State Performance Plan Training on Data Collection by mzg34842


									  State Performance Plan
 Training on Data Collection
      Part B: Indicator 8

          Pat Bober
Consultant on Parent Involvement
 Department of Public Instruction
    Indicator 8 Parent Involvement

   Percent of parents with a child
    receiving special education services
    who report that schools facilitated
    parent involvement as a means of
    improving services and results for
    children with disabilities (includes
    children ages 3-21).
               Indicator 8
    Parent Involvement Measurement

   Number of respondent parents who
    report schools facilitated

   Divided by total number of
    respondent parents of children with
    disabilities x 100

   LEA and State results
                Indicator 8
           Selecting the Sample

WDPI will:
 Determine each LEA sample size
  statistically from latest Child Count

   Select random sample from LEA
    special education student roster

   Send resulting list of students to LEA
                Indicator 8
        Contacting the Participants

LEA will:
 Enter student addresses on data
  source for mail merge letter

   Customize electronic form letter with
    LEA name, number, phone numbers
    and signature block

   Send form letter to parents of each
    selected student
                  Indicator 8
    Materials for Contacting Participants

   WDPI will provide LEA with:
       List of student names
       Passcode assignments for parents
       Electronic form letter in English,
        Spanish and Hmong
       Printed survey for follow up
       List of regional parent liaisons and
        Wisconsin FACETS coordinators
       Standard language for facilitators
             Indicator 8 Survey

   2 surveys
       Parents of children aged 6-21 who have
       Parents of children aged 3-5 who have
   Family involvement practices to
    improve student outcomes
Indicator 8 Questions

   How can we get parent
   How do we ensure accurate results?
   Why are we using this survey?
   Is assistance available?
            State Performance Plan
                   Indicator 8

   Thank you for viewing this webcast.

   Please direct questions about the
    Indicator 8 to Pat Bober at:
       608-266-5194

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