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									                                                                        A Public Service of                                       Shepherd, Texas
  VOLUME 18 ● NUMBER 27                                  McCLAIN’S FOOD MARKET                                                      July 2, 2008

Cody Little Hawk Swimmer                                                   Playing the Games of Our Lives
      to perform at                                                                   ...Shepherd T-Ball District Champs
 Shepherd Independence
     Day Celebration
By Olene Reaves, President, Chamber of
     Cody Little Hawk Swimmer was raised in the old
traditions of the eastern Cherokee in NC. For over 26
years, Mr. Swimmer has been a composer, song writer,
recording artist, Native American Music Awards
nominee and international guest speaker, performer
and story teller. His performances with his Native
American Flute include working with orchestras all
around the world, providing background music for
numerous movies and theatrical productions, as well
as appearances on Radio and TV including the Oprah
Winfrey Show and Grand Ole Opry. He has played
with Willie Nelson and many outstanding Native
American musicians. His Hawk Song Productions
presents all unique and “one of a kind” fine quality
authentic hand made Native American Arts, CDs and
DVD’S .His performance promises to be a moving
and rewarding experience and a beautiful addition to
our patriotic celebration.
     The event begins at 5:00 pm at the Shepherd
Community Center, 10251 Hwy 150W, Shepherd.
Call 936-628-3890 for further information.
                                                         Top left to right: Coach Brady, Manager Jackie Kelso, Coach Joe Benny. Middle Row: Shawn Goins, Justin
                                                         Capps, Jarrett Whitmire, Chayce Jimmerson, Luis Rivera, Seith Grubbs, and Hank Kelso. Bottom: Kenan
   Shepherd Fireworks and                                Turner, Jonah Bellard, Jacob Holland, Aum Dalwadi, and Gage McAnnaly.
    Patriotic Celebration                                By Tammy Kelso                                              Luis Rivera, and Jacob Holland in the outfield there
 promises to be a memorable event!                             Feet left the ground, tears fell and hugs exchanged   was nothing more that a double allowed. They shut
     Saturday, July 5th is the time for everyone to      as the Shepherd t-ball boys got their third and final       down all the big hits. Jarrett Whitmire, Aum Dalwadi,
gather at the Shepherd Community Center for a            out in the extra inning of the District 7 Championship      Hank Kelso, Shawn Goins, Chayce Jimmerson and
special evening celebrating our Country’s freedom.       Game Sunday night. These little ball players played         first baseman Kenan Turner dominated the infield
     Olene Reaves, President of the Shepherd             their hearts out in Livingston, Texas this past weekend.    making unbelievable plays. They gunned out many
Chamber of Commerce, sponsors of the event,              They went up their wearing their new blue uniforms          hitters keeping the games tight.
urges everyone to, “Come early and come hungry as        proud to have their names on their jerseys and had no            We played Livingston National hoping to win and
there will be so much to entertain you and plenty of     idea how much fun they were fixing to have.                 be leaving champions but came up short losing our
good food. You don’t want to miss any of it. Bring             Starting the tournament off the Shepherd team         first game of the tournament. Now Shepherd was tied
your lawn chairs, enjoy the music and patriotic          played at 6pm on Friday night to face West Hardin.          with Livingston National. The championship game
presentations and watch the fireworks followed by        The boys were nervous but played hard. They won             was to start 30 minutes later. The winner of this game
dancing.”                                                this game 21 to 7. The second game was against the          was to be named champions. So the game started with
     Place: Shepherd Community Center, 10251 Hwy         Livingston National team. This was a real nail biter.       everyone standing. At the end of the first inning it
150 W. Call 936-628-3890 for further information.        The game went back and forth. We started off 5 to 0         was tied 3 to 3. The entire game was close. At the end
                                                         going into the second inning but they inched up to us       of the 5th inning the game was tied 12 to 12. We could
                                                         toward the end of the 5th inning. The score was 20 to       not believe this. We knew our boys could do it but
 Rash of burglaries cleared                              20 and we had last bat and only needed one run. Hank        they are 5, 6 and 7 year olds. Truthfully nothing was
                                                         Kelso got up to bat and got to third. Everyone was          for sure. We were visitors. Last bat and we struggled
        with arrests                                     nervous because no matter where the ball was hit that       just to get 2 runs. This team was awesome too. So
     SJ News Times 6.8.08…A rash of burglaries in        team could gun us out. Seith Grubbs was up to bat.          three outs and we are champions right? Easier said
San Jacinto County were cleared this week with the       He hit the ball. Coach Joe Benny sent Hank home and         than done. First batter got up and struck out, second
arrest of two Conroe suspects.                           Shepherd won 21 to 20.                                      batter got up tried to hit it easy, it landed on the circle
     San Jacinto County Sheriff Lacy Rogers said               So now Shepherd was undefeated in the                 when Shawn Goins the catcher ran up threw the ball
Deputy Cheyenne Liscomb single-handedly captured         tournament and they had a bye. Shepherd had to wait         to Kenan on first and got our second out. Two outs,
the pair as they were leaving the county with a load     and see what the other teams did to learn their fate.       one to go. Everyone is screaming and pacing in the
of stolen items.                                         Livingston American beat out West Hardin. Then              stands. The next two batters get on first and second.
     Arrested and charged with a variety of offenses,    Livingston National beat out Livingston American            We are biting nails and praying for these lil boys.
including family violence, were Tiffany Pearson, 24,     which left us to battle out for the title with the team     All they need is one big hit and an error and they
and Harry Hadlock, Jr., 34.                              that was so hard to beat. Manager Jackie Kelso, Coach       tie or beat us. The last batter gets up, hits a shot to
     Sheriff Rogers said the pair is suspected of        Brady and Coach Joe had some adjustments to make            left centerfield and Jonah Bellard gracefully snags
burglarizing storage facilities in Shepherd and          in order for the boys to have a better chance at this       it for the final out of the game. Awesome! Within 1
Coldspring. “While attempting to burglarize a barn       title. They took Jonah Bellard off the mound and put        minute the stands were empty and the fans entered
at the residence on FM 945, Coldspring, the female       him as rover, where he dominated, catching almost           the field hugging and kissing their lil’ champions. Go
homeowner approached the pair with a .22 rifle.          everything in the air that entered the outfield. With       SHEPHERD! GOOD LUCK IN STATE!
Hadlock jerked the gun away from her and pointed         Jonah, Gage McAnally, Seith Grubbs, Justin Capps,
the rifle at her warning her not to call 911,” Rogers
     As Pearson and Hadlock were attempting to                           c e l e b r at e
leave the county, Deputy Liscomb pulled their
vehicle over and made the arrest.
     Besides a variety of burglary charges, Hadlock
                                                                  i N D e P e N D e N c e DaY !
was also charged on a family violence assault.

                                                         Growing up Shepherd…“The                                        Tent Show”
     Sheriff Rogers said. “As Pearson and Hadlock
were leaving Shepherd with a load of stolen items
from a storage facility some of the items fell off the
trailer. Hadlock beat Pearson (who had two black         By John “Freddy” McDowell                                   was loud enough to be heard through out Shepherd,
                                                               In the late 1940’s and early 1950’s, Johnson’s        the folks would begin to gather, many from as far
eyes) for not tying the items on the trailer better.”
                                                         tent show was the entertainment center of Shepherd.         as Coldspring. All would be dressed in their finest.
     Pct. 3 Justice of the Peace Randy Ellisor set
                                                         Television was yet to come, there were probably less        Friday and Saturday was the most attended nights, so
bond at $178,000 with additional charges pending
                                                         that a half dozen in Shepherd. When I say “Tent Show,”      we had some of the better western movies, perhaps
on Hadlock. Pearson’s bond was set at $50,000.
                                                         I am referring to a movie theatre in a large tent. Back     John Wayne, Hopalong Cassidy or Bob Steel.
                                                         then Shepherd was far too small to have a theatre,               Back in that time there were not many jobs
Wanna Winna Wishing Well?                                so often tent shows came to Shepherd, sometimes for         for kids. I was fortunate to work for Mr. and Mrs.
                                                         only one weekend at a time. The difference with the         Johnson. My job was to pop and serve the popcorn
                                                         Johnson tent show was, they came to stay. I don’t           as well as crush the ice and sell snow cones. Several
                                                         recall just when they came to Shepherd with their           times a week, after school, I would come by the tent
                                                         tents and paraphernalia but it was sometime in the          and rearrange the chairs and rake the trash from the
                                                         1940’s. Johnson’s tent show was located where the           saw dust floor. I liked this part, often while raking I
                                                         Kolache shop now stands, next to the railroad, on           would find money and one occasion I found a dollar.
                                                         Highway 150.                                                On special holidays or occasions I traveled with
                                                               Along with the movie, there was other                 Mr. Johnson to nearby towns where we would set
                                                         entertainment. The smell of popcorn filled the air          up for a few days. The first time I ever traveled to
                                                         and various flavors of snow-cones were to be had            the far away cities of Cleveland and Coldspring was
                                                         for only a dime. For the gamblers at heart, there was       with him. One time we went to Coldspring for the
                                                         the penny pitch and the booth where you could pay           June 19th celebration. I worked Friday and Saturday
                                                         fifteen cents to knock all the lead filled milk bottles     and earned $5.00. That was a fortune to be spent
                                                         down or off the platform in order to win a quarter.         at McClary’s Drug Store for comic books and ice
                                                         Often there was swearing after the participant missed       cream.
                                                         with his third and last ball. The penny pitch was much           Things were quite different then than now. The
                                                         like a very large checker board with various numbers        picture show was segregated but all were welcome.
     The Wishing Well pictured above will be given       painted on each square. You pitched your penny              The children played together regardless the color.
away on July 15th. There will be a drawing but           and if it stopped on a square and didn’t touch a line       The “People of Color” sat on the left side and to the
you do not have to buy a ticket to be eligible. Mr.      you won the amount that was printed on the square.          back, facing the screen. The remainder of the tent
Richard Sheffield of Shepherd built and donated this     In addition to the games, on special occasions, Mr.         was for whites. There was a bleacher section on each
bit of art so that one very lucky person can take it     Johnson would set up his photography booth. There           side we called the “buzzards roost.” The Johnsons
home to enjoy. Each person who visits the Shepherd       was a time when we had bingo on special nights.             were careful to not offend the local churches.. They
Senior Center between now and July 15th can enter        Prizes’ were small but the bingo was free. I recall         would not have a movie any night that there was a
his/her name once per day. A name will be drawn at       around 1949 I was envied by all when I won a five           church service in the area.
Noon on the 15th.                                        pound bag of sugar as a prize.                                   Either movies or parties were the only other
     The Shepherd Senior Center is open Tuesday,               The picture show would begin as near dark as          place a young man could take his date. I was much
Wednesday and Thursday from 8 am to 1:30 pm.             possible but the entertainment often started an hour or     too young to care about dating and girls then. I would
Salad is served at 11:30 am with lunch served about      so before that. Things would get started with music.        often laugh at how the guys would try to impress their
11:45 am. You do not have to eat lunch to visit the      Mr. Johnson had a great selection of the most up to-        dates by buying popcorn and snow cones for them.
center. You do not have to be a ‘senior’ to enter this   date records of that time. He would start with Eddy         Most, if they had the two-bits, would have their
drawing. The lunch is $2.50 for seniors over 60          Arnold singing his big hit “Cattle Call” or maybe           picture made as a keepsake of the good times had .
years of age and $5.00 for anyone younger. Call          “Shotgun Boogie”, by Tennessee Ernie Ford followed               Those were some of the “good old days” as I
(936) 628-3733 for more information.                     by Hank or Lefty.. When the music started, and it           remember them growing up in Shepherd.
    Two Birthdays in the                                                                                                                                                            July 2, 2008

        Kyle Family                                                                                                                                             AROUND
                                                         By Dona Bryant
    Happy Birthday to…                                       When we think of Chia seeds, an image comes to
                                                         mind of the Chia Pet – a clay figurine with Chia sprouts                                              By: Pat Jennings
                                                         for hair. However, most don’t realize that Chia seeds
                                                         are highly nutritious, medicinal, and have been used               ‘What do you see in the flames?” drew a very
                                                         for centuries for their beneficial properties. Chia was a    good reader response. I always enjoy speaking with
                                                         staple for Incan, Mayan, and Aztec cultures.                 you especially when I hear a lot of give-and-take
                                                                Today, Chia seed is being rediscovered as a           family conversation going on in the background.
                                                         ‘superfood,’ providing essential fatty acids (omegas         Here is the report:
                                                         3, 6, and 9). The seeds are easily digestible and are              Frieda Ortiz was the first caller and said that she
                                                         currently being used for endurance for athletes,             saw the Statue of Liberty in the flames. She is right in
                                                         suppressing the appetite, weight loss, leveling blood        sync with photographer Bud Young who also sees the
                                                         sugar, and for aiding intestinal regularity The seeds are    statue. Donna Schofield, the younger kids and Ted, all
                                                         30% protein, and high in vitamins, minerals and anti-        agreed it was the Statue of Liberty without a doubt!
Jacob Morgan                  Amanda Kyle                oxidants.                                                          Kathy Pate saw “Lady Liberty.” (I like that title.)
                                                               Chia seeds readily dissolve in water, creating a       Sondra Smith and her husband, Shane also saw the
  June 25, 2008                 (Mize)                   substance that looks like gelatin. Researchers believe       Lady; however, Nicole Wade saw Elvis playing his
                                July 6, 2008             that this same gel-forming phenomenon takes place in         guitar! Kim Willett and those in the room with her
    Wishing you both a very happy birthday, a great      the stomach when Chia seed is consumed, thus creating        all saw the Statue but she said her husband Wayne
day, and many more to come! We love you both             a physical barrier between carbohydrates and digestive       wasn’t home yet and she would ask him and call me
very much. A big Happy Birthday from all of us.          enzymes and slowing the conversion of carbohydrates          back! Joey Horn called to tell that she sees the Statue
    Love from your Nana, Deanna (Beckett) Kyle           into sugar. Slowing the conversion of carbohydrates into     of Liberty and that she has been working with Brenda
        and the late Sandy Le’Roy Kyle                   sugar aids those dealing with diabetes and obesity.          Myers and the Children’s Impact Center. I told her
                                                                For weight loss, Chia seeds are an appetite           I was proud of her for doing that! Then she asked
                                                         suppressant, and Chia gel may be used to replace
    Long family celebrates                               food. Bulking up a meal with Chia gel helps lessen the
                                                                                                                      her little brother Bryan what he saw in the flames?
                                                                                                                      He studied for a while and then went along with the
                                                         amount of food consumed. Chia gel may also be used
   birthday, graduation and                              in place of fats, even within baked goods, and ground
                                                                                                                      Statue of Liberty. Ah, but here is the one I like best:
                                                                                                                      Rebecca Clark saw Lady Liberty, but Bobby Phelps
        family reunion!
                                                         Chia seeds may be used in place of flour. Chia seed has
                                                                                                                      saw an Indian with a feathered headdress looking
                                                         hydrophilic properties, and can absorb more than 12
                                                                                                                      sideways up at the sky!
                                                                      times its weigh in water. Because of this,
                                                                                                                            Charla Fuller, Joe Kyle, and Alma Bueno all saw
                                                                      Chia seeds can prolong hydration, helping
                                                                                                                      the ‘Lady with the Torch;’ however, Ruby Hubbard
                                                                      retain moisture and regulate more efficiently
                                                                                                                      was torn between a lady looking in a mirror and Olive
                                                                      the body’s absorption of nutrients and body
                                                                                                                      Oil (Popeye’s girlfriend) holding a club about to hit
                                                                      fluids, including electrolyte balance.
                                                                          1-4 Tablespoons of the raw seeds may        Bruno! Go figure!
                                                                      be used per day, mixing them into water,              My disclaimer: I made notes as people called
                                                                      juice, or a smoothie. They have a pleasant      but I may have gotten some family names mixed up.
                                                                      nutty flavor. One of the most common            Chalk it up to I am old and pitiful and forgive me!
                                                                      ways to consume Chia seeds is to make a               All of us were stunned at the news that Willie
                                                                      Chia gel by placing 1/3 cup Chia seeds into     Mae Campbell passed away. As I understand it she
                                                                      a sealable container, add 2 cups of water,      became ill on Saturday and was rushed to Cleveland
                                                                      and whisk briskly. Let the mixture sit for      Hospital. She was transferred to Methodist Hospital in
                                                                      5-10 minutes, and then whisk again before       Houston on Sunday, where she died Monday evening.
                                                                      placing into the refrigerator. The mixture      Cause of death: a stroke. Funeral services were held
                                                                      will turn into a gel, and will last up to 3     at Lake Pool Church, Saturday, June 28th at 11:00 am.
                                                                      weeks if refrigerated. The recommended                As Judge Blanchette once said of Willie Mae,
                                                                      dosage is 3 Tablespoons 3 times per day.        “She is a very classy lady.” She could light up a room
                                                                      The gel may be incorporated into jam,           with her smile, and she was always a major part of
                                                                      cereal, yogurt, smoothies. One pound of         the community. She and I would meet up often at
 The Long clan gathers: Top row – Brandon Runyan
                                                         Chia seeds will make approximately 24 cups of gel.           funerals and sit together. She was a big help to me
(2008 graduate), Jackie Haltom, Butter Cowart,
                                                         For information on quality Chia Seeds call 936 628-          with the paper – calling me with news and getting
Cecilia Fitzsimmons, Brenda Long, Carol Sue                                                                           information. It is hard for me to believe that such
                                                         1156; email
Smith, Cindy Smith, Tammy Long and Delbert Long.               The information presented herein by The Herb           a vibrant personality is gone from us. She will be
Seated are Jimmie Long, Delwin Long, Charlotte           Page is intended for educational purposes only. These        greatly missed by all who had the pleasure of being
Long and Jack Long himself!                              statements have not been evaluated by the FDA and            related to her or being her friend!
By Pat Jennings                                          are not intended to diagnose, cure, treat or prevent               Quote of the week: “For death begins at life’s
       On Saturday, May 31, 2008, the Long Family        disease.                                                     first breath, and life begins at touch of death.” John
Clan gathered at the Shepherd Community Center to                                                                     Oxenham (1852-1941) English journalist, novelist
celebrate Jack’s 80th Birthday and Brandon Runyan’s
graduation from Shepherd High School.                      Shepherd Primary School                                    and poet.

     Jack and Jeanine started their dairy business       A B Honor Roll 6th 6 weeks 07-08
in Tarkington in 1948. In 1950 he lost his whole         FIRST GRADE: Dylan Arie, Jessie Beaver, Joshua                      ATTENTION SENIOR
                                                         Brock, Mark Brown, McKenzie Cain, Johnny Cornett,
herd to Antharax. Son, Jimmy Long, said, “The
government officials came out and shot the ones that
                                                         III, Makayla Currie, Yulisa Delgado, Aylissa Garcia,                   CITIZENS!!!
                                                         Sarah Jo Gobert, Jessica Griffin, Jordan Griffin, Bryan
didn’t die and buried all of them.”
                                                         Hernandez Tovar, William Horner, Billy Jackson,
                                                                                                                         Over 400,000 Texans will not
     In 1956 the family moved to Shepherd and            Kenzee Jordan, Jason Kyle, Griselda Lopez, Filiberto         receive Economic Stimulus Checks!
bought the Ellis dairy on FM 223 and worked that         Marin, Ashley Moreno, Jacob Morgan, Heavyn                         WASHINGTON, DC –Congressman Kevin
until 1972 (25 years). During that time, Jack also       Patterson, William Platero, Jr., Angelina Ramirez,                                        Brady (R –Texas) is
worked part time for the Texas Forest Service.           Stevie Reece, Tyler Roberts, Kenton Rushing, Ezra                                         alarmed by new data that
Jeanine passed away in September of 2005.                Stanley, Triston Stanley, Madison Steele, Dakota                                          shows 414,482 Texans
     The kids, Jackie, Celia, and Jimmy, were not        Sullivan, Karina Villasenor, Cassidy Wade, and Alexis                                     won’t be receiving an
crazy about the dairy business! During the school        Williams.                                                                                 Economic Stimulus Check
year Jack didn’t make them milk early in the morning     SECOND GRADE: Dilyn Addison, Trey Barrett,                                                in the mail at a time when
but they had to help in the evening; however, summer     Lauren Bowen, Carlet Boyd, Jr., Danielle Brown,                                           prices at the pump are at
time they were up at the crack of dawn milking and       Barbara Castillo, Graviela Chavez, Kristen Clary,                                         an all-time high. “This is
complaining about it!                                    Dakota Cones, Martia Foreman, Zachary Freeze,                                             devastating news,” said
     Jackie recalls one of the cows that would kick      Victoria Hardy, Cecilia Hopkins, Gustavo Jimenez,                                         Brady, “especially when
with both feet at once…she claims she has the scars      Nicholas Jimenez, Hannah Kelso, Karinna Macias,                                           you realize that 68% of
to prove it. She can’t remember the kicking cow’s        Savannah Martin, Ivette Martinez, Bailey McMaster,           those missing out are our seniors who are the most in
name but there was a cow named “Three Squirts”           Robert Moffett, Cameryn Pennington, Stephen Reece,           need of this financial boost.”
that they could ride. (Jack is well known for his        Mykaela Reed, Bobby Rivers, Terrance Robinson,                     The most recent figures provided to Congress
                                                         Jr., Jeremy Smith, Xena Torres, Chase Unger, Jacob           show 281,640 senior citizens are among the Texans
ability to name cows and people. There is a Martin
                                                         Watson, and Dalton White.                                    who have yet to file a 2007 tax return, which is a
boy known to this day as ‘Brains’ thanks to Jack -
he also named Hoppy Thornton!) Among the dairy                                                                        requirement to get their $300 stimulus check (or
cows, there was a horse named Peanut who regularly            Community Classifieds                                   $600, for married couples). Brady is very concerned
                                                                                                                      that seniors who normally don’t meet the minimum
got in line with the cows, stood in the milking stall    HELP WANTED: Licensed Cosmetologist, Tops ‘n
and ate the feed!                                        Dewz. Call (936) 628-3869.                                   income requirement to file a tax return are being
     I asked Jackie how old she was when her Dad         FOR SALE: Hog trailer - $150; Utility trailer - $100;        left out in the cold because they don’t have the right
made her help in the barn. She says she thinks about     1995 Skylark Buick- $350 (needs work); house and             information on the process.
five years old. It was her job to pick up the tags and   four lots. Call (936) 828-1107.                                    Since a tax return is necessary to receive the
string. She remembers that she refused to do it and      RABBITS FOR SALE: Cell (281) 659-6156 or Cell                stimulus check regardless of whether any taxes are
                                                         (281) 659-6252.                                              owed, Brady is taking the necessary forms to area
got her ‘butt whupped!’ After that she picked up the
                                                         FOR        RENT:       Two     bedroom,      one      bath   senior centers ahead of a new Internal Revenue
tags and strings. Life on a dairy farm!
                                                         house       with     metal     roof,     wood     siding,    Service initiative to mail out letters that explain the
     Happy Birthday to Jack Long – who still has
                                                         French doors, vaulted ceilings, ceiling fans, central a/c,   process to more than five million American retirees.
cows, still bails hay, and still goes dancing!
                                                         tile floors, front and back covered porches. Very clean      So far, 76.5 million rebate checks totaling $64 billion
                                                         and newly built. NO PETS OR SMOKERS. Quiet,                  have been issued. An additional 124 million checks
             Church News                                 safe, park-like setting in Shepherd school district. $600    are in the process of being mailed out.
THE SHEPHERD UNITED METHODIST                            a month plus security deposit. References required.                Brady received a briefing on the distribution of
CHURCH is excited to announce the official               936-628-2337                                                 the Economic Stimulus checks during a hearing of the
groundbreaking ceremony for our new parsonage.           TRACTOR MECHANIC: I know someone that                        Ways and Means Committee. He is concerned that
Please join us after worship Sunday, July 6, 2008 at     works on farm tractors. He’s retired, but is a good          “high fuel prices are wiping out much of the impact of
12:15 pm. Refreshments will be served following the      mechanic on small farm tractors, and he is cheap. His        the stimulus checks, which was debatable anyway.”
ceremony. We request the prayers of the community,       name is Jerry, his phone number is (281) 806-1600.                 “By failing to act to produce more American-
as we build a home for our pastor, John Stephenson.      Call after 7am-10 pm. He lives here in Shepherd and          made energy and allowing our dependence on foreign
The parsonage address is 69 Hill Ave, just east of the   you can bring it to him & he’ll fix it.!                     oil to grow dangerously high, Congress is neutralizing
                                                         FOR SALE: A/C window unit for house                          the impact of the checks on our economy.”
Methodist Church at 222 and 150. Come and join
us in thanking God for this blessing and dedicating      or      mobile      home.     18,200      BTU,      220V
every nail to his glory.
                                                         with remote control. Less than one year old. $175 OBO.
                                                         (936) 628-2337.                                                          Calendar - July 2008
                                                         FOR SALE: 1992 Lexus LSr00, all power, auto, 4               5      Independence Day Celebration –
Vacation Bible School on Saturday, July 12th from 9
                                                         door, 194K miles, run’s good, $3500. Call Cell #(281)               Community Center                                           5–11 pm
am to 3 pm. Ages 4th – 6th grade are invited. Lunch
will be provided. Are you ready to get lost in a         659-6156 or Cell #(281) 659-6252.                             7     Athletic Boosters                                          7:00 pm
tropical island? Meet us at “Castaway Bay” where         FOR SALE: Above ground pool, round 24’ x 48’, sand            8     Shepherd 4-H Club meeting                                  6:30 pm
faith conquers fear and all doubts are castaway!         filter, in pool steps, and deck ladder. Kreepy Krawly        10     Crime Stoppers Meeting -
                                                         vacuum, one winter cover, one leaf cover (used one                  Pct. 2 Courtroom                                           5:30 pm
                                                         time). Still up and full of water, just don’t have time
Obituary                                                 to use it anymore. Still has winter cover on, so water       14     City Council Meeting –
                                                                                                                             Pct. 2 Courtroom                                           7:00 pm
                                                         is clean and clear and pool is clean. You disassemble.
             Joyce J. Turner                             Paid $3,000 will take $500 FIRM. (936) 628-6065.             15     Friends of the Library                                     2:30 pm
        September 1941 – June 2008                       FOR SALE: 2004 Sprinter (by Keystone) 28 ft., Fifth          16     Shepherd Chamber of Commerce                               noon
    Joyce J. Turner of Shepherd, Texas went to be        Wheel, sleeps 6, living room slide, sofa bed in living
                                                                                                                            For news or special events to be published in
                                                         room, table makes a bed, queen bed in bedroom, lots
with the LORD June 17, 2008. She is survived by
                                                         of storage space in living room and bedroom. Large                             Shepherd Community News:
her husband Charles Turner, Sr., sons David and                                                                              Drop off your information/picture at McClain’s,
Charlie, daughters Lisa and Nancy, granddaughters        refrigerator, convection/microwave oven. Good air,
                                                                                                                                  e-mail to,
Lauren and Jordan.                                       good tires, everything like new. Very clean inside,                            or fax to (936) 628-2866.
                                                         mauve interior. Kept under RV shed. Bought new in                  Information may not be taken over the telephone.
    She will be missed and loved by everyone who
                                                         June of ‘’04. No equity, you just refinance. Will call            Include contact information on your request to have something published.
was blessed to have had her in their lives.
                                                         for payoff if you are interested. Call (936) 628-6065.             Our deadline is 6 p.m. Tuesday for the following week.

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