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					                                                 IT - CRF Study Manager System
                                                  Elizabeth McDowell, IT Manager; Dickon Jackson – IT Developer

The WTCRF IT develops software required to support the CRF processes. We think our Study Manager system could benefit other WTCRFs. The system uses MS SQL
                                                         Server database and .net development tools.

                                                                                        Benefits of Study Manager
  Manage your CRF study application details
                                                                                        1.     All study application data held
  • Manage Study Applications
                                                                                               in one place
      Ethics and R&D approvals                                                          2.     Search facility provides quick
      Funding information
                                                                                               and easy querying of data
      Study-specific clinical application data                                          3.     Web based and accessible
                                                                                               from anywhere
                                                                                        4.     Printable study application
  •Searches                                                                                    forms, invoices and
  •Invoicing & Feasibility costings
                                                                                        5.     User rights management

                                                                                        Future Development Plans

                                                                                        1.     Patient scheduling system
                                                                                        2.     Revised Nursing acuity
                                                                                        3.     Further report development for WT
                                                                                               metrics reporting
                                                                                        4.     Linking to study documents, such as
                                                                                               ethics approvals and grant approval
                                                                                        5.     Asset management (import data
                                                                                               from existing asset register

                                            The WTCRF IT want their developments to be used and will give these to other CRFs.
                                                 For further information, please contact