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                                   2009 BOARD OF DIRECTO RS
   Kim Fuhr – President                                             Art Richard – Collection Committee Chair
   Barb Boyer – Vice President (Newsletter/Website)                 Billy Jean Walker – Shelter Liaison Chair
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   Geniece Medsker– Secretary (Outreach & Educational Liaison)      Brenda McGhghy
   Marge Connors – Phone Committee Chair                            Virgie Mahan – Advisor (Non-Board Member

                                            My Greatest Wish
                                              By Raul Bustamante
If I could have anything, I would want people to stop abusing animals. First, I want to have people take care of
them. People should take them to the vet if they are sick. Next I would tell people to adore them, feed them,
pamper them, and give them water. I would want people to keep them inside. Finally, I want for people to love the
animals they have. They need to pet them and give them attention. This is my greatest wish.

                                                Raul Bustamante is in Mrs. Wilson’s fourth grade class at
                                                Pick Elementary school. Pulaski County Humane Society is
                                                glad Raul understands the importance of taking care of your

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PCHS gift membership is a great
                                                          These are just some of the things I must remember
way to say you care, not only for the recipient           (in order to keep my present living arrangements):
but also for the animals of Pulaski County who
will benefit from your generosity. Our online             · The garbage collector is not stealing our stuff.
membership form makes it easy – log on and                · I do not need to suddenly stand straight up when
help us build a humane community one                        I'm lying under the coffee table.
membership at a time:                                     · I will not roll my toys behind the fridge, behind                 the sofa or under the bed.
embership.html                                            · I must shake the rainwater out of my fur before
                                                            entering the house.
In return for your gift, the recipient will receive       · I will not eat the cats' food, before they eat it or
a membership card, and a subscription to our                after they throw it up.
quarterly newsletter. So hurry and get clickin’,          · I will stop trying to find the few remaining pieces
and let’s continue to help make life better for             of clean carpet in the house when I am about to
the animals of Pulaski County!                              get sick.
                                                          · I will not roll on dead seagulls, fish, crabs, etc.,
                                                            just because I like the way they smell.
                                                          · I will not eat any more Kleenex or napkins and
                                                            then redeposit them in the backyard after
                                                          · The diaper pail is not a cookie jar.
                                                          · I will not chew my humans' toothbrushes and not
                                                            tell them.
                                                          · I will not chew crayons or pens, especially not the
                                                            red ones, or my people will think I am
                                                          · When in the car, I will not insist on having the
                                                            window rolled down when it's raining outside.
A great big ‘thank you’                                   · We do not have a doorbell. I will not bark each
goes out to Leslie Powers of                                time I hear one on television.
 Richland. Leslie donated a                               · The sofa is not a face towel; neither are Mom and
  hand made quilt to us to                                  Dad's laps.
  raffle. The lucky winner                                · My head does not belong in the refrigerator.
                                                          · I will not munch on "leftovers" in the kitty litter
     was Brian Layman of                                    box; although they are tasty, they are not food.
  Crocker. Congratulations                                · I will not bite the officer's hand when he reaches
           Brian!                                           in for Mom's driver's license and registration.
                                                          · I will not roll around in the dirt right after just
                                                            getting a bath.
                                                          · The toilet bowl is not a never ending water supply
                                                            and, just because the water is blue, doesn't mean
                                                            it's cleaner.
                                                          · The cat is not a squeaky toy so when I play with
                                                            him and he makes that noise, it's usually not a
                                                            good thing.

                                        BULL TERRIER
                                 COLORED, WHITE AND MINIATURE
                                           Submitted by Geniece Medsker

    The Bull Terrier’s country of origin is England. In 1893 the Bull Terrier (B.T.) was first exhibited when
James Hinks of Birmingham, England revealed the first ‘White Cavalier” (a common nickname) who was all-
white. James had bred this first marvel by crossing a White English Terrier (now extinct), Dalmatian and
Bulldog). The breed was found to be suited for the Victorian-era dog shows and a fitting cohort for the English
gentleman. The white Bull Terrier was accepted into the American Kennel Club in 1885 as the breed had
distinguished itself to be more of a companion animal than a fighter.
    In the 1900’s the B. T. looked more like the streamlined and less cheeky white Pit Bulls. In 1915 the breed
was bred to include the egg-shaped, or downfaced, head, which is now the trademark of the breed. The AKC
Bull Terrier breed standard allowed the colored B.T. into its registry in 1936. Now the breed is utilized as a farm
dog, sporting companion or family member.
    When breeders focused on creating pit fighting traits in the B.T. they concentrated on no loose skin or
slackness (the less to grab onto the better); short hair; low-set tail; powerful hindquarters; big boned legs but not
                                    enough to be course; straight forelegs; strong pasterns and muscular thighs.
                                    Their let down hocks and bent stifles allow in robust thrusting power. The
                                    equilibrium between agility and strength created a B.T. that could easily cover
                                    the ground with graceful and free strides. These traits allowed them to be
                                    excellent contenders in fighting bulls, wild boars and other dogs.
                                       The modern day B.T. still have these body traits although the focus is not
                                    for sparring purposes. The common height for a standard is 22 inches and a
                                    Miniature B.T. 10 to 14 at the shoulders. Some believe there is no weight
                                    standard as long as it is proportionate to the height. Others believe a standard
                                    male should weigh 55 to 75 pounds and a female should weigh 45 – 65 pounds;
                                    whereas the Miniature B.T. proportion to height means 20 to 35 pounds.
                                        A white B.T. is pure solid white but may have some markings on their head.
                                    Skin pigmentation throughout the body is possible. A colored B.T. is marked
                                    with any color, although not predominantly white. Their coat type is short, flat
hair that is harsh to the touch, but will have a glossy look to it. Groomers recommend daily to weekly brushing
with a hard bristle brush or a rubber bristle grooming mitt. Bull Terriers shed their coats twice a year. During
this time, it is recommended to daily brush the B.T. with a grooming mitt. Blue eyes are never acceptable with a
B.T. of any color or size. The nose and lips tend to be fully black or partially black in color.
    Both standard B.T.’s and Miniature B.T.’s have high energy levels. The young B.T. is acts the same as a
three-year-old child would behave in a dog suit. Puppies are extremely busy and curious and many B.T.’s
continue to be energetic and mischievous until middle age (5-6 years). They are adaptable enough to fit into
active families where they receive a great deal of companionship and supervision as well as a home of active
retired owners who have a great deal of time to spend with their canine companion. It is imperative to discipline
early and owners must remember training will require much patience. A B.T. will want to know what they are
going to get out of the deal before obeying their owner.
    Traits common to all B.T.’s are being courageous, fun-loving,
affectionate, loving, playful, silly, clown-like, sensitive, friendly,
active, hardy, energetic, outgoing, stubborn, tenacious and strong
willed. When B.T.’s become bored they will more than likely become
destructive. They will often chew and destroy, and develop
unpleasant habits such as incessant barking, tail chasing, licking. As
the saying goes, “A busy (or tired) bully is a good bully.”
B.T.’s are not prone to dog aggression, but it can be present in some
and not others within the same litter. They can be a dominant breed;
therefore their play with other dogs must be supervised. If play
becomes a real fight, due to their fearlessness the B.T. will fight to the As the Beatles sang: “It’s been a hard days
death even with larger and more powerful dogs. They tend to have              night and I’m sleeping like a dog.”

prey drive so it is recommended they be on a leash when around felines, smaller dogs and critters until the
owner is able to know how the B.T. will react to such creatures. Dog parks are not recommended for this breed
since B.T.’s do not like their personal space invaded without their permission.
    B.T.’s may become involved in human violent physical activity such as children's fist fights or exceptionally
rough activity, either to play roughly (which often includes nipping, head butting and knocking) or to guard
family members against the physical assaults of others. They are extremely attached to their family, thus tends
to be very protective and devoted. They love children and will gladly be their playmate.
    There are a few health concerns that are associated with the B.T. A puppy should be checked for deafness
which is more common in the white B.T. Young puppies are vulnerable to sudden and severe lameness. This is
due to the rapid growth rate, active character of the breed combined with great leaps, sudden changes of
direction or sudden stops at high speeds produce a great deal of strain on the immature joints and ligaments of
this very muscular powerful breed. For this reason, young B.T.’s should not be encouraged to participate in this
type of activity until they are fully mature.
    If not carefully bred, they are susceptible to cerebellar vermis hypoplasia which causes a large non-
proportionate head, prominent forehead and walk off-balance. Sometimes heart disease and juvenile kidney
failure is an issue with this breed. One problem common to many B.T.’s is a predisposition to skin allergies.
Certain insect bites, such as fleas, mosquitoes and mites, cause an allergic reaction of hives, rash and itching.
    The lifespan of a standard B.T. is 10 to 14 years and a Miniature can live anywhere from 12 to 15 years.

Bull Terrier – Bully Breed – Resources                       Famous Bully Breeds in History
Training Secrets for Bully Breeds (magazine)                 Did you know …
Bully Breeds – All About America’s Favorite Dogs             Many famous people have owned Bull Terriers
(magazine)                                                   including General George S. Patton, actress Delores
American Kennel Club                     del Rio, author John Steinbeck, and, after he left
Bull Terrier Club of America                office, President Woodrow Wilson.
Mid-America Bully Breed Rescue
Missouri Pit Bull Rescue

Below is a quick and condensed checklist to                    1. They make great
determine if a bully is right for you. It is suggested       family dogs. They are sturdy, tolerant       and have
you check “yes” to most of the questions:                    enough energy for the most boisterous children.
 Am I an experienced dog owner, or a natural                  2. They are easy keepers; shedding is minimal and
    leader?                                                  grooming is a snap.
 Am I firmly committed to socializing and                     3. They are versatile: They can live in any climate
    training my puppy?                                       (indoors of course), in the country or city, and do
 Do I tend to be calm and quiet than short-fused            any sport or activity you have in mind.
    and hyper?                                                 4. They are buff. You wish you had muscles like
 Will I train my canine with kindness,                      that.
    consistency and patience?                                  5. They are a passive home-security system; bad
 Am I informed about the misconceptions and                 people will choose an easier target.
    prejudices against these breeds?                           6. You will never get completely out of shape;
                                                             just walking a bully breed is a workout.
 Do I understand that this companion must live
                                                               7. A bully is as much company as you could want,
    in the heart of my family, never to be chained in
                                                             and never more.
    the yard or expected to live in a kennel?
                                                               8. Bully breeds are quiet, so your neighbors will
 Am I a physically active person?
                                                             thank you.
 Am I eager to persuade the public that bullies               9. They are thick-skinned and stoic, so the
    make great family pets?                                  veterinarian will thank you.
 Am I up for writing letters to legislators,                10. You can love a bully as hard as you like; they
    insurance companies and newspaper editors to             can take it.
    oppose ‘breed profiling?’
 Am I prepared and willing to be at least twice             Excerpt from Training Secrets for Bully Breeds –
    as responsible a dog owner as anyone I know?             All About America’s Favorite Dogs magazine,
                                                             Topic Volume 9, pages 9 & 10.
       A LESSON IN LOVE – Kim Fuhr                          treating some ailments in dogs as well.

                                                            Canine urinary problems and cranberries
                                                            Urinary tract and bladder infections (UTIs) are
                                                            fairly common in dogs, particularly spayed females.
                                                            It also appears that certain breeds like German
                                                            Shepherds, Poodles, and Labrador Retrievers may
                                                            be more susceptible.

                                                            These infections occur when bacteria enter the
                                                            urethra and bladder. If your dog is urinating
                                                            frequently and with pain, or his urine is cloudy,
                                                            blood tinged, foul smelling or dark, a UTI could be
Pictured are Miss Deering's third grade class and           the cause. UTIs can be serious if they recur or if
Mrs. Wilson’s fourth grade class. In early                  they travel to the kidneys and are left untreated.
December Marge Connors of the Pulaski County
Humane Society visited Pick Elementary school
                                                            While there is little evidence that cranberries can
and spoke to the two classes about the purpose of
                                                            cure a UTI in progress (these must be treated with
the Pulaski County Humane Society. She also
                                                            antibiotics), some holistic vets do recommend
talked to the students about how they can play an
                                                            cranberry as a preventive measure for dogs prone to
important role in the care of the animals in our
                                                            UTIs. Here's how the cranberry works: Bacteria
county and what they can do to help.
                                                            thrive in alkaline urine (high pH), and the berry
   Throughout the next two weeks both classes
                                                            increases the acidity of urine making it less
brought in dog food, old blankets and towels,
                                                            hospitable for bacteria to grow. It also appears that
collars and leashes, and collected money. The
                                                            cranberries have the ability to prevent bacteria from
items collected were delivered to shelter liaison
                                                            sticking to the bladder wall, thus diminishing the
Billy Jean Walker to distribute. The money
                                                            chance of an infection occurring.
collected totaled over $40 and will go to the Pulaski
County Humane Society to help needy animals.
   Thank you students for your time and effort, and         Cranberry therapy
thank you teachers for instilling compassion toward         If your dog has recurring urinary tract problems and
animals into our young people.                              you are interested in cranberry therapy, consult your
                                                            veterinarian first. While cranberries are a common
                                                            ingredient in many natural dog foods, and there
Fact or Myth: Cranberries Can Cure Canine                   appears to be no canine risk with cranberry therapy,
Troubles ~                                     it is always wise to get your vet's okay. And
                                                            remember, some urinary tract problems may worsen
                                                            with too much acid.

                                                            If you do want to add cranberry to your dog's diet,
                                                            don't do it with juice. A dog can't drink enough
                                                            juice to get an effective concentration of cranberry
                                                            extract, and the high sugar content is unhealthy for
                                                            dogs. Instead, try a cranberry supplement like Cran-
Is one of the most popular berries good for your            Max, which is made of 100% cranberry fruit solids.
dog? The answer may be "YES." But before you                It comes in capsule form, which is more desirable
add cranberries to his food bowl, you should know           than gel caps because these will not dissolve
a few things about this berry's canine health               properly in your dog's stomach. Consult your vet
benefits and limitations.                                   about the proper dosage.

For centuries, people have used cranberry fruits and        Always remember that a painful urinary tract
leaves as a natural remedy for a variety of health          infection can only be treated with an antibiotic. But
problems, including urinary disorders, diabetes,            for prevention of your dog's recurring urinary
stomach ailments, and liver disease. It now appears         problems, a cranberry capsule a day might keep the
that this potent berry might even be useful in              vet away.
    Virtual Adoption Update                                          Remembering Mandy
Original article: PCHS Spring 2008 newsletter, page 4                           Kim Fuhr
                                                            On October 19, 2008 I lost one of my dear canine
La Doufie the virtually adopted kitten has just             companions. I am sharing this because I had written
turned a year old. She has a few words to say               about Mandy in the Winter 2008 newsletter (page 2).
about her past year.                                        She was a wonderful dog that was loved by many
                                                            family members and friends. She didn’t suffer long
                                                            and didn’t even force me to have to make any
                                                            decisions in the end. I stayed close to her for her
                                                            final hours and thought about all of the happiness
                                                            and laughter she brought to me. She will be forever
                                                            remembered and missed.

LaDoufie & Mama

”This virtual adoption thing is
great! I live on a small farm
with 4 other cats…one is my                                 Mandy leading the pack with her original owner,
mama.      My supportive parents                            Janet Carmack. Janet could be seen daily walking
                                                            her dogs as pictured above.
take care of all of my financial                            ><><><><><><><><><><><><><><><><><><><
needs and I get to live at this
great place. I am loving life!                                              CAT TRIVIA
                                                            » In addition to using their noses, cats can smell
Even though I have been spayed,                             with the Jacobson's organ which is located in the
I still consider myself a “queen”                           upper surface of the mouth.
and I think I am in charge. I
thank all those involved in my                              » In ancient Egypt, the entire family would shave
                                                            their eyebrows off as a sign of mourning when
“arrangement” because being an
                                                            the family cat died.
unwanted cat in this county is
not a good thing to be. Instead                             » In relation to their body size, cats have the
of being discarded…I am treated                             largest eyes of any mammal.
like royalty!”
><><><><><><><><><><><><><><><><><><><                      » In general, cats live longer than most dogs.
  WHAT IS YOUR DOG'S "HUMAN" AGE?                           An average life span might be 12 to 14 years.
                                                            Some cats are reaching 20 or more. A cat's
Ever wonder how old your dog is in human years?             longevity depends on feeding, genetics,
Not all breeds age alike!                                   environment, veterinary care and some other
Use this formula:                                           factors. It is also important whether or not the
 The first year of a dogs life = 15 years                  cat lives indoors or is allowed outdoors
 The 2nd year of a dogs life = 10 years                    (outdoor cats live an average of eight years).
 Every year there after is equal to 3 human years          The general consensus is that at about age
 Example a 10 year old Dog would be: (15 + 10 +             seven the cat can be considered as "middle-
 (3 X 13) = 64                                              aged", and at age 10 and beyond - old.
                               POISONING                                IF I DIDN'T HAVE DOGS
                               Gabriele G.                    1. I could walk around safely barefoot in the
                               Pollmeier                          dark.
                               AnGa's Star Kennels            2. My house could be carpeted instead of
                               & Eulenburg
                                                                  tiled and laminated.
                               Cavalier King
                               Charles Spaniels               3. All flat surfaces, clothing, furniture, and
                                                                  cars would be free of dog hair.
http://www.angassta                                    4. When the doorbell rang, it wouldn't sound
http://www.angassta                                        like the SPCA kennels and I could get to
                                                                  the door without wading through four or
We have suffered a terrible, terrible tragedy last                five dog bodies who beat me there.
Wed. Two beloved Cavaliers of mine ate potpourri
                                                              5. I could sit how I wanted to on the couch
from a decorative basket in my living room. Within
hours, they were vomiting, convulsing and going
                                                                  without taking into consideration where
into total body rigidity and shock. We took them to               several little furbodies would need to get.
the after hours clinic, they had no idea what it could        6. I would not have strange presents under
be and wouldn't listen to me about them vomiting                  my tree, like dog bones, stuffed animals
potpourri at home and how I had such concerns                     and have to answer to people why I wrap
about the toxic effects of it. They treated symptoms.             them up.
We transferred them to our day vet. He also                   7. I would not be on a first name basis with a
wouldn't listen to me about the potpourri theory. He              vet.
said they had "strychnine" poisoning symptoms. I              8. Most used words in my vocabulary would
kept telling him that the potpourri was Made In                   not be: potty, outside, sit, down, come, no,
India, sold by a company in California and sold at
                                                                  and leave him/her ALONE.
my local Wal-Mart. My heart told me that it was the
culprit of their condition. They declined rapidly
                                                              9. My house would not be cordoned off into
throughout the day and we transferred them back to                zones with baby gates.
the after hours clinic for a second night. At                10. My purse would not contain things like
midnight, I made the agonizing decision to put them               poop pick up bags and dog treats.
to sleep. Haley was in constant seizures that                11. I would no longer have to spell the world
wouldn't stop, fluid was filling up in her lungs,                 B-A-L-L and F-R-I-S-B-E-E.
body temp was dropping on both of them, Zoe was              12. I would not buy weird things to stuff into
lying almost lifeless on the table, struggling with              "kongs" or have to explain why I'm buying
every breath she took. Every muscle was                           them, or what a "kong" is.
completely rigid, you couldn't even move her. I              13. I would not have as many leaves INSIDE
have devoted the last couple of days (now that I can
                                                                  my house as outside.
get out of bed and function) to researching my
concerns with the potpourri and have since found
                                                             14. I would not look strangely at people who
out I was right...there is a lab in England that has              think having their ONE dog ties them
case studies on toxic potpourri from India!! The                  down too much.
toxin, strychnine, which in its commercial source,           15. I would not have to answer the question
comes from a certain tree grown in India. I am                   why do I have so many dogs from people
completely heart broken over this. Please be aware               who will never have the joy in their life of
of the potential toxins in any and all stuff like this           knowing they are loved unconditionally by
in our homes. I would've never guessed this could                something as close to an angel as they will
happen, but when I saw them both "playing" in the                ever get. Who else has a friend who
potpourri and then after about two hours saw the                 considers you the MOST important thing in
symptoms of a poisoning, I just put two and two
                                                                the whole wide world all the time?
                                                                           -- Author Unknown --
                       PCH S MEMB ERSHI P A PPL IC AT ION/ REN E WAL FO RM
                                           P.O. Box 4032
                                      Waynesville, MO 65583

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