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					Fellow, last name Fellow, first name Email                                          Organization

Ahmady            Ajmal             aahmady@mba2007.hbs.edu                         Acap Development Trust

Arden             Ben               barden@mba2007.hbs.edu                          Pine Street Inn

Beale             Kina              kbeale@mba2007.hbs.edu                          New Sector Alliance

Berkof            Howard            hberkof@mba2007.hbs.edu                         American Society of Mechanical Engineers (ASME)

Biezychudek       Katarzyna         kbiezychudek@mba2007.hbs.edu                    UNDP, Growing Sustainable Businesses Initiative

Boland            Clare             clare.boland@gmail.com                          Aavishkaar India Micro Venture Capital Fund

diamond           Erika             ediamond@mba2007.hbs.edu                        Green Order

Dicker            Laura             ldicker@mba2007.hbs.edu                         UMass Memorial Medical Center

Gordon            Clare             cgordon@mba2007.hbs.edu                         UN Development Program

Gray              Joshua            jgray@mba2006.hbs.edu; jogray@mba2007.hbs.edu   Office of Senator Barack Obama

Ismail            Omer              oismail@mba2007.hbs.edu                         Acumen Fund
Keenan          Kristen    kkeenan@mba2007.hbs.edu          Nonprofit Finance Fund (NFF)

Krishnamurthy   Vani       vkrishnamurthy@mba2007.hbs.edu   Lincoln Center for the Performing Arts

Lee             Laura      llee@mba2007.hbs.edu             Uncommon Schools

Lehr            Jackson    jlehr@mba2007.hbs.edu            GreenOrder

Love            Charmian   clove@mba2007.hbs.edu            Council for Business and the Arts in Canada

Macoun          Alex       amacoun@mba2007.hbs.edu          Social Ventures Australia

Mayo            Rodrigo    rmayo@mba2007.hbs.edu            Endeavor/CallForce Direct

McBride         Kristy     kmcbride@mba2007.hbs.edu         EdBuild

Medoff          Kara       kmedoff@mba2007.hbs.edu          Lincoln Center for the Performing Arts

Merchant        Kunal      kmerchant@mba2007.hbs.edu        The New Teacher Project

Milder          Brian      bmilder@mba2007.hbs.edu          EcoLogic Finance
Moodley Naidoo   Roshini      rmoodleynaidoo@mba2007.hbs.edu   Blue Cross Blue Shield MA

Mucalov          Adrian       amucalov@mba2007.hbs.edu         UNDP, Growing Sustainable Businesses Initiative

Murphy           Andrew       amurphy@mba2006.hbs.edu          Nature Conservation Research Centre

Naqvi            Syed Qasim   snaqvi@mba2007.hbs.edu           World Bank

Narayan          Meghana      mnarayan@mba2007.hbs.edu         Acumen Fund

Owczarski        Pawel        powczarski@mba2006.hbs.edu       TechnoServe

Rethore          Alexandra    arethore@mba2007.hbs.edu         New Sector Alliance/BCG

Rodriguez        Cindy        crodriguez@mba2007.hbs.edu       Geneva Global

Salehi           Pouyan       psalehi@mba2007.hbs.edu          United Nations Development Program

Samtani          Archana      asamtani@mba2007.hbs.edu         NY Presbyterian Hospital

Scopaz           Lauren       lscopaz@mba2007.hbs.edu          Golden Gate Community, Inc. - Pedal Revolution
Seelenberger   Alexander   aseelenberger@mba2007.hbs.edu   ACCION

Serafini       John        jserafini@mba2006.hbs.edu       Mountains for Miracles

Shetty         Manisha     mshetty@mba2006.hbs.edu         Acumen Fund

Singhvi        Ankit       asinghvi@mba2007.hbs.edu        Rocky Mountain Institute (RMI)

Spivey         Lori        lorispivey@hotmail.com          United Nations Development Program, GSB Initiative

Stefanov       Borislav    bstefanov@mba2007.hbs.edu       InvestBulgaria

Sylverius      Andreas     asylverius@mba2007.hbs.edu      Global Sustainable Business (GSB) - UNDP

Tademoto       Gregory     gtademoto@mba2006.hbs.edu       United Nations Development Program

Talati         Hilla       htalati@mba2007.hbs.edu         US Dept of the Interior, Office of Insular Affairs

Tandon         Anita       atandon@mba2007.hbs.edu         New Sector Alliance

Taxin          Elizabeth   etaxin@mba2007.hbs.edu          Lincoln Center for the Performing Arts
Viana    Daniel      dviana@mba2007.hbs.edu    Bridges Community Ventures

Watson   Tres        mwatson@mba2007.hbs.edu   New York City Hall

Won      Young-Jee   ywon@mba2006.hbs.edu      UNDP, Growing Sustainable Businesses Initiative

Community/Economic Development

Human and Social Services


Entrepreneurship & Innovation

International Development/Relief

International Development/Relief



International Development/Relief


Community/Economic Development






Community/Economic Development




Green lending to rural producers in
developing countries

International Development/Relief



Venture Fund

Community/Economic Development

International Development/Relief


International Development/Relief


Social Enterprise/Youth Development


Venture Fund


International Development/Relief


Community/Economic Development

International Development/Relief

Community/Economic Development

Non Profit Consulting

Venture Fund

Community/Economic Development

International Development/Relief
Description of Organization

The Acap Development Trust has committed to support the economic renewal of Afghanistan by providing access to
financing for small-and medium-sized businesses.

Pine Street Inn is New England's largest homeless shelter, serving 1,200 adult men and women each day across all of its
programs, including outreach, emergency shelter and job training.

New Sector Alliance is a nonprofit social enterprise that works in partnership with leading academic institutions and
businesses to deliver high quality, affordable consulting services to nonprofit organizations and other social sector

Founded in 1880, today's ASME is a 120,000-member professional organization focused on technical, educational and
research issues of the engineering and technology community.

The role of the GSB initiative is both to identify and develop pro-poor yet commercially-sustainable business models thereby
extending access of needed goods and services to the poor.

Aavishkaar is a micro venture capital fund which makes equity investments of $10K - $100K in businesses in rural and semi-
urban India.

Environmental strategy and marketing consulting firm.

UMass Memorial Health Care is a not-for-profit academic medical center serving Central Massachusetts.

United Nations Development Program in Africa undertakes a number of initiatives to reach to Millennium Development

Among other things, the Senator's office is responsible for: Representing the interests of Illinois constituents, Originating
policy and working to formulate and execute legislation.

Acumen Fund is a global non-profit venture fund that aims to create a blueprint for building financially sustainable and
scalable organizations that elevate the lives of the poor.
NFF, one of the nation’s leading Community Development Finance Institutions, is dedicated to serving as a finance partner
for community-based nonprofits through financing and advisory services.

The Lincoln Center is the largest performing arts institution in the U.S., made up of an educational institute, extensive
development department, and eleven constituent organizations. The Center also offers summer programs and festivals.

Uncommon Schools is a non-profit organization that starts and manages urban college preparatory charter schools in the

Strategy consulting focused on creating long-term competitive advantage through increased environmental performance.

CBAC's purpose is to increase private sector support of the arts - and to help make partnerships between the private sector
and the arts more effective.

SVA is a venture philanthropy fund with about 25 portfolio ventures across Australia in several strategic areas, including
Environment, Youth & Youth at Risk, Employment, Aging and Indigenous issues.

Endeavor is a non-profit organization that links small and medium businesses in developing countries with MBAs for
internships in order to promote business and economic development in these countries.

Nonprofit startup that will partner with DC Public Schools and charter schools to provide turn-key facility solutions and
targeted instructional support.

The Lincoln Center is the largest performing arts institution in the U.S., made up of an educational institute, extensive
development department, and eleven constituent organizations. The Center also offers summer programs and festivals.

The New Teacher Project (TNTP) is a national non-profit organization dedicated to increasing the number of outstanding
individuals who become public school teachers and to creating environments for all educators that maximize their impact on
student achievement.

EcoLogic Finance (EF) is a nonprofit organization offering affordable financial services to low-income communities whose
business activities foster environmental conservation and grassroots economic development.
Health Plan that is a licensee of the Blue Cross Blue Shield Association. Has the largest market share in the state offering
group and individual plans. Foundation is a vehicle for charitable offering.

The role of the GSB initiative is both to identify and develop pro-poor yet commercially-sustainable business models thereby
extending access of needed goods and services to the poor.

The NCRC implements conservation initiatives to promote a greater awareness of, and protection for the nature, historic
and cultural diversity of Ghana, and ultimately of the West African sub-region.

International Development Banking Organization.

Acumen Fund is a non-profit global venture fund. It supports enterprises that deliver affordable critical goods and services
through market-oriented approaches, to people living on less than $4 a day.

TechnoServe's mission is to help entrepreneurial men and women in poor rural areas of the developing world build
businesses that create jobs, income and economic opportunity for their families, communities and countries.

Client is YES Campaign -- In over 70 countries, YES brings together diverse stakeholders through the YES Country
Networks to work collaboratively in taking actions that result in productive and sustainable employment opportunities.

Philanthropic intermediary that connects donors with nonprofits. Conducts independent research to find high-performing
nonprofits. After grant is given, reports back to donor on the results.

United Nations Development Program.

New York Presbyterian Hospital is one of the most comprehensive university hospitals in the world, with leading specialists
in every field of medicine.

Pedal Revolution is a full service bike shop social enterprise run by Golden Gate Community, Inc.(GGCI). GGCI provides
real-world job training, mentoring and counseling to disadvantaged youth.
Private nonprofit org. with the mission of giving people the financial tools they need - microenterprise loans, business
training, and other financial services - to work their way out of poverty.

Winner of the 2006 HBS Social Enterprise Business Plan (pilot track), Mountains for Miracles combines fundraising with
mountaineering to raise awareness and capital for the fight against childhood cancers.

The goal of the Acumen Fund is to create a blueprint for building a financially sustainable and scalable organizations that
deliver affordable, critical goods and services that elevate the lives of the poor.

Leading research and consulting think tank in energy and environment industry. www.rmi.org

The UN Growing Sustainable Business (GSB) Initiative facilitates sustainable, business-led enterprise solutions to alleviate
poverty in developing countries.

InvestBulgaria is a executive agency of the Ministry of Economy in Bulgaria, aimed at attracting and helping international

Focusing on the local private sector development in developing countries.

The UNDP is the United Nation’s global development network, connecting 166 countries to valuable knowledge, experience
and resources.

The Office of Insular Affairs works with US territories to enhance their economic development and develop new business

New Sector Alliance is a nonprofit social enterprise that works in partnership with leading academic institutions and
businesses to deliver consulting services to social enterprises.

The Lincoln Center is the largest performing arts institution in the U.S., made up of an educational institute, extensive
development department, and eleven constituent organizations. The Center also offers summer programs and festivals.
Bridges Community Ventures is a community development venture capital fund. The fund's goal is creating value to the
community by investing in the most under-invested parts of England.

City Hall

The UN Growing Sustainable Business (GSB) Initiative facilitates sustainable, business-led enterprise solutions to alleviate
poverty in developing countries.
Description of project

I will investigate investment opportunities, conduct industry research, participate in the due diligence process, and
work with potential portfolio companies to develop and execute specific business plans and strategies.

Leading an effort to launch a new retail food business, with the primary goal of extending Pine Street Inn's job
training program.

I along with 3 other New Sector Alliance interns will be developing a Strategic Plan for International Expansion for
Cambridge College.

Develop and implement Engineering Entrepreneurship and Innovation Initiative, including business plan, grants,
create a Resource Center, and program development.

I will identify and build a pipeline of potential pro-poor/commercially-feasible investment opportunities, build
relationships and engage partners from business, government, civil society and other local stakeholders in order to
implement the ideas.

I will help Aavishkaar to develop a system for monitoring and evaluating their investments and will also work with
portfolio companies on strategic / operational issues.

Several projects.

Heart and Vascular Strategic Operating Plan: Identify trends in physician referral patterns and procedural volumes,
and develop strategy to gain market share in key cardiovascular subspecialties.

Growing Sustainable Business - an initiative to contribute to economic and social development through the
promotion of sustainable businesses.

Analyze and explore policy options/solutions for stimulating job growth and developing poor communities
nationwide; alternatives for improved Federal appropriations; solutions to entitlement program shortfalls; renewable
energy transportation solutions.

I am an associate in the housing portfolio - and will be spending the summer analyzing potential investment
Projects include loan analyses, NBAs (Nonprofit Business Analysis), an evaluation of current fundraising strategies,
and the development of a new marketing plan for the Washington, DC-MD-VA Office.

My five or six projects could touch on the finance, marketing, programming, and development aspects of the
organization. I will gather information, perform quantitative and qualitative analysis, and present my findings at the
end of the internship.

Creation of a performance dashboard and accompanying performance measurement tools and processes
(including site inspections) to be used to monitor each charter school's individual performance.

Working primarily on a project developing a green building strategy for a large real estate investment company.

Strategic Initiatives Associate - investigating new programs and partnerships with the goal of making the
organization national in scale.

Creation of a financial management and fundraising tool to build skills among the managers of portfolio ventures.
Coordinating a strategy workshop in the employment/job Creation area.

CallForce Direct is a call center placement company within the South African market. They are interested in clearly
defining their strategy and the future of their business.

Develop and write business plan

Strategic planning and internal consulting - 4 projects ranging from marketing to real estate to donor relations.

Competitor analysis and social marketing project

As an EcoLogic Finance Investment Officer Fellow, I will help lay the groundwork for the organization to expand its
financial services to support fruit, handcraft, and other producers in Latin America.
Interning on projects in the Corporate Strategy, Planning and Business Development business unit.

I will scout business development opportunities; research replicable ideas for entrepreneurial initiatives in disaster-
affected regions; and present GSB's sustainable economic approach to the Indonesian Country Office.

Set up the blueprint for a project that will establish ecolodges in key community ecotourism sites across Ghana. I
will also assist NCRC in framing the private sector involvement component of its flagship Community-Based
Ecotourism Project (CBEP).

Its education related lending in South Asia. Initial concentration will be in a particular rural area of Pakistan where
previous efforts have failed.

Working with the metrics group to develop the portfolio database management system as well as develop the
evaluation methodology of the fund.

I will design and begin implementing the Aftercare component of a national business plan contest, which will guide
entrepreneurs accessing professional assistance to effectively use their award funding and put their business plans
into action.

Program Assessment/Fundraising Strategy: YES is institutionalizing its practices - creating a system to manage the
resources it provides and articulate its value to potential funders.

Company Strategy

Growing Sustainable Business (GSB) initiative. Business Development. Strategy development for Private Sector
Partnership in Bottom of the Pyramid/Pro-Poor focused businesses.

My project aims to redesign operating rooms so surgeons have access to patient information via flat screen plasma
displays located on the walls inside the operating room. I will also be involved in a feasibility analysis of a
prospective merger.

Create a business development plan to extend Pedal Revolution's opportunities to sell/service bicycles in other SF
locations. Ultimate goal is to increase the # of youth employed and trained.
Assist the head of Financial Markets and Services department to research potential investments for the planned
Gateway 2 equity fund and prepare info memos for presentation to potential investors.

I will create a business model and plan for how the organization can establish itself as an ongoing entity, continuing
to combine mountaineering with fundraising in a new participatory philanthropy operating model.

My project is aimed at understanding and defining the potential for health insurance for low-income people in India,
and potential successful business models for delivering health insurance programs for low-income communities.

Energy strategy for Indian Auto Industry Studying the economics of bio-fuels.

Assess business & investment opportunities, evaluate development needs, and seek public/private-sector
partnerships that would directly benefit poverty-level citizens in Zambia.

My initial project will be to contact potential large-scale international investors and present an outline about
investment opportunities in Bulgaria.

Identify local market opportunity and match the needs of local players with the investors.

The UNDP's Growing Sustainable Business (GSB) initiative facilitates business-led enterprise solutions to poverty
in advancement of the Millennium Development Goals (MDGs).

I will be working on economic development in Guam - my specific focus will be on identifying ways in which the
local government can encourage new investment.

I am working with Cambridge College, an adult education center that provides higher education to those with
minimal access/resources. I will be developing their international expansion strategy.

Address strategic planning initiatives pertaining to the redevelopment of Lincoln Center/other departmental special
projects. General management projects may include: developing corporate sponsorship initiatives, working on
innovative marketing efforts.
I will select projects that will create value to the community, performing due diligence on these companies, and
working with the companies' management teams to accomplish the envisioned goals.

Study of the human/capital resources (land use, education, security, housing, healthcare, etc.) that must be put in
place to manage expected growth in population throughout the 5 boroughs of New York

Assess and build a pipeline of potential investment opportunities in India. Responsibilities include: baseline
assessments in priority sectors; understanding best practices; identifying potential opportunities and key barriers.

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