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                       Employee Referral Program (ERP)
The Employee Referral Program (ERP) provides current employees with
the opportunity to refer friends, ex-colleagues or known professionals
for career opportunities within [DEPT], and receive a cash bonus if the
referral is hired.

Program Definitions:

   1.   [COMPANY] is hereafter referred to as “______”
   2.   [COMPANY] Human Resources is hereafter referred to as “HR”
   3.   A submitted candidates resume is hereafter referred to as “Referral”
   4.   A candidates information card is hereafter referred to as “Super Buck”

Program Guidelines:

       An updated copy of the candidate’s resume and a completed Super Buck are
        required at the time of submitting the Employee Referral. All submittals
        should happen through HR.
       A bonus shall be paid to the referring employee if the candidate referral
        directly results in a full-time hire through ____.
       All candidate referrals will be tracked by HR via date & time stamp.

Employee Eligibility:

       All permanent employees are eligible to receive referral bonuses except:
           o   Directors, Vice Presidents and Senior Vice Presidents
           o   Human Resources employees who have a job grade of 8 and above.
           o   Employees of the recruitment function, whose primary function is
           o   Employees working in China and other special regions falling under this
               policy. For Non-US employees, please refer to HR for details.
           o   Members of the hiring department’s management team.
           o   Managers who submit a referral and are involved in the hiring process
               of that referral.
       All questions regarding eligibility will be reviewed by the HR Department. If
        necessary, the Director of HR has discretion to approve or deny any referral
       The candidate being referred must be aware that his/her resume has been
        submitted to [COMPANY] as part of the Employee Referral Program.

Candidate Eligibility:

       Candidates must accept a full-time offer-of-employment into a bonus-eligible
        position. Full-time positions do not include summer hires, internships, on-call,
        part-time or temporary positions.
     Candidates must not be a former employee.
     Candidate must not be a former employee who chose to voluntary separate
      with an included payment or severance.
     Candidates must not be currently employed with [COMPANY], or previously
      employed by [COMPANY], its subsidiaries, as contract labor, purchased labor,
      a consultant, or as an onsite subcontract employee - within the past twelve
      (12) months.
     Candidate details must not be submitted by another source (Advertisement,
      agency, job fair, website, etc), or previously submitted by another employee.

Payment Amounts and Levels

     Bonus eligible payout amounts and levels are as follows:
         o   $250         Non-exempt Positions
         o   $500         Exempt positions (Non-supervisory)
         o   $750         Exempt positions (Manager/Director)
         o   $1,000       Exempt positions (Vice President)
         o   $2,000       Exempt positions (Sr. Vice President)

Payment Guidelines:

     Employee’s submitting the referral shall be eligible to receive a bonus only if
      they are employed at the time the referred candidate successfully completes
      his/her ninety day (90) probation period, or period as defined by [COMPANY]
     Referral bonuses shall be paid if the referring employee and the referral are
      mutually employed within [COMPANY] at the time of pay date.
     Referral Bonuses are considered to be a taxable income and will be reported
      as part of the employees’ taxable compensation - including on W-2 forms.
     Referral Payments will be made within two pay periods after the successful
      completion of the referrals probationary period.

  Disputes and Judgements:

     The HR Department will determine whether-or-not all conditions for award
      eligibility have been met after the referral's start date.
     Once the referral has agreed to be submitted and the referring employee has
      provided an updated copy of the resumes, including a completed Super Buck,
      the employee shall receive an email from HR. This will be a referral
      confirmation for the employee.
     In the event the same candidate is referred by more than one employee or by
      more than one source, the referral bonus determination will be paid based on
      the earliest referral recorded date or the receipt date of the referrals from
      other sources.
     In the event of a dispute, the 
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