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					                    Court St. Francis of Assisi # 1859
           Catholic Daughters of the Americas
                                  Braintree, Massachusetts
                                                                                                                                 Unity & charity

  Catholic Daughters strive to embrace the principal of faith through love in the promotion of justice, equality, the advancement of human rights and dignity for all

November 2002                                                                            Coming Attractions:
It’s time to go out and shop for those Thanksgiving
turkeys and all the dressings . Thanksgiving is the
                                                                                         Monday, Nov. 18th
most popular secular holiday of the year. It is the                                      7:15 PM
busiest travel day of the year with loved ones                                           Quilting Demonstration
returning home, many to Grandma’s for the annual
family gathering. Remembering and celebrating,                                           Chairlady - Margaret Sullivan
giving thanks - how fortunate we are to have the                                           (three in a row – THANK YOU!)
Eucharist. In prayer, may we always remember
Christ in each and every meal and gathering.                                             Thanks to Jan Lyne, we will have
                                                                                         Bow Ties, Log Cabins, Ohio Stars and more!
Circle of Love:
                                                                                           Mary Walsh, Teddy Kirkland, Helen Kracunas
                                                        … the points:
Quality of Life (Social Awareness)- issues of our
                                                                                         Thanksgiving Basket Collection
                                                                                         Please bring your donations for the Thanksgiving
national program are the heart of our ministering
                                                                                         Basket. Our basket will be given to the St. Francis
to the needs of all peoples. We are called to reach
                                                                                         of Assisi Christian Service Commission to be
out with compassion and support, to be helping
                                                                                         distributed to local families in need.
hands where there is pain, poverty, sorrow and
                                                                                         SFA Parish Bazaar
                                                                                         To all who have been baking goodies, yummy! The
Harvest Happenings                                                                       efforts of Sally and Nancy as well as others
                                                                                         contribute to a wonderful day. Thank goodness
               The Ct will have it’s first fund-raiser
                                                                                         there are no calories in the many samples that are
               on Saturday, November 16th following
                                                                                         offered as the day goes by.
               the 4:00 PM Mass. Members of the
               Ct. have been asked to make a dish
              for this event. If you haven’t yet
signed up please call 781 843-0495 and leave a                                           What’s happening
message as to what you can bring to the “pot-luck”                                       when?
parish gathering. Ticket donations will be $5 each,
$15 maximum per family. Tickets will be sold at
the Bazaar and after Masses the weekend before.                                          November 18 – Quilting/ Thanksgiving Basket
We hope to build community and interest others in                                        December16 – Floral Arranging/ Giving Tree
the work of CDA. Do you have a favorite dish you                                         January 20 – Après Ski & Skating/ Mittens & Socks
would like to share? Salads, soups, stews, pasta,                                        February 17 – Religious Trivia/DOVE Collection
and dessert will make for an exciting evening. We                                        March 17 – Mission Speaker/Pot of Gold
have plenty of paper products and table decorations                                      April 21 - Silent Auction/ Retreat – date TBD
so please spread the word to stop in for a good                                          May 19 - Health Presentation/Baby Shower
cause. Your patience is appreciated as we venture                                        June 16 – Fond Farewells Dinner/100th Celebration
forth on uncharted waters. With lots of support I
am sure we will have a bountiful harvest.
Unity - unity – unity – unity – unity - unity                                            Unity – unity – unity – unity – unity – unity
Prayers:                                                C.D.A. Bear
                                                        Francis is still hoping to have a few more of his
Please remember all of our court                        friends adopted by our Ct. members. Remember,
members who have lost a loved one                       $3 for each bear goes directly to our own Ct’s fund
during the past year. May their                         raising efforts.
loved one’s souls find rest in the
peace of our Lord.                                      Reception for Fr. Gallagher
                                                        All who attended the reception for Fr. Gallagher
G–N–O                                                   enjoyed a lovely afternoon. Our Ct joined many
Let’s get together and pick a night in December to      others throughout the state and donated $10
go to Attleboro for the Festival of Lights at           towards a gift card that was given to him as a thank
LaSallette. Dinner is available at LaSallette, or you   you for his dedication to the Catholic Daughters of
can brown bag it. The lights are spectacular!           the Americas.

If your dues are not up to date, please get them to
Margaret a.s.a.p.                                       I am thankful …
        Margaret Cropley
        1225 Washington St.
        Braintree, MA 02184                             for the taxes I pay,
$15 Annual Dues – North American College $1             because it means that I am employed.
Thank you.                                              for the mess to clean after a party,
                                                        because it means that I have been surrounded by friends.
                                                        for the clothes that fit a little too snug,
      What’s been happening?                            because it means I have enough to eat.
                                                        for my shadow that watches me work,
        I have heard from many that October’s           because it means that I am out in the sunshine.
meeting was great. The Pope has brought the             for a lawn that needs mowing, windows that need
importance of the Rosary to the forefront once          cleaning and gutters that need fixing,
again, only days before our Ct. gathered to pray in     because it means that I have a home.
this special way. All the behind the scenes             for all the complaining that I hear about the
preparation work resulted in a beautiful evening of     government,
voices raised in song and prayer. Thanks to all who     because it means that we have freedom of speech.
helped in every way.                                    for the parking spot I find at the far end of the
                                                        parking lot,
Winter Coat Collection–Thank you to all who             because it means that I am capable of walking and have
donated the gift of warmth to those in need of both     been blessed with transportation.
a coat and our prayers.                                 for my huge heating bill,
                                                        because it means that I am warm.
Semi-Annual Audit                                       for the lady behind me in church that sings off key,
                                                        because it means that I can hear.
“… We have examined the books of the Catholic
                                                        for the pile of laundry and ironing,
Daughters of the Americas Ct 1859 and find them to      because it means I have clothes to wear.
be in good order.” Thank you so much for this           for weariness and aching muscles at the end of the
evening of dedication.                                  day,
                                                        because it means that I have been capable of working
Gambit                                                  hard.
The first drawing is this month. It’s not too late to   for the alarm that goes off in the early morning
sign up. Proceeds go to the educational fund. Good      hours,
luck to all.                                            because it means that I am alive.
                                                        for the light that shines at the end of the tunnel,
                                                        because it means that the Lord is showing me the way.
State & National News
See what’s new -                                        Peace & Prayers,
SFA has a link @                   Kathleen Smith, Regent
Our monthly newsletter is posted on the web!            50 Tremont St. Braintree, MA 02184 (781) 843-0495
                                   Court St. Francis of Assisi # 1859
                           Catholic Daughters of the Americas
                                                 Braintree, Massachusetts
                                                                                                                               Unity & charity
 Catholic Daughters strive to embrace the principal of faith through love in the promotion of justice, equality, the advancement of human rights and dignity for all

                                                             CHAPLAIN’S LETTER

One definition of “holiday” is “a day fixed by law or custom on which ordinary business is suspended
in commemoration of some event or person.” For many years December 25 has been the primary
holiday in western Europe and in North and South America and various other places. Reports from
Western Europe and experience in the United States prompt a question, “Why is December 25 a
holiday? What event does it celebrate, what person does it honor?”

In a spirit of wild imagination may we picture strangers from outer space or from a distant planet
arriving in the United States in late November or early December. They would experience heavy
traffic and shopping which approached frenzy. Signs declare “Only a few more days.” We hear of
parents and even non-parents arriving at stores in the early hours of the day to purchase whatever
happened to be the item most desired. Ms Outer Space or Mr. Distant Planet would surely ask “Who
or what is December 25?”

Our visitor might see cards celebrating the occasion. Some cards might be humorous, most would be
attractive in some way or other and there might be those of real beauty. In general the verse would
express the hope that the season or time might be one of joy or peace; very worthy sentiments. The
space or planet visitor is still perplexed. “Why do you have this great preparation, Who’s day is it,
What are you celebrating?” In the United States at least December 25 would mean the time for
vacation from studies for all students from pre-school to university. It’s a puzzlement! Why?

Ms Space or Mr. Planet would discover something else: the week prior to December 25 would be a
time to provide for the needy and poor, especially children. The homeless and the hungry would be
remembered. In the hustle and bustle there would be crude and rude people, however they would be
only a small minority. Most would be cheerful friendly and even thoughtful. There is still no answer
to “Why.” These three letters are still a mystery.

Ms Outer Space discovers that this unusual time was once called “The Christmas Season”; it had
something to do with religion. Mr. Distant Planet unearthed a funny music box, still working; some of
its words were “Love itself was born upon a morn at Christmastime.”

The two strangers share their feelings. She finds an old scrap of paper with the words “God is Love”.
Now he has a question, wouldn’t “love itself be God?” “But God has no beginning, how could He be
born?” She thinks the same way. Inhabitants of Outer Space and Distant Planet know that there is
one God in the whole universe, no other. He is uncreated, Lord of Lords, true God of true God. How
could he be born?

Ms Outer Space is inquisitive and Mr. Distant Planet highly organized. They share their findings, but
somehow the mystery persists. They have progressed to the point where they understand the earth
languages of the places where they visit. They ask the question is December 25 the celebration of
“neutral”, the idea that we honor the space, if there is one between right and wrong? Is that all there
is to December 25?