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					                         MINUTES OF MEETING

Date             :   April 27, 2006
Time             :   16.30 – 17.45
Attendant        :   Christian Fritz, Dennis Raymond (Business Analyst),Jeff Kristianto,
                     Agnes Petit, Yvonne Firdaus, Dewi Rachman, Dian Purisanti, Ferdian
                     Christy, Ketut Mahayana, Gede Sutamadja, Thermanto, Silvy Ine,
                     Subagyo, Kadek –Krisna Dewata, Amir Mubarak, Tenny-Carmen-Purnie

Topic            :   EuroBali Web Portal and Strategic Planning Presentation for BEDO
Minutes              Yvonne Firdaus
of Meeting

 No.                                 Activity                                    PIC

                                    WEB PORTAL

1.      The temporary web portal and how it operates on a technical base
        was introduced by Chris. It will be launched in July 2006.               All

        After the web portal is launched all SME‟s will receive their
2.      password to be able to update (edit/delete/add products and upload       All
        new photos)

        All SME‟s need to ensure, that the contact information are always
3.                                                                               All
        updated and correct, so interested customers can contact the SME.

        The web portal limited the product photos to 25 for each SME, which
        is enough for customers to get an idea for the products and then they
        can contact the SME for more information, or even visit their own
        website for more information. Everybody who has already their own
        website please make sure to inform EuroBali office, so it will be

5.      The initial four product categories have been extended by „building
        products‟ at this seems to be a strong trend and demand.                 All
        Building product

6.      Till the end of the EuroBali project we will stay focused on exporting All
     to Europe; however in the future we may widen this concept.

7.   We will have training workshops for the SME‟s how to operate the          All
     web portal.


8.   Dennis Raymond held a Power Point Presentation on “Strategic
     Planning” which will be the basis for future BEDO meetings. Dennis
     Raymond is a business analyst from Seattle (USA) who is giving us
     his time and experience to help structuring the BEDO organisation. All

     As Dennis time is limited we agreed to two meetings/week for about
     two hours each. This will be a core group of 5-10 people, committed
     to join these meetings and work together on BEDO‟s concept.

         The meetings will be in Bali Garden Hotel, meeting room
               and the first two meetings will be held on:

                  10th of May 2006 – Wednesday 5 pm – 7 pm
                  12th of May 2006 – Friday    5 pm - 7 pm

                         From all who are present today:
        Dennis Raymond / Yvonne Firdaus / Ketut Mahayana / Agnes Petit /
      Dewi Rachman / Thermanto and Jeff Kristianto have agreed to be a part
     of the BEDO core group and we need many more. Please come and help!!!
      We need commitment / motivation / shared dreams / ideas / motivation /
                  and only as a team we can make it happen!!!

                 Please read the presentation:

     Strategic Planning for Business
     Strategic Planning
     •     Allows you to identify where you want to go in
     •     Creates a Roadmap for how to get there.
     •     Sets Goals and Targets.
5.   •     Identifies Strategies and Initiatives.
     •     Uses Scorecards to measure progress and results.

     It’s a Group Process
     •      Requires a small working group
     •      Iterative
     •      Sessions are facilitated
     •      Each session lasts at least 2 hours
     •      End result is shared with and validated by the
            larger group

     SWOT & Vision
     •       SWOT   Analysis
     •   Internal   Strengths
     •   Internal   Weaknesses
     •   External   Opportunities
     •   External   Threats

     a statement giving a broad, aspirational image of the
     future that an organization is aiming to achieve

     Mission & Values
                  Mission Statement:
                  Defines the organizations purpose, business,
     values & beneficiaries.
          Principles, standards or qualities considered
     worthwhile or desirable.

     Goals & Targets
     •     Goals:
     ―What‖ the business intends to achieve.
     •     Targets:
     Specific business outcomes aligned with the Goals.

     ―How‖ the Goals and Targets will be achieved.
     4 Categories for Strategies:
     • Financial
     • Customer
     • Infrastructure
     • People

Tactical projects and programs linked to the Strategies.
Initiatives are assigned:
• Specific tasks / steps
• An owner
• Target dates—
  ―by when‖

•     The business is on target re:
–     Goals
–     Targets
–     Directions
–     Methods
–     Message
–     Measurements
–     Outcomes

Strategic Planning Supports:
•     Organizational Identity
•     Sustainability
•     Inclusiveness
•     Outreach to International Export Markets in Europe
      & elsewhere
•     Growth
•     Future projects & initiatives

End Result:
•     All the pieces fit and work together as one.

Go Forward Plan:
•     Identify 3 to 5 people to participate.
•     Commit to weekly work sessions
•     Each work session lasts 2-3 hours
•     Smaller work group reports back to larger BEDO

Where to Begin        - Iterative Process
1.    SWOT Analysis
2.    Review, Vision, Mission, Values
3.    Define Goals & Targets
4.    Build Strategies
5.    Build Initiatives Roadmap
6.    Accountability and Metrics

Commitment & Returns
This Process Requires:
• Hard work
• Time
• Ability to dream & imagine possibilities

This Process Teaches:
• Best Practices for business development
• Valuable planning skills • Leadership skills

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