GCC Alumni Association Meeting Agenda by lib51672


									                                GCC Alumni Association Meeting Minutes
                               May 22, 2008 5:30-6:30 GCC Downtown Ctr.

Present: Regina Curtis, Marty McGuane, Eileen Torchio-Miller, Chris Harris, Allen Davis

   1. Call to order and approval of minutes
   Minutes approved.

   2. In memoriam. The Board acknowledge with sadness the recent passing of Dick Knowlton, long-time
   Alumni Association member, and former president and treasurer. Dick had asked that gifts in his memory be
   made to an alumni scholarship.

   3. Alum liaison to GCC Foundation Board report
   Anne Stuart not present to give report. In future, Regina will forward minutes of the GCC Foundation Board
   meetings to Alumni Association board members by e-mail.

     4. Alum Assoc membership
            a. Update on current membership
                Current membership stands at 78. Dennis and Kathy Koonz are our newest members, with
lifetime memberships.
         We set a goal of 100 members this year.

5. Alumni Association Fundraising
          b. Spring Pizza fundraiser made a profit of $260, as compared to last spring when we made $500.
             Eileen was the top seller. It was decided to only do the pizza fundraiser once a year, in the

   6. Alumni Association Board of Directors
   Andrea Carlin to call Todd to get a longer extension cord for the phone for when Eli Glaze joins us by
   phone from Boston.

   2. Alumni Association Ongoing Projects:

          a. Alumni calendar. Is at the printer’s and will be ready in time for graduation.
          b. publicity
          Diane Esser, Chair of this year’s annual campaign, is featured on the Web site and in The Catalyst.

          c. Boston area alumni event
          Allen reported a new member involved in the proposed Boston event: Doug Farr. A second meeting
          is set to happen mid-June. They aim for a reunion in the fall. Eli said he is more than happy to go
          down the list of Boston area alumni and give them a call, as long as he has something specific to say
          to them. “The key,” says Eli, “is an event that puts smiles on peoples’ faces -- a low-key, social
          event, with people laughing, eating food, and taking advantage of something the city has to offer.”

          d. Brainstorm ways to promote alumni businesses
          Regina proposed that, on the Alumni Association Web site, we have a way to take people to a list of
          alumni-owned businesses and their Web sites, using a “Buy Local” model..

   3. Next Meeting – Tuesday, June 24, 2008 @ 5:30 @ DTC
Respectfully submitted,
Chris Harris

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