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					                                           No: 28                                                  12 September 2008


Do not be overcome by          Dear Parents
evil, but overcome evil
 with good. ~ Romans           Traditionally terms 3 and 4 of any year are given over to preparation and planning for
          12:21                the following academic year. For a large school such as ours the lead-in time for such an
                               exercise is at least 6 months.
Seven years ago the world
                               Already students in the secondary section have chosen their subjects or courses of study
   was shocked by the
                               for 2009 and Mr Farley and his team have been working away on preparing a timetable.
 attacks on America and
                               A most important element in this preparation is the procuring of suitable teachers and
 the terrible loss of life.
                               staff members. Of all the many tasks performed by a Principal of a College, one which I
                               take most seriously is that of employing the best possible teachers for our students. As
September 11, 2001 was a
                               you are well aware, they have such a crucial influence on our students and as a whole the
  day like no other in our
                               running of the College and their expertise and competency is vital.
    history. Those with
  personal losses are still
                               For your information, all jobs in our College, in accordance with Catholic Education
shattered. What can we do
                               policy, are externally advertised. Referees for applicants are questioned interviews held
to heal? How can we work
                               and appointments made. This process is expensive and arduous, however, it is
         for peace?
                               absolutely necessary that we follow such a path to ensure that we have the best possible
                               teachers. Often the process is complicated by a shortage of teachers in a particular area
 As Christians, we should
                               and the task of replacement becomes very difficult. We are, however, fortunate here in
  never lose sight of our
                               Mandurah that not only is the region very attractive, but also our College has an
personal mission in life: to
                               excellent reputation and teachers are eager to seek positions here. I thought that since
practice compassion in our
                               we are currently in the middle of employing staff for 2009 it was important that you be
       families and
                               informed of the process and are assured by the fact that the acquiring of quality teachers
  communities... to make
                               is a top priority.
and accept apologies when
necessary... to speak out in
                               During the week our Junior School held their Leaning Journey evening. A lot of hard
 the face of injustice... to
                               work and preparation was done by the teachers and their classes to arrange students’
  protect the earth for the
                               work into this presentation format. The children then lead their parents, with the help of
 benefit of ourselves and
                               the teacher, on this wonderful learning journey where all can clearly see just what has
    future generations.
                               been achieved throughout the year. The fact that around 150 families availed themselves
                               of this opportunity to engage in their children’s education is testament to the continued
   Peace and healing can
                               success of this annual event. Congratulations to all involved.
  begin with the smallest
steps. And countless small
                               May God bless you and your family.
 steps can do great things.

 May your remembrances
of September 11th include
  a small step for peace -
    and those we lost so
tragically seven years ago.    Graeme J Mander

Dates to Remember
Sunday, 14 September           Spring Fair
Wednesday, 17 September        Y8-Y10 Girls Vaccinations
Sunday, 21 September           St Monica’s Walkathon
September 17 Hayden Pustkuchen        5 years        September 18 Jovannah Cunningham              11 years
September 19 Jessica Wall             8 years        September 19 Joshua Dwyer                     11 years

I would like to commence this newsletter with a special thank you to all of the families who were able to
attend our Learning Journey on Wednesday evening, especially considering that we have many children
unwell at the moment. It is an important evening for all involved: the staff and the students have all put a lot
of effort into putting it together and your ongoing support is always appreciated.

On Monday the Junior School were thoroughly entertained by the Yirra Yaakin Group and shared their
stories in an extremely entertaining way. Thank you to Ms Michelle Griffen for co-ordinating our Naidoc
activities. Also on Monday our Year Sevens attended a Drug Awareness Conference. This is held each year
in Mandurah for all of the surrounding schools. It is a very informative day for our students.

On Tuesday our Year One aliens presented a very entertaining assembly. Thank you to Miss Heal and Mrs
Layton for preparing the assembly and students

Congratulations to our Aussie of the Month recipients:
             Pre Primary:           Jade Weston
             Year Two:              Remi Stiles
             Year Four:             Grace Cairnduff
             Year Six:              Liam Scarffe

Next Week Dates: Please remember that swimming commences on Monday. A note went home on
Wednesday with details. Also please note that the date of the Interschool Sports was incorrect on the
calendar. I apologise for that, it is going to be held this Tuesday, September 16.

Please keep our Year Three students who will be making their First Reconciliation this Saturday in your

Finally we look forward to seeing you all at the Spring Fair this Sunday.

            What’s coming up in the Junior School….
Sunday, September 14                  Spring Fair 10am – 3pm
Monday, September 15                  Swimming Commences
Tuesday, September 16                 Interschool Sports
Wednesday, September 17               Dance Sport Social
Friday, September 19                  Music Concert
Friday, September 26                  Final Day of Term Three
Monday, October 13                    Day One Term Four for Junior School
May God’s blessing be with you all.                             [Mrs Kerrie Merritt, Head of Junior School]

NAIROBI 2008: I am leaving for Nairobi at the beginning of Week 10 this Term to continue the work
of our College in the slums of Nairobi. We are looking at completing a project to build a science and
computer classroom at St Mary’s school which prepares underprivileged children for sitting University
Entrance Examinations. To do this I am seeking financial donations towards the purchase of sea containers,
carpentry and electrical work. If you are able to make a donation, large or small, please contact me on 9531
9500 so we can make arrangements to receipt your donation, alternatively it can be made directly to accounts
in the front office. Thank you in anticipation.                   [Mr Jamie Chappell, Head of Senior School]
              PARENTS OF CURRENT YEAR 10 STUDENTS - Scholarships
 The following scholarships, valued at $500.00 each are offered to students entering Year 11 in 2009:
                       The Year 11 Catenians’ Association Encouragement Award
 Criteria: The successful applicant would –
  Demonstrate by past academic performance that he/she had worked to the best of his/her ability;
  Come from a family where such a financial addition would be appreciated; and
  Clearly show that he/she is a worthy recipient of the award, by the manner in which he/she is involved
    in the life of the College.
                                     The Year 11 Tuckey Trust Award
 Criteria: The successful applicant would –
  Demonstrate by past academic performance that he/she has an excellent academic record; and
  Clearly show that he/she is a worthy recipient of the award, by his/her active involvement and
    participation in a form of Christian Service where care and concern for others was shown.

               PARENTS OF CURRENT YEAR 11 STUDENTS – Scholarship
 The following scholarship is valued at $1000.00 and is offered to students entering Year 12 in 2009:

                            Year 12 The Chanel Dufall Memorial Scholarship
 Criteria: The successful applicant would –
  Demonstrate a marked improvement in work habits over the past year in his/her chosen subjects,
  Be achieving satisfactory results
  Be active in school life
             Application forms for all Scholarships are available from Mrs Kingham in Administration.
                     Closing date for all Scholarships is Friday 26 September, 2008.

St Mary’s Mission and Feast Day, 2008: This year St Mary’s has again chosen, as their Mission
Project, the support of Peel Health Campus in its quest to open a new Paediatric Wing. In the Term 1 we
participated in the Mandurah Island Challenge and contributed $636 on the day through participation. Sadly
our annual social at “Players” had to be cancelled due to some confusion with bookings, so we are
auctioning 6 tickets to the “Rollercoaster” concert, and we anticipate raising another $450. The Junior
School also contributed to our mission by raising $88 through a lolly raffle. This will give us a total for our
mission of approximately $1174.00.

On our Feast Day, the Feast of the Assumption (15 August) St Mary’s had a huge celebration which included
mass in the morning, a celebration at the Junior School morning tea and a sausage sizzle at lunchtime. The
Feast Day was a fantastic success, and I would like to acknowledge the wonderful efforts many people made:
    Ms Jan Sherwood for helping with organising the mass
    Miss Zoe Jackson and Mrs Joanne Whip for organizing the Junior School morning tea and fundraiser
    Mr Richard Sellwood for the mass
    Mrs Tracey Richmond, Mrs Jennie Wright and Mrs Julie Battye for organising the staff morning tea
    Kim Choy for organising the food for the sausage sizzle.
To all of St Mary’s staff for their efforts in bringing a wonderful morning tea and for making the day a
success. Thank you one and all for your wonderful contributions on the day and to our Mission project over
the year. I appreciate the time and effort you gave. It warms my heart when I think of the wonderful
contributions from many St Mary’s students, but none more so than our student leaders, and so I extend a
special thanks to Tom Carroll, Ashlee Snyder, Anita Murphy, Katie Douglas and Liana Barrett for their
tireless efforts on our feast day and also for the efforts throughout the year. Well done.

My congratulations go to all in St Mary’s for their efforts. With gratitude.
                                                           [Mr Charles Garratt – Head of House, St Mary’s]
UNIFORMS FOR TERM 4: All students are to return to school next term in Summer Uniform, with the
exception of Year 12’s, who may continue to wear their Winter Uniform.

BOYS SUMMER UNIFORM: This is the final term that the khaki uniform may be worn. As from Term
1, 2009 all boys are required to wear the grey shorts, grey socks and white shirts.
The Uniform Shop will be open daily for the first week of Term 4
Monday (pupil free day for secondary), Tuesday and Wednesday 8.00am – 1.00pm
Thursday & Friday 11.00am – 3.45pm and thereafter during Term 4 on Mondays 11.00am – 3.45pm,
Tuesdays 8.00am – 1.00 pm and Thursdays 11.00am – 3.45pm.

SECOND HAND CLOTHES: The school holidays is a great time to get uniforms cleaned and ready for
resale, as next term the Uniform Shop is busy with new students looking for second hand items. The
Uniform Shop will purchase second-hand clothing priced according to the condition of the garment. Please
note the following points when presenting uniforms for resale.
   A second-hand clothing form and a Statement by supplier form (for GST purposes) needs to be
    completed when leaving goods and these may be obtained from the uniform shop or student reception.
   We will only take brand names that are sold by our uniform shop.
   We will not take any discontinued stock.
   All items must be in good condition and cleaned.
   Blazers are to be dry cleaned and if ‘Colours’ or ‘Honours’ are embroidered on the pocket, the pocket
    must be removed and replaced by a new one which is available from the uniform shop.
   Payment will be made within the month for items purchased by the uniform shop.
                                                                  [Mrs Debbie Cole, Uniform Co-ordinator]

CAREERS APPOINTMENTS: Any students who would like to discuss their career options please make
an appointment by filling out a request form at student reception or in the library. After school appointments
can be arranged for parents wanting to attend with their son/daughter. Parents are most welcome to contact
me by phoning 9531 9746.

WESTERN AUSTRALIAN ACADEMY OF PERFORMING ARTS (WAAPA):                                        WAAPA is
currently taking applications for 2009 intake. The official closing date is Tuesday, 30 September 2008.
Students can apply online at www.waapa.ecu.edu.au or for further information contact the admissions officer
by email waapa@ecu.edu.au or phone 9370 6594.

NOTRE DAME UNIVERSITY APPLICATIONS ARE DUE:                               Year 12 students applying for
admission to Notre Dame are required to submit their applications by 4pm Friday, 26 September.

UNIVERSITY SCHOLARSHIPS: All universities offer a number of scholarships for prospective
students, the scholarships can be very beneficial in assisting with the payment of university fees. Many of
the scholarships are now available for application. For more information go to the following university
websites and follow the links: The University of Western Australia: www.studyatuwa.edu.au Curtin
University – www.curtin.edu.au         Notre Dame – future@nd.edu.au Edith Cowan University –
www.ecu.edu.au Murdoch University – www.murdoch.edu.au

Directions Network has on offer 16 Scholarships each worth $1,000.00 to assist with further education and
Training. The scholarships are open to students in the Peel region to be eligible students must apply in
writing explaining what career they would like to pursue and their plan to achieve this. For further
information and an application form please see Mrs Wilson in the library or go to www.csi.org.au

                                                                    [Mrs Lyn Wilson, Careers Co-ordinator]
HELPERS URGENTLY NEEDED:                     In order for the Canteen to prepare the Term 4 roster we are urgently
seeking new helpers. Currently we have: 2 parents available on Mondays, 3 on Tuesday and Wednesday, 3 for
Thursday and 4 helpers on Fridays to help in the main canteen. Please if you can spare at least one day per term contact
Kim in the Canteen asap on 9531 9760 or email: choy.kim@cathednet.wa.com.au we need your help!

NEW SUMMER MENU IS ON ITS WAY: The Summer Menu is currently being prepared, please watch
this space for further details. The Summer Menu will be available from Day 1 of Term 4.

                              PHYSICAL ACTIVITY IDEAS 
                 Fresh air and regul ar physical acti vity is essential to mai ntain a healthy body. There
                 are m any non-structured ways to encourage acti vity for children and the whole family.

         If school is within walking distance, walk instead of dri vi ng them to
           school. Enqui re about Walking School bus in your state or territory.
         Visit the beach or park and take the cricket bat/ball and frisbee.
         Take the dog for a walk.
         Do some backyard gardeni ng and build a vegetabl e patch .
         Visit the local swimming pool .
         Visit the local park with playground equi pment or take a footy .
         Take a bike ride and fi nd favorit e local spots for a picnic or drink stop.
         Find out, through rec reation/community centres about your surrounding areas and organise
           a bush walk in the hills or outer city.
         Find outi ngs that invol ve walking, e.g. visit the zoo or a museum.
         Participate in a comm unity walk (e. g. all Australian states have a ‘city to surf’ fun run / walk
           plus many more community walks).
         Choose presents for children that encourage acti vity, e.g. kites, outdoor equi pment, gi ft
           vouchers to outdoor acti vity parks, canoe hire, roller rinks.
         Encourage children and the family to help with household chores, such as painting, washi ng
           windows or sweeping leaves.

SERVERY ROSTER COMMENCING: Term 3 Monday 15 September 2008

                 MONDAY                            WEDNESDAY                              FRIDAY
                 15/09/08                            17/09/08                             19/09/08
               Kate Capone                         Karen Wood                        Wendy Faulkner
CANTEEN ROSTER COMMENCING: Term 3 Monday 15 September 2008

        MONDAY                 TUESDAY             WEDNESDAY               THURSDAY                    FRIDAY
        15/09/08                16/09/08             17/09/08               18/09/08                   19/09/08
                                                                        Shirley Iannello             Mark Taylor

BASKETBALL: Dear parents, forms for the summer season 2008/09 were handed out earlier in the week,
if you did not receive one or have any questions, please do not hesitate to ring on 9582 7686. Thank you.
                                                         [Mrs Dianne Mew, Junior Basketball Co-ordinator]

SPOILT DADS:… So many dads must have been very, very happy on Father’s Day if the success of our Junior
School Father’s Day Stall is an indication. Our little shoppers spent a whopping $1040.00. A huge thank you to
Mrs Donna Stiles for organizing the stall and to the following mothers who helped with wrapping and selling: Carolyn
Starling, Kate Capone, Kylie Bazzo, Kylie Phillip-Jones, Anthea Le Tessier, Bernice Barlow, Tania Ward, and Lynette
Bowden (who stayed up late on her birthday to wrap Father’s Day goodies!).

Dates to Remember:-
   Supaslice Drive - The annual Supaslice Drive has been postponed till Term Four. Order forms will be
        distributed late this term.
       Cleanskins Wine Offer – Due to changes in the Liquor Licensing laws, the company that runs the
        Cleanskins Wine Sales will not be allowed to do so after this year. We will, therefore, hold our very last Wine
        Sales drive in Term Four.
       2008 P&F Spring Ball – Saturday, November 15 at the RAAFA Estate.