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Video Helps GMAC Commercial Mortgage Manage Explosive Growth
The Challenge:     Maintaining a team-based culture in an international

After opening its doors as a small, entrepreneurial firm with 10 employees
less than a decade ago, GMAC Commercial Mortgage quickly grew into an
impressive global enterprise with almost 3,000 employees working in over
100 offices worldwide. Today the Philadelphia-based company, now called
GMAC Commercial Holding Corp. (GMACCH), offers single-source access to
an array of financial products - everything from construction loans to tax-
exempt securities to equipment financing - as well as a host of related
products and services.

Much of the GMACCH's phenomenal growth can be attributed to
management's intelligent execution of an aggressive global acquisition
strategy - including their proactive focus on maximizing the effectiveness of
communications between people despite that growth. They acknowledged
early on that in order to also ensure the growth of productivity, employee
morale, and customer care, they required the advantages that only visual
communications can offer. While telephone, email, and instant messaging are
certainly critical business tools, they on their own can't help build trust, foster
a team environment, or deliver the same level of information retention as
visual methods do.

The Solution: The pervasive use of versatile video communications

True to their progressive approach toward technology, in 1998 GMACCH
executives made the strategic decision to invest in video communications
systems after seeing the drastic quality strides the technology had taken in
recent years. Because they could now connect virtually in person rather than
just over phone and e-mail, senior management maximized the effectiveness
and efficiency of their communications in executive meetings and acquisition-
related interactions. With better and faster retention and decision making -
combined with the systems' high picture quality and ease of use - it wasn't
long before they spread access to video communications throughout the
 "We simply can't allow our growth or size to get in the
 way of our customer focus and success. So, it's
 important we provide an environment that enables
 effective, productive, and real-time communications.
 That's why video - with its inherent visual benefits
 and immediacy - is a key component of our corporate
 technology strategy and is aggressively supported by

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TANDBERG Success Stories                                  

management," said Steve Benson, Vice President, Global Corporate Technology
Strategy. "In addition to richer connections between our global staff members,
video enables us to more efficiently close complex acquisitions involving numerous
internal and external people. And, we can more efficiently and seamlessly integrate
entire new companies into the culture and enterprise - they quickly become part of
the collaboration, training, and team work that our people are already conducting
over video," he continued.

Rick Beruf, GMACCH's Vice President of Telecommunications, expanded on the
advantages of visual communications. "Communicating over video allows people to
tune into body language and other visual dynamics so that they understand one
another better and faster. And, they don't have the tempting distractions that audio
conferences enable - or the delayed or incomplete responses that often result with
email. Bottom line is that video enables better and faster information retention and
decision making. It is so pervasive at GMACCH that, at this point, it would be
tough for us to function effectively without it."

GMACCH strategically grows and manages its video investment
                       Today - only five years after installing its first four systems,
                       GMACCH has 110 video units installed in approximately 90
                       percent of its locations, including its facilities in Ireland,
                       England, France, Japan, and India. Members of senior
                       management continue to rely on them for important
                       collaborations. (In fact, because the organization crosses
                       numerous national and international time zones, executives
                       have desktop video units at their homes.) The Human
                       Resources department as well as managers with hiring
                       responsibility use video to interview final job candidates in
Employees easily and conveniently connect to distance learning sessions to earn
the education credit hours the company requires for participation in the bonus
program. Staff members use them on a daily basis to conduct normal business.
Even headquarters employees located in different buildings on the corporate
campus connect with one another over video rather than waste time moving
between buildings.

Equally important, GMACCH can cost efficiently maintain, support, and expand its
video usage. Beruf and his staff easily and seamlessly manage the company's
worldwide video network with a centralized management system. They can
integrate the video systems with other components of the IT infrastructure, so those
investments can be further leveraged. Their video systems connect with any other
brand of video system on the market. And, with more than 90% of its traffic now
running over an IP network, the company's video network operates virtually free of
long-distance phone charges.

Furthermore, when Beruf adds a new location to the video network - or employees
join the company -- it's not long before those new users eagerly jump on the video
bandwagon. Interchange Technologies, a Philadelphia-based provider of converged

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TANDBERG Success Stories                              

Under that partnership, Interchange trains GMACCH employees on how to use the
systems as well as how to follow video business "etiquette." In addition, employees
have immediate access to Interchange's Video Help Desk service.

Looking Ahead: GMACCH's converges video with other tools and expands

With video accessible across more than 90 percent of the enterprise, GMACCH is
clearly a mature user of the technology. "We are no longer in the early adoption
phase of needing to measure usage of or return on our video investments. Here, it
would be like asking what the ROI of a user's desktop is - or the phone system.
Video is a cultural standard at GMACCH. If we acquire more companies, we'll
immediately add them to the video network. It's a necessity. The value and return
are that high, and that obvious," said Benson.

In fact, he and Beruf are instead focused on ways of using video in combination
with other content delivery methods to expand the business value even further. For
example, they're now integrating video communications systems with multicast
video streaming broadcasts when it's critical for management to simultaneously
deliver a singular, time-sensitive message across the enterprise.

As video communications technology moves further into the mainstream - and as it
continues to converge with other technologies like web conferencing, smart boards,
streaming video, wireless video, and digital satellite - new uses will continue to
arise. Given GMACCH's culture of embracing new technologies on its real-time
journey, expect to see them at the forefront leading the way to expanded video

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