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					                                                                                    March 2006

   Your “Way of the Cross” – Info and Music Selection
   The PowerPoint presentation accompanies this attachment, as does another ‘Word’
   document containing the text (that ‘Jesus’ speaks).

   All of the text and photos within the presentation are all on manual – meaning that you
   must click to bring up the next slide, text or picture. Within the ‘notes’ section, I have
   marked with an asterisk, like this (*), at each line when you should click to bring up an
   image or picture.

   You will need to click to go to the next slide, and also to drop down the titles of the
   slides, for example, XII – Jesus Dies, will come from the top when you click. I suggest
   you click to drop the title as soon as the next song comes on – i.e., as soon as the music
   changes. Practice the timing a few times with the music – you’ll be able to get a sense
   according to what fits, along with the time suggestions below.

   As soon as your ‘Jesus’ finishes speaking, click to bring up the reflective text for the
   people to read. Leave it there for a few seconds, depending on what song is next (see

   Depending on the lighting in the room, you might have to change the background or the
   font colors on certain slides because it may be too dark (as it was for us), or too light in
   the room. Please ensure you can do a run through with your lighting before starting the
   show! It is best to have one person doing the music, and one person running the slide
   show, and practice a few times together!

   If you have any questions please e-mail me at: cath4jc@mts.net and I’ll be happy to

   Required CDs:
   Gladiator Soundtrack
   The Passion of the Christ Soundtrack
   The Lord of the Rings: Fellowship of the Ring Soundtrack
   The Lord of the Rings: The Return of the King Soundtrack
   John Williams Greatest Hits 1969-1999 (or the Born on the 4th of July Soundtrack)

PPT Slide          CD Title, Song                                        Notes
                    Number and
 Title Slide   None                            Although, I did think of having Gladiator song #4 (Earth)
                                               playing as everyone entered the Chapel, and just fade it
                                               out before starting the Introduction slide. In our venue,
                                               the candles created a mood of silence and solemnity, so I
                                               chose to simply have the slideshow on the first slide as
                                               you all walked into the Chapel. If the music alternative
                                               works for your venue, it’s a good song to play.
                                                                                     March 2006

   Intro       Gladiator Soundtrack           Depending on how fast your ‘Jesus’ is talking, you can
               Song #8                        fade it slowly at 1:05, but make sure you fade out before
               Up to 1:19                     1:19 because the song ends pretty abruptly at 1:22.
 Station I     The Passion of the Christ      You can wait until 1:17 or later if you need more time
               Soundtrack                     talking, but there is a drum beat that matches the last line
               Song #7                        well – it’s a matter of timing it with your ‘Jesus’.
               Up to 0:53
 Station II    The Passion of the Christ      Depending on the speed of the reading, could fade after
               Soundtrack                     0:48, or slow fade starting at 1:09
               Song #3
               Up to 1:12
Station III    The Passion of the Christ      This must be coordinated properly with the person
               Soundtrack                     working the slide show. They will have to keep the
               Song #14                       previous slide on a bit longer before switching it – just so
               **START at 1:12 and            you have time to forward the song to 1:12.
               END at 2:15
Station IV     Lord of the Rings: The         Again, coordinate to keep the previous slide on a bit
               Fellowship of the Ring         longer for you to forward to 4:40. The timing (up to
               Song #13                       5:50) will carry you to the end of the song.
               **START at 4:40 and
               END at 5:50
 Station V     Lord of the Rings: The         Fade out around 1:15 to be stopped at 1:22.
               Return of the King
               Song #5
               Up to 1:22
Station VI     Lord of the Rings: The         Fade out (when Jesus is finished talking, let it go for a bit
               Fellowship of the Ring         and then fade – we faded at 1:04). The music changes
               Song #8                        pretty drastically at approximately 1:36, so just make
               Up to 1:28                     sure you fade before then.
Station VII    John Williams Greatest         This must be faded just before 0:44 (but not after!)
               Hits (Disc 2)                  because the music changes abruptly.
               Song# 13
               Up to 0:44
               (This song is the Born on
               the 4th of July Theme song,
               so you could find it on that
               soundtrack as well)
Station VIII   The Passion of the Christ      Slowly start to fade at about 0:58. If you need more
               Soundtrack                     time, you can go until 1:25 or beyond.
               Song #8
               Up to 1:04
Station VIX    The Passion of the Christ      Again, start to fade at around 1:00.
               Song #3
               Up to 1:05
                                                                                 March 2006

  Station X    The Lord of the Rings:       Be sure to start fading at around 1:16 or so, because there
               The Return of the King       is a major change in the music at 1:24.
               Song #8
               Up to 1:24
  Station XI   The Passion of the Christ    Slow fade beginning at around 0:50 or 0:55.
               Song #11
               Up to 1:00
 Station XII   Gladiator Soundtrack         Since this is when Jesus dies, I left the song play to add
               Song #5                      momentum and encourage reflection.
               Entire song.
Station XIII & The Lord of the Rings: The   This song changes quickly (to the Lord of the Rings
     XVI       Fellowship of the Ring       Theme song) – so you must be faded out before reaching
               Song #15                     0:50.
               Up to 0:50
 Conclusion    The Passion of the Christ    ‘Jesus’ should finish talking just before 0:57, because
               Soundtrack                   there is a drum beat that leads up to a music change. At
               Song #15                     exactly 1:00, the slide should change to the Scripture
               Entire song.                 passage slide (Luke 9:23). After about 45 seconds, you
                                            can put the slide back to the Title slide, so people will
                                            know it is finished, but leave the song play out, so they
                                            are able to reflect on what they’ve just seen.