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amvescap retirement


									                                  A l a n G. F r a l i c k II
                            EXPERIENCED EXECUTIVE, RECOGNIZED FOR:
                   Leading and advancing technology in highly dynamic business environments 
                Maximizing the use of IT resources (your: people, partners, assets) – more for les s 
              Strong business acumen – Developing a technology vision in line with “the big-picture” 
            “Operationalizing” and “institutionalizing” key roles and critical processes – protect your assets 
                                     PROFESSIONAL ACCOMPLISHMENTS
                                              SEE ADDENDUM FOR MORE DETAILS
IT Management & Governance
   Facilitated 50% revenue growth and 70% increase in transactions while driving down operational costs (27%) by
    standardizing platforms & processes; implementing documentation & knowledgebases; using thin clients, retiring
    legacy applications, building administration tools, consolidating & leveraging vendors, restructuring and
    renegotiating voice/data carrier services (reduced by 20% & 30%) [The Network]
   Achieved improved IT/Business alignment by developing, implementing and leveraging management tools such as
    KPIs; dashboards; & career progression plan w/training. [The Network & AMVESCAP]
   Achieved SAS70 certification (and passed more than 10 third-party audits) by instituting effective IT Governance including:
    Change Management; Version Control; Release Scripting, Project Portfolio Management; SLAs, Incident Reporting and
    Disaster Recovery Planning/Exercises. [The Network & AMVESCAP]
   Launched two new hosted applications and implemented a release process that incorporated the full SDLC and
    produced 4 releases in the first year. Launched PMO (in coordination with Product Development Dept.) [The Network]
   Closed key deals, providing pre-sales and post-sales technical consulting to the sales team and to the client/prospect.
    [The Network & AMVESCAP & Nexchange]
Technology and Operations
   Championed and planned strategy to migrate to .NET platform via a 3 year progressive strategy. Developed a
    “bridge” between existing classic ASP based application and new .NET platform. Defined and built first client portal
    and initiated first product view (interface) as pilot .NET product initiatives. [The Network]
   Planned and executed strategic overhaul of infrastructure and operations - including implementing/re-architecting: Servers
    (Web•App•DB/Clusters•File•Print•Security); Network (WAN routers•firewalls•load balancers•VPN concen-trators• LAN
    switches); Telecommunications (PBX•CMS•WFM•Call Recording); Facilities (HVAC•UPS•generator). [The Network & AMVESCAP]
   Introduced new technology and systems including: Microsoft .NET as development platform • Siebel CRM/
    Workflow solution • Business Intelligence/Data Warehouse (BO & MS)• Anti-Virus • Intrusion Detection • Enterprise
    Tape Backup • SAN/NAS • Active Directory • Exchange 2003 • virtual servers • telecommuting (25% of employees
    telecommute 100%) • Citrix thin clients • enterprise monitoring • performance monitoring • enterprise scheduler •
    HEAT ticketing • SONET ring for ATM, Frame Relay and PRI service terminations. [The Network & AMVESCAP]
   Personally designed and implemented all aspects of Server/LAN infrastructure hosting the e-commerce
    applications, including: security, load balancing, database-management, web-caching, data storage, release
    management, performance monitoring, & disaster recovery. [Nexchange]
   Launched new hosted business intelligence solution based on Microsoft SQL2005 platform - $.5MM / 6 Mos. with
    revenue targets of $1.5MM to $3MM per year at scale. [The Network]
   Automated business processes across 4 departments by implementing Siebel CRM - $.5MM / 9 Mos. [The Network]
   Eliminated $1.5million/year in outsourced services by successfully managing implementation of Oracle based
    FUNDLinx suite of cash and trade management applications - $2.1M / 9 Mos. Savings: $1MM over 3 yrs. [AMVESCAP]
   Developed and implemented plan to upgraded core application, Omniplus Recordkeeping - $1.8MM / 8 Mos. [AMVESCAP]
   Developed, planned and initiated consolidation of all systems to central data center - $6.3MM / 12 Mos. [AMVESCAP]
   Eliminated $1MM capital outlay by outsourcing hosting and executed migration of entire production ecommerce
    system while maintaining all contractually guaranteed availability guidelines. [AMVESCAP]
   Managed new office builds, existing office moves & expansions including: site selection, negotiation, move planning &
    execution, along with increasing capacity of datacenters (expansion plus upgrading HVAC, UPS & Generator).
    [The Network & AMVESCAP & Nexchange]

                                    150 WESTCHESTER WAY • ALPHARETTA, GEORGIA • 30005
                       MOBILE: 404-409-3100 • EMAIL: ALAN@FRALICK.ORG• WEB: WWW.FRALICK.ORG/AGFII
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Resume v.3.8ms
                                                 EMPLOYMENT HISTORY
ALVAREZ & MARSAL BUSINESS CONSULTING ( – Atlanta, GA........... 2007 to Present
Alvarez & Marsal Business Consulting, LLC provides senior leadership and proven problem-solving expertise to improve or enhance
the performance of operational and business processes across the corporate and public sectors from strategy to execution.
       Providing results oriented consulting focused on technology strategy and business alignment, IT operational
       excellence and complex project management.
THE NETWORK, INC. ( – Norcross, GA ......................................................................2004 to 2007
  $25 million technology-based company that provides incident reporting and management services and systems to
  global organizations, for insurance / risk management, compliance and service quality.
       Managed all aspects of technology development and operations for both corporate and external/client-facing
       systems. Managed 30+ people in 3 groups: Software Development, Operations, and Voice/Data Engineering.
       Member of the 5-person executive management team. Defined and executed a new strategic direction for the
       company. Outlined a technology vision whereas the company will transition from being a services company to a
       technology company (application service provider). Turned around a department mired in maintenance/support
       and unable to develop or implement solutions. Ensured systems operations proactively managed, while building
       and running a “product development engine”, and defining & managing to capital & expense budgets ($5M).
AMVESCAP RETIREMENT, INC. ( – ATLANTA, GA ................................2001 to 2004
  A leading retirement account services company that was part of AMVESCAP PLC, a leading mutual fund company.
       Managed 5 teams, including 3 managers and a staff of 25 responsible for all aspects of systems operations,
       including Windows, UNIX, voice & LAN/WAN communications, network operations center and desktop support.
       Built a robust team, which handled: maintaining and scaling production systems and data center; advancing
       systems engineering, and improving help desk services. Upgraded or re-engineered every major system. Defined
       and managed to capital and expense budget ($10M). Additionally; effectively managed: disaster recovery, project
       management, and procurement for all IT.
NEXCHANGE CORPORATION ( – ATLANTA, GA .............................................1999 to 2001
  E-commerce service provider for 40+ retailers (1.5 million products); on websites reaching 55% of internet users.
       Responsible for the strategic development and tactical implementation of all IT and facilities aspects of the
       company’s operations. Managed 20 people (4 teams) and a budget of over $1.5 million.
GOLDMAN, SACHS & CO. ( – ATLANTA, GA ..................................................................1997 to 1999

       Managed all IT and facilities aspects of the regional office. Developed and managed relationships with internal
       and external service providers to support all technologies and equipment.
MEDICAL SOFTWARE INTEGRATORS, INC. ( – ATLANTA, GA....................1993 to 1997
  Medical billing turnkey systems and service provider.
       Managed the development, implementation, training and support of the turnkey platform on which the company
       deployed proprietary billing system.

                                      150 WESTCHESTER WAY • ALPHARETTA, GEORGIA • 30005
                        MOBILE: 404-409-3100 • EMAIL: ALAN@FRALICK.ORG• WEB: WWW.FRALICK.ORG/AGFII
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Resume v.3.8ms
                                  MARSHALL UNIVERSITY – Huntington, WV
                      Bachelor of Business Administration - Business Information Systems 1993
                                Member: ATLANTA TELECOM PROFESSIONALS
                                            CIO ROUNDTABLE
                                               CIO SUMMIT

                                    150 WESTCHESTER WAY • ALPHARETTA, GEORGIA • 30005
                      MOBILE: 404-409-3100 • EMAIL: ALAN@FRALICK.ORG• WEB: WWW.FRALICK.ORG/AGFII
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Resume Addendum v.4.1

                         ADDENDUM – Projects, Initiatives and Accomplishments
                                                 The Network, Inc.
IT MANAGEMENT & GOVERNANCE                                       Built Microsoft SQL 2005 / Analysis Services
                                                                  Business Intelligence solution, integrating with 3
 Built (& maintained) first IT budget tied to corporate          party solution for application and UI layer
  strategy – consistently operated under-budget
 Defined and administered IT Projects Portfolio               TECHNOLOGY & OPERATIONS
  Prioritization Process (and application)
                                                                 Built application for managing IT Projects –
 Instituted formal, documented SDLC and project
                                                                  including: Requirements, Priority, Progress,
  prioritization processes
                                                                  Resource allocation, Approvals, etc.
 Jointly created corporate PMO with product
  development department                                         Designed and built client-program-admin tools to
 Achieved SAS-70 certification (first time)                      move support activities from IT to account mgrs.
 Defined and managed to Key Performance                         Introduced telecommuting solution (50% of phone reps)
  Indicators across entire department                            Standardized server platforms (Windows 2003)
 Created and leveraged position specific career                 Standardize desktop platforms (Windows XP)
  progression planning for training, development and             Implemented Business Objects data warehouse
  promotions                                                     Migrated to Microsoft Active Directory and
 Instituted 24x7 automated monitoring and alerting               upgraded to Exchange 2003
  with 16x5 operator oversight                                   Introduced enterprise anti-virus
 Re-designed & exercised Disaster Recovery Plans                Implemented NetApp SAN / NAS enterprise storage
 Restructured and renegotiated voice/data services              Implemented enterprise backup solution (Backup
  twice, saving the company $100K and $240K over                  Exec, with ADIC robotic library
  each 2 yr. contract period.                                    Implemented IBM Blade Center servers
 Instituted Change Management                                   Refreshed all call center systemsincluding: Avaya 8700s
 Implemented Incident Reporting                                  switches • Call Management Systems • Nice Call
 Enabled scripted code promotion and                             Recording • Blue Pumpkin work-force management
  version/source control                                         Implemented Intrusion Detection (IDS), penetration
                                                                  testing and application security analysis
KEY AND STRATEGIC PROJECTS                                       Re-architected and rebuilt entire network (WAN routers
                                                                  • Firewalls • Load-balancers • VPN • LAN switches)
 Championed & executed .NET migration strategy
                                                                  and servers (Web • App • DB • File • Print • network)
 Migrated off legacy client-server solution to web
                                                                 Implemented new data center generator,
  based application
                                                                  centralized UPS and HVAC unit
 Implemented Siebel CRM with workflow

                                             AMVESCAP Retirement
IT MANAGEMENT & GOVERNANCE                                       Conducted telecom services audit identifying 30%
                                                                  per year savings
 Implemented Change Management procedures                       Developed daily/weekly/monthly data center
  and Incident Reporting process                                  operations procedures schedule with logging and
 Documented and tested enterprise start-up and                   audit reviews
  stand-down procedures
 Re-designed & exercised Disaster Recovery Plans              KEY AND STRATEGIC PROJECTS
 Maintained SAS70 Certification conducted by PWC
                                                                 Eliminated $1.5million/year in outsourced services
 Instituted 24x7 Operations – reducing trade errors              by successfully managing implementation of
 Initiated documentation standards and version                   Oracle based FUNDLinx suite of cash and trade
  control for admin guides                                        management applications - $2.1M/9 Mos.
 Implemented centralized UNIX script libraries with             Developed and implemented plan to upgraded core
  version control and testing / approval process                  application, Omniplus Recordkeeping - $1.8M/8 Mos.

                                   150 WESTCHESTER WAY • ALPHARETTA, GEORGIA • 30005
                        MOBILE: 404-409-3100 • EMAIL: ALAN@FRALICK.ORG• WEB: WWW.FRALICK.ORG/AGFII
Alan        G.     F r a l i c k II                                                                    Page: 2 of 2
Resume Addendum v.4.1

AMVESCAP - TECHNOLOGY & OPERATIONS                               Upgraded call center systems including: Genesys Call
(CONTINUED)                                                       Management Systems • Call Recording • Blue Pumpkin
                                                                  Work-force Management
 Developed plan and initiated consolidation of all
                                                                 Strategic overhaul of infrastructure network (WAN
  systems to central data center - $6.3M / 12 Mos.
                                                                  routers • Firewalls • Load-balancers • VPN • LAN
 Consolidated 5 disparate schedulers running                     switches) and servers (Web • App • DB • File • Print •
  pieces of core processing routines to one                       network)
  enterprise scheduler solution
                                                                 Standardized server platforms (Windows 2000)
 Consolidated 12 separate SQL DB to two servers –
                                                                 Standardize desktop platforms (Windows 2000)
  allowing primary/critical systems to all be run on
                                                                 Introduced enterprise anti-virus
                                                                 Insourced hosting of web interface to account
 Introduced Citrix thin clients, improving application
                                                                  management application
  performance and reducing network costs
                                                                 Migrated to Microsoft Active Directory
 Implemented EMC SAN / NAS enterprise storage
                                                                 Implemented first firewalls & intrusion detection
 Implemented Micromuse for automation of network,
  server and operations process monitoring                       Outsourced network security to managed services
 Implemented enterprise backup solution (Backup
  Exec, with robotic library), running across                    Implemented new / redundant data center
  dedicated fibre-channel network                                 generator, centralized UPS and HVAC units
 Implemented Dell blade servers                                 Implemented SONET ring for ATM, Frame Relay
                                                                  and PRI service terminations
 Built an end-to-end test environment, including 20+
  enterprise applications on a VM-Ware platform                  Implemented HEAT for ticketing on Help Desk and
  saving over $250,000 vs. physical build-out                     in Operations Center
                                                                 Supported expansion of corporate facilities by
                                                                  100% , including business offices and data center

                                   150 WESTCHESTER WAY • ALPHARETTA, GEORGIA • 30005
                        MOBILE: 404-409-3100 • EMAIL: ALAN@FRALICK.ORG• WEB: WWW.FRALICK.ORG/AGFII

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