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									Proper Gander: Issue No. 132 (08/08/08)


Exposure! – out now!
Catch-up on all things Health & Safety.

Trading Standards net £200,000 counterfeit crime haul
A victory for the Trading Standards Team.

Join us at Dunster Show
Come along and enjoy Dunster Show on Friday 15 August.

Exmoor’s own permanent Tour of Britain!
Check out the new 60-mile circular cycle route on Exmoor.

On the trail of Grimy Gran
Was it Mucky Maureen with the mouse droppings or Grimy Gran‟s grubby hands that led to
the stomach-churning events in town?

Early Childhood and Childcare Team - office move

A day spent with some feathery friends
Read all about Somerset County Council‟s Enterprise Resource Centre day of Falconry at Hill
House Christian Centre.

Chief Exec’s weekly news
The joy of reading by Miriam Maddison.

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Photo of the Week
Taunton Flower Show 2008 by Deborah Latham.

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What’s Hot?

The joy of reading

When I was on holiday last month I did my bit for the National Year of Reading.

I worked my way through six novels, several borrowed from our excellent library service.

I also visited a fascinating second-hand bookshop in Alnwick, Northumberland.

Based in a former Victorian railway station, it has „shed loads‟ (literally) of books to browse.

It also has an „O‟ gauge model railway running on top of the shelves!

Digging through the collections I had a find, a first edition of Nikolaus Pevsners‟ „The Buildings
of England BE14 South and West Somerset‟.

Published in 1958, this volume covers most of the area contained in the modern county
boundary, but excludes parts to the North and East including, Cheddar, Wells, Shepton and

Unfortunately for me they did not have a copy of the North Somerset and Bristol volume.

But at least the introduction is the same in both books.

Pevsner explains, „There was far too much worth recording to even try and put it in to one

As I read I felt a sense of pride that someone was being so complimentary to the place where
I live and work.

I think we should take more pride in the places and people that make Somerset special.

There are things we need to rediscover about our county too. Pevsner offers a lot of food for

He writes that, „in the late Iron Age, Somerset possessed an outstanding cultural influence in
the life of Britain.‟

„Outstanding‟, that caught my attention.

When I see the richness of the cultural activity that is alive and well in Somerset in the 21st
century I am sure there is scope to regain some of that influence.

Pevsner goes on to describe Glastonbury Lake village as a „great Celtic emporium,‟
commenting on the wide range and high quality of goods being manufactured and exported.

If you get a chance to visit Somerset Art Week‟s Open Studios Event between Saturday 13
and Sunday 28 September, you will see that same creativity thriving.

Check this link for more info

Just in case you are under any illusion about my reading habits, I should tell you that I bought
Marian Keyes‟ novel, „The Other Side of the Story‟ too.

The synopsis describes the plot as being about „love, loyalty, glass ceilings and survival
tactics - and what to do when you get your chance for revenge‟.
The book equivalent of a Girls‟ Night Out and, unlike Pevsner, no link whatsoever to work.

I hope you can find time to enjoy a great book this weekend … and some time to reflect on
what makes you proud to live and/or work in Somerset.



Exposure! – out now!

Read the latest edition of the health and safety newsletter „Exposure!‟, if you want to find out:

- why, if you drive as part of your work, you may be asked for your driving licence, car
insurance and MOT documents;

- how people were injured at work in the last year, and how this could be prevented in the

- what to do if you are feeling stressed at work; and

- about a new training course in Personal Safety at Work.

Exposure! is available on the Health and Safety Intranet site, at and on the web at

Exposure! is published by the Corporate Health and Safety Unit. To contact them call (01823)

Submitted by Mark Shelvey

Trading Standards net £200,000 counterfeit crime haul

A counterfeit clothing goods racket worth nearly £200,000 has been smashed by Trading
Standards in its biggest ever-single seizure.

Officers stopped the counterfeit goods reaching consumers in France, with the help of a local
transport company.

The company contacted the Council after becoming suspicious of a consignment that they
picked up from Exeter Airport, which had been flown in from China.

The consignment was on route to France where it was due to be split among market traders
based in the north of the country.
The fake items included a number of brands such as Burberry, Prada, Versace, Chanel, Ralph
Lauren and Armani.
The items range from designer underwear, which sells for around 30 pounds, to luxury brand
sunglasses and handbags, which can fetch hundreds of pounds.

Counterfeit running shoes, which do not offer the protection of the real thing and could
potentially cause injuries to anyone using them for sports, were also seized.

The estimated retail value of the haul, which consisted of over 1,200 items, is almost
The items will be donated to His Church Charity and will be distributed in developing
countries, or simply recycled.

From April 2007 to March 2008, Somerset County Council‟s Trading Standards team stopped
counterfeit goods with a retail value of £160,000 from being sold in Somerset.

Seizures included 2,000 DVDs and CDs valued at £20,000, and 3,000 items of clothing.

A warrant executed at a private address resulted in the seizure of a large quantity of well
known brand binoculars and telescope eye pieces valued at £110,000.

Trading Standards Officers also made almost 30 surveillance and seizure visits to Somerset‟s
markets and boot sales.

Submitted by Rob Booth

Join us at Dunster Show

Somerset County Council is getting out and about this summer by attending local shows
around the county.

The Dunster Show is the next event we will be attending, taking place on Friday 15 August.

We will be joined at this show by a number of services including:
· The Community Safety team - providing information, advice and support;

· Highways will also be present to answer any public queries about the road network in

We will also be challenging members of the public (with the help of Sparky) to our council tax
game, giving them the chance to tell us what money they would spend on our services and to
guess what we actually spend.

Lots of yummy prizes are available to those who guess correctly!

So, whether you are already planning on visiting the show, or are simply thinking about
popping along, make the Somerset County Council stand part of your day.

You never know you may learn something new!

Submitted by Kirsty Campbell

Exmoor’s own permanent Tour of Britain!

As part of the Tour of Britain 2008 media ride, Somerset County Council, Active Exmoor and
Exmoor National Park launched The Exmoor Cycle Route, on Thursday 7 August at the
Exmoor White Horse Inn, Exford at 1pm.

The Route was launched by World Championship and Olympic gold medallist, Craig McLean,
and John Dyke, Chairman of Exmoor National Park Authority.

The 60-mile circular route encompasses the best that Exmoor has to offer, crossing the border
into Devon and back into Somerset.
The route can be done in one day for the more experienced rider, or can be divided up into
sections for the touring rider or family who want to experience more of what Exmoor has to
offer, visiting sites of interest and staying in one of the many bed and breakfasts on route.

The Exmoor Cycle Route can be accessed from many places on the 60-mile route.

However, Minehead is the recommended start and finish location as it offers the best public
transport links with the West Somerset Railway and a regular bus service from Taunton.

There are also plans afoot for Active Exmoor to develop facilities for cyclists along the route,
working with local businesses and service providers.

The route heads from Minehead towards Porlock and then onto Lynmouth, up through
Watersmeet and on to Brendon Common.
The riders will then drop into the village of Simonsbath, Exford and Wheddon Cross, before
climbing up to Raleigh‟s Cross for the long descent down Elworthy Burrows.
The route will then take a path back to Minehead, through Washford and along the A39.

Full details of the route and a downloadable map to your GPS can be found online at

Submitted by Rachel Hayes

On the trail of Grimy Gran

Was it Mucky Maureen with the mouse droppings or Grimy Gran‟s grubby hands that led to
the stomach-churning events in town?

That‟s what junior schoolchildren in Somerset will be challenged to discover when they take
delivery of FoodO – a fun and interactive way to learn about food safety.
The game, thought up by environmental health boffins at Taunton Deane Borough Council, is
part of a computer-based teaching pack that is going out to all junior schools in Somerset to
support curriculum work with 7-11-year-olds.
FoodO is based on the evergreen board game, Cluedo, but the lead piping and revolver have
been replaced with some real nasties, like dirty utensils or contaminated meat that can lead to
food poisoning.
The Colonel Mustards, Miss Scarlets and Professor Plums have given way to Slimy Simon,
Mucky Maureen, Snotty Sarah and other dubious characters with less than hygienic habits.

The aim of the game is for players to find out how and where a case of food poisoning
happened – and who was responsible.

The action moves from supermarket to corner shop or butcher to snack van.
Children must find out the cause and the culprit.

From the germ of the idea, FoodO was developed with funding from the Healthy Schools team
at Somerset County Council and the Food Standards Agency have helped with piloting,
advertising and distributing the resource.

The game will be sent out to the schools shortly after they return from the summer holidays.

Submitted by Mark Ford

Early Childhood and Childcare Team - office move

As from Friday 15 August the Early Childhood and Childcare Team will be moving to
Hestercombe House.

The team is made up of two smaller teams, Integrated Services, headed by Vicki Taylor, and
Central Childcare Team, headed by Vera Back.
Their new address will be; Hestercombe House, Cheddon Fitzpaine, Taunton, TA2 8LG.

If you have any queries, please call (01823) 355805 (available until 14 August).

To view the new staffing structure, visit
Childhood and Childcare Team Numbers - Hestercombe House.pdf or phone list, visit Childhood and Childcare Team - June

Submitted by Hollie Myles

A day spent with some feathery friends

Somerset County Council‟s Enterprise Resource Centre (ERCB) in Bridgwater, which
provides activities for adults with learning disabilities, recently enjoyed a day of Falconry at Hill
House Christian Centre near Steart.

The group of 20 service users and 10 staff spent the day with Falconers and their eight birds
of prey, which included Hawks, Falcons and Kites.

An informative talk about the birds was given before the Falconers gave a display of the birds
flying and feeding.

Members of the group were then given the chance to hold the birds themselves.
Jon Shirley, Activity Coordinator for ERCB Day Centre, said: “The day was an opportunity to
get hands on experience of a new activity in their local community.

“We would like to thank the Falconers and the staff at Hill House for the interesting and
entertaining Falconry experience.”

Submitted by Rebecca Musto

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