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					                                  DRAFT Environmental Science Curriculum Map – 10-07-05

Time      Essential Questions         Content/Concepts                   Skills/Thinking Processes           Assessment
September                             Unit 1: Introduction to                                                1.
           What is                   Environmental Science                 Define environmental             Homework
             Environmental            Text:                                  science, and compare             Scientific Method
             Science?                 Chapter 1 Science and the              environmental science with
                                           Understanding Our
                                                                             ecology.                         Chapter 1 and lab
              How is science used            Environment                   List the five major fields of      safety Test
               to solve                    The Environment and              study that contribute to         Skittles Lab,
               environmental                  Society                        environmental science.             graphing
                                      Chapter 2 Tools of Environmental
               problems?                                                    Describe the major                 Histograms
                                            Scientific Methods              environmental effects of
              What are some local          Statistics and Models           hunter-gatherers, the           2.
               environmental issues         Making Informed                 agricultural revolution, and            Weekly Oral
               that affect my life?           Decisions                      the Industrial Revolution.               presentations
               (carries on                                                  Distinguish between                      on news articles
               throughout year!)                                             renewable and
                                      Environmental issues in the news
              What are the Major     (ongoing throughout year)              nonrenewable resources.         3.
               Fields that                                                  Classify environmental                  Homework
               Contribute to                                                 problems into three major               Oral
               Environmental                                                 categories.                              Presentations
               Science?                                                     Recognize examples of a                  on Chapter
                                                                             variety of environmental                 sections
                                                                            Describe “The Tragedy of
              How do living things                                          the Commons.”
               interact with each                                           Explain the law of supply
               other and their                                               and demand.
               environment in                                               List three differences
               ecosystems?                                                   between developed and
                                     DRAFT Environmental Science Curriculum Map – 10-07-05

                                                                                 developing countries.
                                                                                Explain what sustainability
                                                                                 is, and describe why it is a
                                                                                 goal of environmental
                                                                                Use descriptive statistics to
                                                                                 interpret complex data sets
October                                 Chapter 3 The Dynamic Earth             Describe the composition        4.
             How is the earth           The Geosphere                          and structure of the Earth.             Homework
                                         The Atmosphere
              affected by local,
                                         The Hydrosphere and
                                                                                Describe the Earth’s                    Poster/Oral
              regional, and global         Biosphere                             tectonic plates.                         Presentations
              problems?                                                         Explain the main cause of               Pick a species
             How does energy           Unit 2: Ecology                          earthquakes and their                    project
              flow through              Chapter 4 The Organization of Life       effects.                                What’s in an
              ecosystems?                Ecosystems: Everything Is             Identify the relationship                ecosystem lab
                                           Connected                             between volcanic eruptions              Chapter 2&3
          5.                             Evolution
                                         The Diversity of Living Things
                                                                                 and climate change.                      Test
           What are the main                                                   Describe how wind and
             types of ecosystems? Chapter 5 How Ecosystems Work                  water alter the Earth’s         5.
                                           Energy Flow in Ecosystems            surface.Define key terms        Species Project part II
                                                                                 related to ecosystems
                                                                                Describe the composition        Research project
                                                                                 of the Earth’s atmosphere.
                                                                                Describe the layers of the      Homework
                                                                                 Earth’s atmosphere.
                                                                                Explain three mechanisms        Reflective Writing
                                                                                 of heat transfer in Earth’s     after whale watch
                                                                                Explain the greenhouse          Test on ecosystems
                                                                                 effect.                         (covers 3 & 4)
DRAFT Environmental Science Curriculum Map – 10-07-05

                                      Name the three major
                                       processes in the water
                                      Describe the properties of
                                       ocean water.
                                      Describe the two types of
                                       ocean currents.
                                      Explain how the ocean
                                       regulates Earth’s
                                      Discuss the factors that
                                       confine life to the
                                      Explain the difference
                                       between open and closed
                                      Distinguish between the
                                       biotic and abiotic factors in
                                       an ecosystem.
                                      Describe how a population
                                       differs from a species.
                                      Explain how habitats are
                                       important for organisms.
                                      Explain the process of
                                       evolution by natural
                                      Explain the concept of
                                      Describe the steps by
                                       which a population of
DRAFT Environmental Science Curriculum Map – 10-07-05

                                       insects becomes resistant to
                                       a pesticide.
                                      Name the six kingdoms of
                                       organisms and identify two
                                       characteristics of each.
                                      Explain the importance of
                                       bacteria and fungi in the
                                      Describe the importance of
                                       protests in the ocean
                                      Describe how angiosperms
                                       and animals depend on
                                       each other.
                                      Explain why insects are
                                       such successful animals.
                                      Describe how energy is
                                       transferred from the sun to
                                       producers and then to
                                      Describe one way in which
                                       consumers depend on
                                      List two types of
                                      Explain how energy
                                       transfer in a food web is
                                       more complex than energy
                                       transfer in a food chain.
                                      Explain why an energy
                                   DRAFT Environmental Science Curriculum Map – 10-07-05

                                                                            pyramid is a representation
                                                                            of trophic levels.

November   6.                                                              Describe the short-term and      Homework – map
            How is mapping           Chapter 5 How Ecosystems Work         longterm process of the           your house/yard
                                       The Cycling of Materials
              useful in                How Ecosystems Change
                                                                            carbon cycle.                    Weekly Oral
              understanding                                                Identify one way that             presentations on
              ecosystems?                                                   humans are affecting the          news articles
            How are mapping          Chapter 6 Biomes                      carbon cycle.                     3D topographic
              and aerial               What Is a Biome?                   List the three stages of the       map project
                                       Forest Biomes
              photography useful                                            nitrogen cycle.
                                       Grassland, Desert, and Tundra
              in environmental           Biomes.                           Describe the role that
              science                                                       nitrogenfixing bacteria play
                                      Chapter 7 Aquatic Systems             in the nitrogen cycle.
                                       Freshwater Ecosystems              Explain how the excess use
                                       Marine Ecosystems
                                                                            of fertilizer can affect the
                                                                            nitrogen and phosphorus
                                                                           List two examples of
                                                                            ecological succession.
                                                                           Explain how a pioneer
                                                                            species contributes to
                                                                            ecological succession.
                                                                           Explain what happens
                                                                            during old-field succession.
                                                                           Describe how lichens
                                                                            contribute to primary
                                                                           Describe how plants
                                                                            determine the name of a
DRAFT Environmental Science Curriculum Map – 10-07-05

                                      Explain how temperature
                                       and precipitation determine
                                       which plants grow in an
                                      Explain how latitude and
                                       altitude affect which plants
                                       grow in an area.
                                      List three characteristics of
                                       tropical rain forests.
                                      Name and describe the
                                       main layers of a tropical
                                       rain forest.
                                      Describe one plant in a
                                       temperate deciduous forest
                                       and an adaptation that helps
                                       the plant survive.
                                      Describe one adaptation
                                       that may help an animal
                                       survive in the taiga.
                                      Name two threats to the
                                       world’s forest biomes
                                      Describe the difference
                                       between tropical and
                                       temperate grasslands.
                                      Describe the climate in a
                                       chaparral biome.
                                      Describe two desert
                                       animals and the adaptations
                                       that help them survive.
                                     DRAFT Environmental Science Curriculum Map – 10-07-05

                                                                           Describe one threat to the
                                                                            tundra biome.
                                                                           Describe the factors that
                                                                            determine where an
                                                                            organism lives in an
                                                                            aquatic ecosystem.
                                                                           Describe the littoral zone
                                                                            and the benthic zone that
                                                                            make up a lake or pond.
                                                                           Describe two
                                                                            environmental functions of
                                                                           Describe one threat against
                                                                            river ecosystems.
                                                                           Explain why an estuary is a
                                                                            very productive ecosystem.
                                                                           Compare salt marshes and
                                                                            mangrove swamps.
                                                                           Describe two threats to
                                                                            coral reefs.
                                                                           Describe two threats to
                                                                            ocean organisms.

December   7.                           Unit 3: Populations                Describe the three main       7.
            Why is it important        Chapter 8 Understanding             properties of a population.           Homework –
              to treat wastewater?                                         Describe exponential                   chapter
                                         How Populations Change in
                                           Size                             population growth.                     assignments
              Is treatment the only     How Species Interact with        Describe how the                  Weekly Oral
               option?                     Each Other.                      reproductive behavior of           presentations on
                                                                            individuals can affect the         news articles
                         DRAFT Environmental Science Curriculum Map – 10-07-05

   Why do I need to        Chapter 9 The Human Population       growth rate of their             Water Filtering Lab
                             Studying Human Populations
    have safe drinking                                           population.                      Chapter 5 Test
                             Changing Population Trends
    water?                                                      Explain how population
                                                                 sizes in nature are
   Does water              Chapter 10 Biodiversity              regulated.
    conservation mean I        What Is Biodiversity?           Explain the difference
    have to go without         Biodiversity at Risk             between niche and habitat.
    it?                        The Future of Biodiversity      Give examples of parts of a
                                                                Describe the five major
                                                                 types of interactions
                                                                 between species.
                                                                Explain the difference
                                                                 between parasitism and
                                                                Explain how symbiotic
                                                                 relationships may evolve.
                                                                Describe how the size and
                                                                rate of the human
                                                                 population has
                                                                changed in the last 200
                                                                Define four properties that
                                                                 scientists use to predict
                                                                 population sizes.
                                                                Make predictions about
                                                                 population trends based on
                                                                 age structure.
                                                                Describe the four stages of
DRAFT Environmental Science Curriculum Map – 10-07-05

                                       the demographic transition.
                                      Explain why different
                                       countries may be at
                                       different stages of the
                                       demographic transition.
                                      Describe three problems
                                       caused by rapid human
                                       population growth.
                                      Compare population
                                       growth problems in more-
                                       developed countries and
                                       less developed countries.
                                      Analyze strategies
                                       countries may use to reduce
                                       their population growth.
                                      Describe worldwide
                                       population projections into
                                       the next century.
                                      Describe the diversity of
                                       species types on Earth,
                                       relating the difference
                                       between known numbers
                                       and estimated numbers.
                                      List and describe three
                                       levels of biodiversity.
                                      Explain four ways in which
                                       biodiversity is important to
                                       ecosystems and humans.
                                      Analyze the potential value
                                       of a single species.
DRAFT Environmental Science Curriculum Map – 10-07-05

                                      Define and give examples
                                       of endangered and
                                       threatened species.
                                      Describe several ways that
                                       species are being
                                       threatened with extinction
                                      Explain which types of
                                       threats are having the
                                       largest impact on
                                      List areas of the world that
                                       have high levels of
                                       biodiversity and many
                                       threats to species.
                                      Compare the amount of
                                       biodiversity in the United
                                       States to that of the rest of
                                       the world.
                                      List and describe four types
                                       of efforts to save individual
                                      Explain the advantages of
                                       protecting entire
                                       ecosystems rather than
                                       individual species.
                                      Describe the main
                                       provisions of the
                                       Endangered Species Act.
                                      Discuss ways in which
                                     DRAFT Environmental Science Curriculum Map – 10-07-05

                                                                                efforts to protect
                                                                                endangered species can
                                                                                lead to controversy.
                                                                               Describe three examples of
                                                                                worldwide cooperative
                                                                                efforts to prevent
January    What causes air              Unit 4: Water, Air, and Land                                         8.
           pollution?                   Chapter 11 Water                       D                             Homework –
                                         Water Resources                                                       chapter
           What are primary and          Water Use and Management
                                         Water Pollution
           secondary pollutants?                                                                              Weekly oral
                                        Chapter 12 Air                                                          presentations on
           How do natural                What Causes Air Pollution?                                            news articles
           conditions affect air         Air, Noise, and Light Pollution                                     Chapter Test
           quality?                      Acid Precipitation
                                        Chapter 13 Atmosphere and Climate
           How can air pollution be      Climate and Climate Change
           controlled (or                The Ozone Shield
           prevented)?                   Global Warming

           What are the effects of
           air pollution on human

           What is acid rain?

           What are the effects of
           acid rain on the
February                                Chapter 14 Land                                                      8.
        DRAFT Environmental Science Curriculum Map – 10-07-05

              How We Use Land                                     Homework –
              Urban Land Use                                       chapter
              Land Management and
                                                                   Weekly oral
           Chapter 15 Food and Agriculture                          presentations on
            Feeding the World                                      news articles
            Crops and Soil                                        Chapter Test
            Animals and Agriculture

           Unit 5: Mineral and Energy
           Chapter 16 Mining and Mineral
              Minerals and Mineral
              Mineral Exploration and
              Mining Regulations and Mine

           Chapter 17 Nonrenewable Energy
            Energy Resources and Fossil
            Nuclear Energy.

           Chapter 18 Renewable Energy
            Renewable Energy Today
            Alternative Energy and

April      Chapter 19 Waste
       DRAFT Environmental Science Curriculum Map – 10-07-05

             Solid Waste
             Reducing Solid Waste
             Hazardous Waste

May       Unit 6: Our Health and Our
          Chapter 20 The Environment and
          Human Health
           Pollution and Human Health
           Biological Hazards

          Chapter 21 Economics, Policy, and
          the Future (note that this is a
          common theme throughout the year)
           Economics and
           International Cooperation
           Environmental Policies in the
              United States
           The Importance of the

June      Chapter 21 Economics, Policy, and
          the Future (ctd)
           The Importance of the

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