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									Transition Plans

Planning for transition to adulthood

The Annual Review of a Statement of special educational needs that occurs in Year 9 and
subsequent years must include the drawing up and reviewing of a Transition Plan.

The Transition Plan is about ongoing school provision and post-school arrangements. Its aim is
to plan coherently for the young person’s transition into adult life, including future education or
employment possibilities.

       The agencies that may play a part in the young person’s life – such as social and health
        services – should be involved in these review meetings. There must also be a
        representative from the Connexions Service.

       The Connexions Service provides an information, advice and guidance service for all 13-
        19 year olds, to help prepare for the transition to work.

       A Personal Advisor from the Connexions Service must attend review meetings and will
        be responsible for overseeing the delivery of the Transition Plan.

       It is essential that the views of young people themselves are sought and recorded. The
        Personal Advisor will help to draw up an Assessment Profile, which will include
        information about a young person’s level of basic skills, life skills, attitudes, health and
        other circumstances.

       Consultation with parents, the school and other professionals is also necessary for the
        preparation and review of the Transition Plan. Information on education, training,
        employment or benefits should be made available.

       For those young people with special educational needs but without a Statement, there
        will be support available from the Connexions Service.

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