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					                                                                       July 10, 2009

News from the Chief

        I am very pleased to report that Sgt. Mark Chesnut this afternoon was transferred from
Vanderbilt University Medical Center to an acute rehabilitation facility. The good news is
Mark is getting better, although the recovery process is going to take a period of time.
Additional surgery is anticipated in the future. Mark needs his rest, and visitation at the rehab
facility is limited.
        The wounding of Mark on June 25 by an escaped and dangerous Mississippi convict
reminds us that nothing in police work is ever routine. Mark is truly a survivor and an
inspiration. I am thankful for his strength and his determination in the recovery process, and I
am thankful for the strong spirit of his loving wife, Michelle. The support of Mark’s family, his
colleagues in the MNPD, and the Nashville community is an important asset as he perseveres to
        As many of you know, the preliminary hearing for the two men charged with attempting
to kill Mark has been rescheduled for this Tuesday, July 14, at 9 a.m., on the Jail Docket.
        The Battle of the Badges Blood Drive in honor of Mark Chesnut will be held on Monday,
July 27, in the Sky High Lounge of Greer Stadium. The event, sponsored by the American Red
Cross, will run from 12 noon to 6 p.m. Law enforcement and the public at large are invited to
support this blood drive. You may schedule an appointment to donate blood by logging onto and entering MetroPolice as the sponsor code. Further information on the
blood drive is available from Sgt. Marjorie Haworth at the Training Academy, 862-7617.
        This police department has responded to a number of very serious events over the past
few weeks. The professionalism of all MNPD staff is absolutely evident. Thank you very
much for all that you do. I am very proud of this police department and its employees.

       After nearly four days of intensive investigation, which now includes the results of
laboratory testing by TBI scientists, and a review of all information and evidence presently
known and available, the Metropolitan Police Department has concluded that Steve McNair was
murdered by Sahel Kazemi, who then committed suicide by shooting herself in the head. There
is presently no evidence whatsoever of involvement by any other persons.
       While it will never be known exactly what was on Kazemi’s mind early Saturday
morning, the totality of the evidence allows for conclusions as to her actions.
       Based on the appearance of the crime scene, evidence collected, autopsy findings, and
laboratory testing, veteran police department homicide investigators believe that McNair was
seated on a sofa and was likely asleep when he was shot by Kazemi in the left side of his head
from a distance of a few feet. She is then believed to have shot him twice in the chest from a
distance of a few feet, before shooting him a final time in the right side of his head in what was
a contact wound. The totality of the evidence shows that Kazemi sat down on the sofa to
McNair’s right, put her pistol to the right side of her head and fired. Kazemi then collapsed into
McNair’s lap before eventually falling into the floor on top of the pistol.
       The TBI reported that:
    • All five recovered bullets came from the nine millimeter semi-automatic pistol recovered
       at the scene and purchased by Kazemi for $100 last Thursday evening;
    • All five shell casings recovered from the condominium were fired from the same nine
       millimeter pistol purchased by Kazemi;
    • Gunshot residue testing was inconclusive due to blood contamination; however, trace
       elements indicative of gunshot residue were found on Kazemi’s left hand, suggesting that
       she likely fired the gun using both hands;
    • No gunshot residue was found on the hands of McNair.
       Due to the lack of evidence of any struggle or defensive wounds, McNair’s physical
position on the sofa, and the trajectory of the bullet wounds, detectives believe it likely that
McNair was unaware Kazemi was about to shoot him.

                                         Sahel Kazemi

       Interviews with associates of Sahel Kazemi lead detectives to conclude that she was
becoming increasingly distraught over personal events in her life, including financial
       Detectives learned that Kazemi’s recent attempted sale of her Kia automobile had fallen
through, making her liable for payments on both the Kia and a 2007 Cadillac Escalade.
Although the Escalade was co-titled in the names of Kazemi and McNair, it appears Kazemi
was responsible for the payments. Her female apartment roommate had decided to move to
Pittsburgh, which would have left Kazemi with an effective doubling of her monthly rent
payment to the neighborhood of $1,000.
       Detectives learned that on Monday, June 29th, Kazemi remarked to an associate that her
“personal life was all screwed up.”
       Detectives have been informed that Kazemi recently learned of another young woman she
apparently believed to be romantically involved with McNair, and had even followed that
second woman to her place of residence, although there was no confrontation between the two.
       In the early morning hours of Thursday, July 2, Kazemi was stopped for speeding on
Broadway and was arrested for DUI.
       At 5 p.m. on Thursday, she consummated the purchase of the fully loaded nine millimeter
pistol from a private individual who, at Kazemi’s request, had come to the parking lot of Opry
Mills Mall, where she worked as a server at Dave & Buster’s. Kazemi was absent from work
for about two hours, until 7 p.m. When Kazemi returned to work, she was dismissed for the
       Detectives learned that on Friday, July 3, Kazemi remarked to an associate, “my life is a
ball of s… and I should just end it.” Kazemi was scheduled to work until 1 a.m. on Saturday,
but requested to leave early. She clocked out at Dave & Buster’s at 10:07 p.m. She is believed
to have gone to her Hermitage apartment, where her home computer showed activity until about
11 p.m. At some point she went to the condominium at 2nd Avenue South & Lea Avenue.
McNair arrived between 1:30 a.m. and 2 a.m. According to the person who dropped McNair
off at the condominium, Kazemi’s Escalade was already parked outside.

                             Discovery of the Bodies

      Based on preliminary cell phone information and a reinterview of Wayne Neeley,
detectives believe that Neeley was truthful when he said he arrived at the condominium shortly
before 1 p.m. and did not instantly realize that the two persons in the living room were dead.
Neeley, shocked and overcome by what he saw, telephoned Robert Gaddy at 12:51 p.m. Neeley
acknowledged that he did pick up and look at one shell casing in the living room before putting
it down. Gaddy arrived at the condominium at approximately 1:35 p.m. and placed a call to
911. That call disconnected. The operator immediately returned the call, during which Gaddy
gave details of the discovery. There was no evidence of the bodies, or the immediate area of the
bodies, being disturbed. The apparent 44 minute delay in calling 911, while it may appear
unusual, is not unheard of, and does not impact the conclusion of murder-suicide.

       The murder of Steve McNair is a tragedy for his family, the Tennessee Titans and the city
of Nashville. Detectives still have certain persons to interview before the investigation is
officially completed. However, the classification of murder-suicide is clear given all of the
evidence and information presently available. Should new and credible information and/or
evidence come to the police department’s attention in the future, that, too, will be thoroughly
Chief Ronal Serpas informs the media that the Metropolitan Police Department has concluded that Steve
McNair was murdered by Sahel Kazemi, who then committed suicide by shooting herself in the head.

                                       New Assignments

       Chief Ronal Serpas announced a shift of assignments involving nine police department
commanders and captains which took effect July 1 in keeping with his commitment to broaden
the management experience of precinct and division leaders.
        “As I told all of our captains and commanders more than one year ago, it is vitally
important for a police department our size to develop the careers of senior leadership by
exposing them to the challenges and rewards of managing various police department
components during their tenures,” Chief Serpas said. “Too often in police work, precinct and
division-level managers become stagnant by staying in one assignment for decades. That
practice is a disservice to not only the employees, but the citizens we serve.”
        “A number of the persons transferring to new assignments have been in their current
positions for several years. I have every expectation that all will be very successful in their new
        The nine captains and commanders taking on new assignments are:
             Captain Todd Henry, who currently oversees the Specialized Investigations
Division, will become the Commander of the Hermitage Precinct.
             Commander Michelle Richter, who currently oversees the Hermitage Precinct,
will become the Commander of the West Precinct.
            Captain Paul Trickey, who currently oversees the Strategic Development
Division, will become the Captain over the Specialized Investigations Division.
            Commander Mickey Miller, who currently oversees the West Precinct, will
become the Captain over the Warrants Division.
            Captain Karl Roller, who currently oversees the Warrants Division, will become
the Captain over the Identification Division.
            Captain Mike Hagar, who currently oversees the Identification Division, will
become the Captain over the Strategic Development Division.
            Captain Rita Brockmann-Baker, who currently oversees the Domestic Violence
Division, will become the Executive Officer in the Administrative Services Bureau.
            Captain Michelle Donegan, who is currently a Field Supervisor, will become the
Captain over the Domestic Violence Division.
            Captain Ben Dicke, who is currently the Executive Officer in the Administrative
Services Bureau, will become a Field Supervisor.
      In addition to the shift in assignments, 12 new Field Training Officers were also

                   Pictured (l-r) are Mayor Karl Dean, new Hermitage Precinct
                        Commander Todd Henry and Chief Ronal Serpas.
                                   New Field Training Officers

Pictured (l-r) are Chief Ronal Serpas, Officers Steve Cleek, Morgan Ford, Mike Evans, Sergeant Mary
Lee, Officers Aaron Wigginton, Brad Williams, Carl Stocks, Kevin Cooley, Richard King, Carlos
Anderson, Lee Bond, and Mayor Karl Dean.

                                      Auto Theft Division
        The Auto Theft Division received the 2008 Award of Merit from the Southeast Chapter
of the International Association of Auto Theft Investigators (SEIAATI) for their efforts in
reducing vehicle theft for five consecutive years.
       In 2008, the numbers of motor vehicle thefts in Davidson County were at their lowest
level since 1985; down 17.5% from the previous year.
       Auto Theft Detectives Billy Smith and Michael Fisher accepted the award June 22nd at
the SEIAATI 35th annual conference in Columbia, South Carolina.
              Pictured (l-r) are Auto Theft Detective Billy Smith, LoJack representative
                      Jimmy Hester and Auto Theft Detective Michael Fisher.

       The Guns for Universoul Circus Tickets Program was a great success. Over 80 guns,
including sawed-off shotguns and numerous semi-automatic pistols, were turned in by citizens
at area churches.

              Mayor Karl Dean expresses his appreciation to area church leaders and
          Universoul Circus for organizing and implementing the guns for tickets program.
                                       Drug Destruction
       The MNPD periodically destroys illegal drugs seized throughout the year along with
unwanted or expired prescription medication persons have turned in at various safe sites.
        Yesterday, four Evidence Storage employees, one person from the District Attorney’s
office and several SWAT officers were on hand as 3.15 tons of illegal drugs and relinquished
medications from 7,135 cases were destroyed at an undisclosed location.

                        Seized drugs and relinquished medications destroyed.

                                      Training Division

       The Metro police department’s officer ranks will grow by 38 Monday night as the city’s
newest police officers graduate from five months of training, receive their badges, and take the
oath of office.
       The graduation ceremony will begin at 6 p.m. at Schrader Lane Church of Christ, 1234
Schrader Lane (near TSU’s main campus).
       The 38 members of the graduating class began training on February 17. The new officers
will spend the next five to six months with precinct field training officers before patrolling the
streets by themselves.
       The public is invited to attend the graduation ceremony.
  Trainees learn room clearing tactics.

Sessions 60 & 61 prepare to raise the flag.
               Training Officer Amy Fulbright readies Session 61 for a morning run.

The Precinct News


      Flex officers participated in the J.C. Napier/Tony Sudekum community clean up event
which included a cook out and talent show at the Pruitt Library Branch on Charles E. Davis
Boulevard. Many residents of the area expressed appreciation for the officers’ attendance.

     Hermitage Precinct Crime Suppression Unit detectives checked an apartment in the 5600
block of Old Hickory Boulevard. Two marijuana plants were in plain view in the living room.
Seized during a consent search were the marijuana plants, two pistols and a shotgun. One of the
handguns had been reported stolen. 22-year-old Eric Knight was charged with felony marijuana
possession, theft and a Crooks with Guns law violation. Knight has a previous drug possession


       Alert police work by the South Precinct’s midnight shift Flex Team led to the arrests
early June 22nd of two admitted church burglars, one of whom pleaded guilty to burglary just
the week before in Criminal Court.
       At 1:22 a.m., a burglar alarm was received from Lighthouse Baptist Church on Blue Hole
Road. Officers quickly discovered that forced entry had indeed been made at the rear of the
facility. While canvassing the area, Officer David Boone spotted two individuals, Tevin Taylor
and Akoon Tong, both age 18, sitting in an apartment complex adjacent to the church. Boone
approached the pair, learned that neither lived in the complex, and spotted a mask underneath
them as they stood up. Tong was carrying a small backpack that contained items taken from
Lighthouse Church.
      Taylor was arrested for burglarizing the same Lighthouse facility and taking more than
$1200 cash on April 24th. He pleaded guilty to burglary in Criminal Court and received a two-
year probated sentence.
       During interviews with detectives, Taylor and Tong admitted to the burglary.

       A parolee with 13 burglary convictions on his record between 1996 and 2005 is back
behind bars after officers arrested him for breaking into the Texaco market at 815 Murfreesboro
       Royce Drennon, 51, who was recently released on parole in relation to an eight-year
sentence for a 2005 burglary, was arrested by Hermitage Precinct Sergeant Keith Stephens on
Murfreesboro Pike near the I-24 junction after Stephens saw that he closely matched the
description of the burglar provided by a witness.
       South Precinct detectives Lori Gross and Jarrad Rikal interviewed Drennon, who denied
any involvement in the burglary despite having small cuts on his arms, glass fragments on his
clothing, and more than $200 in cash and loose change in his pockets (the crime scene revealed
that the store’s front door glass was smashed with a brake rotor and that money was taken from
two cash registers).
       The store’s surveillance system was checked and clearly showed that Drennon was
responsible for the break-in.

      South Precinct Crime Suppression Unit detectives responded to a tip that Ronald
Jamison, 52, was growing marijuana on his apartment patio in the 400 block of Welshwood
Drive. Seized in a subsequent search were 44 marijuana plants. Jamison was cited for
marijuana and drug paraphernalia possession.

      Five teenagers suspected of being involved in a series of armed robberies in West and
South Nashville are now off the streets.
      Daniel Hambrick, 16, of Old Matthews Road, Quintel Hudson, 16, of Mayer Lane, and
Kevin Jenkins, 17, of Panorama Drive, were each charged at Juvenile Court with six counts of
aggravated robbery. They are being held in detention pending a hearing.
      Robert Brooks, 18, of Viking Road, and Kendall Jenkins, 19, of Panorama Drive, were
booked on six counts of aggravated robbery each. Kendall Jenkins is also charged with felony
evading arrest. Brooks is being held in lieu of $600,000 bail. Kendall Jenkins’ bond is set at
      The five teens are charged with riding around and robbing citizens on Basswood Avenue
and Elliott Avenue in West Nashville, and Murfreesboro Pike and Durrett Drive in South
Nashville. They wore bandanas and at least one of them carried a pistol.
       South Precinct Detective Derry Baltimore, who was working in an overtime capacity on a
robbery detection initiative, spotted the suspects’ car traveling on Nolensville Pike near Cotton
Lane. It was a red Chevrolet Impala which closely matched the description of the getaway
vehicle that had been broadcast in the West Nashville cases.
       When Baltimore activated his blue lights, the driver of the Impala, Kendall Jenkins, sped
away. South Precinct officers pursued the car until police helicopter pilots Jake Patterson and
Wayne Helm flew into the area and began monitoring the car’s movements. The ground units
turned off their emergency equipment. The Impala traveled onto Briley Parkway and into West
Nashville before crashing on the County Hospital Road exit ramp. The five suspects attempted
to flee on foot, but were quickly apprehended. Property taken in the robberies was recovered.
The suspects said they threw the pistol out of the car while trying to elude police.


      East Precinct Crime Suppression Unit detectives and Flex officers, with the assistance of
Special Response Team members, this week charged four persons as part of a year-long
investigation targeting street-level crack cocaine dealers. All of the suspects charged sold crack
to undercover officers at the intersection of Vernon Winfrey and Lischey Avenues. The
transactions were videotaped.
      Arrested on sealed grand jury indictments charging the sale of cocaine are:
    • Patrick Waller, 21, of Pennock Avenue
    • Jeremy Bishop, 21, of South 4th Street
       Also indicted on cocaine charges, but already in jail for separate offenses are:
    • Terry Dickson, 25, of Lischey Avenue
    • Michael Noel, 22, of Buena Vista Pike
Three other arrests are pending.
      This investigation is an extension of a similar initiative in High Point, North Carolina, in
which law enforcement and social service agencies partner together to intervene in the lives of
suspects who do not have lengthy arrest histories or prior crimes of violence. Although none of
the persons arrested today qualify for a unique program known as the East Nashville
Intervention Project (ENIP), in which charges are suspended in order to give them an
opportunity to turn away from criminal behavior, they will be offered help after serving their
      In addition to providing a second chance, ENIP is aimed at deterring crime associated
with the illegal drug trade, including aggravated assaults, robberies and property crimes.

      Convicted felon Steven Adams was arrested after complaints of drug activity at 3518
Slate Drive. East Precinct Officers Bradley Nave and Larry Cahill spotted several marijuana
plants in the backyard. Adams also had an outstanding warrant for failure to appear on a drug
possession charge. A total of eleven plants were seized.
      In addition to the outstanding warrant, Adams was charged with felony marijuana
possession and unlawful use of drug paraphernalia. Adams has two previous theft convictions.

       Outstanding police work by North Precinct officers and detectives led to the arrests of
two robbery suspects and a man wanted for murder.
       Convicted felon Demetris Parrish, 20, and Martez Dotson, 19, allegedly attempted to rob
two men just outside Bud’s Market at 1601 Buchanan Street. A witness reported Dotson and
Parrish, who was armed with a shotgun, approached the victims and demanded their belongings.
One of the victims, Arnie Cosby, 65, who has a valid handgun carry permit, fired shots at the
suspects who fled in a grey Dodge Avenger.
       A short time later, officers responded to Skyline Medical Center where both Parrish and
Dotson were located. Parrish had been shot in the leg. Both men were positively identified as
the robbers. The getaway car was also located. The shotgun believed to have been used in the
robbery was recovered from the vehicle’s trunk.
      Parish, of 26th Avenue North, and Dotson, of Whorley Court, are each charged with two
counts of attempted aggravated robbery. Parrish, who has two aggravated assault convictions,
is being held in lieu of $200,000 bond. Dotson, who has a drug possession conviction, is being
held on $150,000 bond.
      In a related arrest, North Precinct Patrol Officer Wes Terry spotted a suspicious car parked
near Bud’s Market after the robbery attempt. Officer Terry approached the vehicle and during
his investigation learned the front seat passenger was murder suspect Cordarrel Lee Buford,
who is now charged in the April 12th shooting death of a man on 25th Avenue North.
       Officers had been seeking Buford, 21, since swearing out a warrant against him April 13th
as the suspect in the homicide of Lawrence Mason. Buford, a convicted robber, was also in
possession of a loaded semi-automatic pistol at the time of this morning’s arrest.

       North Precinct Patrol Officer Christopher Cote arrested murder suspect Evan Renard
Johnson, who is charged in the June 11th shooting death of a man in the 1200 block of North 7th
       Officers had been seeking Johnson, 20, since swearing out a warrant against him June
17 as the suspect in the homicide of Frank James Wilson. Officer Cote spotted Johnson on
24th Avenue North. Johnson fled from the officer and was apprehended after a brief foot chase.
       Frank Wilson, 24, was shot in the roadway while arguing with a man who witnesses
subsequently identified as Johnson.


      A man was arrested a short time after he burglarized Game Fair Ltd. at 5703 Harding Pike
for a second time in less than a week.
       West Precinct Patrol Officer Brandon Smith responded to an alarm at the sporting goods
business at 4 a.m. Jarrett Mooneyhan, 20, drove out of the parking lot at a high rate of speed.
Officer Smith took evasive action to avoid being struck by the getaway Honda Accord.
Mooneyhan crashed a short distance away on Sedberry Road. He fled on foot. Mooneyhan’s
identification was located inside the car.
       At 9:30 a.m., West Precinct Detective Mike Moss and Patrol Officers Paul Sorace and
Peter Lynch took Mooneyhan into custody without incident at his Cross Creek Drive residence.
       Mooneyhan admitted to Detective Moss that he broke into Game Fair Ltd. July 5th and
also on June 30th. In the first break-in, Mooneyhan stole six handguns. He told Detective Moss
he had traded the weapons for drugs. He fled the second burglary empty-handed.
      Mooneyhan was convicted of DUI last year. He is charged with two counts of burglary,
aggravated assault against Officer Smith, and felony evading arrest.

       Alert police work by West Precinct officers led to the arrests of two convicted felons
involved in separate break-ins at two churches.
       Sergeant Jerry Ford and Officer Peter Lynch responded to a burglary alarm at Ebenezer
Missionary Baptist Church at 2624 Morena Street at 10 a.m. Quantiko Esaw, 28, was found
hiding in an upstairs closet. Despite repeated commands to surrender, Esaw fought with the
officers. He was taken into custody after a brief struggle. Esaw, of Joseph Avenue, is charged
with burglary, assault against Officer Lynch and resisting arrest.
       At the time of his arrest, Esaw was free on $14,000 bond accused of assaulting a North
Precinct officer in April. Esaw was released from prison last year after serving eight years for
robbery and possession of cocaine for resale convictions. He is being held on $38,000 bond.
       In the second case, Vincent Wells, 43, who is homeless, is accused of stealing a purse
from a car parked outside West End United Methodist Church at 2200 West End Avenue at
10:15 a.m. Officer Chad Barth spotted Wells a short time later on the corner of Elliston Place at
21st Avenue North. Wells was taken into custody without incident. A witness positively
identified Wells as the man who broke into the car. He is charged with burglary of a motor
vehicle and vandalism. It is believed Wells may be responsible for a recent rash of vehicle
burglaries in the area.
       Wells, a convicted felon for theft, also has previous arrests for assault and burglary.


       Central Precinct Officer Tony Heil arrested a man for drunk driving and leaving the scene
of an accident and later learned he was wanted for murder in Sumner County.
       Heil was traveling north on Rosa Parks Boulevard near Jefferson Street when he saw a
blue Cadillac with the driver’s door open and bent almost completely backward coming toward
him. Heil stopped the Cadillac, at which time the driver told him that he was following the
motorist who had just struck his car. Ironically, the suspect vehicle, a red Pontiac Grand Prix,
which was immediately in front of the Cadillac at the time of the traffic stop, also pulled over.
       The driver of the Pontiac, Chad Michael Foote, 26, of Emily Drive in Portland,
Tennessee, admitted that he had “way too much” to drink. He had an open 24 oz can of beer in
the console. There was a 12-pack of beer in the floorboard. Foote showed signs of impairment
while performing standard field sobriety tasks. He refused to take a breath test.
       Heil and assisting Officer Jonathan Shepherd charged Foote with DUI, leaving the scene
of a property damage accident, driving on a suspended license, violation of the open container
law, and an implied consent violation. Foote was still in the Metro Jail when Portland police
determined that he was a murder suspect and obtained a homicide warrant.
       Foote has convictions in Nashville for theft, assault, resisting arrest, and public

      Coordinated police work between West and Central Precinct officers led to the arrest of
an aggravated robbery suspect moments before he boarded a Greyhound bus to Florida.
      Jammie Alexander, 31, is accused of robbing a clerk at gunpoint June 22nd at Cash
Express at 7103 Charlotte Pike. The clerk reported she recognized Alexander because he
opened an account at the business in April.
      West Precinct officers learned Alexander was attempting to flee Nashville and alerted
Central Precinct officers who spotted him at the Greyhound bus station on 8th Avenue South.
He was taken into custody without incident.
      Alexander is charged with aggravated robbery.

Specialized Investigations Division

       Acting in response to neighborhood complaints, Specialized Investigations Division
detectives put an end to the exploits of “Kitty Kabin Lounge,” an underground bar, strip club
and prostitution joint based inside a home at 708 Oneida Avenue in East Nashville.
       The investigation shows that the operators would turn on a red light at 9 p.m. Wednesday
through Saturday evenings to signify that “Kitty Kabin” was open for business. Patrons would
be directed to park in an adjacent yard and walk to the house. Inside was a bar that offered
beer, liquor and marijuana. Women working at the establishment would strip for patrons in a
living room. Private dances took place in a nearby bedroom. Detectives have determined that
no one actually resided at the home.
       Numerous persons were inside when detectives executed a search warrant there June 19th.
The operators, Brooklyn Tankard, 21, and Adrian Hayden, 24, were both arrested and charged
with promoting prostitution, a felony. Hayden was also charged with unlawful gun possession.
One of the strippers, Chanel Berry, 25, was arrested and charged with prostitution for
performing a sex act with one of the patrons. Two other strippers were not charged.
       A bartender, Britney Tankard, 18, and four patrons were issued misdemeanor citations
for marijuana possession. They are identified as Jahmad Merrimon, 23, Leo Najeevlah, 58,
Steven Gutierrez, 26, and Sheikn Faye, 30.
Sex Crimes Section

       Accused South Nashville rapist Mauricio Morales is in custody after being captured in
Texas City, Texas.
       An extensive investigation by Metro Sex Crimes detectives and U.S. Marshal Fugitive
Task Forces in Nashville and Texas led to Morales’ arrest by deputy marshals at his sister’s
home. Morales was hiding in the attic. His car was hidden in her garage.
       The Davidson County Grand Jury has indicted Morales, 32, an El Salvadoran national, on
charges of aggravated rape, aggravated burglary and child abuse in connection with a case from
June 15, 2008 on Antioch Pike. In that matter, Morales is alleged to have broken into a 32-
year-old woman’s home while she slept, sexually assaulted her, and assaulted her four-year-old
son by throwing him against a wall when he tried to intervene.
       Morales has also been identified as the suspect in a January 30, 2009 rape on Madeline
Drive during which he is alleged to have entered the home of a 49-year-old woman while she
slept and raped her. Morales told the victim that he had been watching her for weeks.
       Neither victim knew Morales.
       Morales was convicted of aggravated burglary and aggravated assault in Houston, Texas,
in 1998. He was behind bars for six years before being deported from the United States in

From the District Attorney’s Office
Director of Communications Susan Niland

       A jury found Rodney Howard, 23, guilty of first degree murder in the February 2008
shooting death of Deltermaine Faust, 20, on Joseph Avenue.
       Howard faces an additional murder charge for allegedly beating Michael Scruggs, 47, to
death in March 2009. Howard was free on $150,000 in the Faust murder and was wearing an
electronic monitoring bracelet when witnesses reported he beat Scruggs at the rear of the
apartment complex where Howard lived. Scruggs, who was found next to his bicycle, suffered
a severe skull fracture.
      The Faust case was prosecuted by Jeff Burks and Stacey Smith. East Precinct Detective
Matt Filter was the lead investigator.

     Judge Mark Fishburn sentenced Ricky Lee Morgan to served 100% of a 23-year prison
term for the September 2007 brutal rape/robbery of a 22-year-old woman in the amphitheatre
area of Bicentennial Mall.
      Morgan, 51, who was homeless at the time of the attack, pled guilty in May to aggravated
rape and robbery.
      17-year-old Kevin Buford, Jr., pleaded guilty to fatally shooting Billy Jack Shane Tuders
during a January 2008 robbery attempt at a carwash on Clarksville Pike. Buford was sentenced
to 40 years. His co-defendants include his father, uncle and brother. Their trial dates have not
yet been scheduled.


Sergeant Sean Hanahan, East Precinct, and his wife, Lisa, are the proud parents of Mary
Christen born June 22.

Officer Jaime Scruggs, Interstate Interdiction Unit, and his wife, Ericka, are the proud parents
of Austin Evans Scruggs born June 19.

Glenda Taylor, Field Operations Division, and Officer Leon Taylor, East Precinct, are the proud
grandparents of Lily Kate Taylor born June 25.


Pauline Curtis, grandmother of Officer Greg Curtis, Hermitage Precinct, passed away June 19.

Madeline LaFlamme Grello, grandmother of Trainee Laura LaFlamme, Session 60, passed
away June 21.

Retired Canine Officer Nick Marino passed away June 23.

Jenise Renee Smith, aunt of Sergeant Jimmy Smith, East Precinct, and Officer Gary Smith,
North Precinct, passed away. Ms. Smith was the sister of Lieutenant John Wesley Smith who
was killed in the line of duty on May 14, 1980. Their father was the late Detective John Smith
who served from 1948 until 1976.

Virginia Burk, mother of Barbara Bolin, retired in 2008 after 29 years of service, passed away.
Ruby Cox, great aunt of David J. Layne, Specialized Investigations Division, passed away.
Retired Sergeant Willie B. Dunaway passed away June 27 at the age of 91. Sergeant Dunaway
served from 1951 to 1976.

Vernon Ogren, father of Sergeant Dan Ogren, East Precinct, passed away July 1.

Mary Armstrong, great-grandmother of Christina Dradt, Identification Division, passed away
July 1.

Officer Thomas W. Fisher, Identification Section, retired in 1989 after 35 years of service,
passed away July 2.

John Nipper, grandfather of Officer Chris Tuberville, North Precinct, passed away.

Allie Hickman, grandmother of Officer James Hickman, Hermitage Precinct passed away June

Theron Sinks, uncle of Officer Kevin Cooley, North Precinct, passed away.

Margaret Leftwich, mother-in-law of Investigator Grady Pinchon, Background & Recruitment
Unit, passed away.

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