Event planner Sample B by tfe11307


									                             Event planner: Sample B
This event planner is really simple and easy to use. First you work out (approximately):

        What sort of event you want to put on (film screening, picnic, public meeting etc)
        Why you want to do this event (what will you achieve by doing it?)
        When you want to hold the event (realistically you need at least a few weeks to
        organise a well attended event to give yourself time to promote the event properly. If you
        can give yourself longer, that would probably be helpful).

You fill in your event date at the bottom of the form. Then you work backwards from that point
listing the jobs you think need to be done closest to your event date. This should give you and
indication of what you need to be doing now, in order to get your event planned in time.

              Month          Action                                       People
              Eg. June           Speak to the cinema and agree a          Jim
                                 suitable dates
                                 Brainstorm a list of possible speakers   Cathy & Louise

                                 Form a sub-group to handle publicity     John
                                 and press                                Jim

                                 Get hold of a copy of the film           Hassan
              Month 1

              Month 2

              Month 3

              Month 4

              EVENT          e.g: August 16 – Film screening at local     Everyone!
              DATE:          cinema

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