Green Awassa Collaborative Alliance by abstraks


									                                   Green Awassa Collaborative Alliance
                                         Steering Committee &
                                       General Assembly Structure
I.        Purpose
      The steering committee (SC) helps to legitimize, facilitate, advocate for, and sustain the Green Awassa
      Collaborative Alliance (GACA) and all of the projects associated with it.

      The SC does not have fiscal or political authority over individual projects and the implementing partners
      involved within them.

      The SC is responsible for articulating and facilitating the overall mission, vision and objectives for the

II.      Functions
      A.    Provide legitimacy for the GACA. The composition of the SC demonstrates the government
            and NGO commitment to the vision and implementation of the GACA and its associated
      B.    Support the implementation of projects associated with the GACA. The SC assists project
            leaders in obtaining support from governmental and NGO leaders (including letters of support,
            mutual cooperation, affirmative decisions, etc.) The SC provides advice to project leaders
            around issues pertaining to the design, implementation and evaluation of projects. This advice
            includes facilitating the development of deeper partnerships with government and NGOs.
      C.    Advocate for policies and resources that align with the “Green Awassa” vision, mission
            and objective. The SC will work within existing systems of governance and international
            funding mechanisms to accomplish this.
      D.    Develop long term organizational structures to sustain the work of the GACA. The SC
            will monitor and determine when and how best to formalize the GACA into an autonomous

III.    Steering Committee Organizational Structure
The Steering committee will be organized into an executive body, a financial auditing sub-committee, and a
professional expert sub-committee. Specific functions of each entity are outlined below:
        A.      Executive Body. This group will take responsibility for providing general oversight and
                direction for the Green Awassa Collaborative Alliance.
        B.      Financial Auditing Sub-Committee. This sub-committee, comprised of professional
                auditors from the regional and zonal levels of government as well as the NGO community,
                will be charged with auditing the financial records of the capacity-building projects related
                to the GACA.
        C.      Professional Expert Sub-Committee. This subcommittee, comprised of professional
                environmentalists, ecologists, social service experts. This group will provide technical
                assistance to the steering committee executive body, the general assembly, project leaders,
                and implementing organizations.

IV.        Executive Body Membership
      A.      Executive Body Member Composition
              The SC will be comprised of members representing the following entities:
                   The Awassa City Government
                   Regional Bureau of Agriculture and Natural Resources
                   Wondo-Genet Forestry College
                   Zonal Natural Resource Office
                   Awassa Children’s Center
              Project leaders, implementing partners or their designee will participate in SC meetings as
              needed. They will not having voting authority.
      B.        Term of Appointment and New Executive Body Member Selection
                SC members are appointed for two years. Terms are renewable. The selection of the new SC
                will be determined during a general assembly of GACA partnering organizations and
      C.        Executive Body Steering Committee Member Roles
                The SC will be chaired by the member from Awassa City Government. The chair will facilitate
                SC meetings or delegate such responsibilities to the secretary.

                The secretary will be the representative from the Awassa Children’s Center. The secretary will
                compile meeting agendas and be the primary liaison between the SC and individual project

                Selection of a new chair and secretary will be determined by a GACA general assembly.

      D.        Executive Body Steering Committee Member Compensation
                Pending the availability of adequate funding, steering committee members will be provided a
                per diem to cover costs associated with time, travel and other miscellaneous expenses incurred
                as a result of participation in SC activities.

V.         Steering Committee Sub-Committee Membership
      A.       Financial Auditing Sub-Committee Members
               The Financial Auditing Sub-committee will be comprised of representatives from the following
                            Regional Finance Bureau
                            Zonal Finance Department
                            Van Der Lief Foundation Auditor

      B.        Technical Audit Sub-Committee
                The Technical Audit sub-committee will be comprised of representatives from the following
                             Concern for the Environment Association
                             Wendo-Genet Forestry College
                             Regional Agriculture Bureau
                             Awassa Woreda Women’s Affair’s Office

VI.        Steering Committee Meeting Structure
      A.       Steering Committee Meetings.
               1. Meeting Frequency
               The steering committee will meet at least on a quarterly basis and more often as needed.
               2. Power to Convene Meeting
               Either the steering committee chairperson or secretary can call a meeting and will work with
               committee members to identify a meeting time that suits member schedules.
               3. Meeting Agendas
               The SC chair and/or secretary will convey the agenda for the meeting ahead of time. Other
               committee members can place items on the agenda prior to or at the very start of a meeting. All
               meetings will include reports on the status of existing proposals and ongoing projects.
               4. Meeting Attendance
               Any steering committee member who misses two steering committee meetings in a row may be
               asked to leave the steering committee. The decision to remove the member must be made by
               the remaining steering committee members.

           B.      General Assembly Meeting
                1. General Assembly Participants
            All stakeholders implicated in the activities of the GASC will be invited to attend a general
            assembly meeting. All identified stakeholders who attend the general assembly will have voting
            2.      General Assembly Meeting Frequency
            The General Assembly will meet at least once a year, but as needed as determined by the
            steering committee.
            3.      General Assembly Agenda
            A General Assembly meeting agenda will be set by the steering committee. Any GACA
            stakeholder may propose agenda items for a General Assembly meeting to the steering
            committee ahead of time. The steering committee may entertain new agenda items at the very
            beginning of a General Assembly meeting.

VII.    Decision-Making
        A.       Steering Committee Decision-Making
        Members of the steering committee will make good faith attempts to arrive at consensus on
        decisions. If an impasse is reached decisions will be made with a ¾ majority ruling.
        B.       General Assembly Decision-Making
        Participants in the General Assembly will have the power of vote on new steering member
        composition and leadership roles. Other matters as determined by the SC may be brought up for
        vote to the General Assembly.

VIII.   Steering Committee Staffing
        If funding, is available, the steering committee will be supported by a staff person. The roles and
        responsibilities of this person will be determined by the steering committee.

IX.     Reporting
        The steering committee chair will be responsible for signing off on monthly and quarterly reports.
        These reports will be distributed to the entire steering committee, project leaders and implementing
        Local NGOs, government offices, Awassa Municipal City Council, Awassa Children’s Center,
        Private sector)

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