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Mohamed Osman - CDC


									                                   CURRICULUM VITA

       I. Personal Data

NAME                  Mohamed Osman Ahmed Osman

NATIONALITY           Egyptian

             6 Samir Mokhtar Street, El-Golf
             Heliopolis, Cairo, Egypt.
             Telephone: 202-2907042 (Mobil: 0105340126)

WORK ADDRESS: Cairo Demographic Center
              78 Streat No. $ El-Hadaba El Olya,
              Mokatam 11571
              Cairo, Egypt.


       1981-84:       Cornell University, USA, Ph.D., Population Studies.
       1977-79:       Madison University, USA, advanced studies in economic
       1974-76:       Institute of Statistical Studies and Research, Cairo Univ., MA.
       1972-74:       Institute of Statistical Studies and Research, Cairo Univ., Diploma,
       1964-69:       Ain Shams University, Cairo, B.Sc., Ag. Econ.


         Work experiences include eleven years in international development organizations and
over fifteen years in government, university, and NGOs. Professional experiences include
population analysis and including demographic considerations in planning for the social sector
projects; management of statistical systems for multinational development institutions;
economic-demographic analysis and modeling.
Professional skills include ability to use statistical computer programs such as SPSS and SAS;
using demographic packages for analysis and projections such as: DEMOPROJ, SPECTRUM,
PYRAMIDS and Microsoft Office software.

      (1)     Cairo Demographic Center, El Mokattam , 87 Street 4 Cairo, Egypt
               Title      : Consultant and staff member
               Duration   : March 1998 - November 1998 & Jan. 2001 - Present
               Discipline : Population and Development

      Accomplishments and Responsibilities:
      Cairo Demographic Center (CDC) is a training and research institute established under the
      joint sponsorship of the United Nations and the Government of Egypt. The CDC provides:
      training at various levels to international and national specialists working in the field of
      population; advisory services in the field of population programs and undertakes research in the
      field of population in wide number of countries served by the center.

      My responsibilities in CDC include consultations in population and development issues in
      Africa, supervising of diploma and master's thesis, coordination of training programs,
      consultations in management, monitoring and evaluation of population programs.

(2)   International Labor Organization (ILO), Cairo Area Office
             9 Tahah Hussein St. Zamalek, Cairo Egypt
             P.O. box 1121
             Title         : National Program Manager (NPM)
             Duration      : Nov. 1998 - Dec. 2001
             Discipline    : Management of Social Sector Programs

      Accomplishments and Responsibilities:
      Responsibilities as a NPM included: preparation of action programs together with partner
      institutions; supervising and guiding project managers; monitoring and reviewing progress;
      establish and maintain good working relations with government and partner organizations.

      During the two years I worked for the ILO Area Office in Cairo, as a NPM for the International
      Programme on the Elimination of Child Labour, 2 programmes are successfully completed and 7
      programmes are at various stages of preparation.

      (3)     African Development Bank
              01 B.P. V 1387 Abidjan, Cote D'Ivoire

              (a)    Duration     : Feb. 96 to Oct. 97:
              Title        : Chief, Statistics Division
              Discipline   : Management and Statistics

       Accomplishments and Responsibilities:
      - Designed and supervised the implementation of new procedures for improving the statistical
      reporting system for Bank Group operations. Participated in the design and implementation of
      statistical system for procurement of goods and services.

      - Developed procedures for collection and integration of relevant social and economic data from
      international institutions for the uses of operations departments in the Bank. Established socio-
      economic data base for member countries to facilitate preparations of reports and statistical

        publications of the Bank.

        - Planned and administered methods for improving quality and timeliness of data for country
        programming, planning and research in the Bank.

    -       Publications produced under my responsibility (during 1995-97)
            (I) African Development Report. Oxford Univ. Press (Third Part).
                (II) Selected Statistics on Regional Member Countries;
                (III) Compendium of Statistics, and
                (IV) Co-financing Statistics.

               (b)    Duration      : Oct. 92 - Jan. 96
               Title        : Principal Population Officer
               Discipline   : Social Sector Projects

        Accomplishments and Responsibilities:
        Duties included preparation, appraisal/evaluation and implementation of social sector projects.
        Preparation of country programming and needs identification documents for population, poverty
        alleviation, health, and education lending operations.

        Responsibilities, as a principal officer, included: team leader and task manager, for several
        population, heath, education, and poverty alleviation projects in East and Southern African
        countries (Uganda, Kenya, Swaziland, Zimbabwe, Mauritius).

        Other designations include participation with technical consultant team in updating the
        operations manual of the Bank Group; use of effective techniques for project appraisal and
        management; and improving the design of country programming and strategic perspective
        documents and evaluation of social and economic impacts of projects.

       (4) National Population Council (NPC), Cairo, Egypt.
                                    (Formerly Pop. and Family Planning Board, PFPB)
              Duration      : July 89 to Sep. 92
Discipline    : Management of Population and Family Planning Programs.

(a) Title      : Director, Institutional Development Project

        Accomplishments and Responsibilities
        The project aimed at strengthening NPC capabilities in formulating population policies,
        developing appropriate strategies, and implement programs to achieve national population
        objectives; and upgrade the capabilities of NPC regional offices for program management and
        monitoring activities.

        Achievements as a project manager included successful implementation of different institutional
        reforms: preparation of national and local population plans; multi-year planning; restructuring
        the project organization; preparation of guidelines for program implementation and job
        classifications; needs assessment for training programs; and technical assistance and capacity
        building for local offices. The implemented reforms aimed at restructuring NPC to be able to
        manage client-oriented program and be more responsive to shareholders demands.

             (b) Title              : Director, Office of Statistics
                 Discipline         : Management and Statistics
                 Duration           : Sep. 79 - April 85

      Accomplishments and Responsibilities:
      The statistical office of the PFPB is responsible for data collection and analysis needed for
      monitoring and evaluation of the national population program.
      Achievements include designing and implementing statistical and reporting system for
      monitoring family planing supplies and asses contraceptive use and participated in preparation
      and implementation of information system for family planning supplies.

      Designed and implemented information system for the "Population and Development Program"
      at the national level. Designed community level data questionnaires and developed information
      system for assessing impact of community variables on family planing use in rural areas.

      (5) Islamic Development Bank, Jeddah, Saudi Arabia (I was on leave from PFPB).
              Duration           : May 1985 - June 1989
              Title              : Senior Information Officer
              Discipline         : Information Systems and Statistics

      Accomplishments and Responsibilities:
      Participated in the establishment of the Information Center of the Islamic Research and Training
      Institute (IRTI). Responsible for preparation of country profiles for member countries. Designed
      and implemented procedures for data collections and exchange of information from "focal
      points" in member countries; prepared questionnaires for data collection; and conducted training
      needs assessment for data collection and information systems for statistical agencies in member
      countries of the Bank.

      Other responsibilities included socio-economic data collection for member countries,
      systematization and validation of data; establishment and updating of socio-economic databases;
      and liaison and coordinate the use and utilization of databases from international institutions
      such as the WB, IMF, and UNESCO, and information networks.

(6)   Wisconsin Seminar on Natural Resource Policies in Relation to Economic
      Development and International Cooperation", Univ. of Madison - Wisc.USA.

      Duration           : Sep. 77 to Aug. 79
      Title              : Research Assistant,
            Nature of Org.       : Academic; International Seminar

      Accomplishments and Responsibilities:
      - Assisted in the use of global models, such as Limits to Growth Model, Club of Rome Model,
      and BACHUE Model of the ILO, for regional forecasts for the Arab world.

      - Joined the Center for Development studies at the University of Madison-Wisconsin as a
      graduate student.

- Prepared two technical documents for the seminar: "The Contributions of Economic-
Demographic Models to the Study of Population Growth and Economic Development"; and "An
Economic Demographic Model for the Study of Population Growth and Economic

(7)     The American University in Cairo, Demographic Projection Analysis Project
        Duration           : Aug. 74 to Aug. 77
        Title              : Research Assistant (Demographer)
        Nature of Org.     : Academic

Accomplishments and Responsibilities

- Worked on developing computer models suitable for use in developing countries for
demographic projections and analysis of economic-demographic interactions.

- Adapted and used several models for demographic analysis for Egyptian data such as:
Demographic Projection for Developing Countries by the Population Council, USA (FIVFIV
and SINSIN programs); UN Population Division subroutines for demographic estimates from
incomplete data; and U.S. Bureau of the Census "Long Range Planning Models".

- Prepared two working papers around the theme of simulation models for demographic analysis
for Egypt.

- Worked as a coordinator and trainer in the seminar for "The Use of Economic Demographic
Models for Developing Countries" Offered by the Computer Center of the American University
in Cairo.


A) Cairo Demographic Center (CDC): Sep. 1984- June 1985.
 Courses Taught: Introduction to Sociology and Introduction to Demography.

B) Institute of Statistical Studies and Research: 1984-85.
 Courses Taught: Demographic Analysis, and Research Methods.


A) FAO and CDC: 1984-86. Consultant and trainer for basic manual on "Teaching Demographic
Techniques for Faculties of Agriculture in Africa". Translated the FAO manual, and discussed it
in two workshops in Nairobi 1985, and in Cairo 1986.

B) Family Health International (FHI): 1989-92. Consultant, and trainer on research methods, and
data collection and analysis, "Workshops on Family Planning Operations Research"; and
supervised two operations research studies for the ministry of health, Egypt.


(a) Workshop on "Systems Theory and its Applications" held during 1975-76. Offered by the
School of Engineering Univ. of Pittsburgh USA, and the Computer Center of the American Univ.
in Cairo.

(b) Workshop on "the Use of Microcomputers for Demographic Analysis in Developing
Countries" offered By the Population Council, USA, Cairo during September 1986.

(c) Workshop on "Environmental Assessment for Multilateral Development Institutions",
Yamasokro, Cote D'Ivoire, 1996.

(d) Workshop on "Basic Management Skills for International Development Banks" offered by
Edu-Plus of Canada, Abidjan, Cote D'Ivoire, and June 1996.

(e) Workshop for "Planing and Budgeting for International Development Banks: Activity Based
Budgeting", offered by Ernest & Young of Switzerland, Abidjan, Cote D'Ivoire, September 1996.

                  Arabic: mother tongue
                  English: fluent spoken and written
                  French: understanding but poorly spoken

        VIII. Recommendation Letters & References
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