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									Undergraduate Studies Program

Scholarship Application

Purdue Employees Federal Credit Union Citizenship Award
The Purdue Employees Federal Credit Union (PEFCU) Citizenship Award is a one-time, $1,000 non-renewable award for a first-year student in the Undergraduate Studies Program. Applications will be reviewed by the committee, with selection by March 2. Note: Recipients of the Trustees or Presidential Scholarship are not eligible to receive the PEFCU Citizenship Award. Please print clearly or type Name: ________________________________________________________________________________________
First Middle Last

Address: ______________________________________________________________________________________ City: ___________________________________________ State: ____________ Zip Code: __________________ Telephone: ( ) __________________________ Purdue ID number: 0 0 ___ ___ ___ - ___ ___ ___ ___ ___

E-mail Address: ________________________________________________________________________________ High School GPA: ________ / ________ Is GPA weighted? Yes No Class Rank: ________ out of ________

High School Name: ______________________________ City & State: ___________________________________ H.S. Telephone: ( ) _____________________ Name of Principal: _________________________________

Name of Guidance Counselor/Teacher/Principal Making Recommendation: ________________________________ Name of Person Making Recommendation re: your community service, etc.: ________________________________ Have you been admitted to Purdue University’s Undergraduate Studies Program (USP)? College entrance test scores: Yes No

SAT: Critical Reading ___________ Math ___________ Writing ___________

ACT: English _______ Math ________ Science _______ Reading ________ Writing _______ Composite ________ Honors courses taken: ___________________________________________________________________________ _____________________________________________________________________________________________ Honors Received: ______________________________________________________________________________ _____________________________________________________________________________________________ Employment: __________________________________________________________________________________

Community service & extracurricular activities (indicate # of years of involvement):_________________________ _____________________________________________________________________________________________ _____________________________________________________________________________________________ _____________________________________________________________________________________________ _____________________________________________________________________________________________ _____________________________________________________________________________________________ _____________________________________________________________________________________________ _____________________________________________________________________________________________ _____________________________________________________________________________________________

Essay: On a separate sheet of paper, please answer the following questions in a cohesive essay. (Please type your statement, and limit it to 250 words or less.) 1) Define “good citizen” and outline your thoughts on the value and benefits of being a good citizen in your community. 2) Describe a specific service project/organization you’ve been involved with, and what you’ve learned from being involved with that project/organization. Please enclose: a) Copy of High School transcript b) Letter of Recommendation from High School Guidance Counselor/Teacher/Principal c) Letter of Recommendation from Person familiar with your community service & volunteer experiences d) Essay Please read & sign below: I hereby give permission to the Undergraduate Studies Program to release pertinent information concerning me to the news media and PEFCU if I am awarded the Purdue Employees Federal Credit Union Citizenship Award. I also agree to submit a thank you letter to USP for delivery to the scholarship donors should I receive the award. ____________________________________
Signature of Applicant


Send completed application to: ATTN: PEFCU Award Dr. Susan Aufderheide, Director Undergraduate Studies Program Young Hall, 8th floor 302 Wood Street West Lafayette, IN 47907-2108

Deadline for submission: Application (and all supporting materials) must be postmarked by February 2, 2009 Please do not fax application or supporting material. Selection by March 2, 2009

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