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									       Telescan: Keeping Your
       Business in Business
       “Keeping Your Business in Business” is not just        Telescan has made a lot of changes in the last
       a slogan at Telescan. It is the very core of our       30 years. Today’s Telescan is on the leading
       business philosophy. Frustrated with systems           edge of TAS technology. The new Spectrum by
       that were always down, TAS business owner,             Telescan, powered by the patented Spectrum
       George Meyer, invented a new system for manag-         Prism, gives you all the latest TAS features
       ing inbound call services in 1976. He invented a       you need to keep up with technological changes.
       superior system, reducing costly downtime. For         Under the leadership of Roger Young and Robert
       over 30 years, Telescan has been producing TAS         Riggs, Jr., Telescan’s commitment to lead the
       hardware and software with the same philosophy,        industry in new technology is stronger than ever.
       to be the best in the industry, keeping your busi-
       ness in business 24/7.

         Spectrum by Telescan gives you:

       More Flexible Features              Unbeatable Reliability              Unsurpassed Value
       • Support of multiple time zones    • Standards-based hardware and      • Get all the features you want
       • Remote agent workstations           software with automated backups     at an affordable price

       • Optional integrated Order Entry   • TCP/IP networking                 • Update your system without
         and On-Call Scheduling            • VoIP                                breaking your budget

       • Desktop Activity Monitor

5.06     For more information or pricing, call 1-800-770-7662 or visit our website,
       Ready for the Future
       E-mail, mobile phones, PDA, Blue Tooth, the contin-
       ing stream of new technology in communications
       seems endless. TAS customers are demanding
       services for every new communications tool. How
       can a TAS business stay on top of all the possibili-
       ties? Telescan users
       don’t have to. We do it for
       you. Telescan has an out-
       standing team of techno-
       logical experts who are
       constantly developing new
       tools to keep our users
       ahead of the game.
       Headed by Bob Vornberg,

                                                                  Telescan’s Product Development Team develops
         Subscriber benefits include:                             more than a dozen new products each year. These
         • Software updates twice yearly
                                                                  products help your business run smoother, commu-
         • Technical support 24/7                                 nicate better and serve your clients more efficiently.
         • 30% discount on software
           add-on products                                        Unmatched Customer Service
                                                                  Telescan is committed to the success of your TAS
         • Advanced replacement for                               business. Telescan provides constant training and
           hardware repairs                                       support, “Keeping Your Business in Business.” 24/7.
         • 40% discount on Telescan’s onsite                      Telescan’s Customer Support Program is designed
           advanced management training                           to help keep your business growing with the very
         • One-day per month of free                              latest technology available. It ensures that your
           advanced management training                           Spectrum system continues to offer the latest,
           in our training center                                 state-of-the-art services to your clients and keeps
                                                                  your system running at peak performance.

         Spectrum Data Manager gives you:

       Reliability                           Capacity                                Features
       Standards-based hardware and soft-    The ability to grow to over a hundred   A full range of messaging and
       ware. TCP/IP networking, automated    operators and call paths, with a mil-   dispatching capabilities, including
       backups, mirrored hard drives, and    lion active messages and unlimited      support for multiple time-zones,
       hot-swappable power supplies          archiving                               Remote Agents, Integrated Order
                                                                                     Entry, On-Call Scheduling, Instant
                                                                                     Messaging, and more

5.06     For more information or pricing, call 1-800-770-7662 or visit our website,

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