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rest assured mattress


									                                               Memory Mattress foam

Our company "Memory Mattress foam” developed in response to the ever growing number of mattress and mattress
pad shoppers who have heard about benefits of memory foam, with given proper information to make a proper
buying decision.

Our aim is to make information buyers out of every foam mattress shopper.

We will never doubt have heard that Memory Mattress foam is a revolutionary sleeping technology that relieves
pressure points and helps you sleep better at night. Our goal is to provide you with the finest product selection of
temperature-sensitive memory foam mattresses, adjustable beds, custom mattresses, and accessories, all of which
rival industry in quality and style. In addition to offering memory foam mattresses from popular vendors, also offers
custom mattresses. We can cut a memory foam mattress for any custom size – including memory foam mattresses
for boats, RVs, hospital beds, and more.

"Memory Mattress foam" also carries a wide selection of mattress and memory foam bed accessories; including
pillows, mattress toppers, mattress overlays, and other sleep system extras. Available features include Internal
Concealment Units™ to protect your valuables, CoolMax by Dupont® fabrics to reduce heat & moisture, BIOFlex®
medical magnets to increase circulation & reduce pain, lumbar support, and much more. We suggest taking the time
to read through our informative articles and product descriptions until you find the memory foam mattress or
adjustable bed that is perfect for you – and be sure to take a look at our 30 Night Satisfaction Guarantee!

Our most important features are:-

    i.     Disturbed sleep if you don't have the right routine.

 Food and drink - eating and drinking too much before you retire is a recipe for poor sleep. Alcohol and caffeine
stimulate the brain and a large meal will be digested whilst you try to sleep. Only eat a very little before you turn in for
the night, and have a warm, milky drink, which will help to make you feel sleepy.

    ii.    TVs and computers

 Many people have televisions, DVD players, computers and radios in their bedrooms. Watching TV or movies before
you go to sleep is unlikely to help you sleep - and if you fall asleep with the television on, your sleep is likely to be
disrupted later in the night. If you can do without your appliances in your room then you should. Beds are often the
cause of the aches and pains in our backs. A base that suits one person with back trouble may not be right for
another, which is why you should always talk to a knowledgeable salesperson and, most importantly, try out a
number of options before you buy. Consider both the bases and the support.

    iii.   Rest Assured Affinity
    iv.    Cotton stress free mattress

 Please take some time to explore our line of memory Foam Mattress and adjustable beds, where you’ll enjoy the
same quality of Temper-Pedicle and other top manufacturers without the high prices. Our company is dedicated to
customer service.

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