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									                        Town of Reading
                        16 Lowell Street
                        Reading, MA 01867-2683
                        Phone: 781-942-6612
                        Fax: 781-942-9071                     COMMUNITY DEVELOPME
                        Town Planner: Carol Kowalski
 May 12, 2008

                                      Site Plan Review

Project:       Salem Five Cents Savings Bank
               8 Walkers Brook Drive

To the Town Clerk:
This is to certify, at a duly advertised and noticed public hearing of the Reading
Community Development and Planning Commission (CPDC) opened on March 24, 2008,
continued to April 14, and closed on May 12, 2008, by a motion duly made and seconded,
it was voted:

“We, the CPDC, as requested by Salem Five Cent Savings Bank, under the provisions of
Section 4.3.3 of the Zoning By-Laws of the Town of Reading, to consider the
contemplated site plan development for property addressed at 8 Walkers Brook
(Assessors Map 57, Lot 1) as shown on: the plans entitled “Salem Five Bank,” indexed 1
- 9 lastly revised May 2, 2008, prepared and stamped by John D. Sullivan, III, P.E.,
Sullivan Engineering Group, LLC. do hereby vote (4-0-0) to approve said site plan,
subject to the following Findings and Conditions:


The following materials in addition to the plans as recorded were submitted into the
public record:

August 21, 2007       Agreement for Purchase and Sale of Real Estate between
                      Cumberland Farms, Inc. and Salem Five Cents Savings Bank.
October 1, 2007       Design Review Team Minutes dated October 1, 2007
October 29, 2007      Memo from Dermot J. Kelly, PE, DJK Associates, Inc. to Nicholas
                      Caporale, Salem Five Savings Bank Re: Queuing and Traffic
                      Generation Study.
December 19, 2007     Decision of the Board of Appeals on the Petition of Salem Five
                    Cents Savings Bank, 8 Walkers Brook Drive. Case No. 07-22
                    December 6, 2007 and stamped by the Town Clerk on December
                    19, 2007.
January 17, 2008    Letter from Fran Fink, Conservation Administrator to Christopher
                    Johnson, Cumberland Farms, Inc. Re: Order of Conditions, DEP
                    270-523, RGB 2008-1.
January 31, 2008    Drainage Analysis for Salem Five Bank, 8 Walkers Brook Drive,
                    Reading, Massachusetts by Sullivan Engineering Group, LLC.
                    Dated January 31, 2008.
January 31, 2008    Site Plans indexed 1 - 9 entitled: “Salem Five Bank” 8 Walkers
                    Brook Drive Site Plan of Land prepared and stamped by Sullivan
                    Engineering Group, LLC dated January 31, 2008.
January 31 2008     Batten Bros. Sign Advertising elevation. Exterior wall sign, south
                    elevation for Salem Five Bank, 8 Walkers Brook Drive, Reading,
January 31, 2008    Batten Bros. Sign Advertising sketch of free standing sign for
                    Salem Five Bank, 8 Walkers Brook Drive, Reading, MA.
February 5, 2008    Site Plan Review Application for Salem Five Cents Savings Bank
                    at 8 Walkers Brook Drive by Chris Latham at Latham, Latham &
                    Lamond, P.C.
February 29, 2008   Memo from Fran Fink, Conservation Administrator to Reading
                    Conservation Commission Re: Notice of Intent, 8 Walkers Brook
                    Drive, RGB 2008-3.
April 9, 2008       Revised plan set indexed 6 through 9 entitled: “Salem Five Bank, 8
                    Walkers Brook Drive, Reading, MA”; prepared and stamped by
                    Sullivan Engineering Group, LLC dated April 4, 2008.
April 9, 2008       Memo from Dermot J. Kelly, PE, DJK Associates, Inc. to Joseph
                    Longo, Salem Five Savings Bank, Re: Queuing Study, Walker’s
                    Brook Drive, Westbound dated April 4, 2008.
April 9, 2008       Drainage Analysis for “Salem Five Bank” 8 Walkers
                    Brook Drive, Reading, Massachusetts by Sullivan Engineering
                    Group, LLC revised date April 8, 2008.
April 23, 2008      Memo from Reading Fire Department, Lieutenant Paul D. Jackson
                    to Mr. Chris Latham of Latham, Latham & Lamond, P.C. dated
                    April 23, 2008 Re: Salem Five Bank Branch.
May 7, 2008         Revised Site Plans indexed 1 - 9 entitled: “Salem Five Bank” 8
                    Walkers Brook Drive Site Plan of Land prepared and stamped by
                    Sullivan Engineering Group, LLC dated January 31, 2008, revised
                    dates April 4, 2008, April 22, 2008 and May 2, 2008.
May 7, 2008         Cover letter to CPDC from John D. Sullivan, III, P.E., Sullivan
                    Engineering Group, LLC.
May 7, 2008         Updated Queuing Analysis by Dermot J. Kelly, PE, DJK
                    Associates, Inc. dated May 2, 2008
May 7, 2008         Drainage Analysis for “Salem Five Bank” 8 Walkers
                    Brook Drive, Reading, Massachusetts by Sullivan Engineering
                    Group, LLC revised date April 22, 2008.

May 7, 2008           Batten Bros. Sign Advertising sketch for Salem Five Bank
                      Regulatory / Directional Signs Location Plan dated April 17, 2008;
                      Salem Five Bank Directional Signs dated April 16, 2008, and
                      Salem Five Bank Regulatory Signs dated April 16, 2008.
May 12, 2008          Memo from George Zambouras, Town Engineer, to Fran Fink,
                      Conservation Administrator Re: 8 Walkers Brook Drive dated May
                      12, 2008.


1. The site presently contains an abandoned Exxon service station including the station
   office and garage building, pump islands with canopy, an air-conditioning unit, a
   dumpster, enclosure, paved parking lot and sidewalks, curbing, lights, fencing, and
   signs. Utilities include underground water and sewer service from Walkers Brook
   Drive, and overhead electric and phone lines including a utility pole behind the
2. Documentation of the Agreement for the Purchase and Sale of Real Estate between
   Cumberland Farms, Inc. and Salem Five Cent Savings Bank has been provided as
   proof of purchase and sale to the CPDC.

3. The applicant is proposing to demolish the existing garage building and canopy to
   install a one-story bank that is 3,493 square feet with 17 parking spaces, a walk-up
   ATM, on site snow stockpile area, two drive-through stations and an additional
   passing lane are proposed for the rear of the building. The driveway openings would
   be narrowed and the parking lot would be reconfigured. The new building would be
   set closer to Walkers Brook Drive than the existing building and would have a larger
   footprint. No dumpster is proposed, and trash would be stored in the building. An
   existing pylon sign in the southwestern corner of the site would be retained if a
   variance was granted and may be equipped with a new sign at a later date. Applicant
   does not seek CPDC review and approval of the proposed free-standing sign at this
4. The proposed use is permitted within the Industrial Zone District. The project is in
   compliance with the Bylaw.

5. The ZBA granted a variance (Case No. 07-22) on December 6, 2007 to allow the
   building to vary from the required setbacks. The Board of Appeals granted a variance
   to the setback requirements described in the Section 5.1.2 (front yard setback) and
   5.3.1 (Transitional Area side and rear yard setbacks) of ZBL. The May 2, 2008 site
   plan sets the building 22.0’ from the front lot line, 63.8’ from the north side lot line,
   38.0’ from the rear lot line, and 100.0’ from the south side lot line. The proposed
   canopy over the drive-through is 23.0’ from the rear lot line.

6. The CPDC determined that the existing traffic signal on Walkers Brook Drive at the
   intersection of General Way may be adequate for the proposed Project; however a
   queue study was requested for the left hand turn lane into the Salem Five Bank

   entrance on Walkers Brook Drive to identify traffic-related impacts to the
   surrounding uses, road network and residential neighborhood.

7. Materials and Colors: The proposed building materials are a brick base and an
   aluminum and glass storefront. A strip of tinted glass is also proposed on the side of
   the building as shown on sheet 9 of 9 Proposed Elevations “Salem Five Bank” plans
   dated May 2, 2008.

8. Applicant has requested a waiver from the CPDC under Section of the
   Zoning By-Laws from the loading or unloading requirement of Section of
   the Zoning By-Laws since no such loading or unloading space is necessary for a bank
   use. No loading or unloading space was proposed with this project and the CPDC
   approves a waiver to Section of the Zoning By-Laws.

9. The CPDC finds that the existing poles used for the pylon sign, which currently are
   not proposed to be used for signage, should be removed consistent with the bylaw
   provisions of section However, the CPDC also understands that the applicant
   is in the process of determining if and how those pylons may be used in the site plan.
   Therefore, the site plan reflects a six (6) month moratorium (after the issuance of a
   building permit) granted as a condition for removal of the pylons. The applicant may
   either come before the board prior to that time with a new application for the signage
   or seek a variance form the ZBA.


Prior to the Issuance of a Building Permit:

1. The lastly revised site plans dated May 2, 2008 shall be updated as Conditioned in this
   Decision and three (3) complete sets shall be provided to the Town Planner, properly
   stamped, dated and indexed. These plans shall indicate compliance with all applicable
   zoning by-laws.

2. All other requirements and permits shall be sought and received, including, but not
   limited to, Conservation Commission, Fire, Police and Building Department
   approval. The Fire Department requests full construction documents to be submitted
   to the Fire Chief for a building code review. The Applicant shall bear the burden of
   ensuring all state and local permitting has been sought and received.

3. Site Lighting: Per Zoning By-Laws Section, the site lighting shall be
   shielded with cut-offs to prevent glare to abutting properties and the parking lot
   lighting shall not exceed eighteen (18’) feet in height. All site lighting visible from
   abutting residential properties, except for emergency or security lighting, shall be
   turned off the earlier of the end of business, or from 12:00 AM midnight until no
   earlier than 5:00 AM. The Applicant has identified and defined the security lighting
   as the four vertical poles in the parking lot, the interior lighting in the ATM space,
   and the exterior lighting at the entry way.

4. Signage: Although the Applicant does not seek review and or approval of the
   proposed free-standing pylon sign, the Applicant will need to apply for a Variance for
   the proposed free-standing sign shown on Sheet 3 of 9 of the site plan for “8 Walkers
   Brook Drive” dated January 31, 2008 and lastly revised on April 4, 2008. The
   Applicant shall remove pylon sign within six (6) months of the issuance of the
   building permit if variance is not sought and granted to re-use the pylon for additional
   signage. The CPDC approves one exit sign at the parking lot exit and the Applicant
   has agreed to remove one of the two proposed exit signs shown on the Batten Bros.
   Sign Advertising Directional/Regulatory plan dated April 17, 2008.

5. Per Zoning By-Laws Section and Section, the landscaping shall be
   consistent with the Final Landscaping Plan on sheet number 6 of 9 revised May 2,
   2008 submitted and stamped by the Building Department on May 7, 2008 as
   approved herein, and shall additionally include the required installation: A row of
   evergreen hedges along the PVC fence for landscape screening along the Lakeview
   Avenue property line. At least three of the seven white pine trees along the east
   property line abutting the homes on Lakeview Avenue shall be retained and protected
   from damage during construction.

6. The two drive through lanes shall remain open during store hours to reduce traffic
   congestion and allow for adequate traffic circulation throughout the site.

7. Parking: Parking space labeled number five (5) shall be designated as an
   Employee parking only. Employee parking should be designated in the parking area
   to the north on the Lakeview Avenue side of the Bank. No loading and unloading
   space is approved by this Decision.

8. The pre-cast (and/or masonry if used) structure details should be revised to include a
   minimum of one row (preferably two rows) of brick for adjustment for frames and

9. The minimum depth of loam and seed within public ROW shall be six (6) inches.

10. Details should specify the strengths of the Portland Cement for walkways (4000 psi)
    and curb backing (3000 psi).

11. The plan should show electrical conduit lines and details.

12. Supplemental edge of roadway elevations shall be taken on Walkers Brook Drive to
    insure the proposed relocated curbing, grade changes and driveway entrances will not
    puddle with the public ROW.

13. Pre-Construction Meeting: The Applicant shall coordinate with the Town Planner
    or designee a pre-construction meeting with the Town staff prior to the start of any
    construction to review these conditions and any and all final construction sequencing,
    details, and/or plans for this Project.

During Construction:

1. Site Inspections: Town staff or their designee shall have reasonable access to
   inspect the site to determine compliance with this Decision.

2. Per Zoning By-Laws Section, the Applicant and/or its contractor shall
   provide during construction complete, full coordination with local officials on
   making connections to existing utilities, further all utilities on site shall be installed
   underground, subject to local utility approval.

3. Hours of Construction: Per Zoning By-Laws Section, Hours of
   Construction shall be adhered to as per Section 8.9 of Rules and Regulations and said
   hours shall be posted in a conspicuous place at the entrance prior to any work on the
   site. These Hours or such hours as may be established by Town of Reading General
   Bylaw Section 5.5.8 are:

                8.9.1. Hours of Construction Operations:
                a) Construction activity shall not take place on the site or in any building
                contained therein except during the following hours:

                Mondays through Fridays inclusive: 7:00 AM to 6:00 PM,
                Saturdays: 9:00 AM to 5:00 PM,
                Sundays and Legal Holidays: none

4. Soil tests were performed along the edge of the Stormwater Recharge Area Should
   the observed conditions during construction be of less permeable soil then the design
   assumptions then the Recharge Area shall be redesigned and resubmitted for

5. Due to the presence of fills within the site the assumption for the estimated high
   ground water is reasonable. However, if water levels were taken during recent 21E
   investigations, then the results of those reports should be furnished to corroborate the
   HGW assumptions.

6. Prior to installation the Stormceptor, a manufacturer’s shop drawing shall be
   submitted to the Town Engineer for review and approval.

Signed as to the accuracy of the vote as reflected in the minutes:

Carol Kowalski, Town Planner

Appeal: The Appeal of any decision of the CPDC hereunder shall be made in
accordance with the provisions of Mass. Gen. L. 40A, Section 17 within 20 days after
filing with the Town Clerk.


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