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Different Ways of Betting on Horse Racing


									                                                  Presented by Daniel Toriola

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                                            Different Ways of Betting on Horse Racing
                                                                By Cliff Thurston

  Whether you are new to betting on horse racing or not, I hope that you’ll find this article useful as it
explains three different channels for betting on horse racing. They are all quite different to each other,
and there are nuances that if you're not sure about them, could mean you don't win as much as you

 It will also help you to understand which way is more appropriate to the way you want to bet, because
different people prefer different methods. Maybe you're hoping to interpret a horse racing tipster more
effectively or maybe you just want to understand the basics. Whichever you are, the following will give
you a grounding in what to look for.

Betting on Horse Racing 101

 The three different means of betting on horse racing that we are going to look at are standard or
traditional betting, spread betting, and Tote betting which is more frequently referred to as betting on
the Tote.

 I should also mention that recently, matched betting has also risen in popularity but this is perhaps not
as common as the other three and that I will cover it in a separate article.

 I would advise that if in particular you're a beginner, that you do not attempt matched betting unless
you have a solid grasp of the standard forms of betting on horse racing, otherwise you are only going
to get confused and potentially lose money.

Standard Betting Explained

 So, the first form of betting that we'll look at is standard betting. This is still the most popular way of
betting on horse racing and the one that most people tend to use when they start out betting. In fact,
it’s still the way I continue to bet today.

 Simply put, when you place a standard bet, whether its a bet to win (where the horse must win the
race for you to win your bet), or an each way bet (where the horse can finish in the first three or four
places), the bookmaker lays out their odds for each horse and these are set in stone, that is to say they

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                                              Presented by Daniel Toriola

cannot be negotiated. Odds do fluctuate and change depending on how much money is being placed
on the individual horses, but the prices are always determined by the bookmaker.

 To place a bet in this fashion, you simply select your horse, see if the odds appeal to you and if they
do, you place your bet. Once you have placed this type of bet, as a punter you know exactly what you
are going to win (or lose) right from the start, and so most people are comfortable with this type of bet
since you can manage your money more effectively, and this is so very important as a punter.

Why Is Spread Betting Different?

 Spread betting has become more popular in horse racing in recent years, although it started out as
being more popular in sports such as American football, rugby and cricket; sports where there is
potentially a large flexibility in the winning margin. It is also a popular method of betting for those who
trade the financial markets.

 Using this type of betting for horse racing is definitely not for the beginner, nor the faint hearted, as
there is generally the possibility that you do not know how much you stand to lose if you're unfortunate
enough to do so.

 To explain this as concisely as possible, spread betting on horse racing is taking either the jockey
index, winning distance or the distance of places between individual horses, and so involves a fair
amount of guessing on the margin, known as 'the spread' between them.

 It can be a very lucrative way to bet on horse racing, however the problem that I have with spread
betting is that you're never entirely sure exactly how much you stand to lose, and so can quickly run
yourself into massive debt without realising it if you are not careful.

 It is also a very technical means of betting on horse racing and as I've already mentioned, I do not
recommend this if you are a novice. In fact I do not entertain spread betting at all I must admit, it just is
not for me.

Betting On The Tote

Betting on the Tote, or Tote betting, is a relatively safe way of betting on horse racing as there are low
minimum stakes and your losses are controllable.

 In Tote betting, all of the monies from the bets placed on individual races are collected into what is
called a 'pool'. After the cost deduction of the bookmaker (The Tote) is deducted, the remaining
amount of money is divided out amongst the total amount of winners for that particular horse.

 Just like with standard betting, you know exactly how much you stand to lose if your horse does not
win the race, but the Tote is also unique in that you may stand to win more than you would through the
'traditional' racecourse bookmakers. Depending on how big the pool is for the race and which horse
wins, makes it possible to win more than you think you will.

 It is also down to the fact that the Tote calculates their prices differently to the traditional bookmakers
and is why the Tote is as popular a way of betting on horse racing today as its always been,
particularly for the novice because you can bet with very low stakes and so it is ideal if you are just
starting out.

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                                              Presented by Daniel Toriola

Cliff Thurston is the owner of Grosvenor Racing Club, which provides horse racing tips to its members.
You can also read his renowned horse racing blog for up to date views and news. Please visit

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                         Betting on Horse Racing Using Betting Exchanges Explained
                                                By Cliff Thurston

There’s no doubt that they’ve created a new era in the betting world. Betting on horse racing via betting
exchanges has revolutionized the way that we can place a bet now, but are they everything that we
think they are?

 You’ve most probably heard about them and you may have even seen them, but why has there been
such a buzz about betting on horses using betting exchanges, rather than the traditional bookie?

 In this article, I will explain the basics of what a betting exchange is, and why I think that using them
gives you a better chance of increasing your horse racing profits.

What Exactly Is A Betting Exchange?

 A betting exchange is essentially a betting arena if you like (Betfair being the most popular at this point
in time), that enables individual punters that have opposing views about, for example, a particular race,
to bet against each other.

 This is very different to how it works with a traditional bookie, where everyone is betting on horses with
the aim to beat the bookie himself. Betting exchanges are different, and in a sense they have cut out
the traditional bookmaker altogether.

 All bets placed on horses via betting exchanges, fall into two categories generally; some bets are
placed by users who may want to bet in the more traditional way – by backing a horse to win the race.
So in this type of bet, you select a horse that you think can win its race, and you place a bet on it to

 Other punters however, may think a horse will not win its given race and prefer to offer odds to other
punters. This is known as laying, and I will explain how this works in a little more detail now.

The Difference Between Backing and Laying

 Backing a horse to win works in essentially the same way, whether you are using a betting exchange
or a conventional bookmaker. So as I've just mentioned, you are betting that the horse will win the race
and if it does, then you win your bet.

 However, if you feel that a certain horse can not possibly win its race, then you can place what is
known as a ‘lay’ bet on the horse in question.

 What this simply means is that you are betting against the horse winning its race, and you are also
hoping that there are punters out there that disagree with you, and so they will back it to win.

 Its this type of scenario that has enabled betting exchanges to take betting on horse racing, as well as
other events too, to a different level.

Look At This In More Detail

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                                                      Presented by Daniel Toriola

 Here's an example - You may well be betting on horses and feel that a particular horse, lets call it
‘Three Legged Donkey’, cannot possibly win its race.

 What you are doing by placing a lay bet is essentially offering odds to other punters who may wish to
back the horse, as they think that it will win.

So you think the horse will lose, but they think the horse will win.

 In the event that ‘Three Legged Donkey’ doesn’t win its race, you pick up their (the backer's) stake
and so your bet is successful. However, if the horse does somehow win the race, then you must pay
out to them.

 How much you win or how much you have to pay out in the event of a loss is determined by how much
you've bet and what the odds are, much the same as in conventional betting.

 This is discussed in more detail in a subsequent article, but I hope that this gives you an idea of what
betting exchanges are, what they offer and why if you're someone who likes betting on horse racing,
you really need to have an account.

Cliff Thurston is the owner of Grosvenor Racing Club, which provides horse racing tips to its members.
You can also read his renowned horse racing blog for up to date views and news. Please visit

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