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Retiring Colours


									Colour Renovation: Fond Farewell
Now that you’ve seen the new colour collections,           to make room for the new! Also, as a demonstrator,
you probably have a favorite colour—or several—that        you know how effective a limited-time offering can
you’re sad to see go. But look at the bright side: with    be—make sure to take the opportunity to encourage
any retiring product, you have a fantastic opportunity     your customers to get all the ink and paper they
to contact your customers to make sure they have           think they’ll need before their favorite colours are
what they want before they’re gone!                        gone. New products can infuse your business with
                                                           excitement, helping you increase your sales, and
Incorporate the retiring colours over the next few         retiring, limited-time products can do the same!
months in your workshops and events for Make &
Takes or project demonstrations. This should help you      The chart below shows which colours we will bid
deplete any inventory you might have of those colours      a fond farewell to at the end of June 2010.

           Pink                   Almost                  Glorious               Barely                 Ruby
           Passion                Amethyst                Green                  Banana                 Red

           Pixie                  Bordering               Handsome               Yoyo                   Cameo
           Pink                   Blue                    Hunter                 Yellow                 Coral

           Pale                   Brocade                 Sage                   Summer                 Blush
           Plum                   Blue                    Shadow                 Sun                    Blossom

           Orchid                 Ballet                  Mellow                 Apricot                Creamy
           Opulence               Blue                    Moss                   Appeal                 Caramel

           Lovely                 Brilliant               Green                  Only                   Close to
           Lilac                  Blue                    Galore                 Orange                 Cocoa

           Lavender               Taken with              Gable                  Really                 Going
           Lace                   Teal                    Green                  Rust                   Gray

                                                                                                       © 2010 STAMPIN’ UP! CA_0310

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