An Entry Plan

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					An Entry Plan

           EDUC 4454
           P/J Methods
                Entry Plan

An Entry Plan is an Action Plan. In August think
ahead of all the ‘little’ things you need to know
and do and set about meeting these needs. It is
called an Entry Plan because it aids you in
entering the school, classroom, your teaching
assignment, and the community.
          What Do You Need to Know?
• Be Proactive! Find yourself a mentor!

• student information: OSRs
                       previous year’s teachers

• What do you do if a child gets sick or gets hurt?

• What is the board policy about medications?

•   school-wide routines: yard duty
                          entrance and exit procedures
                          morning announcements
• school handbook: emergency codes
                   school rules
                   fire drills, fire exits
• timetables

• volunteers/visitors to the school

• newsletters

• What do you do if you are ill?

• What do you do if school busses are cancelled?
• How is petty cash handled?

• Where are supplies kept?

• When are staff meetings?

• What supports are available for students?

• What is the procedures for sending students to the principal?

• How do I deal with an angry parent?

• Anything else?
Creating the Dynamic Classroom
Checklists: Appendix 1: page 211-218
What should you do?
   • once you are hired
   • once you know your teaching assignment and
     have access to your classroom
   • once you have your class list
   • once you are ready to begin planning your
   • once you begin setting your goals for
     professional growth