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									               Teacher –M. Bennett           Grade 2                              Week of Jan. 18-22/10                 Wk. # 19
         MONDAY        _18_   TUESDAY           19         WEDNESDAY 20                     THURSDAY 21            FRIDAY 22
8:25-    Morning              Morning                      Morning                      Morning              Morning
9:00     Activity/Breakfast   Activity/Breakfast           Activity/Breakfast           Activity/Breakfast   Activity/Breakfast
         Accelerated Math     Accelerated Math             Accelerated Math             Accelerated Math     Accelerated Math
                                                           Complete Book Report                              Complete Book Report

Time:                         Math-                        Math                         Math                 Math
9:00 -                        DI-                          Sol 2. 21
10:00                         Sol 2.16 Telling Time        Symmetry                     Math Test             Students will bubble in

         O                    Students will review
                              telling time utilizing the   DI- Students will
                                                                                                              Math Test answers on
                                                                                                             answer sheets

                              interwrite/Judy Clocks       identify lines of            2.4
                                                           symmetry in illustrations.   2.20/2.22
                              GP-Using the interwrite,
         I                    show several segments of
                              time. Haved students to
                                                           GP- Use the Star
                                                           Powerpoint to review

         D                    note the correct time on
                              their Judy Clocks.
                                                           lines of Symmetry.

                                                           Post Assess-
                              Assess/Observation           .Symmetry Classroom

         Y                    Homework-Practice
                                                           …Illustrate items to
                                                           show symmetry
                                                           Assess 2.21

10:00-   Writing   Writing                   Writing                     Writing                      Writing

10:30              Sol 2.11a                 Sol 2.11b-                  Sol 2.11a-                   Sol2.11b
                                                                         DI- students will finalize
                   DI- Complete draft for    DI-Complete draft for       1st Writing draft and        DI_ Students will

         O         1st Writing Obj.          2nd Writing Obj.            complete self-rubric.        complete and finalize all

                   GP- Have students to      GP- Have students to
                   revise draft and          revise draft and            GP- Have students to
                   complete rubric for 1st   complete rubric for 1st     read self-rubric and         GP- Have students to
         I         Writing objective.        Writing objective.          complete it.                 review and complete all
                                                                                                      errors in their writing

         D         Post Assess/Observation   Post Assess/Observation
                                                                         Post assess/Observation

                   Homework-Noun/Verb        Homework-4 Square-
                   Review Practice Sheet     I learned many things       Homework- Review Verbs       Post Assess/Observation
                                             about famous Americans      Practrice Sheet

10:30-   HOLIDAY   Guided Reading            Guided Reading              Guided Reading               Guided Reading
11:10              Groups 3 and 4            Groups 2 and 3              Groups 2 and 1               Groups 4 and 1
                   2.6bc Possessives         Assess 2.6bc Possessives    Review Main Idea             TReview Main Idea

12:15    HOLIDAY   Lunch/PA                   Lunch/PA                      Lunch/PA                      Lunch/PA

12:15-   HOLIDAY   Fundations Drill Sound    Fundations Sound Cards      Fundations Sound Cards       Fundations Sound Cards
12:40              Cards                     Drill                       Drill                        Drill
                   Review glued Sounds       Glued Sounds/Review         Open/Closed Syllables        Open/closed Syllables
                                                                                                      (Dictation Sentences)
12:45-   Holiday   I/E 2.1 Place Value       I/E 2.1 Place Value         I/E 2.4                      I/E
1:10               Using workmats,           Students will add 1 digit   Students will identify       DI-Use work mats to
                   students will practice    numbers to 2 digit          solid shapes.                record numbers. Regroup
                   regrouping numbers.       numbers                     Post Assess/Draw items       if necessary.
                                                                         to match shapes.
1:15-    Science   Science                   Science(Revisit)            Science (Revisit)            Science
                 Sol 2.1                      Sol 2.6                     Sol 2. 1-2.7            SOL 2.1-2.7
                 Scientific Investigation
1:55             Science Tools                                            Benchmark Test          Bubble Answer sheets for
        O        DI-Students will review
                                              DI-Students will complete
                                              a Think-Tac-Toe by
                                                                                                  Benchmark test

                 science tools by selecting   selecting the correct
                 the correct tool to match    weather response to place
                 the vocab meaning            in the boxes.
        I        GP-Have students to          GP- Have students to

        D        examine the science tools,
                 then place the tools with
                                              review weather
                                              information in their

                 the correct meanings.        Interactive Notebooks.

                 Post Assess/Observation      Post/Assess record

        y        Homework/None
                                              Homework-Practice Sheet
                                              Weather Match
1:50-       H           Social-St.                 Social-Studies              Social-Studies         Social-Studies
2:30        O            Sol 2.4                      Sol 2.2                                      Bubble in answers for
            L                                 DI- Students will review     Administer Benchmark      Benchmark Test
            I’   DI- Students will review     landforms and climates .      Social-Studies Test
            D             Regions.                                                                       Post Assess
            A      GP- Have students to        GP- Have students to                                 Complete unfinished
            Y      use the U. S. map to        Show the correct card                              activities in Interactive
                  locate various regions.       to answer a specific                                     Notebooks.
                     e.g Plains, Eastern           question about
                      Woodlands, and             landforms/climate.
                         Southwest            Post Assess/Observation
                 Post Assess/Observation       Notebooks Discussions

                           Music                        Library                     PE                      Art

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