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									                                      City and County of San Francisco
                                                        Mayor’s Office of Housing

                           REQUEST FOR QUALIFICATIONS FOR
                             RFQ# MOH-F-0901
                              CONTACT: Min Fang,, 415-701-5516

Background                                                                                        Intent of this RFQ
The Mayor’s Office of Housing (MOH) contracts with a variety of nonprofit                         It is the intent of the
organizations to provide vital housing and community development-related                          Mayor’s Office of Housing
services to low- and moderate-income San Franciscans. Nonprofit contractors                       to create a reference list of
with annual budgets greater than $250,000 per year are required to submit an                      consultant firms that
annual financial audit to MOH. Many organizations with budgets between                            nonprofit contractors may
$250,000 and $2 million find identifying an auditor to be a challenging process                   use as a resource for
and often turn to MOH for assistance.                                                             identifying financial audit
MOH is seeking responses from professional firms or qualified individuals who                     Respondents will be
are interested in providing financial audit services to nonprofit contractors in                  placed on this reference
San Francisco. The needs of nonprofit contractors vary, but may include an                        list through October 1,
annual audit, an annual OMB A-133 audit, and/or preparation of federal tax                        2011. No Respondents
filings.                                                                                          will be provided with a
                                                                                                  contract with the City under
Selected Respondents will be placed on a reference list to be made available                      this RFQ and Respondents
to nonprofit contractors. The City will not be contracting directly with any                      will not be guaranteed a
Selected Respondents.                                                                             contract with any nonprofit
                                                                                                  contractors. In addition,
                                                                                                  nonprofit contractors will
                                                                                                  not be required to select an
                                                                                                  auditor from this reference
Schedule*                                                      RFQ Questions and Communications
                                                               In lieu of a pre-response conference and to ensure fair
Deadline for RFQ questions                  10-16-2009         and equal access to information about this RFQ, e-mail
                                            (12pm PST)         your questions to Min Fang at
Answers to RFQ questions posted             10-23-2009         Questions must be in writing and received before 12
                                                               pm on Friday, October 16. No questions will be
Deadline for RFQ responses                  10-30-2009         accepted after this time.
                                            (12pm PST)
                                                               A summary of the questions and answers pertaining to
                                                               this RFQ will be posted on the Mayor’s Office of
                                                               Housing website at under “Jobs
*Each date subject to change. Check                            and Bids.”
website for latest schedule.
                  Mayor’s Office of Housing ● 1 South Van Ness, 5th Floor ● San Francisco, CA 94103 ● 415-701-5700

                          Mayor’s Office of Housing Financial Auditing RFQ -- Page 1 of 4
1. Introduction
General terms used in this RFQ.     The “Respondent” refers to any entity submitting a
response to this Request for Qualifications (“RFQ”) to be considered for inclusion on a
reference list.

1.1   Statement of Need and Intent

What is the City seeking? The City and County of San Francisco Mayor’s Office of Housing
(MOH) seeks responses from consultant firms with experience in providing financial auditing
services to nonprofit organizations, especially organizations with annual budgets between
$250,000 and $2 million.

This RFQ is not directed at one specific project. Rather, the intent of this RFQ is to establish a
reference list of Respondents. This list, along with the actual responses provided by
Respondents, will be provided as a reference tool to nonprofit organizations seeking information
on available audit services. This list will remain in effect until September 1, 2011. No
Respondents will be awarded a City contract based on this RFQ, and no Respondents are
guaranteed a contract with any nonprofit organizations.

1.2   Background of Mayor’s Office of Housing

The mission of the Mayor’s Office of Housing is to provide financing for the development,
rehabilitation and purchase of affordable housing in San Francisco. MOH also guides and
coordinates the City's housing policy. MOH administers a variety of programs to finance the
development of affordable housing by non-profit and for profit developers, provides financial
and educational assistance to first-time homebuyers, and finances housing rehabilitation costs
for low-income homeowners. MOH is also responsible for monitoring and ensuring the long-
term affordability and physical viability of the City's stock of affordable housing.

As of July 1, 2009, the Mayor’s Office of Housing is also the central coordinating agency for the
City’s Community Development Block Grant (CDBG) and Emergency Shelter Grant (ESG)
programs which were formerly administered by the Mayor’s Office of Community Investment
(MOCI). MOCI’s mission was to partner with the community to strengthen the physical, social
and economic infrastructure of San Francisco, particularly in its lowest income neighborhoods
and communities.

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2. Scope of Work
This scope of work is a general guide to the work which nonprofit contractors may seek to be
performed, and is not a complete listing of all services that may be required or desired. The
City is soliciting qualifications to create a reference list of consultant firms that may be selected
by nonprofit organizations for the services described below.

Is My Firm Expected to Propose for a Specific Project? No. The Mayor’s Office of Housing will
compile a list of Respondents and their responses to provide as reference to nonprofit

        Service Area          Examples of Deliverables Desired

 A. Annual Financial Audit    Annual financial audit conducted by a Certified Public Accountant (CPA) in
 of Nonprofit Organization    compliance with all professional standards applicable at the time of audit. Audit may
                              or may not be required to conform to OMB A-133 requirements.

 B. Preparation and filing    After completion of an audit, many nonprofit organizations ask their auditor to
 of Tax Forms for             prepare federal and state tax filings on their behalf.
 Nonprofit Organizations

3. Response Requirements
3.1   Time and Place for Submission of Responses

Responses and all related materials must be received by 12:00 pm on Friday, October 30.
Responses may be delivered to:

            Financial Auditing RFQ
            Mayor’s Office of Housing
            1 South Van Ness Ave, 5th Floor
            San Francisco, CA 94103

Postmarks will not be considered in judging the timeliness of submissions. Responses
submitted by e-mail will not be accepted. Late submissions will not be considered, including
those submitted late due to mail or delivery service failure. Note that Respondents hand-
delivering responses to Mayor’s Office of Housing may be required to open and make
packages accessible for examination by security staff.

3.2   Response Package

The following items must be included in your response and packaged in a box or envelope
clearly marked RFQ# MOH-F-0901 Financial Auditing RFQ.

                       Mayor’s Office of Housing Financial Auditing RFQ -- Page 3 of 4
   A. Original printed response (with original signatures) labeled as “Original”

      RFQ Attachment I    Acknowledgement of RFQ Terms and Conditions

      RFQ Attachment II Response Template

   B. One CD-ROM containing entire contents of response, including all attachments.
      The CD-ROM and electronic files on the CD-ROM must be labeled with the
      Respondent’s name. All files should be submitted in unprotected PDF or Word format.

4. Evaluation Criteria
The City will not be evaluating responses to this RFQ. Respondents will be placed on a
reference list for nonprofit organizations. Responses themselves may be made available to
nonprofit organizations as well.

                  Mayor’s Office of Housing Financial Auditing RFQ -- Page 4 of 4

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