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I'm for style - fashions change


									 I’m for style - fashions change too often ~ Coco Chanel top3 by design carries up to 3 products per category

Jacobsen top3, winner of the global innovator award winning concepts
The details are not the details. They make the design ~ Charles Eames phone 1300 top 333 [1300 867 333] award winning design prod
                       Take another look at daily
                       objects you have come to
                       take for granted, from the
                       incredible Vanmoof urban
                       transporter [that’s a push-
                       bike!] to sky planters,
                       slow cookers, magnetic
jewellery and the ultimate in home gym gear.
We look forward to welcoming you to our
new Crows Nest store with custom built
warehouse and dispatch facilities at the same
                                                        sky planters
premises, so we can get these goodies out to            Boskke was born and bred in
you quickly so you can enjoy them sooner.               New Zealand, a country
                                                        renowned for its vibrant
Happy Shopping from the whole top3 team
                                                        natural beauty and ingenuity.
                                                        The sky planter, designed by Patrick
time to become a member!                                Morris, transforms the way people
top3 by design offers a membership program              enjoy plants in their living and working
which allows members to earn shopping credits           environments. Instead of relegating plants
as they shop. Every purchase is tracked against         to remote corners of a room, the Sky Planter
your account, when you reach $950 a $50 credit          elevates them into a stunning interior feature.
is available for use instore or online.                 Introduce greenery into your home / office without
Other benefits include reduced shipping costs,          cluttering your floor space. By turning gardening on its
new arrival notices and invitations to instore          head the Sky Planter allows a fresh perspective of plants.
functions and events. No cost to join.                  sky planter, ø 105mm [white only] $49,
Visit or call 1300 top 333                  ø165mm in black or white $99
                                                        ceiling extension for celings higher than 2.4m $15

                        gia, honouring housewares                             Entertain outdoors with high quality
                        retailing excellence
                                                            polycarbonate drinkware. With fun vibrant violet in
                                                        martini, champagne and large tumbler [clear and black
                                                                 in all other styles] you do not need to sacrifice
                                                             style to have carefree unbreakable drinks service.
                                                                         1. martini, set of 2 $55 2. large or small
                                                                        tumbler, set of 2 $55, wine set of 2 $55,
                                                     3. champagne, set of 4 $55 4. tray in black or violet $195
                                                                   5. titan thermal carafe in black or violet $171.


                      floor standing double
                                                                                  2                                                       3
                      candelabra [65cm] $1,219
                      and new large jewellery
                      tree. The jewellery tree                                                Melissa is a celebration of design
                      comes with an elegant,                                                  This is not just a shoe, or a fashion accessory,
                      oval ear stud holder                                                    it is a statement. Melissa is a global fashion icon
                      with room for 3 pairs                                                   which has manufactured over 50 million pairs
                      of stud earrings, $171.                                                 of shoes in the past 25 years.

    all prices are correct at time of printing but are subject to change without prior notice.
       1                                2


                                                                            top3 by design re-introduces some old favourites, both
       3                                4
                                                                            with great new collections. Stewart Stand features the
                                                                            original stainless steel wallet now with re-enforced spine
      1. stewart stand stainless steel wallet, $130 2. stewart stand        and a stunning model with leather exterior, and stainless steel
      leather exterior, stainless steel interior $130 3. jfold wingtip      interior. J-Fold from New York offer their new wingtip laser
      purple $100 4. wingtip nubuck cardholder $65 5. stainless             etched design on nubuck suede finish wallets and card holder.
      steel textured wallet $130.                                           > many more designs online at

2                               3                                 4                         5


4                               5                                6

Melissa transforms plastic into objects of desire. An authentic sculpture. World renowned
architects and designers collaborate with Melissa to produce a collection like no other.
1. Vivienne Westwood Lady Dragon, Ball trans smoke $185 2. Corallo by Campana Brothers in metallic
gold, silver or black $99, 3+4. Vivienne Westwood Lady Dragon Heart in lilac or pink $185
5+6. Vivienne Westwood Lady Dragon, stamp in black or red $185 7. J Maskrey ultragirl night sky $365.

                       phone orders 1300 867 333 l online store
                                         New Magis Metoo
                                    collection instore now!
                              The new Magis collection has arrived
                         from Italy. The Villa Julia is a sturdy cubby
                        house in cartoon style complete with a set
                        of colourful stickers to customise your new
                      home [135H x 155L x 120Wcm] $405 and the
                         dodo rocking bird is 86cm in length $345.

                                  1. French Carafe + 4 glasses
                                  $39 2. Fresh Traveller by Arian
                                  Brekveld allows you to transport
                                  your breakfast cereal, fruits or
                                  other foods separately from your
                                  drink and mix them whenever
                                  and wherever you want. $69.90
                                  6. mood flames, silicone indoor
1             2
                                  + outdoor tealight holders that
                                  won’t blow out or break
                                  ø14.4 x 9.2cm high $39 each

3             4


                                         slow food
                                         3,4+5. Place your fresh ingredients in the
5                                        bowl, and put it in the oven.
                                         Sit back, relax and wait for your meal to
                                         be steamed and cooked in your slow cooker.
                                         This wonderful and nutritious way of cooking
                                         preserves all the flavours and vitamins.
                                         3, 4+5. terracotta, silicone
                                         ø21.5 x 15.4cm high $109.90

                                         SPECIAL OFFER
                                         7. free garlic crusher with
                                         every slow cooker purchase
                                         (while stocks last) worth $44.90.

top3 by design stylefile

1                               2                                             3

                      Dwell Studio from New York has landed their         1. hooded towel, owl $75 choc dots
                        new collection in Australia and it is simply      bathmat $99 2. twin duvet set includes
                           divine! From little kids to teens, the         duvet [fits double doona inside] and
                            Dwell Studio collection offers style          1 x pillow case $249 3. animals
                             and sophistication from bathroom             chocolate graphic knit blanket $99
                             to bedroom - live in style.                  4. photo albums, waxed canvas cover
                             The gorgeous owl design is fresh,            [22 x 25cm] $49.50 5. stuffed owl $49.
                           clean and modern.
4         5

              there is a new baby in the family
              Top3 by design has secured a limited amount of
              stock for late November delivery of the incredible
              new Geneva S model. The small table top unit offers
              LED touch control display and the expected Geneva
              high quality sound.
              Due to its ‘sound embracing technology’ discover nuances
              in Music that you have never previously heard with incredible
              clarity, great timing and spaciousness.
              1. XL Geneva $3,499 2. NEW Geneva S ipod docking station
              with FM Radio and LED touch display technology $599.

                   tv goes here!

                                                                                     3. The HT [Home Theatre] unit
                                                                                     is a hybrid of high quality
                                                                                     furniture and high-fidelity
                                                                                     electronics combines Swiss
                                                                                     precision engineering with the
                                                                                     Swiss ethos of simplicity and
                                                                                     quality. Hand-lacquered wood,
                                                                                     in black or white finish
                                                                                     169 x 48 x 53cm $5,999

        phone orders 1300 top 333 l online store

                                                        playtime fun
                                                        The clever dynomighty range allows modification and adjustment just
                                                        by removal or addition of pieces. Stunningly simple and endlessly fun,
                                                        they will not come off near metal objects because the pieces are more
                                                        attracted to each other than any other objects.
                                                        The magnetic force will last a lifetime unless heated over 121°C.

      1, 2+3. 2mighty bracelet
         [approx 46cm of 4mm
  magnets] $79.50 4. queen’s
   ring $45 5. king’s ring $45.

                                          3                             4                          5


                                                                   5. set 2 weights with leather
                                                                   grip 1kg $110, 2kg $198, 3kg
                                                                   $286, 6. foldable mat, vinyl
                                                                   [182 x 60cm] $255 7. leather
                                                                   skipping rope $105.



                                          summer living
                                          Seletti from Italy offer an
                                          eclectic mix of products
                                          ranging from dinnerware
                                          to Summer living products
                                          including gym equipment
                                          and outdoor showers
                                          - all with their signature
                                          attention to detail.
                                          1+3. the world
                                          dinnerware, set of 6
                                          porcelain plates $438,
                                          2. Tazza world mugs                                                8. The boxitalia range
                                          (Paris, Rome, London,                                              of gym equipment offers
                                          New York, Venice,                                                  an exercise solution with
                                          or Tokyo) black or green                                           a warmer feel so you feel
                                          $36 each 4. AquaArt                                                more at home with your
                                          outdoor shower (just                                               gym. Weights bench in
                                  3       hook up to a hose) $365.                                           leather $670.

top3 by design stylefile
Holmegaard offers a stunning new colour
in the contemporary classic, Cocoon.
The new addition fades from rich deep
chocolates lustrous tones of brandy.

cocoon bowls:
bowl 200mm $120, 250mm $135
cocoon vases: 113mm $60, 170mm $95,
205mm $120, 260mm $135
Cocoon is available in solid finish
black or white and graduating tones
of purple, red or brandy.


       1. When not functionally
         employed as a hanger,
   Arrow adorns the wall like an
         iconic graphic symbol.
         Gustav Hallén’s design
  is both a clever contemporary
hanger and a decorative interior
 design feature. [black available
         from January onwards]
       20.5 x 16 x 5 cm deep $79.

                                    2. Manana lamp is a shadowy
                                    character, standing at 170cm high,
                                    Extraordinarily personable, $499.
                                    Design House Stockholm’s clever
                                    use of humour and practicality solves
                                                                            3   4
                                    the issue of the cord by making
                                    it the lamp itself. Ingenious!
                                    3. floor standing 134cm $350.
                                    4. table standing version 49cm $250.
   2                                [Manana must lean against a wall]

                        phone orders 1300 top 333 l online store
                                                                     flights of fancy
                                                                     Mobiles are a traditional craft in
                                                                     Denmark, but the modern mobile,
                                                                     as a decoration for the home,
                                                                     was created in 1954 by Christian
                                                                     Flensted and his wife Grethe.
                                                                     From kids to grown-ups the light
 1                             2                                     motion is both relaxing and inspiring.
                                                                     Today, their son Ole and his wife
                                                                     Aase continue the tradition.                                       6

                                                                     Flensted Mobiles are created so that
                                                                     the elements are in constant motion
                                                                     while the entire mobile maintains
                                                                     a harmonic balance.
                                                                     6. flowing rhythm red
                                                                     30 x 45cm $58.
 3                             4

 1. click 3D,locomobile $48 2. shoal of fish $54
 3. click 3D, butterflies $48 4. click 3D aeromobile $48
 5. rollephants $24.




                                   get the kids dirty
                                   kidder garden from Dogo gets
                                   kids outside and digging in the
                                   dirt. What’s not to love?
                                   1. set of 4 gardening tools
                                   with solid timber handle $24.90
                                   2. watering cans in pink,
                                   or green 3. aprons/glove
                                   gardenwear set in lime pink
                                   or lime blue $42.50
                                                                     put it on the barbie
                                   4. planter pot sets in gorgeous
                                   packaging,set of 4 $19.50,        1. The notebook grill folds up in seconds to make it one of the
                                   all in gift box packaging.        most practical portable grills available! [40 x 40 x 45cm closed,
                                                                     40 x 30cm cooking area] black powder coat $70, stainless steel $150.
                                                                     2. Revolver is a table with solid timber top and then becomes
                                                                     a fire pit or grill as the fancy takes you, [ø60 x 36.5cm] $520.


top3 by design stylefile

    splash out on colourful Summer fun
    Show your true colours with a range of colourful Summer
    accessories for home and office                                       2. yubz mobile phone handpieces
    1. Famous replica rugs from museums around the world.                 stop direct radiation from your mobile, $95 .
    Non slip backing and authentic fringing either end, red               3. Differentiate your mug at home or in the office
    or blue designs 10.25 x 26cm including fringing, $35.                 with colourful crayons designed mugs, $22 each.


                                                 0% umbrellas put a little
    vibrant colour                                   cheer into a rainy day.
    OFESS re-interprets                                     The clever little
    conventional rainy days                         bottle keeps the water
    items into unconventional                           locked in after use,
    designs with clever very                      the top conceals a strap
    clever details                               in the lid and the neck of
    silouette is a sleek,                           the bottle comfortably
    sophisticated long                                becomes the handle.
    umbrella, with a touch                       manual open, UV Protect,
    of fun with vibrant colours                           Ø 98cm bottle:
    and silouette handles.                      27cm x Ø4.6cm $44 each.
    Each colour unique
    to the design pictured.
    manual open,
    UV Protect
    87cm x Ø118cm
    $55 each.

                           phone orders 1300 top 333 l online store
                                                                       4-in-1 wine accessory
                                                                       The Nuance Wine Finer is the
                                                                       ultimate decanting experience.
                                                                       It works as a pourer and stopper,
                                                                       and most importantly it aerates the wine
                                                                       and strains out any sediment while it pours.
                                                                       wine finer $75

Excellent                       Never cry over                Filters out                         Close-fitting
aeration process                spilt wine                    all sediments                       silicone lid
The subtle taste of a fine      Unlike other wine aerators,   With the Wine Finer you             The Wine Finer is made
red wine only comes out         the Wine Finer can be used    can easily empty the whole          of solid silicone so it fits
when the wine is thoroughly     with only one hand. The       bottle. Just insert the Wine        tightly into the bottle.
oxidized. This is easily and    non-drop pour spout neatly    Finer into your bottle and          The close-fitting lid keeps
elegantly taken care of by      pours glass after glass       pour. The wine flows through        remaining wine fresh for
the Nuance Wine Finer. In       without waste or mess.        32 aeration and filter vents        later use. Just top your Wine
just 30 seconds, you can        The drip catcher insures      while an inner stainless            Finer with the stopper and
decant a whole bottle of red    that not a drop is spilled;   steel screen filters out all        enjoy a glass later. After use,
wine whilst pouring it into     instead the wine runs         sediments and pieces of cork.       it is recommended to rinse
glasses. The rushing sound of   back into the bottle.                                             the Wine Finer under water
bubbles gives evidence of the                                                                     and let it dry. A wine pourer,
excellent aeration process.                                                                       filter, stopper & aerator in one.

top3 by design stylefile

                                                                      2                                  4


Converse with friends whilst you prepare your meal at the table.                                                 5

From fresh seafood to grilled vegetables or skewers, a dining
experience that you will not forget.
1+2. eva solo table grill $495 3. stainless steel skewers $60
4. grill tweezers [30cm] $60 5. basting brush $60.


                                    6. The bowls with handles provide
                                an oven dish that can go straight to the
                                   table with its own trivet and handle.
                                           small [26 x 20 x 6cm] $140,
                                            med [31 x 24 x 6cm] $165,
                                               large [26 x 28 x 6] $195.                             8

                                                                                                             87 cm high

                                              elegantly eva solo
                                              Eva Solo is certainly maturing with grace,
                                              every year offering more and more sophisticated
                                              design for every part of daily life.
                                              7. The non-drip carafe was designed to discreetly
                                              re-house boxed wine, however we think the clever
                                              750cl size [same as a standard bottle] allows
                                              you to best monitor the amount of wine consumed,
                                              and the stunning design with silicone stopper
                                              has a non drip pourer and is sleek and gorgeous...
                                              no matter what you are serving, $98.
                                              8. The elegant 3 leg candelabrum is now offered
                                              in a sweepingly elegant floor standing version which
                                              is 87cm in height, $598. [table version 32cm, $145].

                       phone orders 1300 top 333 l online store
                               Normann Copenhagen designs and manufacturers
                               fun clever design for grownups and the most recent
                               addition of incredibly finished lacquered planes extends
                               the range to the young at heart.
                               1. plane 1 [14cm] $85, plane 2 [22cm] $115, plane 3, [36cm] $220
                               2. dustpan and broom $60 3. cognac glasses, set of 2 $98
                               3. washing up bowl with pig skin bristle brush is perfect hand
                               wash of delicate glassware or use as a makeup box and pedicure
                               bucket! [30 x 30 x 16cm] $170

                           2                             3                                        4


                                     +d once again combines
                                     a whimsical childlike nature
                                     with practical purpose.
                                     Picnica is a gorgeous little
                                     bunny that unfurls from behind
                                     to become your shopping bag.
                                     When done, fold your bag back
                                     inside and zip up. Simple.
                                     1,2+3. picnica available in black,
                                     brown and vibrant orange $42
                               3     4. tate otama standing ladle,
                                     black or ivory $25.
                                     Tate otama is the ladle that
                                     freestands. Both picnica and
                                     tate otama are at your service....



                                              5. squeeze faces stress
                                              balls, brown $55 each.

top3 by design stylefile
                                                                                                         2. The link placemat series
                                                                                                         is available in black or white
                                                                                                         and is a special aerated PVC
                                                                                                         which gives soft protection
                                                                                                         and reduces sound of the plates
                                                                                    2                    on the table, set of 6 $52.


1. Made from a cork and rubber composite this mat is suitable
for all bathrooms, particularly where the shower door has
a low clearance over floor. [59 x 42 x 3.5cm] $80.
3. This slick and simple magazine rack with handle made from
mild steel keeps your magazines flat and is easily moved about.
white or grey [39 x 37 x 35cm] $139.

grand designs award winner
The Ooob is quite simply a very beautiful doorstop. Its ergonomic, streamlined shape
minimises damage to doors, floors, furniture & wayward feet; and its heavy weight,
based on a steel core, prevents it from being displaced. A cleverly designed sculptural form,
clad in a super sleek silicone skin, allows the Ooob to also function as a fabulous bookend
weight 1.1kg, available in black, slate grey or red [23 x 7 x 7cm] $59.

                                                   award winning tykho
                                                   Winner of 7 design prizes around the world
                                                   and selected for the permanent collection
                                                   of the New York Museum of Modern Art.
                                                   On/off button on top, AM/FM and volume
                                                   buttons on the front, and the antenna is also
                                                   the station tuner. Injected ABS case covered by
                                                   a silicon rubber shell. 14 x 7.5 x 4.5cm deep $149.

                                                                     Marc Berthier also designed the
                                                                     city umbrella with silicon rubber
                                                                     handle and aluminium shaft and
                                                                            ribs ø118cm x 89cm $69.

                    phone orders 1300 top 333 l online store

                                             4                                                                    5

                                             all that glitters
                                             Uncompromised quality and superb new collections year after year keep
                                             Chilewich miles ahead of any attempts at copying their signature style.
                                             The new offer of rich gold and silver tablemats and runners provides sheer
                                             luxury for the table. The tuxedo flows like a river of gold across the table,
                                             with the light picking out the delicate yet strong weave.
                                             Crochet offers a more laid back old world meets modern charm.
                                             1+2. coral tablemats in gold or silver [36 x 48cm] $14, table runners
                                             [36 x 183cm] $70 3. crochet tablemats, black or white [36 x 48cm] $12.50
                                             [table runner ‘tete-a-tete, setting for 2’ [48 x 140cm] $65 4+5. tuxedo table mats
                                             in gold or silver [36 x 48cm] $36.50 table runners [36 x 196cm] $130.


                                                                   1. fico d’ india [indian fig] gift-boxed set of 2 scented
                                                                   candles $65 2.fico d’ india aqua di colonia $129
                                                                   3. geranio liquid soap $48, geranio bath and shower
                                                                   gel $48 4. ambra nera bath salts $54, ambra nera
                                                                   shower gel $36, ambra nera room essence $65,
                                                                   ambra nera bath oil $80 5. lime di sicilia bath oil,
                                                                   gift-boxed set of 2 scented candles $65, lime di
                                                                   sicilia bath oil $78, lime di sicilia square candle $65
                              1                              2
                                                                   and lime di sicilia acqua di colonia[range
                                                                   also available in ‘melograno’ [pomegranate]
                                                                   NB: pics do not do this range justice, it is divine...

                              3                              4

    Ortigia is a sheer delight, incorporating evocative fragrances and luscious
    textures across a line of products that are only exceeded in their sensory
    appeal by stunning packaging.
    Traditional ingredients indigenous to the historic Italian island of Sicily
    provides a contemporary luxury, yet with a relaxed elegance which renders
    the range more an everyday delight as opposed to occasional pleasure.
    no animal testing, paraben free, natural vegetable bases

top3 by design stylefile



A sophisticated palette with distinctive rich
tones the Kyushu cushion will fit seamlessly
into a neutral home to add a bit of zing.
1. kyushu cushions [40 x 40] $321,                                  4
[30 x 60] $376 [60 x 60cm] $589,
cylinder cushion $689 [special order].

                                                                                a missoni summer
                                                                                Transform any area of your home into
                                                                                a resplendent retreat from the world.
                                                                                Relax and enjoy the holiday sparkle and spirit
                                                                                that comes with the rich metallic textures
                                                                                of the Missoni Home new collection.
                                                                                2. khal floor cushion [silver #31 and gold #40]
                                                                                $1,188[special order] 3. khal [40 x 40] $337,
                                                                                khal [60 x 60cm] $605, 4. kaduna #140
                                                                                [40 x 40cm] $392, 5. [35 x 80cm] $552
                                                                                6. missoni beach towels: [left to right]
                                                                                Klaus and Kevin $297 each and Kristine $320.


                                                                                                 8                                9
                                      The rich textures of Summer
                                      weave through this intricately
                                      flowing design.
                                      7. kigali [30 x 60cm] $367,
                                      [60 x 60cm] $589.

                                                                                Add to your current Missoni collection
                                                                                or step up to Summer by introducing
                                                                                some bold Missoni colour.
                                                                        7       8. keur [40 x 40] $345 [60 x 60cm] $629
                                                                                9. kos [40 x 40] $260 [60 x 60cm] $438.

                     phone orders 1300 top 333 l online store
                    Fjäder is a ballpoint pen with both
                    comfortable grip and sleek elongated shape.
                    The design reflects a time when feathers
                    were used to write with, but at the same
                    time Fjäder flirts openly with the present
                    through its modern materials and its
                    comfortable grip.
                    Fjäder weighs only 10 grams, which of
                    course is a tad bit more than a real feather....
                    but the feeling is the same.
                    1. Fjäder with a stand is available in coal,
                    ocean or rock $ 49, chrome $82 2. pen with                                              A 2010 must have for architects,
                    cap in tar, snow or red $29, chrome $42.                                                art directors and design lovers.
                                                                                                            The Australian Design Diary lists
                                                                                                            all the important national and
                                                                                                            international design events $38

                                                 Award winning sunglasses from
                                                 Wolfgang Proksh. The ultralight, German
                                                 made eyewear collection features
                                                 surgical grade, wafer thin stainless steel
                                                 with innovative hinge detail which is free
                                                 from screws or welding. Unashamed
Designed by Flemming Bo Hansen,                  simplicity. Winner of the Red Dot design
the watch case, dial and strap                   Award and IF product design Award.
form a complete entity.                          Voted one of the most beautiful objects
rosendahl watch II from $315.                    in the world Pulchra Jury.
full range on                    full range online $480

                                                                           Stylish summer pool lounger
                                                                        ideal for relaxing by the pool or
                                                                       gliding about with drink in hand.
                                                                         rubber re-inforced with canvas
                                                                                    [188 x 73cm] $140.

                                                                                     Simplistic striking bikes so smooth that they
                                                                                     match your lifestyle and yet so functional
                                                                                     that they make you go to work whistling.
                                                                                     Each VANMOOF has a rust-free frame with
                                                                                     unbreakable solar powered LED lights built
                                                                                     in its large tubes.
                                                                                     The secret of VANMOOF
                                                                                     lays in what´s left out, $998.
                                                                                     more info at

westfield bondi junction level 5, enter via Hollywood Avenue l crows nest 168 Willoughby Road [corner Chandos Street]

                  shop online l phone orders 1300 top 333

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