SEQUOIA NATIONAL PARK
                             TRIP ITINERARY
Day 1          Arrive at Walden West at 6 am with all of your personal gear, a bag lunch for the
               road, and having eaten a good breakfast. Yes, 6 am!! Do a quick final gear
               check. Say farewell to your parents and hit the road by 9. Drive 6-7 hours to
               Sequoia Nat’l Park, Lodgepole campground. Break out gear to car camp for the
               night. If there’s time, go explore the giant sequoia grove and see the General
               Sherman tree.

Day 2          Drive to Pear Lake trailhead early. Obtain wilderness permit and hike in 5 miles
               to Emerald Lake.

Day 3          Hike 1.5 miles to Pear Lake. Hang out at the lake, day hike around and spend
               night at Pear Lake.

Day 4          Day hike to Moose Lake and Tablelands area.

Day 5          Hike out and drive home. We will arrive at Walden West sometime in the
               evening. We will call parents from the road for a more accurate pickup time.

Directions to Lodgepole Trailhead, Sequoia Nat’l Park:
        Find your way to 180 east by going south on 5 or 99. Take a right on the Generals
        Highway, after the Big Stump grove. The Lodgepole ranger station and campground will
        be on your left.

Phone Numbers
        Walden West Main Office: (408) 573-3050

        Anita Parsons (WW director), emergency after hours only: (408) 867-4084

        Sequoia Nat’l Park Wilderness Office: (559) 565-3761

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