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					             Dartmouth College Employee Performance Evaluation and Development Plan

Period Reviewed: from                   to
Employee’s Name:                                                         Dartmouth ID #:
Title:                                                                   Department:
Name & Title of Evaluator:
Evaluator’s Signature: ________________________________________________            Date:                      Ext.:
Employee’s Signature: _________________________________________________            Date:

(NOTE: This signature only indicates that the employee and supervisor have discussed the information contained in this form.)

This role relates to the College and dept mission by:

Section 1: Please list the employee’s key responsibilities, projects, and activities for the review period or you may attach a current job

1.                                                                         5.

2.                                                                         6.

3.                                                                         7.

4.                                                                         8.
Summary of ability to complete and meet expectations of these responsibilities, projects and activities:

Section 2: Upon completion of this evaluation, please indicate the employee’s overall performance rating by checking one box below:
   C – Clearly Outstanding
   E – Exceeds Expectations
   M – Meets Expectations “good performance”
   B – Below Expectations
   U – Unacceptable

Section 3: Rating Section
Using the scale above, rate the employee’s performance on the following performance criteria:
Some criteria may not be appropriate for a particular position. In this case, write N/A in the rating column and do not include in the average
rating. You may also add performance criteria or other information to the rating section, as appropriate .

  Performance Criteria                                                Comments                                             Rating
  A. Job Knowledge
  The extent to which the employee:
   Understands aspects of position and demonstrates ability to
      perform job duties and responsibilities
   Is current on the latest concepts, techniques and methods
      relative to his/her discipline(s) and areas of responsibility
   Pursues further advancements to overall job-related knowledge
  B. Quality of Work
  The extent to which the employee's work:
   Conforms to established standards/requirements and reflects
      attention to specific direction and instructions
   Is accurate, thorough, presentable, appropriate, clear, concise
  C. Productivity, Accuracy and Timeliness
Performance Criteria                                                  Comments   Rating
The extent to which employee
 Yields appropriate work output or volume
 Work is correct, exact and precise
 Establishes and accomplishes goals, objectives and routine
    operating duties in a competent and timely manner
D. Problem Identification, Solving and Analytic Skills
The extent to which the employee
 Determines and isolates problems of various dimensions as
    opposed to symptoms
 Identifies causes and formulates effective solutions
 Effectively facilitates/implements solutions

E. Initiative. Innovation and Creativity
The extent to which the employee:
 Develops new ideas, alternative methods, suggests different
    procedures, enhancements to existing conditions, and overall
    improvements within his/her area(s) of responsibility
 Promotes/facilitates innovation/creativity on the part of others
 Is self-starting, resourceful ,creative as applied to duties of
F. Teamwork and Cooperation
The extent to which the employee:
 Acts as a cohesive member of a team; demonstrates appropriate
    interactions with employees throughout system.
 Achieves goals/objectives specifically by working
    with/through others
 Is cooperative and easily obtains cooperation from others
 Is a willing participant in problem solving regardless of
    whether or not direct bearing on his/her area of responsibility
 Compromises, is flexible, recognizes the needs of the overall
 Is willing to make concessions when appropriate
G. Interpersonal and Communication Skills
The extent to which the employee:
 Fosters an environment of collaborations, teamwork and
    mutual respect through effective communication
Performance Criteria                             Comments                              Rating
   Demonstrates effective communication skills, oral and written
   Effectively articulates own position while taking into
    consideration conflicting views and/or positions
 Listens and interacts effectively without alienating others
 Effective communication style with all levels of personnel
H. Compliance
Extent to which employee
 works within legal, regulatory and ethical practice standards
    relevant to the position
 follows safe practices required for the position
 complies with appropriate policies and procedures
 brings potential compliance matters to supervisor
 complies with training requirements, as appropriate to position
I. Consumer Relations/Hospitality/Service
Extent to which employee
 Demonstrates an understanding of service standards and strives
    to achieve them, treats all with respect and dignity, and
    demonstrates courtesy in all interactions
 Achieves positive relations within his/her span of control, and
    contributes to a positive public image of the overall
 Is accessible an appropriate with users of department services
J. Cost Effectiveness
The extent to which the employee:
 Effectively budgets time, is well organized and focused
 Conserves, preserves and economizes where expendable
    resources are concerned
 Actively supports department/hospital cost containment
K. Financial Responsibilities
The extent to which the employee:
 Demonstrates skill and competence in managing financial
 Effectively manages resources, supplies, equipment, overtime
    and/or other typical fiscal components
Performance Criteria                                                 Comments   Rating
   Participates in and is successful at budget preparation and/or
    compliance for his/her area(s) and can provide acceptable
    justification for variance
 Contributes to overall sound financial management
L. Human Resources Management
The extent to which the employee:
 Actively supports equal opportunity, diversity and cultural
 Develops mutual trust and respect; maintains cohesive,
    supportive , productive work environment
 Completes performance evaluations effectively
 Develops employees through on-going coaching, counseling
    and training
 Selects competent employees with advancement potential and
    minimizes turnover.
  M. Leadership
  The extent to which the employee:
   Sets realistic standards, encouraging efficient, productive
   Takes charge, sets direction, organizes, encourages, inspires,
      and motivates others to do what needs to be done for the
      benefit of the department and overall institution
   Is assertive and self confident in a tactful and positive manner
      in the discharge of his/her responsibilities
   Anticipates change or the need for change and helps others
      understand and deal with it pro-actively and successfully.
  N. Compliance
  The extent to which the Director, Manager and Supervisor:
   Informs supervised employees of policies and legal, regulatory
      and ethical requirements of their position.
   Promote monitor and enforce staffs’ compliance with such
      policies and requirements.

                                                                Average Rating =

  The following sections should be used to guide your plan to help the employee develop and progress toward his/her own goals and aspirations,
  Or to overcome recognized deficiencies in his/her job performance. If you need additional space, please attach another page.

Section 5: Major Strengths

Section 6: Areas Needing Improvement
Section 7: Future Growth and Development

Section 8: Comments

Employee’s Comments:

Evaluator’s Additional Comments:

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