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									CeMA Presentation    October 2001

          High Schools
          and Colleges

               What Is CeMA?
• The certified emarketing associate program (CeMA) is an
  industry developed and funded program to provide high
  school and college students with a certification designed
  around the needs of business. Working with educators and
  marketing executives the program provides resources as
  well as certifications.
• CeMA is a entry level or basic credential. The exam and
  preparatory materials and performance standards
  concentrate on processes of implementation of e-
  marketing fundamentals.

          Volunteer Industry Panel
Note: The CeMA Industry Panel Will Interact With Students Via a
 Online Bulleting Board, additionally They Will Provide Direction
for the CeMA Program. The Panel Was Approved by the Board of
 Directors of the Emarketing Association in September 2001. The
Members Listed Are Confirmed As of October 1, 2001. There Are
 Over 24 Applications Pending for Membership on the panel. The
   Final Group Will Consist of 30 – 50 E-marketing Executives.

•   Sarah Autrand
    President and CEO
    Market 4 Demand, Inc.
    Sarah Autrand, CEO and president, was formerly the director of marketing and corporate communications for
    Pakana corporation, a supply chain services firm. Prior to that she was the CEO of SellSoftware, a technology
    marketing consultancy that helped launch several startups. Sarah has over 18 years of marketing and sales
    experience and has held management posts at digital equipment corporation (Compaq), Delrina (Symantec)
    and Nordstrom. She earned her bachelor's degree in English from san Francisco state university where she
    graduated with honors.

•   Al Berrios
    Al Berrios iMarketing
    Al Berrios is creator of the iMarketing program. With over 5 years experience marketing clients online, he was
    able to create a program that yielded amazing results at low cost. Al joined Xceed, inc, where he began working
    intensely on online strategic alliances; Co-founded events marketing and sponsorship firms a&AproductionsT in
    summer of 1998, TEIAMT entertainment in fall of 1999; Then was recruited by urban box office in spring 2000
    to be their executive director in charge of all internet marketing ventures. Al Berrios has been the recipient of
    venture capital for his first start up as an award for third place at the second all university entrepreneurial
    competition at new York university. Al Berrios has received his bachelors from stern school of business at new
    York university with a double major in economics and marketing.

•   Clint Kaiser
    Blue Ink Solutions
    As co-founder of online marketing firm blue ink solutions, Clint develops the company's service offerings and
    oversees all client projects. Clint gained his knowledge of the email and online markets at Exactis.Com, serving
    as manager of product marketing and director of new products. He received his MBA from the university of
    Minnesota and his bachelor's degree in finance and marketing from the university of Evansville.

•   Susan Kindel
    VP Marketing
    Active Education
    Ms. Kindel handles all of ActiveEducation’s marketing, brand management, and public relations. She handles the
    ActiveEducation web site as well as all print and electronic collateral, sales tools, and promotion activities. Ms.
    Kindel has 14 years of marketing experience and received her master of international management from
    thunderbird - the American graduate school of international management.

•   Sandra Rosenberg
    Intel Corporation
    bio pending.
•   Darold J. Rydl
    Executive Director of eCommerce
    Direct Source Distributing
    Darold holds a bachelor of business administration from Harding university and has 12 years experience in
    marketing and sales. He currently heads the eCommerce department of direct source, a national distributor of
    computer products and consumer electronics. Darold oversees internet operations and business development as
    well as the marketing and merchandising of direct source products on some of the top computer etail sites in
    the industry.

•   Dan Shannon
    eMarketing Magazine
    Dan has more than two decades of experience in B2B magazine publishing and marketing, including serving as
    president of custom press, a custom publishing company, vice president/ editorial director of Gralla publications
    (now part of miller freeman USA), editor-in-chief of inside print and senior editor of promo magazine. Dan is the
    publisher and editor of emarketing magazine, the industry's how-to print publication, and also launched
    www.emarketingmag.Com and the bi-weekly SmartMoves e-letter.

•   Laura Sharp
    project manager, web practice
    e-commerce marketing instructor.
    Darden Sharp Institute

    Laura holds a bachelor of arts from Texas Lutheran university and brings 10 years of valuable experience with
    her including multimedia and web design, marketing, business imaging, advertising and e-commerce.
    Laura is on the marketing committee and an ambassador with the north silicon valley Newark chamber of
    commerce. She is also a member of American business women’s association, the world organization of
    webmasters and the international association of web masters and designers and the eMarketing Association.

•   Chris Speicher
    Product Manager - Internet Systems
    Mr. Speicher handles a wide variety of e-business responsibilities. As product manager, Mr. Speicher manages
    the prioritization of internet initiatives within and across the Prometric business units. Additionally he represents
    Prometric as a member of the Thompson learning web council. He is familiar with a large variety of software
    applications, and received a bachelor of science degree in business administration from Towson state university. 5
•   Sandra Tozke
    IMC conferences
    bio pending.

•   Jim Wood, CeM
•   I'm a navigator by nature. It's a passion for me that finds expression in things like sailboat racing and rock
    climbing…and navigating through the myriad channels of modern marketing. For me, it's all about strategy,
    tactics and execution.
•   Marketing effectively is a passion, too. Once I recognized the universal personal appeal of the internet, I
    immediately became immersed in its marketing strength. In all my years of practicing the art and science of
    marketing I have not encountered anything that compares to it.
•   Emarketing is where I've been professionally since march of 1999. In may of 2001 I established a strategic
    emarketing consulting practice called Advizers, www.advizers.Com. For the two years before that I served as
    international director of sales at StockHouse.Com, www.stockhouse.Com, where I dealt successfully with
    countless agencies and clients in a very competitive market.
•   Prior to my involvement with the internet, I experienced ten years of progressive growth in radio, TV, and direct
    mail advertising and marketing. My background also includes strategic business planning and business
    management. As a certified e-marketer and professional member of the e-marketing association, I am
    absolutely committed to leveraging my experience and knowledge to help companies get what they want.

  Extracurricular Activities Help
  High School Students Get Into
“Even for the best applicants, the odds of getting bad news
are growing. Harvard receives applications from about 350
students a year who, like Pastor, have the top SAT score of
1600, and the university turns down about half of them
because, like most selective schools, it puts great
emphasis on extracurricular activities”.
                Newsweek –August 2001

There Is a Need for Credentialed
• 350 IT certifications yet e-marketing
  employs more people.
• Certification recognizes initiative,
  motivation, professional development and
• Employers/colleges place a significant
  value on individuals with certification.

    Internet Related Employment Is
          Expanding Rapidly
• Supports more than 3.088 million workers
• Double the amount employed in real estate
• 60,000 more than the insurance industry
• Internet related jobs grew 29% during the period
  from Q199 to Q100
• During the same period, not-internet related jobs
  expanded by only 6.9%
• Of all internet related jobs – marketing and sales
  employ the largest segments
        Internet Related Jobs Are Not Just in
       Information Technology, Most Are in
                                                     A in
                        IT                           10%


                                   M RKETING/Sales

SOURCE: Center for Research in
Electronic Commerce, Graduate School
Of Business, University of Texas                                             10
        CeMA Adds Value to
       E-commerce Curriculum
• Higher student involvement and motivation.
• Puts e-commerce students on equal terms with IT students
  that have many certifications available to them.
• Unprecedented access to marketing executives through an
  online bulletin board. As well as other resources.
• Provides students with a credential demonstrating
  competency on collage admissions applications,
  scholarship applications, employers and clients.

     A Wealth of Resources for
• Access to industry leaders through a student
  bulletin board.
• White papers, resources, links, and exercises on
  the student web site.
• Discounts on trade publications and association
• Application for certification not required to access
  resources – open to all e-commerce students.

      Certification Students Are
       Recognized As Leaders
• Students passing the certification examination receive a
  high quality personalized certificate of certification
• A 14K gold plate and enamel CeMA pin
• Inclusion on the eMA certification verification database
• Opportunities to serve on student advisory committee
• Opportunities to network with industry leaders

    CeMA Performance Indicators
•   E-mail marketing
•   Viral marketing
•   Online advertising (banner, pop-ups, buttons)
•   Publicity
•   Coordination of online and offline marketing
•   Alliances and partnerships, cross promotions
•   Search engine and directory techniques
•   Legal implications of e-marketing
•   E-commerce site design development
•   Transaction methods
•   Bulletin boards and online conferences

         The Process Is Simple
• Teachers receive kits with a full explanation of the
  program as well as brochures, posters and
  necessary forms.
• All student materials will be in the kit.
• Students applying for certification will have
  access to an 5 step online CeMA emarketing
  course to help them prepare for the examination.
• Examinations are given by the teacher.

 Fees Are Reduced for Approved
• CeMA certification online requires $195.00 in
• Students at approved schools pay only $40.00
• This program is funded in part through private
  educational subsidies, to minimize the cost to
• Schools pay nothing to participate, fees are due
  from the students enrolled.

  Student/teacher Materials Are
• Student guidebook on certification
• Application for certification
• Wall posters
  Online information sheet

 No Organization Other Than the eMA Brings Together Such
a Complete Package of Tools, Resources and Expertise for E-
     marketers. As an Employer, I Have Faith That Job
   Candidates With eMA Certification Really Know Their
    Stuff. As a Consumer, I Know That I Can Trust eMA
                    Certified Websites."
                    Sandra Rosenberg
                     Intel Corporation

eMarketing Association Partners

          •University of California
          •ADWEEK Magazine
          •Institute for International Research
          •Federal FirstGov Silver Partner
          •Sun Microsystems
          •The Coca Cola Company
          •eMarketing Magazine


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