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                                   Spanish holiday home to rent
                                                  in La Manga Del Mar Monor, Murcia, Spain

       Mike Sampson, The Rose House, Worrall Hill, Lydbrook, Gloucester GL17 9QD, United Kingdom
 Telephone: 01594 860101 Mobile: 07831 577585 email:

Contact details
Title:                                            First Name:                                                     Surname:


City                                              County                                                          Postcode                                   Country

Daytime telephone no:                                                                                             Evening telephone no:

Mobile number:                                                                                                    Email:

Booking details

Booking reference no:                                                       Arrival date:          D D MM Y Y                              Departure date:      D D MM Y Y
Booking reference number as given at initial telephone booking

Inbound Flight No:                                                          Flight Arrival Time:                                  AM/PM    Airport:
Outbound Flight No:                                                         Flight Departure Time:                                AM/PM    Airport:
Number of adults in party:                                                  Number of children in party:

Do you require                                    Transfers to be arranged:                                                                Welcome pack:
Please tick if required - details of additional costs will be sent with your con rmation alternatively call for details prior to booking

Insurance: We highly recommend you take out whatever insurance you require as we as owners do not accept liability for injury, howsoever caused. Owners cannot accept any responsibility for any third
party claims, accidents, damage or loss of the clients property, or for any expenses incurred for whatever reason, so advise you take out adequate travel/medical/personal accident and cancellation
insurance to cover all your possible holiday claims

Payment details

Please attach your cheque to this booking form with your name, address and booking reference on the reverse and
complete the information below:                                 Signed:

                                                  Cheque Number:                   Please make cheques payable to: Mike Sampson

                                                  Total cost of accommodation:
                                                  30% Deposit payable with booking form:                                                                                               £100.00
                                                  Returnable security fee:
                                                  Total enclosed with this booking form:

                                                  Grand total:

                                                  Balance due 4 weeks prior to departure:

                                                   Con rmation of your booking will be sent on receipt of deposit.

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