K Differentiated Lesson Plan

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					              K Differentiated Lesson Plan
                     “Color Words”
               Sue Price K – Willow School

       Students will participate in voting for their
favorite color for a whole group “Favorite Colors Bar
Graph”. Discussion of bar graph data will take place. Each
student will then get a blank bar graph and will be asked
to complete and color their own individual bar graph to
duplicate the class bar graph.
       *Enrichment students when done can go to
“Coloring Book Fun” at FunSchool.com
        Technology – “Colors Game”
                      “A Rainbow of Frogs”
        Read My Many Colored Moods by Dr. Seuss
        Students will create a sentence and illustration
         My mood is ____________.
        Students will be given a partner. They will
interview each other and report back to the whole group.
Interview questions:
        What is your favorite color? _________
        What is your least favorite color? __________
      What color makes you feel happy? ___________
      What color makes your feel sad? ___________
      Dr. Jean “Color Farm” Song
Powerpoint created to go with song (get from Amy Lydic)
Verbal/Linguistic: Cooperative Group Project
   Heterogeneous groups (6 groups of 4 students)
      Students will work together to create a Double
        Lotus Flower Project using 8 color words studied
        and a magazine picture to show each color
Materials Needed: magazines scissors tape
             color words 3 x 5 index cards
             12” x 18” piece of white construction paper
                (divided into 9 boxes)
             pre-printed title for center box of lotus
             “A World of Colors” by:
            (students in groups will sign name in middle
              box under title)
   *Group presentations of finished Lotus Flowers as
                    culminating activity