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									 Jewish and Israeli support for
 ASUC bill to divest from Israel’s Occupation
                                                    EXCERPTS: FULL STATEMENTS AVAILABLE AT WWW.JVP.ORG

                                        DEAR ASUC SENATOR:
Rabbi Lynn                              From some of the wo
                                                            rld    ’s best known Jewi
                                                                                             sh thinkers, to the sis
Gottlieb                                Israel’s current Prim
                                                             e     Minister, to many of
                                                                                                                     ter-in-law of
                                                                                              Israel’s most respecte
Dear Senators:                          groups, the list of Je                                                        d peace
                                                               wish and Israeli supp
                                                                                         orters for the ASUC
                                        longer every day. We                                                  vote to divest grows
                                                               ’re giving you just a
....How can we conduct                                                                  taste of that support
business as usual in the face of       You will find support
                                                               and gratitude from pe
                                       better world for Jews                              ople who have dedicate
the overwhelming abuse of                                       and non-Jews alike.                                d their lives to a
                                       occupation and helpi                              People committed to
human rights?                                                 ng it live up to its pr                          ending Israel’s
                                      citizens. They know                             omise of being a countr
                                                             better than most the                               y for all of its
Only a universal standard for         see ASUC bill 118A as                            awful facts of the occ
                                                               a hopeful part of a ne                         upation. And they
human rights can ensure long          Israeli resistance to                               w era of nonviolent,
                                                             a 43 year-old illegal                             joint Palestinian-
lasting security for people                                                         occupation.
trapped in zones of conflict.         You have the support
                                                              of UC Berkeley’s own
                                                                                         like Professor of Talm
Boycott and divestment               Daniel Boyarin, Profe                                                      udic Culture
                                                               ssor of Hebrew and Je
support a universal human                                                                 wish Studies Chana
                                     Judith Butler, Maxin                                                       Kronfeld, and
                                                              e Elliot Professor in
rights standard and are a                                                             the Departments of Rh
                                     Comparative Literatur                                                      etoric and
concrete action that we, as                                    e.
citizens concerned with the          You have the support
                                                             of Hedy Epstein, an
future of families and                                                              85-year-old survivor
                                     Holocaust. Rabbis lik                                                of the Nazi
children in Palestine and                                   e Brian Walt and Ra
                                                                                   bbi Lynn Gottlieb, wh
                                     country’s first woma                                                  o is one of the
Israel can adopt.                                          n rabbis. Israeli peac
                                                                                  e groups like New Pr
                                     Shministim, and Gu                                                 ofile, Yesh Gvul, the
                                                           sh Shalom which ur
It takes tremendous                                                              ges you to “overturn
                                    for a better future for                                           the presidential veto
                                                            Israelis, Palestinians                                          -
courage to take such a                                                              and the entire world
stance. Thank you...                And you have the su
                                                          pport and gratitude
                                                                                of Noam Chomsky an
                                    calls your vote nothi                                              d Naomi Klein who
                                                          ng less than “histori
Israeli Peace                                                                   c.”
                                    But we know that th
groups                                                  e Israeli Occupation
                                                                               and how to end it is
                                    Jews. Jewish voices                                               not just an issue for
Dear Members of! UC                                      matter, but ours shou
                                   Nearly 25% of the Isr                       ld not be the only on
Berkeley’s ASUC:                                                                                     es in the room.
                                                         aeli population and 10
                                   not Jewish. The voice                        0% of those living un
                                                          s of non-Jewish Israe                        der Occupation are
We, Israeli organizations,         lives are impacted by                        lis, Palestinians, and
                                                         this conflict, including                       all those whose
comprised of Jewish and            American taxpayers,
                                                         should be heard.
Palestinian women and
men, dedicated to building       This is not a Jewish
                                 This is about those wh
                                                       versus non-Jewish iss
                                                                              ue.            Naomi Klein
a just peace, promoting                                  o can live with an un
                                status quo, and those                         just           Dear members of the ASUC Senate,
human and civil rights in                               dedicated to equality
                                justice for both peop                          and           I am writing to urge you to reaffirm
Israel/Palestine, join the                            les.
                                                                                             Senate Bill 118A, despite the recent
call made to the UC
                                                                                             presidential veto.
Berkeley Senate to
                                            As                                               It comes as no surprise that you are
overturn the veto of Senate Bill 118A
                                            Jewish and Palestinian Israelis, we              under intense pressure to reverse
and to stop investing in the Israeli
                                            know better than most the long                   your historic and democratic
occupation of Palestinian territory...
                                            standing injustices of the                       decision to divest from two
                                            occupation. On a daily basis we                  companies that profit from Israel's
                                                Israeli Peace Groups, continued on page 2               Naomi Klein, continued on page 2
Israeli Peace Groups that support 118A
Israeli Peace Groups, from page 1                Naomi Klein, from page 1
confront human rights abuses
                                                        occupation of Palestinian
committed by the Israeli government
such as land theft, blockades on
                                                        territory. When a school with a           1. !                  Gush Shalom
                                                        deserved reputation for
civilian food supplies, systematic
arrests and indefinite detentions of
                                                        academic excellence and moral             2. !                    New Profile
                                                        leadership takes such a bold
nonviolent demonstrators, and
                                                                                                  3. !
targeted destruction of Butl
                            h Palestinian               position, it threatens to inspire                 Coalition of Women for
                         will b          er             others to take their own                  !                       Peace
farm land and homes. Far p
               other            e s from
                       s, an          eakin             stands....
serving to protect Israelis, these g in uni
              a ste
                      p tow
                              d you
                                      will,             son wrecent divestment bill
                                                        Your                                      4. !                      Yesh Gvul
actions serve the interests of anactually
             the p           ard t
                                   he re
                     rinci                aliza        ,opposing Israeli war crimes
                                                         be m
Israeli extremist agendaowhich     f non
                                                tion o         akin
                                                        stands to g
                                                         f pea      have this same kind of        5. !         Hithabrut - Tarabut
dehumanizes Palestinians,
           found            that fuels iolenc                  ce –
                    ation         alone              e and
                                                        global impact, helping to build a
rampant racism, and fjeopardizesn serv
                  ort o
                            o pe
                        f a gr
                                          ca the
                                                        as th
                                         You w e grassroots, non-violent
                                                                                                  6. !        Union of Progressive
safety of both Palestinians andowin              ill ha        e                                  !                       Women
                  men                 g and             movement to end Israel's
                                                         ve th
         citizens. t, inter-g
Israeli globa                                dyna              e
                l, by!             ener             miviolations of international law.
                                     agathe l and
                                                        --Naomi Klein                             7. ! The Israeli Committee
                      n of i
Further, as Israelis, we reject inst t
       again                                                                                      Against House Demolitions
              st th          nnoc               he m
                                   ent li
                     e argument that e                 ilitar
unsubstantiated corp
      depe                                v sa                y                                   !                  (ICAHD).
            nds o
                    n tha
divestment delegitimizes Israel. t   profi We nd                                   Noam
                           t des           t ha                                                   8.     ! BOYCOTT Supporting
             with                truct           t
believe that the opposite is the n.
                     us, a
                           nd w         io case.
                                             You w                           Chomsky                     the Palestinian BDS Call
                    y civil      ew
Just as various ou.! rights ill mos                   ill
                                              t su I would like to express my                            from Within" " (an Israeli
movements served to strengthen andrely                                                                   group)
                                                        support and appreciation for the
improve American society, our
                                                        principled statement of the               9.                      Shministim
human rights groups are an integral
                                                        ASUC Senate calling for                   10. and more each day...
part of the movement here which
                                                        divestment from US
seeks to strengthen Israel/Palestine
                                                        corporations providing military
by making it a place for all of its                                                             right, in fact responsibility, of
                                                        technology for Israel to use in
citizens. Apartheid in South Africa                                                             students to express their concerns
                                                        the occupied territories and in
and the Jim Crow laws in the United                                                             about official actions of their
                                                        its past and possibly future
States did not end because of silence.                                                          university, and to call on university
                                                        invasions of Lebanon.....There
They ended because thousands,                                                                   authorities to refrain from improper
                                                        can be no question about the
including students like you, took                                                               actions ....
action to say NO....
--Israeli Peace groups (see signatories
LETTER TO ASUC SIGNED BY                                   JEWISH VOICE FOR PEACE                     DAILY CAL AD, APRIL 13
in bar at right)
33 ISRAELIS INCLUDING OFRA                                 Jewish Voice for Peace                     We are Jews and we support the
BEN ARTZI, SISTER-IN-LAW OF                                congratulates the UC Berkeley              ASUC’s call for UC divestment
                                                           student Senate for the historic            from companies that enable
                                                           vote to divest from companies that         Israel’s occupation of Palestinian
BIBI NETANYAHU                                             profit from Israel's Occupation of          land, Israel’s demolition of
...We believe that actions such as                         Palestinian Territories.! JVP              Palestinian homes, Israel’s illegal
yours will make Israelis face the                          supports the right of individuals          settlements, or Israel’s illegal wall.
fact that the people of the world                          and communities to use the
will not be silent when human                              divestment tool in order to bring          We are Jews and we support the
rights are crushed. We therefore                           their financial portfolios in line          ASUC in taking a firm stand for
applaud your efforts and thank                             with their values and applauds the         justice, just as the ASUC acted
you for them. They are not only                            use of nonviolent strategies in            against South Africa’s apartheid,
the best hope for Palestinians but                         order to bring about a change in           Sudan’s genocide, and the U.S.
also for Israelis.                                         US policy towards the Israeli/             invasion of Iraq. Governments that
---BOYCOTT! http://                                        Palestinian conflict.                       commit war crimes and human                                                              rights violations!must
                                                                                                      be!resisted... 260 plus signers

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