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                                               Extreme Salmon Fishing In Alaska
                                                           By Andrew Kasch

   Of all of the big game fresh water fishing that takes place, salmon fishing is probably one of the
most popular. These fish can get quite large and whenever they are running, they can put up a fight
that is unbelievable unless you experience it yourself. Although in many parts of the world, salmon
fishing is somewhat limited because of declining stock, salmon fishing in Alaska is still widely available
and the fish run regularly, year after year. Some of the most popular places to fish for salmon in Alaska
include Kenai River, Copper River, and Bristol Bay although the salmon can run in almost any River
whenever they are spawning and can even populate new water areas that are formed by retreating

 There are plenty of people that travel into the state specifically to go salmon fishing and they generally
are never let down. As a matter of fact, recent years have seen record numbers of salmon spawning
and it doesn't show any sign of stopping soon. If you plan on going fishing for salmon in Alaska,
however, you'd be better off to get a guide than to try to go on your own. Most people are unfamiliar
with Alaska unless they are from the area and in many are surprised with how much of a wilderness it
actually is. Not only is it important to hire a guide service in order to get you to the right areas at the
right time to catch salmon, you also need a guide to help you to stay safe along the journey. After all,
being in a wilderness area, there are some dangers that you need to be concerned about. Having
somebody along that is knowledgeable about the area can go a long way in helping you to be safe.

 The salmon tend to run from early spring throughout the late fall and it is possible for you to get into
some great salmon fishing at any time during the spawning season. Most of the salmon that run will die
within a few days after they spawn but there are some that will last for more than one year and even
spawn more than once. Some of the different species that you might encounter whenever you are on
your Alaska fishing trip might include the Alaska king salmon, the silver salmon, red salmon, pink
salmon and chum salmon. Depending on the guide service that you choose, you will go after a different
species of this fish and may cover one or more rivers, depending on the service that you are using.

 Of all of the different type of freshwater fishing that is available in Alaska, salmon fishing is going to
provide you with some of the best action. For example, the king salmon commonly reaches weights of
anywhere from 30 to 50 pounds and you are going to feel every ounce of it on the end of your line. So
if you're looking for some great fishing action, come to Alaska and try your hand at catching some

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                              Daydreaming About An Alaskan Salmon Fishing Trip
                                                         By Marcie Basic

If salmon fishing is your favorite activity in your free time, then you should know that you are not alone.
A lot of salmon fishing aficionados have been heading to Alaska to gratify their penchant for fishing.
Most probably, you know about Alaskan salmon fishing trips, don't you? Of course you do, since
Alaska is well-known not just in the United States but also around the world for its salmon fishing. This
is so because the rivers of Alaska are blessed with range of species. As a matter of fact, the national
fish of Alaska is salmon, king salmon to be precise.

 Because of the reputation that Alaska has earned about salmon fishing, a growing number of fishing
lovers, who look like they can't get enough of their much loved outdoor leisure interest, are arriving
every year. Fishing experts, beginners, anglers, and many others are taking Alaskan salmon fishing
outings and raring to get their portion of catch and satisfy their whole-year itch to go back yet again.

 For those who are not aware of it yet, but also fantasize about a wonderful Alaskan fishing trip, there
are so many fishing trip packages available and you can choose which one is most suitable for you. A
lot of the packages for Alaskan fishing trips include a comfy Alaska fishing lodge and fantastic and
delicious foods. You can avail these luxuries at a very reasonable price. In addition, the trip will provide
you with sheer relaxation aside from the fun and adventure of fishing.

 Just picture yourself in Alaska, a spot that can give you just what you want, a long way from the hectic
life of city living, having fun and looking forward to the chance of catching prized salmon in a clean,
cool river. Your private fishing lodge is situated not very distant from the actual river where you will
carry out your fishing binge.

 Also, the surroundings will never fail to calm you as you walk in the midst of the beauty of nature. It's
very serene and truly captivating enough to relax and soothe your senses. This may sound dreamy,
but it can become a reality once you make your plans of having the unforgettable vacation of your life.
Avail of the Alaskan fishing trip packages now and make this dream come to life.

 And because not every fishing location have plenty of fish than the others, make certain that the
fishing trip package that you would avail is able to take you to rivers where the most salmons are
found. With this, you will definitely catch a lot of salmons.

 Furthermore, bear in mind that when you are going in the fishing trip in Alaska, it's much better to go
with small groups only. In this way, you will surely get the best service that you paid for, so make sure
that you will belong to a group of few people when you set out on a fishing adventure. In addition, your
chances of catching lots of fishes are high if you have to vie with just a few people. Alaskan fishing is
truly one of a kind experience, it's the best fishing trip that you won't forget

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