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                                                                       LATEST NEWS
                               Discrimination Law                                                                  Mortgage Ruling Threatens Homes

Lawyer wins records £600,000.00 for her claim from the Crown Prosecution                       Mortgage lenders can take over a borrower’s home if they fall just 2 payments
Service.                                                                                       behind, the High Court has ruled.

Halima Aziz worked for the Crown Prosecution Service, appearing at Bradford                    They can apparently then sell the property without even needing to apply for a
Magistrates Court on many occasions. In October 2001 she was stopped by a                      Court Order, experts have warned.
Security Guard and told that she was a security risk. She then made a sarcastic
remark, stating that she was a “friend of Osama Bin Laden”. She then added that                Following the Hearing last month, Mr Justice Briggs, reinforced the law dated from
she totally disagreed fundamentally with the 9/11 attacks.                                     1925 which allowed lenders to sell the homes of people who were two months in
                                                                                               arrears, without going to Court.
As a result of what she said, she was suspended from work on allegations that
she had incited a riot at Bradford Magistrates Court between Asians and white                  This is devastating news for consumers, as the ruling means that mortgage
youths because, it was alleged, of her outspoken comments at the Court in                      lenders can now, in effect, bypass Gordon Brown’s demand that banks only seize
support of the 9/11 attacks.                                                                   homes as a last resort. Politicians and lawmakers yesterday called for an urgent
                                                                                               change to the law.
The original Tribunal Decision in 2004 accepted that these remarks had never
been made by Miss Aziz and that the CPS discriminated against her in                           Baser Akoodie, a Solicitor, said:
suspending her from work without first taking any action to establish whether there
was any evidence that she had made such remarks.                                               “This is not good news for Customers who are in arrears.                   Mortgage
                                                                                               repossessions are on the rise and it is important that Customers get full legal
On 1 September 2008 the Employment Tribunal published their decision on                        advice and should ensure that they attend Court if mortgage lenders proceed with
compensation. Miss Aziz received compensation to cover past and future loss of                 repossession cases. Although the rule is very alarming, it is important to
earnings, injury to feelings, aggravated damaged, pension and other losses. The                challenge the cases brought by mortgage lenders and to ensure that Judges at
CPS has been ordered to issue a full and unequivocal apology and to reinstate                  Local County Courts exercise their discretion in relation to repossession cases.
Miss Aziz.
                                                                                               It is also important to challenge costs added by the mortgage lenders in relation to
                    Loan Insurance Mis-Selling Scandal                                         mortgage repossession cases. If a person needs to go to Court it is important that
                                                                                               he/she asks the Court to assess costs on the day, which will be a lot less than if
PPI’s, which means Payment Protection Insurance in relation to loan, credit cards              the mortgage lenders add on costs to the existing mortgage debt”.
and mortgage cover, has come under scrutiny after Citizens Advice complained to
the Office of Fair Trading, as some consumers were sold policies they would                    The number of repossessions in Britain rose by 71% in the 3 months to June after
never be able to claim on.                                                                     more than 11,050 people lost their homes.

Basically, anyone who has got a personal loan, secured loan, credit or store card                                             Sofa Rash Claims
or mortgage or car loans may be able to reclaim thousands of pounds in relation
to the mis-selling of the insurance policies. There are currently millions of policies         Consumers who purchased certain sofas from Argos, Walmsley and Land of
which have been sold and the companies selling these policies make billions in                 Leather have suffered skin rashes and the cause has been identified as the
relation to revenue for the sale of these policies.                                            chemical dimephyl fumarate, a fungicide contained in a sachet inside the sofas.
                                                                                               This is actually inserted to prevent mould during shipping. Apparently crystals
These policies are sold with loans, credit cards, mortgages and other finances on              containing these sachets transform into toxic gas, when they are exposed to heat.
the basis that it will assist a borrower if he suffers a sudden shock in relation to his       This can then pass through clothes, causing the rash.
finances. In theory, it should cover the related loan repayments if someone is
suddenly made unemployable or falls ill. However, in practice, these policies                  A number of leather sofas, manufactured in China by Linkwise are affected.
rarely pay out and it is now possible to reclaim the amounts owed if the policies              Apparently over 1500 people have reported suffering symptoms which includes
have been mis-sold.                                                                            severe rashes and blistering.
The FSA has already fined several major companies in connection with the mis-                  Russell Jones & Walker are representing claims on behalf of a number of people
selling of loan insurance. However, there may be potentially many other                        and a group Litigation Order has also been granted for the claim. It is estimated
companies who have mis-sold these Payment Protection Policies.                                 that £6/£10 million could be owed in compensation if the claims are successful.
Baser Akoodie, a Lawyer who is dealing with a number of claims against various                 Most of the sofas have now been recalled and if you think you may have
companies says:                                                                                experienced a rash caused by dimephyl fumarate, you can request a patch
                                                                                               sensitivity test from your doctor.
“Unfortunately many people have taken out unnecessary Payment Protection
Insurance and this has increased the amount of the loan repayments and they
have also been charged interest, which I believe is grossly unjust and unfair”.                                Consumer Alert (Personal Injury Claims)

There are many ways to challenge these policies and it is important that people                It should be noted that Claims Management companies (Accident Claims
contact reputable companies or Lawyers dealing with these types of claims if they              companies) now have to be registered with the Ministry of Justice in relation to
wish to pursue matters further.                                                                Personal Injury Claims. Often these companies only act as middlemen and pass
                                                                                               on the name, address and claims to Solicitors. They actually sell the cases on to
Baser Akoodie also says:                                                                       Solicitors.

“I was involved in the reclaiming of bank charges. People like Marc Gander of the              Often these companies have no legal expertise and many are not covered by
Consumer Action Group and Martin Lewis of Money Saving Expert have assisted                    Professional Indemnity Insurance, so if something goes wrong a Customer will not
many people to reclaim bank charges and are in the forefront in relation to the                have any redress against them.
consumer backlash against banks and other financial institutions”.
                                                                                               Baser Akoodie, a Personal Injury Lawyer in West Yorkshire, has urged Customers
Solicitor Baser Akoodie of Baser & Co Solicitors is able to assist people in                   to go to Solicitors directly and cut out the middleman, who are often the claims
reclaiming Payment Protection Insurance and bank charges on a ‘No Win, No                      companies.
Fee’ basis.
                                                                                               “Most Solicitors will deal with the matter on a ‘No Win, No Fee’ basis and
If you require any further information you can contact Baser Akoodie on: 01924                 Customers will receive 100% compensation and expert advice from Solicitors who
452950 or mobile number 07949 854 415 for assistance.                                          are trained to deal with Personal Injury Claims and have the necessary knowledge
                                                                                               to ensure that they get maximum compensation”.

                                                                           LEGAL NEWSLETTER

                                  Sports Injuries                                                               Record Fine for PPI Mis-Selling
On 29 October 2005 in a Division 2 rugby match between Halifax and Redruth RFC,                Alliance and Leicester has been fined a record £7 million by the City
Mr Gravil, a prop forward for Halifax, was punched by Mr Carroll, a second row                 Watchdog for 3 years of mis-selling sales of Payment Protection
forward playing for Redruth RFC. The referee had already blown his whistle at the              Insurance (PPI).
time the punch was thrown. Both Mr Gravil and Mr Carroll were semi-professional
players and each had fulltime employment elsewhere. At the Disciplinary Hearing Mr             The Financial Services Authority said the bank had trained its Staff to
Carroll admitted that he had assaulted Mr Gravil.
                                                                                               put pressure on Customers who query the inclusion of optional PPI in a
Mr Carroll had a Contract of Employment with Redruth RFC. He received a match
fee of £250 per game and a £50 win bonus.
                                                                                               Alliance and Leicester apologised for its “shortcomings” and said it
Mr Gravil issued proceedings against Mr Carroll and also against Redruth RFC,                  would pay people back.
stating that they were vicariously liable for the actions of Mr Carroll. Mr Carroll was
understandably found liable in the first instance. Furthermore, the Court of Appeal            PPI is typically sold alongside a loan and provides cover if the debt
considered that there was a very close connection between the punch and Mr                     repayments cannot be met. The Financial Services Authority has
Carroll’s employment. The Court considered that the punch was so closely                       previously taken action against 15 firms over poor PPI selling
connected with Mr Carroll’s employment with Redruth RFC, that it was fair and just to          techniques.
hold them vicariously liable.
                                                                                               These include a fine of £840,000.00 for Liverpool Victoria Banking
The upshot of the decision is that all semi-professional Clubs must now seek to                Services and a fine of just over £1 million for HFC Bank.
obtain employment for their players under Contract on an Employer Liability basis.
This has had a dramatic and immediate effect.
                                                                                               Last month, the Financial Ombudsman Services said it had been
After the judgement was delivered, Public Liability Insurers began to inform semi-
                                                                                               deluged by complaints about PPI mis-selling.
professional Rugby Clubs that insurance policies they had in force would not cover
them for vicarious torts of the type committed by Mr Carroll.                                  In June this year, the Competition Commission concluded that banks
                                                                                               and credit card companies were overcharging their PPI Customers by a
It means that Clubs of this type, whether profit or non-profit making, must ensure that        total of £1.4 billion a year.
they have Employers Liability Insurance in place for those semi-professional players
under Contract.

                                                             HARASSMENT AND DISCRIMINATION
It is unlawful to discriminate against someone at work because of their: -

Sex; race; disability; colour; nationality; ethnic or national origin; religion; sexuality; age.

Discrimination can be either direct or indirect.

Direct discrimination occurs when a person is treated less favourably at work because of their sex, race, religion, sexuality, age or disability. For example, if an
Asian employee is not selected for promotion because of their race, this is direct discrimination.

Indirect discrimination occurs where a particular employee cannot meet the requirement that is not justifiable in terms of the work and they are at a disadvantage
as a result. For example, if the employer only gives training to fulltime workers, this would indirectly discriminate against women, as most part-time workers are

Harassment is also a form of discrimination. Harassment can include verbal abuse, suggestive remarks and unwanted physical contact. You may also be
discriminated against if you are victimised because you have tried to take action about discrimination, either on your own behalf or behalf of someone else. You
could also be discriminated against when you apply for a job, when renting or buying a house or flat, discrimination at school or college and also discrimination
when buying and using goods and services.

If you have been discriminated against or harassed at work, you can take legal action. At Baser & Co Solicitors we are able to advise you in any claims for
discrimination or harassment and explain how much all this will cost. It should be noted that if the matter proceeds to a County Court, and if a Client is
successful, he/she will normally recover his/her full legal costs. If the matter proceeds to an Employment Tribunal, most Solicitors will deal with it on a
Contingency Fee basis, which will mean they will take a percentage of any compensation received. Some Solicitors may actually charge for their full legal costs,
based on an hourly rate.

                                                                   SEPARATION AND DIVORCE
Recently published figures from the Office for National Statistics confirm that the number of divorces is increasing every year.

In England and Wales 70% of divorces in 2002 were to couples where both parties were in their first marriage. The corresponding proportion was 80% in 1982.

This downward trend largely reflects the fall in the number of first marriages. Over the last 10 years the average age of divorce has risen from 39 to 42 years for
men and from 36 to 39 years for women, partly reflecting the rise in age at marriage.

In 2002, the most frequent fact on which divorce was granted to a woman was Unreasonable Behaviour of her husband, while for a man it was Separation for 2
Years with Consent.

Unfortunately, in today’s stressful society, many couples are now divorcing and separating, which is a sad reflection on our society. When a marriage breaks up,
there are various issues that need to be dealt with and it is important that the affairs, in relation to financial matters, children, housing and other matters are
sorted out.

Where there are wealthy couples who are divorcing, it is important that a fair settlement is reached in relation to financial matters.

Legal Aid is available for divorce, but there are may Solicitors who will only deal with matters on a private basis. Increasingly, many couples are now entering
into pre-nuptial agreements before they get married, in order to protect them should the marriage break down. However, it should be noted that a pre-nuptial
agreement is not yet binding in English Law, but a Judge may well take this into account, providing it is fair and reasonable, when a marriage has broken down.

It is very rare for a divorce to be defended, as this could be very expensive in terms of legal fees. Most divorces proceed smoothly without any problems.
However, should the matter proceed in relation to financial matters and children matters, then it may be necessary to obtain the services of a Solicitor, as things
could get very messy.

                                                                               LEGAL NEWSLETTER

                         NEW FORCED MARRIAGE ACT                                                                       PERSONAL INJURY CLAIMS
The Forced Marriage (Civil Protection) Act 2007 came into force on 25 November 2008.                  It is important that if someone has an accident, or any other personal
                                                                                                      injury claim, he/she consults a Solicitor/Lawyer immediately. It is not
Basically a forced marriage is a marriage that takes place without the full and free consent          necessary to consult a Claims Management company, as all they do is
of both parties. “Force” is defined by the Act as including coercion by threats or other              act as middlemen and pass on the claims to a Solicitor. If you go
psychological means. Orders can include protecting a victim from intimidation and                     directly to a Solicitor you will receive the maximum compensation and
violence, revealing the whereabouts of a victim and preventing somebody from being                    Solicitors are fully trained and have the experience to deal in all
removed abroad. The Act recognises that not all victims will be able to make an                       aspects of Law and are up-to-date with Case Law in relation to
application personally to the Court, given that they may be taking action against people              compensation.
who are family members. An application can be made by the victim, “a relevant third party”
or an application by any other person with leave of the Court. It may also be possible that           A solicitor will not normally charge a Client and the case will normally
Applicants applying for leave will include friends of the victim, which could include teachers        be done on a ‘No Win, No Fee’ basis.
or doctors etc. In deciding whether to grant leave, the Court may take into consideration
the Applicants connection to the victim, the Applicants knowledge of the victim’s                     Baser Akoodie of Baser & Co Solicitors, who is an experienced
circumstances and the wishes and feelings of the victim insofar as these can be                       personal injury Lawyer, has been successful in recovering
ascertained in light of the victims age and understanding. A relevant third party could also          compensation and the most recent awards are as follows: -
include a Local Authority.
                                                                                                      1.   Mr J H had an accident at work. He sustained a crush injury to
It should be noted that a Forced Marriage Protection Order can be made against a wide                      his left middle finger and received compensation of £3,000.
range of people and Orders can apply to people who aid, abet, encourage or assist                     2.   Mr D A sustained a minor whiplash injury in a road traffic accident
another person to force or attempt to force a person into marriage, or conspire to force or                to his neck and upper back and received £2,000 in compensation.
attempt to force a person to enter into marriage.                                                     3.   Mr N B sustained a soft tissue injury to his lower back at work and
                                                                                                           received £7,500 compensation.
The Court may also make an Order without notice if there is a risk of significant harm to the         4.   Mr I H sustained a soft tissue injury to his pelvic, thigh and right
victim or another person if the Order is not made immediately; or whether it is likely that an             knee in a road traffic accident and received £3,500 compensation.
Applicant will be deterred or prevented from making an application; or whether there is               5.   Mr R D had a tripping accident and sustained a soft tissue injury
reason to believe that the Respondent is aware of the Proceedings, but is deliberately                     to his shoulder and ankle and received £6,000 compensation.
evading service and delay in effecting substituted service will cause serious prejudice to            6.   Dr T W sustained a fracture of his right ankle whilst cycling. He
the victim or an Applicant.                                                                                received £8,000 general damages and £5,000 loss of earnings.
                                                                                                      7.   Miss T S was swimming in a pool and sustained a soft tissue
It should also be noted that a Power of Arrest can also be attached if the Court considers                 injury to her left big toe and received £2,100 compensation.
that the Respondent has used or threatened violence against the victim. The Power of
Arrest means the police can arrest without a Warrant if the Order is breached. The person             These are just some of the examples in relation to compensation, but
arrested must be brought before the Family Court within 24 hours of arrest.                           obviously if the injury is quite serious then compensation will be
A Protection Order may be made for a specific period of time or until varied or discharged.
It should also be noted that only a small number of Courts will hear applications under the           Baser & Co Solicitors also has experience in relation to serious
new Act in the initial phase and these include the Principal Registry of the Family Division,         accident claims, which often are very complicated and require various
Birmingham Family Courts, Blackburn County Court, Bradford County Court, Bristol County               expertise from Solicitors, which unfortunately claims companies are
Court, Cardiff Civil Justice Centre, Derby Combined Court, Leeds Combined Court,                      unable to do.
Leicester County Court, Luton County Court, Manchester County Court, Middlesbrough
County Court, Newcastle-upon-Tyne Combined Court Centre, Romford County Court and                     If you have had an accident in the last 3 years and it is not your fault,
Wilesden County Court.                                                                                either at work, on Council property, on the road, or whilst driving a
                                                                                                      vehicle or being a passenger in a vehicle, and it is not your fault,
Finally, public funding is available under the same criteria as in other Domestic Violence            please contact us for a FREE CONSULTATION, to determine whether
cases.                                                                                                you have a valid claim.

              WHY SHOULD I MAKE A WILL?                                                                SO WHY MAKE AN ISLAMIC WILL?
No-one is obliged to make a Will, and lots of people don’t. But if you            To fulfil an important religious duty
want to plan for the future, as well as sorting out the tax situation, then       In the UK if you die without leaving a Will, ‘intestacy’ rules are used to distribute your
making a Will is a very good idea.                                                estate. These rules do not apply the same criteria as those laid down by the Shari ’a,
                                                                                  which is why it becomes an obligatory religious duty for Muslims in the UK to make an
There are many advantages in making a Will, not least your own                    Islamic Will.
peace of mind, which comes from knowing that you have put your
affairs in order. By making a Will you will ensure that your family and           To protect your family
friends are aware of your wishes. After all, the last thing anyone                Since UK law does not recognise Islamic marriages or divorces, an Islamic Will is often the
needs after someone has died is money worries or squabbles about                  only means by which Muslim spouses and their dependants can be guaranteed the shares
property.                                                                         to which they are entitled under the Shari ‘a. If you have children under the age of 18, and
                                                                                  you and your spouse should die, then the Courts will make the decision as to who looks
Primarily, of course, you will want to provide for your family’s future.          after them. By appointing legal guardians in your Will you can ensure that this doesn’t
Another benefit is that you can specify exactly where you want your               happen.
money and possessions to go. You can make special provisions for
other relatives, friends and even charities.                                      It gives you peace of mind
                                                                                  Unnecessary family disputes can often be avoided if you make a Will – and by appointing
You may want to give away items of sentimental, as well as monetary               trustworthy executors you can rest assured that your wishes will be carried out. Writing a
value. Only by making a Will with specific provisions can you be                  Will gives to you the opportunity to document payment of outstanding legal and religious
certain that the person you want to receive a special item will actually          obligations such as unpaid Mahr (dowry), Zakah and any other Kaffara.
get it. If you have children under 18, it is obviously important to make
provisions for them.                                                              It makes financial sense
                                                                                  It needn’t cost a great deal to make a Will, and can be a sound investment – especially
This will perhaps include a financial arrangement over and above that             since if you die ‘intestate’, your family will have to apply to the Courts to administer your
laid down in the intestacy rules; but may also be concerned with the              estate – a far more lengthy and costly process than if you have written a Will. A tax
appointment of guardians. You will want to think about your children’s            efficient Will can save on the amount of Inheritance Tax your family may have to pay after
future, in the unlikely event that you and your husband or wife dies at           you die.
the same time.
                                                                                  It gives you the opportunity to help those less fortunate
Then of course, there are financial advantages of making a Will.                  By leaving a gift in your Will to a charitable cause which has an ongoing benefit, it helps
Making Wills allows you to make sure every opportunity is taken to                not only the recipient(s) but can help you too – for Sadaqa JariyaI is one of only three
minimise the tax payable on your death.                                           actions that continue to be rewarded after you die. Leaving a legacy to a charity such as
                                                                                  Islamic Relief has financial benefits too for gifts left to charities registered in the UK are
Making a Will is also a good time to remember an organisation or a                free from inheritance tax which can save on the amount of tax your family may have to pay
charity you would like to benefit. Charities often depend on the money            after you die.
they receive from gifts in Wills as this is a very cost effective way of
raising funds. Barnsley Hospice, in particular, is dependant on the               Cost of a Will
goodwill and financial contribution of people from this area.                     A simple Will should not cost you a lot. However, Islamic Will is generally more expensive
                                                                                  than normal Wills and if there are issues of tax planning it could cost a lot more. However,
                                                                                  if no Will is made, the cost of dealing with the Estate and problems could be a lot worse.
                                                                                  Always consult a Specialist Solicitor in relation to Wills.

                                                                           LEGAL NEWSLETTER

                                                                BRITAIN’S 10 WORST SCAMS
The public should be aware of the following scams that have listed on their website:


How do they work?
Consumers are approached while on holiday or at home in the UK. The promise of a free holiday is used to lure them to a presentation where they are pressured into
signing up to a holiday club offering great value holidays all over the world in top-class accommodation.

In reality dates or destinations are not guaranteed and holidays are often not available when and where wanted. Victims later find out that the ‘free’ holiday isn’t free, as
they must pay for flights and other add-ons and go somewhere they don’t want to go at a time that doesn’t suit.


How do they work?
Consumers are contacted by letter, phone or e-mail and offered a chance to invest in shares, fine wine, gemstones, art or other ‘rare’ high-value items. The promise is
that these will rocket in value. But what is offered is often over-priced, very high risk and difficult to sell on.


How do they work?
Consumers, often friends or relatives, are asked to pay to become a member and are promised large commission earnings if they recruit others to the scheme. If enough
new members join, the pyramid will grow, possibly enabling some members to make money. But, in order for every member to make money, there would need to be an
endless supply of newcomers.


How do they work?
Consumers are contacted by someone saying they need help transferring money overseas, usually millions of dollars. Writers, who often claim to be a relative of a
deposed or dead politician, say they need to transfer this cash to a bank in their country, and that if the recipients let them use their bank account they can keep a big slice
for themselves. Victim supplies bank details which are used to plunder their account.


How do they work?
Consumers receive a letter, phone call or e-mail telling them they have won a major cash prize in an overseas lottery. They will often be told to telephone a sales agent
who will ask the victim to send money to cover administration, customs and taxes. The winnings do not exist and are never received.


How do they work?
Consumers reply to an advert offering fast loans regardless of credit history. Targets are told their loan has been agreed but before they can have the money they must
pay a fee to cover insurance on the loan. After the fee is paid the victim never hears from the company again.


How do they work?
Consumers attend a free presentation about making money from property investment. They are persuaded to hand over money to sign up to a seminar or course
promising to teach them how to make money dealing in property. Schemes may offer the opportunity to buy properties that have yet to be built at a discount. Victims lose
their substantial joining fees and end up with no property. A variation is a buy-to-let scam where companies offer to source, renovate and manage properties, claiming
good returns from rental income. In practice, the properties are near-derelict and the tenants non-existent.


How do they work?
Consumers receive text or automated phone message telling them that they have won a major prize and urging them to ring or text an 090 premium rate number. Calls to
the premium rate number cost up to £1.50 a minute and the caller is kept on the line listening to a recorded message for several minutes. Nearly everyone who responds
ends up with a cheap ‘giveaway’ item such as discount vouchers worth less than the cost of the call and may also be charged a delivery fee to receive their ‘prize’.


How do they work?
Consumers respond to adverts – sometimes pasted on lampposts – offering a quick way to make a lot of money without any skills or expertise. First, victims have to pay a
registration fee or to buy goods. Later they find there is no work or they will not be paid for any work done. Here are some common examples:

Addressing or stuffing envelopes: A registration fee is payable to join in return for simple advice on how to place similar advertisements to attract other people to the

Home assembly kits: A fee is payable to receive a kit for making items such as from baby boots, aprons or toys. The kit is usually inadequate for making the goods
required. The scammer promises to pay for the goods but then rejects them on the grounds that the work is sub-standard.

Home working directories: Promises of a variety of different home work opportunities in return for a fee of £10 to £25 are made, but the victim only receives a directory of
other companies who have their own registration fee and a list of shopping catalogues.


How do they work?
Consumers receive an official looking letter or e-mail notifying them that they have already won a large cash prize, government payout or other major award. To claim the
win the recipient must often send a fee of between £5 and £30. Or that an order must be placed for an accompanying mail order catalogue in order to claim the prize. In
reality the recipient is only being offered the opportunity to enter a prize draw or sweepstakes with a very small chance of winning the major cash payout.

This Legal Newsletter has been prepared by Baser & Co Solicitors.

If you require any information and advice, please contact Baser Akoodie at Al-Hikmah Centre, 28 Track Road, Batley, West Yorkshire WF17 7AA,
telephone 01924 452950 or mobile number 07949 854415 or e-mail at or visit our website at

Please Note:
The content of this Newsbrief is provided for general information purposes only and whilst we do our utmost to achieve accuracy, it is not intended to
be relied upon as a comprehensive statement of Law or to apply in every particular and individual set of circumstances. Please contact us directly
for individual advice.

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