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This contract signed on the          of        in the year            between
of Yemen, hereinafter referred to as the School AND
 Of (address) . Hereinafter referred to as the employee is evidence that the
school will appoint the employee to the post of             for a period of two
school years beginning on the       day of         year          and ending
on the     day of        in the year        with the following conditions and


      a) The employee teaches 190days through out the academic year.
      b) The employee agrees to perform all teaching assignments, substitutions,
         supervisions and other assigned professional duties in accordance with the
         highest professional standards. The normal weekly class contact time is
         20 hours per week, which includes duties and cover grade6 to 12. This
         may be divided into teaching periods of 50 to 1hour as appropriate.
      c) Teaching loads in excess of 20 hours per week contact time will receive
         additional remuneration, the amount per lesson being based on the
         prevailing rate for locally hired teachers.
      d) Duties under the terms of this contract begin on arrival in Taiz.
      e) The school’s academic year runs from 29th August and ends towards the
         end of June. All teachers must be available for duties from 21 th August.


      a) The employee shall receive a monthly salary of tax free
         Plus one month bonus of               . Salaries will be paid in 12 monthly
         installments of the amount shown above. You will receive the first year
         bonus after the completion of 12months and the second year bonus in
         June, on completion of contract before leaving. Salaries will be paid on
         the last working day of each month. For the summer holiday you will be
         paid for the months June and July before you leave for your summer
         holiday which is usually around the 20th of June. You return between (20th
         to 22th August) and will be paid the August salary at the end of the month.
      b) On completion of contract all monies due will be paid on the last working
         day of June.(Normally 19th of June)
      c) The school reserves the right to withhold 50% of the last month’s salary to
         cover any outstanding expenses incurred by the employee. The balance of
         these funds will be transferred to the employee.
      d) For teachers starting the school late in the year, their August salary shall
         be based on each completed month of service. A teacher leaving one

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         employer to start at MAO School prior to January will receive their full
         holiday entitlement.


         a) In addition to the salary and bonus referred to in Article 2, the
            employee shall receive the following benefits from the school.

         b) Air transport, economy class, from                      (the teacher’s
            registered domicile) to Sana’a/Taiz each academic year.

         c) In the case of a two year contract, a married employee with children
            will: Be issued with a return ticket at the beginning and the end of the
            contract for a spouse and up to two dependant children up to the age
            of 16 years to enable them to join the employee.

         d) A baggage allowance of up to 30 kg as unaccompanied baggage shall
            be paid on presentation of receipts at the beginning and end of service
            with the school. ( this can be increased at the discretion of the
            Principal )

         e) The school will provide basic furnished single or married
            accommodation for overseas contract teachers. No permanent house
            guests are permitted. The school will cover the cost of utilities, except
            telephone, up to 6, 000 rails per month.

         f) The school reserves the right to withhold any portion of a teacher’s
            salary as may be necessary to cover the cost of damage, beyond
            normal wear and tear, caused by the teacher to school furniture or
            equipment. In the case of any dispute between the school and the
            teacher, the Principal shall be the final arbiter.

         g) Sick leave is accrued at a rate of one day per month, to a maximum of
            ten days per school year. A maximum of twenty days may be accrued.
            All days of sick leave require a sick note from a doctor approved by the
            school. Any leave in excess of accrued sick leave days may lead to a
            deduction in pay at a rate of 1/190 of the annual salary for each day of
            absence. Excess sick leave is not transferable.

         h) Medical treatment for the employee and dependants in Yemen will be
            covered by the school contributory medical insurance policy. This
            excludes costs for chronic, long-term conditions as determined by the
            school’s medical adviser, and prosthetics, in line with the school’s
            medical insurance policy. Maternity and Dental charges are also

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         i)   In the event of serious accident or illness necessitating treatment
              abroad, the school will pay for the round trip costs to the nearest
              appropriate medical facility.

         j) The school allows for maternity absence of 21 days (including
            Thursdays, Fridays and Holidays) with pay. In excess of this, the
            salary will be reduced by 1/190 th of the annual salary for each working
            day of absence. Teachers must have completed more than one
            calendar year of service before becoming eligible for such leave.

         k) For children of overseas hire staff, the school will provide a maximum
            of two scholarship places. Staff are expected to pay for the text books
            their children use, the registration fees, insurance and bus fare, if the
            bus is used.


         a) Summer holiday leave is earned at the rate of four days for each
            completed month of service.       You will receive your full salary
            entitlement for June, July and August if you start in September and
            finish 20th to 24th June. The holiday period normally runs from 23 rd
            June to 20th August. However there are minor adjustments each
            academic year for example the school normally requires staff to be in
            the school on the 23rd of Agust and the year normally finishes on the
            21st of June.
         b) Leave is normally taken when the school is closed during the summer
            break. You are also entitled to Government statutory holidays and
            religious holidays of Ramadan and Eid. There are a total number of 190
            working days during the academic year.


      In addition to fulfilling the general conditions mentioned in Article 1
      of this contract, the employee agrees to fulfill the following additional

         a) To be present at the time and place stipulated for the performance of
            his/her duties. Unexcused absences may lead to deductions from pay
            at the rate of 1/190 of the annual salary for each day of such
            unexcused absence.        Where absence for a period is agreed,
            deductions are at the Principal discretion.
         b) To carry out and abide by all legitimate instructions and regulations
            communicated through handbooks, circulars, memos or by direct
            verbal instruction regarding academic, pastoral or administrative duties
            or any other activity deemed as appropriate by the school for the
            achievement of the school’s academic and social goals.

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         c) Not to take up any assignments or employment with any third party
            while under contract to the school without the approval of the Board of
            Trustees of the school.
         d) Private tuition for Mohammed Ali Othman School students is only
            permitted with the written consent of the Principal.
         e) To keep confidential all information regarding student affairs. Such
            information can only be communicated through the school
         f) To keep the highest level of accuracy and confidentiality in relation to
            the preparation, production, administration, marking and recording of
            all examinations and student continuous assessments.


   This contract may be terminated under any of the following conditions:

         a) The initial three months of this contract is a probationary period. In
            the case of an employee failing to meet his/her professional and
            academic obligations to the satisfaction of the school, the school
            reserves the right to terminate this contract without prior notice. In
            the event of the contract being terminated in such a manner the
            teacher shall be repatriated but shall forfeit any other benefits.
         b) In the event of failure to meet the general conditions and additional
            contractual obligations by the employee, this contract may be
            terminated by the school. Normally misconduct would result in a
            verbal warning, if no improvement is shown; this will be followed by a
            written warning. Failure to show improvement after a third warning
            will lead to contract termination. In such a case, termination will result
            in the loss of all terminal benefits.
         c) Professional misconduct may also lead to termination of this contract.
            Such misconduct includes frequent or extended, unexcused absences;
            behaviour unbecoming to a professional entrusted with the care of
            young people, and failure to respect the Islamic beliefs, values and
            traditions of the People of Yemen. In particular this includes any
            attempt to introduce or propagate any other religious beliefs in or
            outside of the school. In any such cases termination will result in the
            loss of all terminal benefits.
         d) The school may terminate this contract at any time if any information
            supplied by the employee in the form of resumes or CVs, degree
            certificates, references, etc., are proven to be false. In such a case
            termination will result in the loss of all terminal benefits.
         e) The employee may terminate this contract early by giving two months
            notice in written to the Principal and on the understanding that
            terminal benefits will be forfeited (at discretion of principal).
         f) This contract may be terminated if either party gives written notice due
            to force majeure i.e. events beyond the control of either party, that
            make continuation of the contract unreasonable or impractical. In such
            events the school will provide such terminal benefits as it is able to in
            the circumstances.

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          Memo for Foreign Teachers
The preceding should be followed concerning the holiday’s (Emergencies &

         a) A Foreign Teacher who is ill must inform the administrative office in writing
            or by phone that he/she is sick, before 7:30 a.m.             It’s up to the
            administrative office to send a Doctor within 2 hours if in need of a Doctor.
            If there’s an emergency, you will be taken to the Hospital.

         b) In case of an emergency in the evenings or during the weekends (Thursdays
            & Fridays) you can go to the International or Al-Kindi Hospital with your ID
            card as they have been informed to treat you in case of an emergency. All
            other cases must be referred by the school medical team.

         c) If the school Doctor gives you a sickness certificate then no salary
            deductions are made for a total of 10 days per year. After this the
            deductions will be made at the schools discretion on a case to case basis.

         d) Non-notified absence from school will result in salary deduction if there is no
            convincing reason. For clarification see Abu Baker.

                                      Thank You

                                                                               Abu Baker

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