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Mock Itinerary by vfg13750


									Mock Itinerary                                                        Each new day
                                                                      should start
                                                                      with the day
TUESDAY 6 MAY                                                         and date

6:10 am           Taxi from house to Glasgow Airport
6:30 am           Depart Glasgow Airport (Flight No: EJ0234/153)
7:35 am           Arrive London Heathrow Airport
7:50am            Train from Heathrow to Ritz Hotel
9:00 am           Arrive at Ritz Hotel
12:00 pm          Lunch with colleagues
1:30 pm           Depart to Emirates Stadium (Reserved Seat H12/3)      Include all
                                                                        information you
2:00 pm           Arrive at Arsenal soccer match Emirates Stadium
                                                                        are given –
4:30 pm           Depart match on foot                                  addresses, flight
8:00 pm           Attend dinner at Ivy Restaurant                       no., hotel info
10:00 pm          Depart restaurant for hotel                           etc.


9:30 am           Check out of Ritz Hotel – taxi to airport          Your itinerary
                                                                     should start and
10:30 am          Depart Heathrow Airport (Flight No: EJ0234/152)
                                                                     finish at the
11:04 am          Arrive Glasgow Airport                             persons home or
11:25 am          Taxi from Glasgow Airport to house                 office

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