47,973 and Counting...” President Laura Roslin is a fan of Making Babies.

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