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					                                                        Spring 2007

Hawai‘i Pacific University

                             Preparing Students to Be

august 2006 valedictory speakers: Laura smith (B.a. Human Resource
Management), Jeremy DiMaio (M.a. Human Resource Management), and
rhiannon O’Halloran-waddell (B.a. History)

                                                                     commencement speaker and “Fellow of
                                                                     the Pacific” awardee Nainoa Thompson
                                                                     and President Wright

a new Year, a new Beginning
HPU wishes its alumni much success in 2007. log on to
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Spring 2007 • Volume 8 > number 1

PUBliSHeD FoR tHe alUMni anD FRienDS
oF HaWai‘i PaCiFiC UniVeRSitY

President                                                                             >> 2   Going Global
Chatt G. Wright
                                                                                             The College of International Studies
associate Vice President                                                                     takes advantage of HPU’s natural laboratory
Institutional Advancement
                                                                                             of scholars, faculty, and students from more
Margi Ulveling
                                                                                             than 100 countries
Managing editor
Lianne Yamamura                                                                              • Fulbright at HPU
                                                                                             • improving Communication through
associate editor
Susie Contreras
                                                                                               Conversation analysis: Hanh thi nguyen, Ph.D.
                                                                                             • living, Studying, and Working abroad:
Story editor                                                                                   ana Villavicencio
Jessica McDunn

alumni editor                                                                                HPU Responds to teacher Shortage
Kris Smith
                                                                                             Concentrating on Development and Retention:
Sports editor                                                                                Eric Brewe, Ph.D.
Jeff Harada

Junior editors                                                                           8   on Campus
Kristane Gaspar
Marc Inouye
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Judy LeDoux                                                                             14   alumni Spotlight
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HPU Today is published three times
a year by Hawai‘i Pacific University
at no charge for alumni and friends.
If you are receiving duplicate
copies of the magazine, please
notify the editorial office.           on tHe CoVeR: (Third from left) Associate
                                       Professor Christopher Fung, Ph.D., program
The editorial office is located at     chair of anthropology; leads a discussion
1060 Bishop Street, Suite 400          with College of International Studies
Honolulu, HI 96813                     students (left to right) Kate taladay of
Phone: (808) 356-5210                  Kittanning, Pennsylvania, pursuing a B.A.
Fax: (808) 543-8079                    in Anthropology; Steve Bortle of Titusville,
E-mail:               Florida, pursuing a B.A. in Anthropology;
Web site:         and Carolina andino (B.A. Anthropology
                                       ’06) of Gothenburg, Sweden.
       Going Global                                         cOLLege Of internatiOnaL stUDies

Where can you find courses on the politics of terrorism, cultural sites   gaining prominence in the new global workplace, students have
and practices of ancient Hawaiians, international disaster management,    to be prepared for choices beyond governments and multinational
and women in Asia? These timely, as well as diverse offerings of the      corporations, notes Juárez.
College of International Studies at Hawai‘i Pacific University take
full advantage of the natural laboratory the University offers with its   Being part of a private university with a global perspective, the College
unique mix of international scholars, award-winning faculty members,      has the flexibility to stay timely and current, according to Juárez. He
and students representing more than 100 countries.                        points out the recent addition of Arabic and Korean, which brings
                                                                          the College’s foreign language offerings to seven. This is an example of
“Our vision is to prepare students to be global citizens by bringing      HPU responding quickly to the changing needs of students considering
together academic disciplines and our University’s international          international careers in these emerging regions.
environment to develop awareness and understanding about global
issues,” says Carlos Juárez, Ph.D., dean of the College since 2004.       The anthropology program is HPU’s window onto the way that
                                                                          people in other cultures think and behave, and also reveals the
Established in 1998, the College is interdisciplinary by design with      important role that culture plays in our ways of being. Associate
academic programs in social sciences, languages, and linguistics. The     Professor Christopher Fung, Ph.D., a fourth generation Chinese
courses focus on international affairs and studies. Beginning with        New Zealander and program chair of anthropology, notes that
anthropology, geography, and political science, it has added modern       through an emphasis on field trips to local cultural sites and practical
languages, a teacher training program in TESL (Teaching English as        research projects, the program places the students and learning at
a Second Language), and specialized English language programs for         the center and engages them in understanding the world around
international students to round out its current curricula.                them. The Harvard-trained scholar adds, “I’m proud to be part of
                                                                          such a dynamic program and to teach students who are excited about
Understanding the Global Environment                                      making a difference in the world.”
“The aim is to develop a well-rounded student,” says Juárez, whose
academic expertise on Latin America and Europe complement                 Focusing on a Global Issue
HPU’s strengths in Asia and the Pacific. Students develop social,         The College’s diverse programs enable each student to focus on a
political, and economic understandings of how the world works,            region of the world or a global issue, such as poverty or human rights.
as well as language skills and cultural competencies to work in           That was the case for Eva Haahti (B.A. International Relations ’02), a
a constantly changing global environment. With environmental,             native of Helsinki, Finland, whose current position as assistant to the
human rights, and other non-governmental organizations (NGOs)             prime minister of Finland for legislative work and parliamentary duties

                                              “Our vision is to prepare students to be global citizens by bringing
                                              together academic disciplines and our University’s international
                                              environment to develop awareness and understanding about
                                              global issues,” says Juárez.

2    H P U To d a y
                                                                                                       Carlos Juárez, Ph.D.
                                                                                                       Dean, College of International Studies

                                                                                                       and research. As a Fulbright Senior Specialist,
                                                                                                       Professor of Management Arthur Whatley,
                                                                                                       Ph.D., taught courses in international business,
                                                                                                       gave lectures to graduate students, and
                                                                                                       worked on curriculum and research projects
                                                                                                       with faculty at University of Primorska in
                                                                                                       Slovenia in 2006. In 2005, Associate Professor
                                                                                                       of Political Science James Primm, Ph.D., who
                                                                                                       teaches courses on international relations,
gives her an inside view of how a national           With a tradition of welcoming Fulbright           foreign policy, and politics of terrorism,
government works. Inspired by Juárez and             Program visitors from other countries to          conducted field research in the Philippines
HPU Assistant Professor of Political Science         teach and learn, HPU is hosting Milood            to examine the role of Abu Sayyaf, the
Grace Cheng, Ph.D., Haahti found her main            Al-Omrani as a visiting Fulbright Foreign         radical Muslim group with suspected links
field of interest in human rights. She did           Language Teaching Assistant this school year      to the al-Qaeda network, in the war on global
internships with Amnesty International in            in the College. Trilingual in Arabic, Berber,     terrorism. These foreign teaching and research
Australia and the Finnish League for Human           and English, Al-Omrani, who had never             experiences for HPU faculty help authenticate
Rights and went on to earn a master’s degree         lived outside of his native Libya, is assisting   a truly globally influenced education for the
in peace and conflict studies at the University      Instructors of Arabic Irene Gordon and Adly       College’s students.
of Sydney, Australia.                                Mirza in the classroom while he tutors three
                                                     student groups and works toward his graduate
“Conflict studies and negotiation was some-          degree in applied linguistics.
thing I was introduced to at HPU, and because
of the variety of courses that International         “He also serves as a cultural ambassador to
Studies provided, I found the field I want to        promote a greater understanding of North
work in,” says Haahti, who hopes one day to          Africa and the Muslim world,” says Juárez.
work as a conflict mediator.
                                                     Sending Faculty Abroad
Welcoming International Visitors                     Dean Juárez was originally a Fulbright scholar
Given its broad academic scope and                   to Mexico in 1999-2000, and in 2003 and
responsiveness to current affairs, the College       2005 traveled to the Czech Republic on two
is truly a school without borders, providing         additional Fulbright senior specialist grants.
a variety of opportunities for learning and          Since then he has been instrumental in the
instruction outside the formal classroom. This       international academic exchange of faculty
fall it hosted a visiting group of Korean security   from central and eastern Europe to HPU.
scholars, co-sponsored by the U.S. Embassy           In 2005-2006, visiting Fulbright scholars
in Seoul and the U.S. Pacific Command,               Marina Tsehelska, Ph.D., and Pavel Pšeja,
in addition to a delegation of human rights          Ph.D., came to HPU from Ukraine and the
specialists from the Philippines sponsored by        Czech Republic, respectively.
the U.S. State Department. These international                                                         Fulbright visiting scholar Pavel Pšeja, Ph.D.,
visitors were invited to classes to share their      In turn, HPU has actively participated in         and HPU students Kekoa McClellan and
expertise with students and faculty.                 sending its faculty abroad to travel, teach,      Makana shook of Kaneohe, Hawaii

                                                                                                                                   SPRING 2007          3
                                               “My experience at HPU definitely helped me work with people
                                               of different backgrounds…, and it’s also made me think about
                                               working where i never would have thought of…,” says shaulis.

>   CoNTINUeD FRom PaGe 3                          Symposium,” a student-centered and student-
                                                   driven program to address the challenges and
Learning Outside the Classroom                     responsibilities of living in a global society.
In addition, International Studies students
have a variety of opportunities to engage in       Broadening one’s world view is what the
learning about international affairs. A summer     College of International Studies did for Corey
study abroad program at the Universidad            Shaulis (B.A. Political Science/International
Latina de America in Mexico, for example,          Studies ’99), who works as the assignment
enrolls participants in Spanish language           editor at KHNL-TV in Honolulu.
courses, anthropology courses on Mexican
culture and personality, and excursions.           “My experience at HPU definitely helped me
Begun in 2005 and returning in 2007, the           work with people of different backgrounds at
program provides home stays with Mexican           the station, and it’s also made me think about    HPU students studying abroad at Universidad
families to practice the language firsthand. The   working where I never would have thought          Latina de america in mexico with adviser Tess
International Studies Student Organization,        of–somewhere in the South Pacific someday,”       Lane (back row, third from left)
formed in 2005, sponsors field trips, guest        says Shaulis, a native of Pennsylvania.
lectures, special events, and other programs to                                                      to develop tolerance. And there could not be
promote greater awareness and understanding         “In teaching students what it means to be        a better place than Hawai‘i Pacific University
of global issues. Twice annually, the College      global citizens, we are also exploring ways to    for international studies. We are a microcosm
sponsors the “Global Citizenship Student           accept differences, to encourage empathy, and     of the world,” says Juárez. HPU

         fULbrigHt at HPU                                                   “These awards help our faculty and staff globalize and develop
                                                                            our curriculum, while gaining a personal understanding of
                                                                            international societies,” says Dr. Carlos Juárez, dean of the
         Committed to a global learning environment with students
                                                                            College of International Studies and past president of the
         from all 50 states and more than 100 countries, Hawai‘i
                                                                            Hawaii chapter of the Fulbright association.
         Pacific University extends education beyond borders through
         hosting Fulbright grantees from other countries and attracting     a three-time Fulbright awardee, Juárez serves as chair
         distinguished Fulbright scholars to its faculty.                   of the regional peer review committee for the Fulbright
                                                                            Program’s Teacher and administrator exchange Program.
         each year, HPU welcomes two or three student grantees from
                                                                            Currently, two participating teachers from Hawaii are
         the Fulbright Program, the flagship international educational
                                                                            teaching in India, while two teachers from India take their
         exchange program established by the U.S. government in 1946
                                                                            place in our local schools.
         to increase mutual understanding between the people of the
         U.S. and the people of other countries. as Fulbright scholars,     HPU’s long association with the Fulbright Program has helped
         11 HPU faculty and staff members have gone abroad to share         the University forge valuable international relationships,
         their knowledge and to expand cultural understanding once          enhance learning opportunities for students, and expand its
         back at the University.                                            leadership in global understanding.

4     H P U To d a y
                                                                 “i use the perspectives of conversation analysis
                                                                 in all of my courses as a means of understanding
                                                                 how people can improve communication.”

                                                                 “I use the perspectives of conversation analysis in all of my courses as
                                                                 a means of understanding how people can improve communication,”
                                                                 says Nguyen, who has a Ph.D. in English language and linguistics
                                                                 from the University of Wisconsin-Madison. She also received her
                                                                 M.A. in applied linguistics from Madison and her B.A. in English
                                                                 and Teaching English as a Foreign Language from the University of
                                                                 Hue in Vietnam, where she was born and raised.

                                                                 Her dissertation is a fascinating study of how pharmacy interns
                                                                 develop communication skills with patients. As interns, these
                                                                 students have to master the technical language of pharmacy as well
                                                                 as ways of talking as professional pharmacists, not too different
                                                                 from the way one learns a second language. Her study showed
iMPrOving cOMMUnicatiOn tHrOUgH                                  how students changed over time to understand, for example, how
cOnversatiOn anaLysis                                            they learned when to use technical terminology with patients and
                                                                 when not to.
HanH THi nguyen, Ph.D.
                                                                 “There are important components to how these students became
College of International Studies Faculty
                                                                 more sensitive to patient needs, as they gained communication
                                                                 skills, that can actually have broader implications for human
Ever had a conversation that just “clicked”–or worse–            communication in international relations,” says Nguyen.
that went nowhere? As Assistant Professor of Applied
Linguistics, Hanh Thi Nguyen, Ph.D., might be able to            As one of its newest faculty members, Nguyen has high praise for
tell you why. Joining the Teaching English as a Second           HPU’s ohana (family), her colleagues in the College of International
Language (TESL) Program in the College of International          Studies, and Dean Juárez whom she credits with creating a collegial
Studies at Hawai‘i Pacific University in fall 2005, Nguyen,      environment of mutual respect and support. She appreciates the
who speaks English and her native Vietnamese, has studied        interdisciplinary approach of the college and finds it useful in
how social interaction works, and how it doesn’t.                teaching her students, who are mostly graduate students, but also
                                                                 includes undergraduates and even pre-college ESL students. Called
Inspired by an intensive high school English class in            a role model for students by Juárez, Nguyen aims to help students
Vietnam, language was an early interest for her, but instead     become language instructors who are effective teachers as well as
of pursuing foreign language proficiencies, she became           reflective students of the teaching and learning processes.
interested in how learning a language takes place. Her
specialty in applied linguistics focuses on conversation         Communication and expression can also be found in her hobbies,
analysis, a field developed during the 1960s in sociology, but   which include flower photography (with exhibits at HPU and New
only recently has made its way to applied linguistics and a      York), translating short stories from English to Vietnamese, and
second language acquisition, she says.                           creative writing in Vietnamese. HPU

                                                                                                                      SPRING 2007      5
                                                                           “Coming to HPU and being part of the
                                                                           College of international Studies was a
                                                                           great decision for me.”

                                                                           Honolulu-based Pacific Forum CSIS, the Asia-Pacific affiliate of the
                                                                           Washington, D.C.-based Center for Strategic and International Studies
                                                                           (CSIS), a national, private, nonprofit “think tank” devoted to foreign
                                                                           policy research. Her work involves donor cultivation, grant writing, and
                                                                           reports to donors for the organization, which is funded by grants from
                                                                           foundations, corporations, and individuals, as well as governments.

                                                                           “Our strategic location in Hawaii makes Pacific Forum a natural
        Living, stUDying, anD wOrking abrOaD                               choice for policy and research issues involving Asia and the
                                                                           Pacific,” says Villavicencio. “We have involved HPU in our outreach
                                                                           programs as a good fit with its College of International Studies and
        ana VillaViCenCio (B.a. ‘02)                                       its international student body.”
        College of International Studies alumna
                                                                           Pacific Forum’s public offerings represent extensive collaborations
                                                                           with a network of research institutes focusing on Asian perspectives
        A childhood living abroad and a love of the environment            around the Pacific Rim. Its timely findings and recommendations are
        brought Ecuadorian-born Ana Villavicencio (B.A. ’02) to            disseminated to opinion leaders, governments, and the public through
        Hawai‘i Pacific University because it offered both international   its active outreach programs, such as its Young Leaders Program, which
        studies and environmental studies.                                 has involved nearly 30 young leaders in foreign relations conferences in
                                                                           Beijing, Hawaii, Shanghai, and Tokyo.
        “Coming to HPU and being part of the College of
        International Studies was a great decision for me,” says           Its newest outreach program, the Hawaii Emerging Leaders Program,
        Villavicencio, who double-majored in international relations       seeks to engage local college students, both undergraduate and graduate,
        and environmental studies. “I gained excellent mentors and         in building dialogue around current foreign policy that affects the Asia-
        met people from all over the world and got to know them            Pacific region. Its first public forum in October 2006 on “North Korea
        well through small classes.”                                       and the Nuclear Crisis” was well attended, with a large turnout from
                                                                           HPU students and faculty, according to Villavicencio.
        Through her father’s work for an international agency,
        Villavicencio spent her youth in Denmark and France, as well       “This forum is especially for Hawaii and a great venue for students
        as her native South America, and speaks Danish, French, and        interested in Asia-Pacific international relations to discuss and
        English, in addition to her native Spanish. She has an M.A.        network with experts and other students concerning the key issues
        in political science with a focus on international relations.      of the region,” she adds.
        An alumna of the East-West Center, she joined the East-West
        Center’s education department as a student affiliate in 2004.      Living in Hawaii gives Villavicencio the opportunity to take advantage
                                                                           of her other love, the environment, as a hiker and ocean enthusiast.
        Villavicencio’s current work continues her interest with           And taking a cue from her work, next up for her may be learning an
        international studies as development assistant with the            Asian foreign language. HPU

6   H P U To d a y
HPU Responds to teacher Shortage
concentrating on Development and retention

eriC Brewe, PH.D.                              instruction education courses. His vision
assistant Professor of Physics                 and hard work has helped us develop into
Teacher education Program Faculty              a quality program,” says Valentina M.
                                               Abordonado, Ph.D., associate professor of
                                               English and director of the TEP.
“There is an incredible number of teachers
that are going to be needed immediately,”      As a physics teacher, Brewe came into
says Eric Brewe, Ph.D., assistant professor    the program with an idea of the need for
of physics at Hawai‘i Pacific University.      well prepared science and math teachers.
                                               It quickly became apparent that other
It’s no secret that the United States is       areas of study would need to be added.
experiencing a nationwide teacher              The TEP program serves six branches
shortage. To discourage the hiring of          of education: science, math, English,
unqualified teachers, a provision was          computer science, social studies, and
added to President George W. Bush’s            English as a second language.
2002 No Child Left Behind Act stating
that all teachers hired must enroll in a       Students work towards getting licensed
teaching education program and work            while completing core courses, as well as         “the field experience right
toward licensure. A key point of the act is    getting field experience in the first semester.
improvement of teacher quality through         Because field experience is integrated            off the bat was designed to
teacher education. HPU’s Teacher               into the program immediately, students            really help introduce them,
Education Program (TEP) began as a             are given a chance to put into practice
response to the teacher shortage, which is     what they are learning in the classroom.          over an extended period of
significant in Hawaii.                         According to Brewe, the idea is to improve
                                               teacher retention among new hires.                time, to what it’s like to be
Brewe, who has a doctorate in curriculum                                                         a teacher.”
and instruction with an emphasis on            “The field experience right off the bat was
physics education, was asked to be a part      designed to really help introduce them,
of the Teacher Education Task Force in         over an extended period of time, to what          is a rapidly growing area of study at HPU.
charge of developing a postbaccalaureate       it’s like to be a teacher,” says Brewe.           The University is expecting to see its first
TEP at HPU.                                                                                      graduates in summer 2007. For Brewe it’s
                                               After teacher candidates complete an              been exciting to see his students grow into
“Dr. Brewe played a key role in the initial    internship they can be recommended                teachers themselves.
design and implementation of the Teacher       for licensure by the Hawai‘i Teachers
Education Program. He developed model          Standards Board. Once they’ve received            “It’s a transitional time in their lives
syllabi for our seminar and field experience   their license, they can complete three            and it’s interesting to see how they are
courses and identified the key assessments     additional courses to receive a Master of         meeting these challenges and meeting
for our program. He also designed the          Education in Secondary Education degree.          their frustrations but also getting the
template for our electronic portfolio                                                            enjoyment out of doing it and finding
system. He continues to be involved by         With 58 teacher candidates and interns            themselves,” says Brewe. “That’s the most
teaching both core and curriculum and          enrolled, the TEP, which began in 2005,           rewarding part of all.” HPU

                                                                                                                              SPRING 2007       7
>> o n Ca M P U S

alissa J. arp, Ph.D., appointed VP for Research and Dean of natural Sciences

                                         Dr. alissa J. arp was appointed vice      State University’s (SFSU) estuarine
                                         president for research and dean of        research laboratory. She also worked
                                         the College of Natural Sciences at        as a professor of biology at SFSU,
                                         Hawai‘i Pacific University, July 2006.    where she ran a productive research
                                         arp will implement and oversee an         program mentoring numerous
                                         active research program at HPU, as        undergraduate and graduate
                                         well as further the integration among     students, and was program director
                                         HPU faculty and students and staff at     of National Institutes of Health’s
                                         HPU affiliate, oceanic Institute (oI).    minority Biomedical Research Support
                                         additionally, she will develop new        institutional award to SFSU.
                                         graduate programs in the marine
                                         sciences and further the pursuit of       She joins HPU with international
                                         external funding in support of faculty    recognition for her expertise in the
                                         research at oI.                           physiology of life in challenging
                                                                                   environments, recruiting
                                         arp is a 24-year veteran in the           and promoting diverse and
                                         marine sciences. Prior to joining         interdisciplinary faculty of national
                                         HPU, arp served as director of            and international reputation, and
                                         the Romberg Tiburon Center for            securing millions of dollars in grants,
                                         environmental Studies, San Francisco      donations, and foundation awards.

Charles Steilen, Ph.D.,                  His publications reveal a thorough
                                         understanding of asian business,
                                                                                   is much more than what happens
                                                                                   in the traditional business school
to lead HPU’s College of                 appearing in the Far eastern economic
                                         Review, asian Business, Singapore

                                                                                   Between now and July, Steilen will
Business administration                  Business, Hong Kong manager,
                                         media, and the Hong Kong economic         partner closely with John Kearns,
                                         Journal. He has also published a          Ph.D., interim dean of business at
                                         regular column in the South China         HPU, to lay the groundwork for HPU’s
HPU President Chatt G. Wright is
                                         morning Post and, while serving as        College of Business administration
working to strengthen the University’s
                                         HPU’s executive in residence last         10 strategic initiatives, some of
relationship with businesses in Hawaii
                                         year, produced a series of articles for   which include developing a student
and asia by appointing Dr. Charles
                                         Pacific Business News.                    recruitment marketing plan, ensuring
“Chuck” Steilen as dean of the College
                                                                                   the curriculum is relevant to the
of Business administration. Steilen,
                                         asked how he will be able to bring        business world, and integrating into
who is HPU professor of marketing,
                                         students and faculty together with        the College the executives who teach
will become dean on July 1.
                                         the business world, Steilen says he is    part time in HPU’s business programs.
Before coming to Hawaii, Steilen         committed to maintaining
had a distinguished career at The        direct communication
Chinese University of Hong Kong,         with business leaders.
where for many years he held faculty     “That way,” he says,
and administrative positions. He         “I know what they’re
helped lead the development and          looking for in our
major expansion of the Chinese           business graduates. So
University’s m.B.a. programs and         I plan to be aggressive
served as executive director of its      in expanding student
asia-Pacific Institute of Business. He   internship programs and
has extensive experience in marketing    bringing real-life Hawaii
and management consulting for            business cases into
multinational corporations, small-       the classroom. Bottom
to-medium enterprises, as well as        line, I believe that the
governments in asia and Canada.          educational process

8   H P U To d a y
                                   i will bear true faith and allegiance

                                                                                                                                     >> o N C a m P U S
frOM tHe H P U B O O K S H E L F

                                   This book tells the story of a young           Junior Chamber of Commerce, axelbank
                                   american, U.S. air Force major eric            guides the reader through his travels
                                   axelbank (B.S. Computer Science ’90),          and assignments—from accounting for
                                   whose experiences have shaped him into         missing PoW/mIas in Vietnam, to Korea’s
                                   the man he is today.                           demilitarized zone, to inside one of the
                                                                                  military’s command centers on September
                                   “It walks through my life experiences as       11, to helping write the actual war plans
                                   an american, patriot, and observer who         used during operation Iraqi Freedom, and
                                   grew up as a military dependent traveling      his current assignment in Germany.
                                   from town to town while trying to define
                                   who I was and the values I would build my      Summarizing his book, axelbank says,
                                   life upon,” says axelbank.                     “It depicts the trials and tribulations of
                                                                                  an eternal optimist thriving in a dynamic,
                                   Named one of the 2004 “Ten outstanding         challenging world.”
                                   Young americans” by the United States

                                   Our Life on the run: a story of running 50 Marathons
                                   in 50 states: a family Quest
                                   To date, marlin Keesler (B.S.B.a. Human        travels than from any amount of specialized
                                   Resource management ’97) has run 54            classroom instruction they’ve received,”
                                   marathons—a total of 1,414.8 miles. If         adds Keesler.
                                   that’s not enough to get your jaw to drop
                                   open, he brought along his wife, Jeanne,       The book begins with Keesler register-
                                   and their two children, austin and erin, to    ing for his first race—the 1994 Honolulu
                                   every race and then wrote a book about         marathon. each chapter is organized into
                                   their adventures.                              two parts. The first section describes the
                                                                                  location of the race and provides an update
                                   “It’s what my running did for my two kids      on the family. The second section provides
                                   that’s been the key,” says Keesler.            in-depth information on the race, including
                                                                                  the terrain, scenery, and his finish time.
                                   The Keesler children have asperger’s syn-
                                   drome, a form of higher-functioning autism     In the end, Keesler admits he has consid-
                                   that makes learning and reasoning difficult.    ered changing his goal to 100 marathons,
                                                                                  maybe traveling to locations around the
                                   “Teachers have told us that my son and         world, but he says he is content with any
                                   daughter have benefited more from our           adventure that includes his family.

                                   Managerial statistics: a case-based approach
                                   Brett Saraniti, Ph.D., HPU professor of        traditional topics and illustrating
                                   economics and quantitative methods,            problems and the techniques to solve
                                   collaborated with Drs. Peter Klibanoff, Boaz   them. It includes user-friendly software
                                   moselle, and alvaro Sandroni to provide        created exclusively for the text, providing
                                   business students with a more relevant         extensive data for completing text cases
                                   and accessible learning tool, managerial       and exercises.
                                   Statistics: a Case-Based approach.
                                                                                  “This text has the potential to modernize
                                   The authors teamed up to write a               the teaching of business statistics in
                                   textbook based on their collaborative          graduate business schools,” says Saraniti.
                                   experiences teaching the Statistical
                                   methods course at the Kellogg School of        The book is currently in use at a number of
                                   management at Northwestern University          universities around the world, including the
                                   over the past 10 years.                        Kellogg School of management and Wharton
                                                                                  School of Business at the University of
                                   managerial Statistics teaches students         Pennsylvania, as well as Kellogg’s partner
                                   how to make better decisions based             schools in Thailand, Israel, India, Hong
                                   on statistical regression, highlighting        Kong, Germany, and Toronto.

                                                                                                                 SPRING 2007     9
                                                                 >> o N C a m P U S

oceanic institute awarded
Sustainable aquaculture Grant
Seafood demand is expected to increase rapidly,
and officials at the National oceanic & atmospheric
administration (Noaa) say the United States has fallen

                                                                                                                                      courtesy oceanic Institute
behind other countries in fish farming.

oceanic Institute (oI), an affiliate of HPU, is recipient
of a $400,000 grant from Noaa for sustainable marine
aquaculture and research under the National marine
aquaculture Initiative.

“This is a wonderful opportunity to showcase the
talent of our Hawaii researchers and promote                  stocks and effluent generated, as well as consider the future
economic development and sustainable resource                 development of offshore cages.
initiatives,” says U.S. Senator Daniel akaka.
                                                              as part of the study, Laidley will lead a team of scientists, looking
The Hawaii offshore aquaculture Research Project,             at private companies Cates International, Inc., which grows moi in
led by Charles Laidley, Ph.D., program manager of oI’s        cages off oahu’s south shore, and Kona Blue, which grows kahala in
finfish department, will identify and address the next        cages off the Kona coast of the Big Island.
steps in the successful demonstration of sustainable
offshore aquaculture in the United States. Specifically,      “Hawaii is uniquely situated to support the nation’s deep-water
this project will use existing open-ocean aquaculture         aquaculture industry. This effort will help us address development
operations and research infrastructure in Hawaii to           issues in Hawaii and elsewhere in the Pacific,” adds Bruce
examine disease transfer between wild and cultured            anderson, Ph.D., president of oI.

Center for talented Youth                     oceanography curriculum that will be
                                              unlike any other across the country,”
                                                                                         organisms crossed thousands of miles
                                                                                         of ocean to colonize the islands.
Students Get Hands-on                         says Jeffrey Philpott, Ph.D., HPU vice
                                              president of student affairs.              Christopher Winn, Ph.D., HPU director
at oceanic institute                          The oceanography class, modeled on
                                                                                         of marine and environmental science and
                                                                                         associate professor of oceanography;
                                              first-year college oceanography courses,   Gary Karr, oI director of communications
For the third consecutive year, Johns         allowed the participants to explore        and education; monica Traub, oI marine
Hopkins University selected HPU to            the unique marine life and marine          science education specialist; and Blade
host the Center for Talented Youth (CTY)      ecosystems of Hawaii while learning        Shepherd-Jones (HPU B.S. marine
program, inviting nearly 200 12- to-16-       how local residents struggle to balance    Biology ‘06 and pursuing a m.ed.) taught
year olds with the highest academic           economic and environmental concerns.       portions of the course.
ability from Hawaii, the mainland, and
all over the world to live and learn on the   Students had hands-on experience
windward Hawai‘i Loa campus.                  aboard the HPU research vessel,
                                              Kaholo, collecting data in Kaneohe Bay,
This year, the CTY program took               as well as at oI’s research laboratories
advantage of HPU’s affiliation with           analyzing NaSa satellite observations
oceanic Institute (oI) by offering two        and field samples. They conducted
new courses: oceanography: The                fieldwork at Hanauma Bay and
Hawaiian Pacific and The Life Cycle           makapuu Point.
of an Island: Hawaii.
                                              Through field trips to various locations
“What made this program unique this           on oahu, including Heeia fishpond,
summer is that we have been working           students in the life cycle class learned
with CTY since 2005 to develop a new          about the geological formation of the
                                              island chain and theories for how

                                              CTY students examine tagged shrimp in a
                                              research tank at oceanic Institute.
10   H P U To d a y
                            Singing in austria for                                              Miss Hawai‘i 2006 – Pilialoha Gaison

                                                                                                                                                                                                         >> o N C a m P U S
                            Mozart’s 250th Birthday
                                                                                                Crowned miss Hawai‘i in June             for young women, an advocate for
                                                                                                2006, 23-year-old HPU business           higher education, and a citizen with a
courtesy ralf Mitteregger

                                                                                                management junior Pilialoha Gaison       commitment to community service.”
                                                                                                has danced in the “Creation–a
                                                                                                Polynesian Journey” show at the          Throughout the year, Gaison has
                                                                                                Sheraton Princess Kaiulani hotel for     spent much of her time working with
                                                                                                the past seven years. and for the few    programs such as muscular Dystrophy
                                                                                                months leading up to the January miss    association, Prevent Child abuse
                                                                                                america competition, she kept busy       america, and Special olympics, as
                                                                                                preparing to represent the 50th state.   well as promoting her platform, youth
                                                                                                                                         leadership education.
                                                                                                on her role as miss Hawai‘i, Gaison
                                                                                                says, “It is my duty to be the           “my platform is based on the idea that
                                                                                                ambassador of aloha not only for         we, as a society, need to create a solid
                                                                                                our visitors but for our residents as    foundation for leadership education
                                                                                                well. miss Hawai‘i is a role model       in our nation’s youth,” says Gaison.
                            (left to right) Davinia Yalimaiwai (HPU pre-                                                                 “This foundation will give them a better
                            med major), Dr. eph enly (conductor), Kala‘i                                                                 understanding in what qualities and
                            Stern (HPU interim conductor), abe Gruber                                                                    characteristics they should be looking
                                                                            courtesy rick Bernico

                            (HPU nursing major and choral manager),                                                                      for—those they choose to pattern
                            Chanel Shiraishi (HPU international relations                                                                themselves after.”
                            major), and Jnos Czifra (conductor)
                                                                                                                                         With all the responsibilities that come
                                                                                                                                         with representing the aloha State,
                            Halfway around the globe, a group                                                                            Gaison has decided to continue her
                            of more than two-dozen members of                                                                            education after her reign is over.
                            Hawai‘i Pacific University’s International
                            Vocal ensemble (IVe) represented                                                                             “Thus far, it has been fabulous,” she
                            Hawaii this past summer in a musical                                                                         admits. “It’s a great opportunity to
                            celebration of the 250th anniversary of                                                                      meet people, build relationships, and
                            famed composer Wolfgang amadeus                                                                              market yourself and Hawaii.”
                            mozart’s birth.

                            The IVe traveled to Vienna and Salzburg,
                            austria, to perform two concerts over
                            seven days. The group prepared eight                                                                                              courtesy rick Bernico

                            performance pieces, including mozart’s
                            “Coronation mass.”                              Miss Honolulu 2006 – ana tsukano
                             “I feel more than privileged to have
                            been a part of this celebration for one         a perfect fit for HPU’s melting pot                          child abuse,
                            of history’s greatest composers and will        of students, staff, and faculty, miss                        seeking to extend
                            never forget the sound and emotions             Honolulu 2006 and academic advisor                           the amount of
                            that resonated through the cathedral            and associate Coordinator for military                       time a victim has
                            on the day of our performance,” says            Campus Programs, Tripler, ana Tsukano                        to bring his/her
                            IVe member and international relations          comes from a military family and has                         abuser to trial.
                            major Chanel Shiraishi.                         traveled all over the world, living in                       “one of the things
                                                                            Nebraska, California, the azores,                            that attracted me to the miss Hawai‘i
                            The students, along with faculty and            mississippi, england, and finally Hawaii.
                            staff chaperones, were treated to guided                                                                     competition was that its fundamental
                            tours of Salzburg and Vienna, visiting          Tsukano was crowned second runner-up                         beliefs are the same as mine. You
                            historic and scenic sites that included         in the miss Hawai‘i 2006 competition.                        should live a well-rounded life. Serve
                            cathedrals, castles, and gardens.                                                                            your community, keep yourself fit and
                                                                            Before competing for the miss Honolulu                       healthy, develop your talents and use
                            The IVe also performed at the campus            crown, she began working with State                          them or lose them, and stand up for
                            of the University’s newest exchange             House Representative Ryan Yamane                             what you believe in and do something to
                            partner school, the FH-Salzburg.                to put together a bill relating to sexual                    bring about change,” says Tsukano.

                                                                                                                                                                                      SPRING 2007   11
                                                                    >> o n c a m P U s

                (left to right) charles Baugh,
            sam chepkevich, Brad Tada, and
             mike Pang gather around Jamie
         Hatch at the computer during class.

A Practical
Approach to “CSI“
so after watching a few episodes of
“csI: crime scene Investigation,” you
think you can hold your own with the

systems Forensics, a new graduate                “This is the real ‘csI’,” says Richard        as far as the glitz and glamor made
course offered at HPU, allows students           “sam” chepkevich, information systems         famous by the hit television show and
to delve into the complexities of                instructor. “This is the pathology side       movies such as minority Report and
computer systems forensics, touching             of the equation. How does one recreate        sneakers , what you see isn’t quite
on search and seizure and acquiring and          what happened?”                               what you get.
preserving the chain of evidence.
                                                 The class focuses on the three a’s:           “The reality of it is, television is not
“What’s really buried on that hard drive         acquire (make a copy of the hard drive’s      realistic,” admits chepkevich. “There
that supposedly has been overwritten or          contents), authenticate (have the             are movies that portray it (forensics)
erased? What happened to our system?             contents changed?), and analyze (the          more realistically than others. some
This is a class that tries to get at a           purpose for examining the hard drive).        of it is glamorized, but a lot of it
more systematic approach to analyzing                                                          is not that far out of the realm of
these kinds of questions,” says Gordon           “computers are more prolific in our           possibilities. The techniques are real.”
Jones, Ph.D., dean of the college of             society today, and I think that’s where the
Professional studies.                            importance comes in,” adds chepkevich.

Sea Warrior Center: Redux                        The newly redecorated and redesigned
                                                 sea Warrior center is more inviting than
                                                                                               added to give students a facility to
                                                                                               prepare snacks or lunches. Furniture
                                                 ever with leather sofas, a big screen         and lighting have been rearranged to
                                                 television, a book-swap bookshelf, a          differentiate the dining area from the
                                                 dining area, and new foosball and pool        study area. Even the associated students
                                                 tables. It is just what HPU students have     of HPU office has been relocated to the
                                                 been asking for.                              sea Warrior center, offering students an
                                                                                               easily accessible sounding board. one
                                                 “students told us they would like the         of the special touches is the big blue
                                                 center to be a place to dine, study,          wall on the east side of the center. It is a
                                                 socialize, and relax,” says Jennifer          space to feature student artwork.
                                                 matheson, director of student life. “The
                                                 objective was to create flexible spaces       matheson, Venters, and about 45
                                                 that target these desires.”                   volunteer students, staff, and faculty
                                                                                               worked to complete the project in four
                                                 matheson brought local artist and HPU         weeks, over summer 2006.
                                                 art Gallery board member Roy Venters
                                                 onboard to help develop a color scheme,
                                                 resurface the existing floors, and assist
                                                 with lighting design, furniture selection,
                                                 and layout.

                                                 The group worked to create a more
                                                 usable space. a microwave has been

12   H P U To d a y
>> S eA WA R R Io R SP o Rt S

            Coach            Leads the Sea Warriors
                           With basketball season in full swing, there is a lot to be excited about at Hawai‘i Pacific
                           University. The 2006-07 men’s team has a new man in charge, as Darren Vorderbruegge
                          begins his first season at HPU. Vorderbruegge (coach V) brings more than 20 years of
                         coaching experience to the sea Warriors, including six years at northwest missouri state
                        University, the latter two as an associate head coach. He has reached the Elite Eight of the
                        ncaa II national Tournament twice, and last season helped guide the Bearcats to a 22-10
                       record and a sweet sixteen appearance. “my goal is to bring the success and winning attitude
                       we had at northwest missouri and restore the great tradition here at HPU,” he says.

        “When I took this job, not only was it an opportunity, it just felt right.”
    With five seniors and four starters   passion for the game rubs off           place finish in the Kansas 6a state
    gone from last year, the challenge    on the team when they take the          championships. His 1998-99 squad
    for Vorderbruegge will be making      floor. “We want to display energy       tied for fifth in Kansas 6a.
    sure the returnees and newcomers      and enthusiasm that unites us as
    learn to play together, as well       a team, and an intensity that the       originally from Wichita, Kansas,
    as transitioning the team to his      crowd can enjoy,” he says.              Vorderbruegge has quickly
    coaching philosophy and style of                                              adapted to the cultural and
    play. “With a new coach and new       Before joining the Bearcats             lifestyle changes off the court. an
    players, you have to build trust      of northwest missouri state,            avid jogger from his all-america
    amongst the team, including the       Vorderbruegge spent 13 years            track and field days at Bethany
    coaching staff,” he says. “If we      coaching at the high school             college, he’s already discovered
    can all buy into the system and       level in Kansas. He served as an        many streets and trails the island
    not get distracted from that, we’ve   assistant coach at West Elk High        has to offer. “You can’t beat the
    taken the first step to becoming a    school from 1987-89 and as head         scenery and climate out here,” he
    successful team.”                     coach at Hoisington High school         says. “all things considered, when
                                          from 1989-93. as head coach at          I took this job, not only was it an
    The team’s willingness to             Wichita northwest High school,          opportunity, it just felt right.”
    be coached has been very              he guided the team to an 18-7
    encouraging, and he hopes his         mark in 1999-2000 and a fourth-

                                                                                                           sPRInG 2007   13
>> A LUM N I S Pot LIGH t

              Around the World—from Asia to HPU, to…
              HPU alumni Joanne Lim, Andrew Tay, and Hajime “Jim” Ueno came to the University from Asia.
              Their careers have taken them to different corners of the world. Lim, who is from Singapore,
              moved to the East Coast and has settled in Washington, D.C.; Tay, also from Singapore, returned
              home; and Ueno, who is from Japan, stayed in Hawaii.
              Whether pursuing a doctorate degree, publishing a magazine, or following in the philanthropic
              footsteps of a father, these individuals share their experiences.

              Joanne Y. Lim, Ph.D. (B.s.B.a. ’92)                 Hajime “Jim” Ueno (m.B.a. ’97)

              Joanne Lim: Building Bridges                              currently she works in Washington, D.c., for public
                                                                        relations firm Hager sharp as senior education
              of Understanding
                                                                        specialist. Lim assists the national center for Education
              Joanne Y. Lim, Ph.D. (B.s.B.a. ’92), planned to study     statistics in managing and monitoring the sampling,
              travel industry management (TIm) and work in the hotel    weighting, and data collection activities for the national
              industry. one of the reasons she decided to attend HPU    assessment of Educational Process (naEP), also known
              was its TIm Program faculty had developed relationships   as the nation’s report card.
              with many hotels.
                                                                        Lim travels to different states to promote naEP and
              Lim graduated with a TIm degree, but her career           interacts with people of many different cultures. she
              path did not lead her to work in the hotel industry.      says the diversity at HPU has helped her to understand
              Instead, she went on to complete her master’s degree      other cultures better. “In dealing with different cultures
              in organizational psychology at columbia University       I’m always reminded that there are different world views
              in 1995. Before completing her Ph.D. in 2003 from         and that perceptions can become one’s reality. my goal is
              columbia, she did consulting work for the World Bank.     simply to reach out and build bridges of understanding,”
                                                                        says Lim.
              Lim received her doctorate in measurement,
              evaluation, and applied statistics. she says, “The        Lim’s advice for college graduates comes from a card
              challenges I have overcome in my professional work        her mom gave her. “You are the author of your own life.
              life cannot be compared to the mountains I climbed to     It’s up to you to dream it, build it, go after it, and make
              obtain my Ph.D.”                                          it happen, because no one else knows the strength you
                                                                        have within to make your dreams come true.”

14   H P U To d a y
                                                                                                                                 >> a L U m n I s P o T L I G H T
                 “The world has become a
             much smaller place,” says Tay.

                                                            Andrew Tay (B.s.B.a. ’98)

Jim Ueno: Promoting                                        andrew Tay: Understanding
Cross-Cultural Communication                               the Importance of Community
Waikiki-based Wincubic President and chief Editor,         andrew Tay (B.s.B.a. ’98), chairman and founder of
Hajime “Jim” Ueno (m.B.a. ’97), uses his international     investment company Global ariel singapore Pte Ltd,
business experience and education from HPU to manage       says his studies at HPU helped him to realize that
Hawaii’s Japanese visitor publication, aloha street        through business, “the world has become a much
magazine, and its Web site,              smaller place.” on his decision to attend HPU, he
                                                           says, “many people in singapore know that colleges
“as president/chief editor in a small firm, I wear many    and universities in Hawaii offer very good hotel
hats,” says Ueno.                                          management programs.”
“as chief editor I am ultimately responsible for           after graduating from HPU with a degree in
the content and the operations of our Web site and         international business and a minor in travel industry
magazine. as president I am responsible for the daily      management, Tay developed his business niche by
operations of our organization.”                           tapping into lesser developed hospitality markets in
In 1994, Ueno’s career ambition led him from his home in   southeast asia, Eastern Europe, and central asia.
Tokyo to pursue a long-held fascination he had with the    as owner of Global ariel singapore, Tay makes executive
United states. after hearing good remarks about HPU,       decisions for his companies. The corporation owns and
he enrolled. “I had a bachelor’s degree and 10-years       operates one of cambodia’s luxurious hotel/apartments,
work experience in advertising and marketing. I thought    the Himawari Hotel apartments. “We are looking to
that an m.B.a. would provide me with the business          manage two to four other properties around the world
education I desired and would open up more career          in the near future,” says Tay. He also plans to open
opportunities for me in the future,” says Ueno.            restaurants in singapore.
shortly after 9/11, Ueno assumed management of             Tay’s savvy entrepreneurial skills are quite
Wincubic, which was suffering from a loss. In three        remarkable, but his charity work is evidence that there
years Ueno spearheaded the recovery of Wincubic into a     are more important things to him than money. Tay’s
profitable company.                                        late father impressed upon him the importance of the
“We hope to take the knowledge we gained through our       philanthropic spirit. He has embraced this philosophy
business in the Japanese market and expand to new          and volunteers with the st. John ambulance Brigade
areas, including the U.s. mainland and local markets,”     as Zone 2 president and with Telok Kurau secondary
says Ueno.                                                 school as vice chairman of the student advisory
                                                           committee, does ministry work, and assists with
With tourism trends constantly changing, Ueno is           projects for national Kidney Foundation of singapore
setting his sights to incorporate into the business a      and non-governmental organizations.
new Japan-marketing opportunity called Lifestyles of
Health and sustainability, or LoHas. LoHas focuses on      a combination of global foresight and compassion for
the priorities of environmental preservation, personal     people has helped Tay to serve his community well.
health maintenance with an emphasis on alternative
                                                           since graduating from HPU, asia-born Lim, Tay, and
medicines, and the pursuit of a sustainable society.
                                                           Ueno have developed leadership roles using their
Ueno’s interest with Hawaii and Japan has developed        american education as a foundation.
into a commitment to promote cross-cultural
communication through media and business.

                                                                                                              sPRInG 2007   15
>> UN I v e R S Ity F RI eNd S

                      Steve Baker, Bill Aull, Chatt Wright,
                           Mike Ruley, and Larry Johnson

                      Recognition Dinner Thanks President’s Fund Members
                                 Hawai‘i Pacific University’s 2006 President’s        The program was introduced by Ruley, who
                                 Fund has set a record with more than                 thanked all members for their contributions.
                                 $534,000 raised from 143 members and 27              HPU trustee Dr. allen Zecha and wife nobuko
                                 friends. The campaign was co-chaired by              were acknowledged for the $25,000 challenge
                                 Mike Ruley, HPU trustee and chief executive          match they offered for the second year.
                                 officer, Hawaiian Telcom; and Peter Ho, HPU
                                 trustee and vice chairman and chief banking          President Wright was pleased to announce that
                                                                                      this year, with 2005 campaign contributions,
                                 officer, Bank of Hawaii.
                                                                                      HPU is able to further research in the college of
                                                                                      natural sciences and expand nursing education
                                 “We are delighted with the record results,” says     and community outreach. The President’s
                                 HPU trustee and board development chairman           Fund will help reconfigure space in the Hawai‘i
                                 steve Baker. “This is the ninth year for the fund,   Loa campus academic center and construct
                                 and there’s been an increase every year.” Baker      a modular building. Kamehameha schools’
                                 added that the benefits to the University have       support was used to provide supplies and
                                 been significant.                                    equipment for nursing students participating in
                                                                                      the Ho‘ola Like outreach Program.
                                 In october, members and their guests attended
                                 a recognition dinner at The Kahala Hotel in          Trustee marty anderson proposed the
                                 Honolulu. after cocktails and dinner, the program    President’s Fund campaign in 1998. To date it
                                 included performances by HPU’s Jazz Band as          has raised more than $2.5 million in support for
                                 well as the cheer and Dance Teams. adding to         the University. To join the President’s Fund, or
                                 the festivities was the commemoration of chatt       to learn more about the projects it has funded,
                                 Wright’s 30th year as HPU president.                 visit

16   H P U To d a y
                                                                                                                                     >> U n I V E R s I T Y F R I E n D s
                                                                                       Steve Hirano Memorial
                                                                                       Scholarship by ARdA Hawaii
                                                                                       to Benefit tIM Students
                                                                                       american Resort Development
                                                                                       association (aRDa) Hawaii has
                                                                                       established an endowed fund
                                                                                       at Hawai‘i Pacific University to
                                                                                       underwrite the steve Hirano
                                                                                       memorial scholarship. as a tribute to
Larry and Claire Johnson and Dawn        Allen and Nora Zecha, Nan Baker,              Hirano, long-time lobbyist for aRDa
and Bill Aull                            and Mei Li Wang
                                                                                       Hawaii, proceeds from an annual golf
                                                                                       tournament will support scholarships
                                                                                       for HPU’s Travel Industry
                                                                                       management (TIm) students.

                                                                                       Wendy Lam, director of HPU’s TIm
                                                                                       Program says, “The establishment
                                                                                       of the steve Hirano memorial
                                                                                       scholarship by aRDa Hawaii will
                                                                                       help educate students about this
                                                                                       dynamic profession (timeshare) and
                                                                                       provide them with the skills required
                                                                                       to build a successful career in the
                                                                                       travel industry.”
Allen and Christina (m.B.a. ’04) Doane   Bob and Betty Wo, Paul Loo, Joan Bellinger,   Hirano is credited with building the
and Connie and Russell Lau               Bill Morris, and Sharon McPhee                timeshare industry in Hawaii. mitchell
                                                                                       a. Imanaka, managing principal of
                                                                                       Imanaka Kudo & Fujimoto and past
                                                                                       chairman of aRDa Hawaii Executive
                                                                                       committee, says, “Without steve
                                                                                       Hirano, we may not have a timeshare
                                                                                       industry in Hawaii today. steve helped
                                                                                       to create a platform for future growth
                                                                                       and prosperity, and his efforts will
                                                                                       bear fruit for many years to come.”

Stuart and Liz Ho and Larry Rodriguez    Mary and Sam Cooke and Pat Moore

                                                 Randy Moore and Lynne Johnson
                                                 and Nery and Dave Heenan

                                                                                       Chad Jensen, chairman of aRDa Hawaii
                                                                                       Executive committee and general
                                                                                       manager of marriott’s Ko olina Beach
                                                                                       club; Wendy Lam; Amy Hirano, steve’s
                                                                                       wife; and Mitchell Imanaka

                                                                                                               sPRInG 2007      17
                                                                  >> U n I V E R s I T Y F R I E n D s

                                                                          Kunimitsu and Jessie Tamai spent 55 years together.
                                                                          Both were born in Hawaii. mr. Tamai lived in Japan
                                                                          until returning to Hawaii in his early teenage years. In
                                                                          World War II, mr. Tamai served with the 100th Infantry
                                                                          Battalion. He then became a wholesaler for Hawaii
                                                                          produce and transporter of Japanese goods for stores in
                                                                          Hawaii. In addition to focusing on her family, mrs. Tamai
                                                                          enjoyed activities related to Japanese culture.

                                                                          Today, mr. Tamai finds pleasure in gardening and
                                                                          spending time with his family—daughter sharon, son-in-
         Margi Ulveling, Kunimitsu Tamai, and Sharon Ikeda
                                                                          law minoru, and granddaughter Jewell Ikeda.

         Kunimitsu and Jessie S. tamai Scholarship                        as the care of nurses made an impact on the Tamai
                                                                          family, nurses in turn are making an impact on our
         established in Appreciation of Nurses                            community through this scholarship to educate nurses.
         appreciation goes a long way with Kunimitsu Tamai.               “HPU is thankful for the generosity of mr. Tamai to
         He remembers the way nurses tirelessly took care of              establish this scholarship fund to support our nursing
         his wife when she was not well. To show his gratitude            students,” says HPU President chatt G. Wright.
         for all nurses, he established the endowed Kunimitsu
         and Jessie s. Tamai scholarship Fund at Hawai‘i Pacific          “mr. Tamai, unselfishly sharing his resources, will
         University. The purpose of the Tamai scholarship is              benefit HPU nursing students for years to come,”
         to encourage eager students to enter the nursing                 adds HPU associate Vice President of Institutional
         profession. It will be awarded to incoming freshmen              advancement margi Ulveling.
         from Hawaii high schools who major in nursing.

         Paul and vi Loo Find Another                 Hawai‘i Pacific University founding                throughout the years. In 1965,
                                                      trustee Paul Loo and his wife,                     Paul c.T. Loo, executive director
         Way to Support HPU                           Vi, made a generous donation to                    for morgan stanley Hawaii area,
                                                      the University designated for a                    and Eureka Forbes, Elizabeth W.
                                                      performing arts center on the                      Kellerman, and Dr. Edmond Walker
                                                      windward Hawai‘i Loa campus.                       founded Hawai‘i Pacific college.
                                                      It will be named the Paul and Vi                   Recently the Loos also established
                                                      Loo Performing arts center. as                     an endowed scholarship fund at
                                                      an interim step, President Wright                  HPU to assist students who are
                                                      and the Board of Trustees have                     active members of the University’s
                                                      renamed the current HPU Theatre,                   international learning community.
                                                      the Paul and Vi Loo Theatre.
                                                                                                         In recognition of Paul Loo’s belief
                                                      The Board of Trustees, with trustee                that alumni are the ones to ensure
                                                      Bill mills as planning committee                   the future livelihood of a university,
                                                      chair, are preparing a major                       the University’s annual Paul c.T.
                                                      development plan for the Hawai‘i                   Loo Distinguished alumni awards
                                                      Loa campus. The performing arts                    are presented to HPU alumni
                                                      center is part of the proposed                     who continue to impact their
                                                      master plan that includes expanded                 communities.
                                                      residence halls, new academic
                                                      buildings, a new student center, and               “Paul Loo has been instrumental
                                                      athletic facilities.                               to the development and growth
                                                                                                         of HPU, and this most recent
                                                      The Loos’ support of the                           generous gift from Paul and Vi is
                                                      performing arts is just one of many                invaluable to the further progress
         President Chatt Wright and Vi and Paul Loo   contributions they have made                       of our University,” says Wright.

18   H P U To d a y
>> CL A S S LI N K S

                                      1986                          1992
                                      @ Joy nelson (a.s.            @ Claudel (Pang) Kuek
  denotes that the person is listed   management) completed         (B.s.B.a. marketing)
  on the HPU Alumni Global Network    her Bachelor of science       opened Powermoves
  e-directory.                        degree in accounting in       Pilates n Dance in
                                      1998 and married alan         December 2006. The
                                      Vance that same year.         dance studio is located
                                      This past spring, she         in Bishan national Park,
                                      completed her master          singapore.
                                      of science degree in                                         1994
                                      management at Florida                                        @ willy Lam Ho (B.s.B.a.
                                      Institute of Technology.
                                                                    1993                           Travel Industry manage-
                                                                    @ armi oliver Farinas          ment) is putting his degree
                                      The couple lives in
                                                                    (m.B.a.) is a full-time        to good use as owner
                                      smithfield, Virginia.
                                                                    associate realtor of           of Hotel Las Palmas in
                                                                    meridian Properties, Inc.      Lima, Peru. Willy and his
                                                                    in Honolulu and was the        wife, Giuliana, welcomed
                                                                    company’s no.1 producer        daughter stephanie
                                                                    in 2005. In addition she       to their ohana (family)
                                                                    was crowned mrs. Hawaii        on January 4, 2006.
                                                                    Filipina 2006 for the United
                                                                    Filipino council of Hawaii.
  1972                                                                                             @ donna allen Prather
  @ alice and Bee Clark                                                                            (B.a. Teaching English as
  (B.a.) are recipients of                                                                         a second Language) was
  the Research Institute for                                                                       promoted to vice president
  Hawaii.Usa’s 2006 Liberty                                                                        for academic affairs at
  award in recognition for                                                                         TransPacific Hawaii college
  their work to preserve                                                                           in Honolulu.
  Hawaii’s history and
  heritage.                                                                                        1995
                                      1988                                                         @ alan Cannon
  1982                                @ edwin Steinsapir                                           (B.s.B.a. Travel Industry
  @ Lynn (Knoedler)                   (B.s.B.a.) is owner of                                       management) is catering
  alexander (B.a.) is                 Pancho Villa, a company                                      sales manager for Joie
  graduate program                    based in chile that                                          de Vivre Hospitality at
  coordinator for the college         manufactures tortillas,                                      cathedral Hill Hotel in
  of Pharmacy at the                  chips, and salsas. Eddy                                      san Francisco.
                                                                    @ matt Liew (B.s.B.a.
  University of michigan.             and his family are pictured
                                                                    Economics) has joined
  she and her husband, Bob,           here on their last visit to                                  @ Thomas Kisvarday
                                                                    atlas Insurance agency in
  have been busy raising              the islands.                                                 (B.s.B.a. marketing) and
                                                                    Honolulu as assistant vice
  their children, Luna (17)                                                                        his long time girlfriend,
                                                                                                   Enrichetta, tied the knot
  and coleman (16), and               1991                                                         this past June in Trieste,
  enjoying their life together.       @ Linda mary Kledzik          @ If you’re living in
  Lynn encourages former                                                                           Italy. They are pictured in
                                      (B.s.n.) sends special        singapore and miss the
  members of the margarita                                                                         his classic 1967 Fiat 500.
                                      greetings to her teachers     plate lunches from your
  club to keep in touch.                                                                           Thomas works in sales at
                                      and classmates. she           days at HPU, there’s good
                                                                                                   the Gallaher Group Plc.
                                      is teaching with a radio      news. Steve Kim Chai Lim
  1984                                program and Web page          (B.s.B.a. Travel Industry
  @ Thomas m. Harkenrider             for “a course in miracles     management) has opened
  (a.s. management ’83,               ministry.”                    Hawaiian B.B.Q. in marine
  B.s.B.a.) joined Reid                                             cove, which features
  Hospital & Health care                                            popular Hawaiian plate
  services in Richmond,                                             lunches and aloha Friday
  Indiana, as director of                                           entertainment every
  materials management.                                             Friday night.

                                                                                                                 sPRInG 2007     19
                                                                     >> c L a s s L I n K s

                                      @ Collin miyamoto (B.s.B.a.          1999                          @ elisabeth Hultquist
                                      Travel Industry manage-              @ Kamarae S. Baker            (B.a. communication)
                                      ment) has been promoted to           (B.s.B.a. Travel Industry     joined Ericsson at
                                      vice president of acquisition        management) is assistant      their headquarters in
                                      and analysis for avalon              restaurant manager at the     stockholm, sweden,
                                      Development company in               Renaissance Wailea Beach      as marketing and
                                      Honolulu.                            Resort in Wailea, maui.       communications
     @ c.K. and michele (Chang)                                                                          @ Cordell ray (B.a.
     Tom (B.s.B.a. marketing)                                                                            Justice administration)
     welcomed Paolo Kai Tom to                                                                           is a counterintelligence
     their family on april 9, 2006,                                                                      analyst working for the
     in singapore. Paolo loves                                                                           U.s. Department of
     the water and swimming.                                                                             Defense in arlington,

     1998                             @ Tammy wartell (B.a.                                              @ Corey Shaulis
     @ mark Bell (a.a.                Literature) gave birth to                                          (B.a. Political science/
     mathematics ’97, B.s.            maile Ella Grace on July 6,                                        International studies)
     computer science)                2005. maile was welcomed                                           is assignment editor for
     graduated cum laude from         home by three-year-old                                             KHnL/K5 in Honolulu.
     norwich University with a        big brother, Jack. The
     master of science degree in      Wartell ohana (family) lives
     Information assurance.           in mount Pleasant, south                                           2000
                                      carolina.                                                          @ Celestine Faumuina-
                                                                           @ robert Bruce (B.s.B.a.      nix (B.a. Human
     @ Public relations agency                                             International Business)
     schwartz communications,                                                                            services) is a child
                                                                           married Ida Price on          protective services
     Inc. opened their first office                                        march 25, 2006, in Fairfax,
     outside of the United states                                                                        caseworker at the
                                                                           california. The couple        Department of Human
     in stockholm, sweden,                                                 honeymooned on the Big
     this past november.                                                                                 and social services in
                                                                           Island of Hawaii. Rob         Pago Pago, american
     Kristina ebenius (B.a.                                                works for coldwell Banker
     communication) will                                                                                 samoa. she married
                                                                           Brokers of the Valley in      longtime sweetheart
     manage the swedish office,                                            napa, california.
     which will be the European                                                                          michael nix on
     head office for the agency.                                                                         september 16, 2006.

                                      @ HPU alumni brothers                                              @ nancy Kain (B.s.B.a.
                                      Fredrik Tjernstrom                                                 management) joined
                                      (m.B.a./m.s.I.s. ’95,                                              the marketing and
                                      m.a. Human Resource                                                operations department
                                      management ’97), magnus                                            of atlanta-based Vicom
                                      Tjernstrom (m.s.I.s. ’97),                                         International Inc. as
                                      and Hakan Tjernstrom                                               operations manager.
                                      (B.s.B.a. Finance) returned
                                      to Hawaii last year for a                                          @ avik mukherjee
     @ nick Jonow (B.s.B.a.)          nostalgic family vacation             @ Carrie (Bulman)            (m.s.I.s.) is working as
     was recruited to Hong Kong       with their parents and                Gonzales (B.s.B.a. Human     a software developer for
     as the director of opera-        spouses as well as                    Resource management)         citibank in Jacksonville,
     tions for Pacific Basin          Fredrik’s toddler son                 lives with husband chris     Florida.
     Economic council. on a           Jakob. Fredrik works in               and children mackenzie
     recent trip to Khabarovsk,       new York city for Horizon             and Jason (pictured) in
     Russia, he had the privi-        asset management. Hakan               orlando, Florida. carrie
     lege of meeting 1999             works for UBs in stamford,            and chris launched a Web
     nobel memorial Prize in          connecticut, and magnus               site for work-at-home
     Economics winner, Robert         works in Gothenburg,                  parents: www.babiesand-
     a. mundell.                      sweden, for Volvo IT.       

20     H P U To d a y
                                                                                                                             >> c L a s s L I n K s
                                                                                         @ Kristine andrew (B.a.
                                                                                         advertising) has joined
                                                                                         es/drake in Boise, Idaho,
                                                                                         as a media buyer. she is
                                                                                         responsible for researching
                                                                                         and purchasing media to
                                                                                         reach target demographics
                                                                                         statewide and in
                                                                                         neighboring markets.
@ It’s been an exciting year for Theresa aronsson (B.a.
                                                                                         @ Scott alan Bainton
anthropology). she and sarriy anani were married,
                                                                                         (B.s.B.a. International
and they celebrated the birth of their son, Lo, on
                                                                                         Business) is assistant
august 20, 2006.                                          @ Jerry (B.s.B.a. Travel       manager of Enterprise
                                                          Industry management and        Rent-a-car in Waco, Texas.
                                                          marketing) (third from left)
                                                          and ada wong were wed
                                                          at the shangri-La Hong
                                                          Kong on september 28,
                                                          2006. classmates attend-
                                                          ing the ceremony were
                                                          (left to right) Jason Kim
                                                          (B.s.B.a. Entrepreneurial
                                                          studies), Johnny yeh
                                                          (B.s.B.a. ’02 Travel
                                                          Industry management),
                                                          and Satoru Sakumoto
                                                          (B.s.B.a. ’02 marketing).

                                                                                         @ Kara Kinsey (m.a.
                                                          2002                           communication) is
                                                          @ congratulations to           living in Fairless Hills,
                                                          Pauline m. Schleifer           Pennsylvania, and is
                                                          (B.s.B.a. computer             currently working for the
                                                          Information systems)           Jones apparel Group, Inc.
                                                          on the birth of daughter
                                                          Haile nicole Telford on
@ michelle de la Cruz (B.s.B.a. marketing ’00, m.B.a.     July 12, 2006.
management) married stephen soong on may 5, 2006,
at Lanikuhonua in Hawaii. stephen and michelle work as    @ Stephen Snead (B.s.W.)
project managers for IBm in san Jose.                     passed the social work
                                                          licensure exam and
@ congratulations to evan Leong (B.s.B.a.) for being      works as a licensed
selected as one of the 2006 Pacific Business news         baccalaureate social
“Forty Under 40.”                                         worker for the state of
@ Petra matjan (B.a. Psychology) completed her master’s
degree in mental health counseling at springfield         @ Tomoe Teramoto               @ Kari Kolton (B.s. marine
college in massachusetts. she works in san Diego as       (B.s.B.a. Travel Industry      Biology) has taken a
a clinician in a residential facility for adolescents.    management) tells us           position as an aquarist at
                                                          that she enjoys working        Discovery World—a new
@ navad Scheinbach (m.B.a. Human Resource                 in the front office of         facility with aquariums
management) is vice president at TGs asset                the Halekulani hotel in        and interactive science
management Group in Toronto, canada, where he over-       Honolulu.                      and technology exhibits in
sees leasing operations and budget approvals for the                                     milwaukee on the shores of
company in ontario and Western canada.                                                   Lake michigan.

                                                                                                      sPRInG 2007       21
                                                                  >> c L a s s L I n K s

     @ Luana (Knight)                                                  2005
     rasmussen (B.a.                                                   @ Lisa Cripe (B.a.
     Psychology) received a                                            ’02 communication,
     master of arts degree in                                          m.B.a.) is assistant vice
     Education from the school                                         president of marketing/
     of Psychology at alliant                                          communications for aloha
     International University in                                       United Way in Honolulu.
                                                                       @ marilyn Gambone (B.s.
     @ Leysilie williams (B.a.      @ Heli Hassinen-Biberger                                         @ on august 25, 2006,
                                                                       computer science) is
     International Relations) is    (m.B.a.) joined nissan                                           Tanya Barnett (B.s.B.a.
                                                                       working as a programmer
     group sales manager for        nordic Europe in June 2005                                       management), husband
                                                                       in the engineering division
     the Honolulu symphony.         as manager for human                                             michael, and big brother
                                                                       of the Department of Land
                                    resources and general                                            Tyler, welcomed the
                                                                       and natural Resources in
                                    affairs with responsibility                                      newest addition to their
     2004                           for Finland, sweden,
                                                                                                     family, michael II. Dad is
     @ richard Cass (B.s.           norway, and Denmark. In                                          deployed but took part in
     Diplomacy and military                                            @ Kristine Layugan (B.s.
                                    august 2005 she married                                          the delivery by telephone.
     studies) is working as an                                         Pre-medical studies) has
                                    Tobias Biberger. The couple
     all-source intelligence                                           been awarded The Barry
                                    has settled in Helsinki,
     analyst for Jacobs                                                and Virginia Weinman
     sverdrup conducting                                               Fellowship, which covers
     counterterrorism pattern                                          tuition and fees for four
                                    @ marisa (Seril) Sikon
     analysis for the United                                           continuous years of study
                                    (B.a. Psychology) was
     states special operations                                         at the John a. Burns school
                                    the first graduate of the
     command in Tampa,                                                 of medicine, University of
                                    2nd century scholars
     Florida.                                                          Hawai‘i at manoa.
                                    Program, a scholarship
                                    program established
     @ derek Clarkston (B.a.                                           @ desiree Santana (B.a.
                                    by Bank of Hawaii. she
     Journalism) is a sports                                           Psychology), Candice
                                    recently married and is
     reporter for the Kodiak                                           Sutton (B.a. Psychology),
                                    working as a skills trainer
     Daily mirror in alaska.                                           and Terri wilson (B.a.
                                    at The Institute for Family
                                                                       Psychology) are pursuing
                                    Enrichment on oahu.
     @ Zac Gershberg (m.a.                                             the master of arts degree
                                                                                                     @ mary anne eisma
     communication) is                                                 in counseling Psychology
                                                                                                     (B.s. Pre-medical studies)
     pursuing a Ph.D. in                                               at argosy University in
                                                                                                     entered first-year studies
     communication with a                                              Honolulu.
                                                                                                     at West Virginia school
     concentration in rhetoric at                                                                    of osteopathic medicine
     Louisiana state University.                                       @ melissa Souza-
                                                                                                     located in Lewisburg,
     He is an instructor in                                            agbayani (B.a. Visual
                                                                                                     West Virginia.
     public speaking and                                               communication) is club
     teaches a course in                                               counselor at Hilton
                                                                                                     @ Bethany Gustavsen
     argumentation and debate.                                         Grand Vacations club in
                                    @ nishihama & Kishida,                                           (B.a. Public Relations) is a
     In 2006 Zac won the Robert                                        Honolulu.
                                    cPas, Inc. of Honolulu has                                       communications specialist
     Bostrom Young scholar          promoted nami Taniguchi                                          for the Governor’s office of
     award from the southern        (B.s.B.a. accounting) to           2006                          Information in Honolulu.
     states communication           senior tax accountant.             @ Sheri-Lyn angala
     association.                                                      (B.a. ’04 Public Relations,   @ Laine yoshioka (B.s.B.a.
                                    @ ella Tweedie (B.a.               m.B.a.) joined KmH LLP        marketing), who has
                                    Psychology) is pursuing            in Honolulu this past         starred in films that were
                                    her master of arts degree          July as human resources       screened at the Louis
                                    in clinical Psychology with        administrator.                Vuitton Hawaii International
                                    an emphasis on marriage                                          Film Festival for four
                                    and family therapy at                                            consecutive years, is
                                    Pepperdine University in                                         directing her first film,
                                    malibu, california.                                              Jonathan Gullible.

22    H P U To d a y
                                                                                                                                                         >> c L a s s L I n K s
Alumni EvEnts

executive MBA               Dustin shindo, president and cEo of Hoku   France      (left to right) Jennifer (mebus) Lamari (B.a. ’00 Literature),
scientific, Inc., was the guest speaker last June at the 3rd annual    andreas Waldo (B.s. ’00 computer science, m.s.I.s. ’00), Rachel
contemporary Issues Forum in Honolulu.                                 (Robert) Waldo (B.s.B.a. ’00 corporate communication), and
                                                                       Guillaume martin (m.B.a. ’01 computer Information systems) met in
                                                                       september at a Japanese restaurant in Paris.

Pacific Northwest             alumni in the seattle area gathered in
July for their annual barbeque to send off the newest HPU students.

Colorado         alumni in the Denver area held their first get
together in July at Hawaiian night at the colorado Rapids.         >

                                                                                                 Austria       This past summer, HPU’s
                                                                                                 International Vocal Ensemble performed in
                                                                                                 austria at the 250th anniversary of mozart’s
                                                                                                 birth. alumni in austria welcomed the
                                                                                                 students and advisors to a dinner.

                                                                                                 Pictured are (left to right) Kala‘i stern,
                                                                                                 interim conductor; Julia Risse (attended
                                                                                                 HPU); Dr. Les correa, associate vice
                                                                                                 president and dean; Tiffany shiraishi,
                                                                                                 academic advising coordinator;
                                                                                                 christian Roppelt (B.s.B.a. Travel Industry
                                                                                                 management ’02); Ralf mitteregger
                                                                                                 (m.B.a. Information systems ’02); Dr. Jeff
                                                                                                 Philpott, vice president; alex sperl (B.s.B.a.
                                                                                                 Finance ’93, m.B.a. International Business
                                                                                                 ’95); abe Gruber, HPU student and choral
                                                                                                 manager; and michael storf (attended HPU).

                                                                                                                                     sPRInG 2007    23
>> BAC K PAG e

                                                                                                                       Alumni Chapter Coordinators
                                           H20 Cooler News                                                             your alumni chapter
                                                                                                                       coordinator would like
                                                                                                                                                                        INteRNAtIoNAL CHAPteRS
                                           HPU alumni working together                                                 to hear from you.                                Ralf Mitteregger (M.B.A. '02)
                                           at Big tribe in Honolulu…
                                                                                                                       doMeStIC CHAPteRS                                chinA, PeoPle’S RePublic
                                                                                                                                                                        Frank Hongbiao Piao (B.S.B.A. '01, M.B.A. '03)
                                                                                                                       AMeRicAn SAMoA                                   E-mail:
                                                                                                                       Gwen Betham Sagapolutele
                                                                                                                                                                 NeW   > DenMARk
                                                                                                                       (B.A. '95, M.A. '98)
                                                                                                                                                                        Sussie Kongshoj Nielsen (B.A. ‘02, M.A. '03)
                                                                                                                       E-mail: GbethamSagapolutele
                                                                                                                       cAliFoRniA (loS AngeleS)
                                                                                                                                                                        Johan Holmas (M.A. '01)
                                                                                                                       Emmy Lam (B.S.B.A. '97, M.B.A. '98)
                                                                                                                       cAliFoRniA (SAn FRAnciSco)
                                                                                                                                                                        Jennifer Mebus Lamari (B.A. '00)
                                                                                                                       Anil Singh (B.S.B.A. '98)
                                                                                                                                                                        geRMAnY AnD SwiTzeRlAnD
                                                                                                                       coloRADo (DenveR)
                                                                                                                                                                        Martin P. Staudigl (M.A. '96)
                                                                                                                       Heath Polzer (B.S.B.A. '02)
                                                                                                                                                                        hong kong
                                                                                                                       FloRiDA (oRlAnDo)
                                                                                                                                                                        Teddy Teh Tay Ko (B.S.B.A. '96)
                                                                                                                       Ulysses Weakley, Ph.D., J.D. (M.A. '98)
                                                                                                                       geoRgiA (ATlAnTA)
                                                                                                                       Viken B. Martarian
                                                                                                                                                                        Anton Gautama (M.B.A. '95)
                                                                                                                       (B.S.B.A. '01, M.B.A. '04)
HPU assistant Professor of computer science Curt Powley, Ph.D., (third from                                                                                             E-mail:
left) works with HPU alumni Andres Vergara (B.s.c.s. ’05), Saeko VonBeheran                                                                                             JAPAn (oSAkA)
(B.s.c.s. ’05), Natasha Yuen (B.s.c.s. ’06), and Jun Racca (B.s.c.s. ’05);                                             illinoiS (chicAgo)
                                                                                                                                                                        Hiroko Kotani (M.B.A. '98)
                                                                                                                       Diane Priesmeyer (B.A. '99)
not pictured: Adam Roth (B.s.c.s. ’04)                                                                                                                                  E-mail:
                                                                                                                                                                        JAPAn (TokYo)
                                                                                                                       MASSAchuSeTTS (boSTon)
                                                                                                                                                                        Ayako Kato (B.S.B.A. '98, B.S.B.A. '01)
                                                                              Photo courtesy Ralf mitteregger

                                                                                                                       Ulrike Robinson (B.A. '00, M.A. '02)
                                                                                                                                                                        MAlAYSiA (kuAlA luMPuR)
                                                                                                                       nevADA (lAS vegAS)
                                                                                                                                                                        Azali Adnan (B.S.B.A. '95, M.B.A. '97)
                                                                                                                       Marianne Molland
                                                                                                                       (M.A./M.S.I.S. '00)
                                                                                                                       E-mail:                    MAlAYSiA (PenAng)
                                                                                                                                                                        Lance Lai (B.S.B.A. '96)
                                                                                                                       new YoRk (buFFAlo)
                                                                                                                       Leon James Colucci (B.A. '94)
                                                                                                                       E-mail:                    MAlAYSiA (SAbAh)
                                                                                                                                                                        Shaifol Bahrin (B.S.B.A. '99, M.B.A. '02)
                                                                                                                       new YoRk (new YoRk ciTY)
                                                                                                                       Tim Grob (B.S.B.A. '00)
                                                                                                                       E-mail:                            noRwAY
                                                                                                                                                                        Svein Aage Mamelund (M.B.A. '95)
                                                                                                                NeW   > oRegon
                                                                                                                       Gary Woods (A.S. '94)
                                                                                                                       E-mail:               PAkiSTAn
                                                                                                                                                                        Arshad Mahmood (M.S.I.S. '03)
                                                                                                                       PennSYlvAniA (PhilADelPhiA)
                                                                                                                       Kimberly D. Guyer (M.A. '02)
                                                                                                                       E-mail:                         SeRbiA AnD MonTenegRo
                                                                                                                                                                        Misho Ognjanovic (B.S.B.A. '94, M.B.A. '96)
                                                                                                                       TexAS (SAn AnTonio)
                                                                                                                       Jim Temple (M.B.A. '91)
           •   Student loan consolidation / lock into fixed rate                                                       E-mail:                      SweDen
                                                                                                                                                                        Joey Joakim Almetoft (B.S.B.A. '96, M.B.A. '97)
                                                                                                                       viRginiA (noRFolk)
           •   20% discount on logo items at HPU Bookstore                                                             Amy Roberts (B.A. '02)
                                                                                                                       E-mail:                  TAiwAn
           •   Hotel and resort discount
                                                                                                                                                                        Jason C.H. Lee (B.S.B.A. '95)
                                                                                                                       wAShingTon (SeATTle)
           •   Car rental discount                                                                                                                                      E-mail:
                                                                                                                       Suzy Prenovost (B.S.B.A. '94)
                                                                                                                       E-mail:                         ThAilAnD
                                                                                                                                                                        Numpaoung Jaiyai (M.S.I.S. '00)
                                                                                                                       wAShingTon, D.c., noRTheRn vA,
           Look online to see other discounts                                                                                                                           E-mail:
                                                                                                                       AnD MARYlAnD
                                                                                                                       Veronica L. Harsley-Dean                         uniTeD ARAb eMiRATeS
                                                                                                                       E-mail:                      Joanna Al-Najjar (B.A. '98)
                                                                                                                                                                        uniTeD kingDoM
                                                                                                                                                                        Johan Olsson (B.S.B.A. '93)

24   H P U To d a y
                                                      THE FUTURE
                                wHat’s in             STARTS WITH
                                   HPU’s              YOU!
                                                      you and i can make a difference
                                                      for our University.
                                                      we can strengthen the HPU
                                                      student experience today.
                                                      we can make an investment
                                                      in HPU’s future.
                                                      your gift is important, so please
                                                      join me and donate.
                                                      — nash subotic
                                                         alumni annual fund chair

                                                      TO MAKE A DONATION
                                                      OR FOR MORE INFORMATION:
                                                      • Online gift:
                                                      • 808.544.0213

                                                      Pictured are (middle) nash subotic
                                                      (b.s.b.a. international business ‘02, M.b.a.
                                                      finance ’03) and HPU graduate students
                                                      Marc inouye and Mariya kirilova

                                                                          U.S. POSTAGE
                                                                          PERMIT NO. 1050
                                                                          HONOLULU, HI
Institutional Advancement
1060 Bishop Street, Suite 400
Honolulu, HI 96813