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tradingscreen by abe25


									                         TradingScreen unveils its Exchange-Traded Funds
                              trading and market-making capability.

   London, 17 December 2002 TradingScreen, the institutional trading system that “simplifies global
   markets”SM announces the successful launch of its advanced fully automated Exchange-Traded
   Funds (ETF) trading system at several of its client sites . This new feature embedded in the
   TradingScreen product suite allows automatic market-making or arbitrage for ETF in a global multi-
   dealer, multi-exchange environment.

   Taking advantage of the extensive connectivity of the TradingScreen network and the superior “real
   real-time” trading tools of the TradingScreen platform, banks, proprietary desks, large asset
   managers or hedge funds can automate their activity in this new segment of the market across all
   exchanges. The TradingScreen proprietary rapid deployment capability over financial extranets or
   the Internet enables market participants to quickly establish themselves in this rapidly growing and
   profitable market.

   Front-office users can enjoy the numerous trade execution management features which have
   established the success of TradingScreen in the various time zones. This innovative approach is also
   leveraging on the Straight Through Processing toolkit offered by TradingScreen to ensure a break-
   free processing. These tools allow a quick connectivity to any legacy or OMS systems available in
   the market.

   TradingScreen boasts the most extensive trading access network to global brokers as well as leading
   buy-sides across world markets and all asset classes. It specializes in offering to the buy-side fast
   connectivity and continuous trading capability on all financial execution venues through protocol-
   based (FIX or proprietary) screen-based or direct integration tools.

   About TradingScreen –
   TradingScreen Inc. is accelerating the technical evolution of the financial electronic markets by providing a
   fully integrated, customer-oriented trading services platform to institutional investors. The proprietary
   TradingScreen platform links institutional investors and sell side firms together to facilitate order routing,
   execution management, clearing, and additional value added services such as real Straight Through
   Processing and Prime Brokerage enabling across all asset classes. TradingScreen provides global coverage
   from offices in New York, London, and Tokyo

TradingScreen Inc.                 TradingScreen (UK) Limited             TradingScreen Inc. Japan
41 Bleecker Street                 Lincoln House                          Arome Akasaka Building, 3rd Floor
Suite 1A                           300 High Holborn                       2-21-12, Akasaka, Minato-Ku
New York, NY 10012                 London WC1V 7JH                        Tokyo, 107-0052, Japan
Tel: +1 (212) 375-9013
                                   Tel: +44 (0) 207 400-9770              Tel : + 81-3-3568-2022

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